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Focal K2 Series

For more than 25 years, Focal has produced top of the line car speakers. The Focal brand offers the best and most accurate speakers on the market. Focal prides themselves on their consistent research and development programs. Based out of Saint-Etienna, France, Focal has reached new heights in the mobile audio world. The precision that Focal takes into each and every product that they create truly puts them one step ahead of the rest. A perfect example of this can be seen in the Focal K2 Power line of speakers and subwoofers.

The K2 Power series from Focal features high quality speakers and powerful subwoofers. Just by looking at these woofers you can tell that there is something special about them. The yellow cone woofer stands out and begs for attention. It is a thermoformed, structural foam core that has been coated with an aramid fiber layer on one side and a glass layer on the other side. Does that make sense? Basically that means that the woofer is stronger, lighter, and experiences less distortion at high levels. How about the tweeters in this series? The Tioxid 5 inverted dome tweeter, TN 52 wave guide, and the double-magnet structure produce what some call the perfect tweeter. After the signal has traveled through a performance leading crossover, the resulting sound is precise and clear. Plus, the crossovers each feature a tweeter level control to help match the tweeter sound to that of the woofer. For example, put a K2 Power component system like the 165KF in with a K2 subwoofer and you will be experiencing Focal’s “Spirit of Sound”. Using the same K2 composite sandwich cones that are used in the speakers, the Subwoofers are able to play loud and clear. Focal uses a unique multi-ferrite magnet and a long voice coil that formulate an excellent subwoofer sound.

If you are unfamiliar with what the above paragraph means, don’t worry. What really matters is the sound quality that comes out of these speakers. These aren’t entry level speakers. These speakers are cutting edge speakers. These speakers are going to last in the long run and sound exceptional while doing so. These are the speakers of choice for competition cars. These are the speakers that live up to what Focal is, “The Spirit of Sound”.


iLuv Products Overview

I have one. You probably have one. It seems that everyone you know has an iPod. These portable music players are becoming increasingly popular with each new generation of iPod that comes out. Now the iPhone has taken the cell phone market by storm. With all of the hype and popularity of the iPod and iPhone, it only seems natural that it should have the best accessories around. It just makes sense that someone would come along and make some more ways for us to use our iPods. Well, the wait is over and new innovative ways have been introduced to us and our iPods.

Introducing iLuv, a high tech company devoted to creating new and unique products that enable us to get the most out of our iPods. They bring us high quality products that we can use every single day of our life. For example, the iLuv i277 is a dual alarm clock with an AM/FM radio, Bluetooth wireless technology, and of course a dock for your iPod. There is nothing like waking up to the music you love. Or you could make a specific playlist on your iPod so you awake each morning to the sounds that will get you ready for the day. These alarm clocks that play music instead of an alarm or radio have been around for a while, but none have integrated the iPod like this unit. iLuv also makes a version that includes a CD player, the iLuv i199. The i199 combines all the types of audio capabilities discussed above but also incorporates a CD player for audio CD’s and MP3s.

Also on the iLuv line-up is the i1155. This unit was given design and engineering showcase honors at the 2008 International CES Show and for very good reason. It is a portable DVD player that lives up to the iLuv name in providing a built-in docking station for your iPod. The unit will then playback any videos that you have on you iPod on the bright 8.5” screen. The playback of the DVDs or video from the iPod is quite clear and impressive. The touch sensitive keypad controls are simple and easy to use, plus they are really cool. iLuv also offers home DVD players and DVD home theater systems. The i1277 is a complete 5.1 surround sound home theater solution that includes everything you need to enjoy a great movie with fantastic sound. Well, everything except the television. The DVD player also includes the iPod docking station for playback of videos and music, whichever you are in the mood for.

Overall the iLuv products give a new look to the iPod and iPhone. They allow you to use iPods and iPhones in every aspect of your life and to their fullest capacity. Whether we are at home or on the go, iLuv brings us the best iPod accessories. With the popularity of the iPod and iPhone, it will be no surprise that the iLuv products are hitting the consumer market by storm. Everyone wants an iLuv, just as everyone wants an iPod.


Bazooka Bass Tubes

It all started back in November of 1983 when Southern Audio Services opened for business. Now with over 25 years of experience, SAS Bazooka has grown to be one of the most respected and innovative companies in the mobile audio industry today. Among the most impressive developments and products that have come out of the Bazooka labs are the Bass Tubes. A bass boost is one of the best and noticeable improvements that one could add to their car and Bazooka bass tubes have made the addition of a subwoofer simple and easy.

The tube subwoofers can easily be integrated into a factory sound system by connecting just a few wires. All of the Bass Tube subs come with the necessary wires and harnesses to hook up one of these subs. Plug one end into the back of the bass tube and the other end of the harness connects the power, ground, and remote. Then connect the RCA interconnect cables from the bass tube to the back of the head unit and you are set. Well, most of the time. Depending on which Bass Tube you get there might be more installation, but the installation is still basic. With the remote cable connected, the amplified bass tubes will turn on when you start the car. If you have already replaced your factory sound system, then installation is just as simple. Factory or not, installing one of these tube subwoofers is straightforward. Instructions are included and most tubes will include straps to hold the tube in place.

Even though the Bazooka Bass Tube subwoofers and amplifiers handle a relatively small amount of power, the sound they produce is quite impressive. I guess that’s what happens when you have been in the industry for as long as Bazooka has. They have mastered the tube design and live up to their claim of, “Big bass in a small space!” If you have ever been in a car with one of these subs, then you will understand the difference that it can make.


Orion HCCA Subwoofers

If you haven’t looked Orion subwoofers recently, then you should look again.  The Orion HCCA subwoofers are the biggest and baddest subs that Orion offers.  They are powerful, well built, and most importantly, loud.  And by loud, I mean really loud! After hooking up one of these monster subs, the first thing that is noticed is how loud these subwoofers are.  The power handling peaks at 3000 watts for the 10” model and 4000 watts for the 12” and 15” models.  That is a lot of power going to a single subwoofer.  But that is the peak power, what about the RMS?  The 10” model has a continuous power handling rating of 1500 watts and the 12” and 15” models boast 2000 watts!

These subs do not mess around.  The subs can also be used as a SPL woofer for competitions.  The larger subs have a burp power that exceeds 5000 Watts!  The burp power is used mainly in competitions when you need that extra boost for a few seconds.  Yeah, the burp only lasts a few seconds, but for those few seconds you are getting a lot of power.

Orion has recognized that the users of this subwoofer are going to be playing it loud and hard.  If the sub is played too loud and too hard, sometime the user will experience a few problems.  That happens sometimes when you just overwork a sub.  If the cone assembly malfunctions, Orion makes the repair easy by offering a replacement kit.  The Field Replaceable Cone, Voice coil, and Spider Assembly from Orion is the identical replacement for the woofer if any problems do occur.

Overall, the Orion HCCA subwoofers are power.  They are rated to play loud and play even louder.  The specs on these subwoofers are also underrated.  Not only are they underrated by DEI and Orion, but that underrated claim is reaffirmed by the users.  Anyone that uses this sub will realize just how underrated and powerful this sub is.  The Orion HCCA Subwoofers are ready for some real power!


Dual XHD7720

Dual XHD7720

HD Radio is the new radio.  In the next couple of years, many of the new automobile makers are going to including HD Radio in their vehicles.  But for those of us that aren’t in the market to purchase a new vehicle, Dual saves the day. The HD Radio bar has been raised with the release of the Dual XHD7720.  The single DIN receiver seems like a basic in-dash receiver, but is so much more.

The first and most notable feature on the XHD7720 is the HD Radio iTunes tagging.  The process is quite simple.  First, make sure that your iPod is connected to the unit.  Then when you hear a song on via HD Radio, you are able to “tag” the song on your iPod.  Because the HD Radio carries a digital signal, the song information can be stored digitally on the iPod.  That information stays on your iPod so that the next time you sync your iPod on your computer, the song information it transferred to the PC and the “tagged” songs will display with a link to download them.  Imagine the convenience: hear a song you like on the radio, push a button, sync your iPod, and download the songs to your home computer.  You’ll never again have that frusturating feeling of wondering who just played that great song on the radio! The best part about this feature is that it comes built-in.  No need to purchase a separate HD tuner, an additional iPod add-on, or even a subscription because it comes with everything you need.

The Dual XHD7720 also comes with all the features that make it a solid head unit.  It plays MP3 and WMA files.  Front panel USB for the connection and charging of iPods or other MP3 devices.  The unit is Bluetooth ready with the Dual BTM60 microphone.  For even more music options, this head unit allows A2DP streaming of Bluetooth audio.  Overall, this car radio (in-dash head unit) is perfect for those that like to discover new music on the radio and then take that music with them. The interface on the 2-step motorized front panel is easy to learn and simple to use.  With the rise of HD Radio, Dual is one step ahead with the XHD7720.