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2008 Sonic Electronix Black Friday Sale!

It is that time of the year again.  The leaves are turning to their fall colors, the anticipation of a turkey dinner is fast approaching, and the sales are hitting the stores.  The day after Thanksgiving is the busiest shopping day of the year and the best time to find the greatest deals around.  Year after year the sales are more competitive on the hottest and coolest products.  The prices drop and they sale fast.  Eventually the retail stores run out of the sale items and the shopper can end up spending more money than they planned to.  This is why shopping online is perfect for the day after thanksgiving.

The day after thanksgiving brings a lot of Black Friday Sales.  Here at, we offer the products you want at a price you would expect for 2008 Black Friday.  Look to Sonic for all of your car audio needs.  From remote starter car alarms to amplifiers, and from subwoofers to general electronics, Sonic is going to offer you the best price that you can find.  Plus, there is not going to be a limited number of sale items.  That is the best part about shopping online for black Friday.  Check out the Viper 5901 and the Python 991, both new remote start systems with cutting edge technology. Search for all the Kicker subwoofers you could imagine at the best prices around.  Then choose from our large selection of amplifiers to perfectly suite your new car audio sound system.  If you need, or even want a new in-dash stereo to replace the one you have now, come look at our wide selection.  The Eclipse AVN52D with included iPod controls and Bluetooth will be the best price you can find.  Or the Pioneer AVIC-F90BT with its cutting edge voice control technology.  Both offer GPS navigation so you will never get lost again.  No matter what you want to do to upgrade your cars audio, SonicElectronix is here to help.   No matter how big or how small the upgrade may be, SonicElectronix will get you the items you need and at the prices you need.  Especially this holiday season, Sonic is here to bring you the best prices.  Be sure to check back at on Nov 28, 2008 for all the Black Friday prices.

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Some of us at were lucky enough to be able to attend the 2008 SEMA Show this year.  If there is one word to describe the overall SEMA experience, it would be “impressive.”  Almost everything that we saw impressed us.  The new products, the incredible cars, the amazing sound systems, the elaborate booths, the precise attention to detail, beautiful paint jobs, the newest technology, and last but certainly not least… the girls.  There was so much to do; we could not see everything that we wanted to in the time that we were there.  There were a few booths and manufacturers that did stand out in our mind.  Some of them were quite… impressive.  We would like to outline some of our favorite moments that we had at SEMA, something that is hard to do because there were so many highlights.

The first thing that we noticed when we got off the bus was the insane amount of cars that were tricked out and blasting their loud systems.  We first met Scooby who had a sweet green truck that was loaded with all MA Audio subs and speakers.  With the 20 Subs in the back seat, this thing got LOUD!  He had even more subs raised above the bed of the truck and MA Audio amplifiers lining the bed of the truck.  Now here is the catch.  Scooby rigged this truck to have a pool of water in the truck bed (below the amps), a pump that will pull the water up to the subs, and a waterfall that falls into the pool of water.  It was a waterfall fountain in the bed of his truck!  So while the truck is pounding some hardcore tunes, it is also rotating some water for an incredible show.  Way to go Scooby!

Through the show we saw a lot of really good looking Scions.  The single Scion that stood out to the crew was the Rockford Fosgate Scion.  Beautiful silver and black paint job with decals in all the right places.  The system housed a fully loaded Rockford Fosgate system, complete with custom made amplifier covers.  We were lucky enough to be at the car while the owner was there and we got a full tour of the vehicle.  Very nice and very clean.

When we got inside we found ourselves at the Kicker booth checking out the Scion that they made.  Talk about one loud Scion… This system was loaded and complete with ZX Amps, SS component speakers and CVR subwoofers in the back.  They had it all playing a Microsoft Zune thought the factory head unit with the help of some Soundgate accessories.  We talked with Aaron there at the Kicker booth and he gave us a whole run down on the product lines and the Scion.  He also showed us some of the new marine products that we had never before seen.  We saw some new components and coaxial speakers with some new pure white speaker grills.  These speakers looked great, and sounded even better on the show boat that they had there on site.

As we were walking around the floor we saw the guys over at Mitek Factory.  They had their new Malibu show car, and we could hear from across the hall.  The black 2008 Malibu looked clean and smooth on the outside, but possibly even smoother on the inside.  The way they used the factory head unit in conjunction with the MTX Audio re-Q created an incredible bass response.  The several square subs sitting in the back were pounding like no tomorrow.  The speakers were custom mounted components and very clear.  The MTX Audio amplifiers were powering the MTX Audio subwoofers and the MTX Audio speakers.  The Mitek guys placed the four MTX Audio amplifiers in a track that moves in and out of the truck.  This is perfect for show, as the amps were normally exposed and then hidden from view with the push of a button.  Words cannot give this breathtaking car enough credit.

There was so much to see and talk about at the show that we cannot possibly describe it all.  RE Audio gave us an remarkable demo of their subs and speakers.  Kenwood showed off their 2008 product line with more detail and helped us understand why they are a top-notch company.  The folks at AudioNet Mobile showed us how easy it is to hook up a wireless network in a car and broadcast a short range network for the ultimate mobile internet access.  The GoPro booth was catching a lot of attention with the Motorsports Hero Wide camera.  Mount that camera anywhere and film in great detail all of your extreme sports. We had a good laugh when we heard cows and Duffy Duck over at the Horntones booth. They offer a custom horn that plays any MP3 that you load on to the unit. The horn will play any MP3 load and clear for all to hear.

As usual, Scosche and Metra both showed us some of their new and improved in-dash installation kits.  But each had much more than just installation kits.  Our friend Chris from Metra showed off their Ballistic dampening material, the Shuriken batteries and power cells, and the brand new Xenonworx HID headlights.  Metra seems to always be working at bringing out the best in our vehicles.  Scosche showed us some of the e2 amplifier installation kits, the navigation accessories, and the bluetooth products. Most notable from Scosche was the new BlueFusion technology, which integrates Bluetooth technology into a factory headunit for seamless integration and superior sound.  We had Nathan help us out and give us a tour of the BlueFusion. The tour left us astonished at the capability of BlueFusion.  Keep looking at these companies as there are always bring out some new products that will move this market to the next level.

Overall, had a great time at SEMA 2008.  We saw a lot of new products that we had never seen.  We saw some amazing cars that took our breath away.  We got to hear firsthand from the manufacturers themselves what makes these products so amazing.  We gained a new understanding of all the work that these companies are putting in to bring forth newer products and more advanced technology.  We saw that these companies really care about their customers and that they are dedicated to bring forth the best products that they can.  We saw incredible booths.  We heard some marvelous sound systems. All of us here at cannot wait until next SEMA show.  Like we said before, if there was one word that we could choose to sum up all the events at the 2008 SEMA Show, that word would be “impressive.”

Article by Seth Wilde


Eclipse AVN52D Receiver

Eclipse’s new AVN52D is a fantastic multi-source receiver that can do it all.  The quality and performance of this unit really make it stand out when compared to other receivers in the same class.  For starters, it comes included with the GPS antenna and the GPS navigation.  Its maps completely cover the United States.  The navigation is accurate and surprisingly quick.  While it is not the best navigation on the market, it is a very good value buy.  The AVN52D provides the outputs for a complete car stereo system.  The three sets of preamp outputs allow for greater flexibility when running the audio signals through an amplifier or multiple amplifiers.  The 5 volt outputs result in superior sound with little noise resistance.  When connected to a high end amplifier, the sound of this unit is nearly unmatched.  It is truly amazing.  Aside from the normal audio CD and MP3 discs, this unit offers playback of WMA files and DVD movies.  The DVD playback is seamless and looks fantastic on the 7 inch LCD display.  The screen is large and bright enough for everyone in the vehicle to see.  For those that need more displays, the Eclipse AVN52D provides all the video outputs that one could ever need.  It can provide an output for an overhead monitor mounted to the vehicles ceiling or to a couple headrest monitors.  Either way, the unit can support excellent playback and video output.

In addition to the video output, the unit offers a dedicated video input signal for a rear view camera.  These back up cameras are becoming more and more popular in today’s society, and for good reason!  If you have ever used a back up camera or been in a vehicle with one, then you know exactly how nice these things are.  Some drivers that have kids consider these rear view cameras a must because of the safety that it can provide for the children.  Connecting one of these back up cameras to the unit is quite simple, as it is for all of the additional add on features.  One additional adapter adds the complete control of an iPod through the head unit.  Unlike other lower end units, the iPod interface on the AVN52D is fast and accurate.  It is one of the best that is on the market today.  Another add-on is the Bluetooth adapter.  This Bluetooth adapter from Parrot allows one to talk hands free in the car.  It connects and integrates seamlessly into the vehicle.  When a call is incoming, the music will mute and then resume playing after the call has finished.  For those that live in areas where it is illegal to talk on a cell phone and drive at the same time, they will appreciate this feature.  Aside from the convenience factor, it is also makes your drive safer.  HD Radio is another optional adapter that can be added to the unit for more listening options. This unit does it all.  The possibilities are endless with the AVN52D.