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Scosche FD1438B

When it comes to the installation of car audio and video, Scosche is a company that can be trusted. You can rely on them as a premier source for high quality components to make your install easier and more efficient. The new FD1438 from Scosche is highly anticipated double or single DIN dash kit for the popular Ford F-150 pickup truck.

In keeping with the Scosche tradition, the FD1438B, or sometimes called the FD1438, is made from the highest-grade materials, as well as a perfect factory match. Strong ABS plastic is used for the majority of the unit’s construction. The ABS plastic is of industrial grade and allow the dash-kit to feature a finish that is practically identical to that of the original manufacturer, Ford. Along with the matching texture, Scosche takes care to ensure that the color also matches that of the vehicle. Care is not only taken with the color and texture, but the shape is also contoured to match that of the factory dash. For those that intend to install a double DIN aftermarket head unit, this unit will allow for that installation. For those that wish to install a single DIN unit, the kit includes an optional pocket that can be installed underneath the head unit to allow for some storage space. As the Ford F-150 becomes progressively more popular and more individuals purchase the truck for home and commercial use, the demand on these kits is expected to increase. Now matter what type of stereo you are planning to put in your 2009 F-150, this will be the perfect installation kit for your truck.


Kicker Solo Classic Subwoofers


The Solo Classic Subwoofers are brand new to the 2009 KICKER lineup. In the creation of the Solo Classic, KICKER looked to the past to create the design, yet used innovative subwoofer technology to create a subwoofer that not only looks great, but also can hit hard in compact spaces.  With a shorter mounting depth than what we have seen in the past, these woofers are able to fit in a smaller enclosure for more compact installations.

This will be great news for those that have space limitations, but still rely on that impressive KICKER sound.  When released, they will be available in a 15”, 12”, 10”, and an 8”.  No matter what size you are in the market for, the Solo Classic has got you covered. After one of these woofers is installed in a appropriate sealed box, they are ready for action.  And just in case you don’t want to do all that wiring and sub box installation yourself, KICKER makes it easy.  They offer preinstalled subwoofer and enclosure subboxes housing the powerful Solo Classic.  Available in a single 10”, single 12”, or a dual 12”, these sub boxes are prepared to produce bass like you have never heard before.  The new Solo Classic subwoofer line from KICKER is the ideal woofer for any vehicle.  All you have to remember is “All the bass. Half the space.”  That’s the KICKER Solo Classic.


MTX StreetWires

Many car enthusiasts don’t pay much attention to their wires when they upgrade their car’s sound system. However, when you put together your car’s sound system, is that it can only be as good as its weakest link. You can spend as much money as you want on speakers, subs and amps, but without quality wires and kits, you won’t get the sound you expect from your system. If you are using inferior parts to connect you audio system, you will get inferior sound. StreetWires, one of the best-known names in car audio accessories, offers a full line of equipment that is designed to give you the best performance out of your system.

SreetWire offers three series of interconnect wires:

StreetWires Interconnects:

1)      ZeroNoise 9 (ZN 9):

The ZN 9 series are the best audio interconnects line StreetWires has. These interconnects have superior noise rejection capabilities materials and provide the cleanest signal transfer.

2)      ZeroNoise 7 (ZN 7):

These interconnect series offer great noise rejection. They are also made with quality materials to improve the sound quality and performance in any car audio system.

3)      ZeroNoise 5 (ZN 5):

These interconnect are designed as an affordable, dynamic alternative to cheap and noisy cables. This is the ideal if you are looking for excellent sound performance with a reasonable price.

Power Cables:

When people think about wires, they don’t really realize the importance of wires on their audio system. You will be losing a lot power by not using the best cables for your system. StreetWires power cables are fully gauged cables for ultimate audio performance. These cables/wires are built from the purest oxygen-free, fine-stranded copper using highly flexible Rope-Lay wire construction, which stops kinking and offers more installation options. Using inferior wire will to lead to inferior performance.  Using the right StreetWires products on the right powered amp will allow you to get the optimal power transfer to your audio system.

StreetWires offers a full line of accessories to make sure you have everything you need to make your system rock. The advanced technology that goes behind the creation of these cables/wires has made StreetWires cables one of the best wires to connect your car audio system for superior performance.


Autonet Mobile Routers – The First Internet Service Designed Exclusively for Vehicles


Now you can have all of the power of the internet in and around your car. Autonet Mobile, the in-car wireless internet connectivity service, delivers continuous internet connectivity to all vehicle passengers for entertainment and real-time information access on-the-go.

Autonet Mobile is industry-first technology – and that means you can be the first to enjoy the advantages of transforming your vehicle into a mobile “hot spot”.  Autonet Mobile delivers reliable, seamless, and easy to use internet connectivity for all passengers in and around their car. The “hot spot” connection radius is approximately 100 feet-making it convenient to access the internet anywhere… even at a local soccer field or family picnic.

Autonet Mobile is great for family members, real estate agents, contractors, field reps, law enforcement agents and more.  It’s also perfect for travelling retirees and vacations, Kids can do their e-mails, get directions, pay bills, make restaurant reservations, check movie times and shop online. The list is endless.

Autonet Mobile takes car entertainment to the next level. It enables all vehicle passengers to simultaneously connect their Wi-Fi devices like laptops, iPhones, Playstations, and PDA’s. It’s all automatic, no special software is required. Simply connect your Wi-Fi device, launch your browser… and surf.

Advantages of Autonet Wi-Fi Router:

1)    No special software needed – Simply connect your WiFi device and surf.
2)    You can connect from up to 100-150 feet away from your car.
3)    Will work with any Wi-Fi enabled devices such as laptops, PDAs, PSP’s, iPhone, iPod touch and more.
4)    Secure connection – You can secure your Wi-Fi connection with WEP encryption, MAC address restriction or WAN port restriction. Also supports VPN pass-through. Public hotspots do not offer security.
5)    High speed access ranges from 400kbps – 800kbps.

It’s a new world, and with Autonet Mobile router you have the opportunity to lead the way.

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