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Installing AVN52D Combo Into a 2002 RAV4

By Lucas Lazore – SonicElectronix Lead Installer

I finished installing the AVN-5510/AVN-52D with iPod and Bluetooth into a 2002 Toyota Rav4 today. The Bluetooth adapter (BTE-500) actually made the job quicker because the Fujitsu-son company includes a Toyota Proprietary plug that allowed me to quickly plug the AVN-5510/AVN-52D and the Bluetooth directly into the vehicle without using any connectors on the main Power/Speaker harness. I could have broken records for the fastest install of a head-unit and Bluetooth. However, to guarantee accuracy of the Navigation I was required to hunt three wires: the Speed Sensor (VSS), reverse and parking brake wire. Armed with my trusted multi-meter I was able to verify all three wires in their given locations in the matter of 15 minutes.
I had to remove the center console to get to the parking brake wire. I noticed that I had enough room to mount the Bluetooth Accept/Decline controller and iPod controller module here. This was great news because the center console is so close to the glove box that it made it easy to run the iPod cable. The good news continued as there was plenty of room to mount the NAV antenna on the dash using the supplied grounding pad. This was also a big plus because I didn’t have to run any cables to the exterior of the car. The Bluetooth microphone comes with 3 mounting adapters, so I was easily able to mount it. I decided to mount it in my gauge cluster housing, and I managed to do so without obstructing the view of my tach or speedometer.

The entire install, including a test drive, lasted 2 hours. The picture quality on the unit was amazing. Even though the DVD maps only allow 2-D viewing, the important thing was how spot on it was, even as I was making a U-turn thru the company’s parking lot. Selecting the destination was so simple that I didn’t even need to look in the owner’s manual for instruction. What impressed me the most was the responsiveness of both the touch-screen and motorized face. The screen reacted instantly, even to the softest touches of my fingertips. Boot-up time was quick, and source-source transition triggered without hesitation.

The BTE500 only provides audio over the factory radio, so the customer will still need to screen the calls by glancing at the phone. The audio was clear and the test call was successful with minimal background noise and zero echoing. The entire unit itself sounded great, as I didn’t get any hissing or high pitched buzzing out of the factory speakers. The auto radio-programming loaded up the best stations in my area.

For the price, it is definitely the best unit I’ve installed. The newer JVC KW-NX7000 has more detail with the navigation and blue-tooth, but the clarity, responsiveness, and price-tag of the Eclipse package definitely earns its spot on my “leader board.”


Sony CDX-M50iP Marine Stereo

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Today I had a chance to look at the Sony CDX-M50iP marine ready CD/MP3 player, and I came away impressed. Ever since the iPod came out, boaters have longed to use their iPods with their marine stereos. This marine stereo allows you to do just that. The built-in iPod connection enables you to control your iPod through your faceplate controls, so you don’t need to worry about fiddling around with the iPod. You can also charge most iPods, but the Apple iPhone 3G, iPod Nano 4th Gen, and the iPod Touch 2nd Gen cannot be charged unless you purchase the Scosche IFWA PassPORT charging adapter. Even if you don’t own an iPod, the front aux input is a compatible with most other portable MP3 or CD players.

The expandability options are impressive for any stereo, let alone for a marine series stereo. This unit is HD radio and satellite radio compatible. HD digital radio provides additional programming free, plus it provides a clearer broadcast of the regular AM and FM channels. You just need to purchase an additional tuner for this marine stereo. The satellite radio ready function means it is ready for commercial free satellite broadcasting, with the additional purchase of an antenna and tuner.

Just from handling this model, it is clear that it has been designed for outdoor usage. The integrity of the coated circuit boards and the firm layers of UV- and salt-resistant paint will protect this stereo, even in outdoor environments. The internal circuitry is protected by a sealed gasket, which prevents any liquid from penetrating through the CD slot.

Controlling your stereo without having to touch the faceplate is important for outdoor durability. The good news is this stereo comes standard with a marine remote. What makes this stereo even more valuable is that you have the option of adding a wired remote. A wired remote allows you to maintain full control over the stereo, even if you mount the head unit in a secluded spot away from the outdoor elements. If you don’t feel it is necessary to add a wired remote, you can use the provided wireless remote. All things considered, this marine stereo is a great addition to any boat.


Monster Audio Cables

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Since 1979, Monster has been the leader of the car audio cable industry. Monster audio cable makes top performance possible for all of your consumer electronics. Monster Cable is used for connecting audio and video components in the car and at home. From computer wires, to video cables, to monster subwoofer cable, Monster Cable enables you to experience optimal picture and sound quality.

The Monster audio cable line includes the ultimate performance 400 series, the advanced performance 300 series, and the high performance 200 series. The 400 series headlines the Monster audio cable line, but all three lines feature outstanding speaker wire. Monster’s technology is patented and unparalleled in the industry. The extra investment you place into purchasing Monster cable is well worth it—you get what you pay for, and it ensures high performance from your car audio speakers and components. What’s better news is that Monster Cable announced today that they are cutting prices on high definition television cables as well as some of their HDMI cables.

Monster audio cable makes it easy to connect your sound system with their specially designed interconnects. The clarity of sound you get from the Monster audio cable interconnects will leave you fascinated. The interconnect use 3-Way Time Correct windings, which filter high, mid, and low frequencies into separate wire networks. The result is a beautiful defined sound that will leave even the most selective pair of ears satisfied.

If you are running a lot of different wires, not to worry, Monster audio cables feature exclusive Xtra Low Noise technology to minimize external signal interference. You will enjoy loud and clear sound as this technology can block up to 80dB of noise. These wires are fully insulated with special MicroFiber material to ensure long lasting high performance. The Duraflex HexMesh protective jacket gives it a slick look and extra protection against any wear and tear. Flexible but strong, these wires are sure to last.

These wires are the most efficiently designed car audio cables on the market. Monster audio cables can transfer a signal extremely quick and accurate. The patented magnetic flux tube enables a great current transfer. Better yet, the high purity copper stranding lowers resistance only further enhances the current transfer. The more you learn about the Monster audio cables, the more you realize that they are truly in a class of their own.



Sony CDX-H905IP Marine Stereo

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Marine audio products are built to survive elements that regular electronics cannot handle, such as light rain, moisture and harmful sun rays. Marine stereo components are great for building stereo systems in boats, motorcycles, and outdoor areas because they are water, fog, salt, and UV ray resistant. These products use only the strongest materials, so you can enjoy your stereo system in the outdoor environment without worrying about rust and corrosion.

In terms of expandability and features, marine head units are quickly becoming equals to aftermarket car stereos. The Sony CDX-H905IP is a marine MP3 CD player with iPod control. This splash-proof marine head unit has a built-in iPod interface cable for iPod controls, charging and playback. You can take your iPod with you and use your stereo faceplate to control your playlists while sailing at sea. If you have an iPhone, you can add on the Scosche PassPORT IFWA for plug and play charging of the iPhone 3G.

The CDX-H905IP has a rear RCA input for further expandability options, such as satellite radio or navigation. The sealed, flip-down design keeps the internal circuitry protected from moisture and dirt. The faceplate has customizable red and blue color schemes and its rounded shape looks as though it were a part of your boat’s controls.

Although the CDX-H905IP includes a wireless remote control, you can add the Sony RM-X55M wired marine remote control. The Sony RM-X55M sends a signal to the CDX-H905IP internally, so you don’t have to point it at the stereo for remote control operation. This further protects the stereo from the outdoor elements since you don’t have to mount the stereo in an open area.

For a total boat sound system, you should consider adding marine speakers to your boat. A great set of marine speakers for your boat are the Sony XS-MP1620B. These 6-1/2” 2-way boat speakers are a great addition to your boat stereo system. As they handle 45 watts of RMS power each speaker, you should add a four-channel marine amplifier to power them. A head unit, such as the CDX-H9051P, only provides 17 watts of RMS by 4 channels.


Viper 7900 Car Alarm

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

As you probably well know, car alarms provide vehicle security. Viper brand car alarms have some of the most cutting-edge features on the market, like 2-way paging and remote start capability. With the Viper sticker on your window and the flashing LED on your dashboard, thieves will think twice about breaking-in to your vehicle.

The Viper car alarms chirp if they detect a light touch, but upon further contact, they will unleash an increasingly loud 6-tone siren. The shock sensor technology ensures that a siren will be emitted whenever anyone attempts to intrude in your vehicle. And even if they were to enter your vehicle, you don’t have to worry about them hot wiring it because the Failsafe Starter Kill will prevent auto theft.

The Viper 7900 is a 6-channel remote start keyless entry system. We carry both the brand new and the refurbished version of the Viper 7900 car alarm. The refurbished model LS-Viper-7900-RB carries the same warranty as the new model. While the brain of the alarm is refurbished, the wires and remote are new, so it is guaranteed to work like a new model.

One of the coolest new features is the car call button on the antenna. This enables you to communicate with any passengers who are in the vehicle. Another built-in feature is the nuisance prevention circuitry, which allows you to set controls to mute or disable a zone based on the frequency of triggers. This helps mitigate the occurrence of false alarms.

The remote keeps you updated by using various animations to indicate your vehicle’s status or to relay an alert. The 2-way paging capability is functional within a 1 mile range. The remote includes a rechargeable lithium ion battery, which can power the remote for up to a week before it needs to be charged again. This alarm is truly a fine piece of equipment, and can be yours at an unbeatable price on our website.