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Jaybird Bluetooth Products

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

JayBird products are the latest innovative products in Bluetooth technology. JayBird Bluetooth headphones are lightweight and comfortable. You can use these earbuds just about anywhere. These earbuds are perfect for the gym, because their gasket sealed design prevents sweat and water damage. You can work out without having to listen to the horrible gym music. Plus, you won’t have any wires hanging around when you wear these headphones, so you can run hard, do sit ups, or even bench press without getting any wires tangled.

JayBird Bluetooth headsets are unique for their versatility. These headsets are great for making calls in the car, or for listening to music on your iPod. The three button control interface makes it easy to switch between listening to music and engaging in phone calls. The music pauses while you’re on the phone, but you return to playback when you finish your call. This is why these headphones are fantastic for any busy person who needs to multi-task.

You can use you headphones with your iPhone, iPod, or any other portable MP3 player or mobile phone. They also work well at the desk on your PC or Mac. The headphones allow you to switch back and forth between your music and phone calls. To enjoy this convenient feature, just pair your phone with your iPod or computer. The headsets include built-in microphone with noise cancellation technology to ensure clear communication.

The actual headphone speakers are designed with neodymium drivers, which is why these headphones produce a rich bass sound with fully detailed musical playback. The tight earbud fit allows you enjoy your music without having to worry about disturbing anyone around you. Combined with the noise suppression technology, these ear buds will put you in your own world as you enjoy rich and full musical sound. In comparison to other Bluetooth headsets, the JayBird headphones stand out for their outstanding flexibility at reasonable prices.


Top Kenwood Car Stereos

Kenwood dnx714

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The Kenwood DDX714 head unit is equipped with a lot more features than the typical car stereo. The flashy 7-inch built-in LCD display shows your DVD movies and burnt Divx discs. You can use the touch-screen controls to make phone calls, and the built-in Bluetooth enables you to partake in hands-free conversations. The built-in USB input allows you to plug in your iPod or iPhone and control them through your stereo controls. You also have some nice expandability options. You can add GPS navigation to this top notch head unit to help you find directions and points of interest. It is also compatible with Sirius or XM satellite radio, so you can get premium content anywhere on the road. To top it off, the rear camera input allows you to add a backup camera to your vehicle (additional adaptor required).

Imagine having all of the above qualities, but with GPS Navigation built-in. That is exactly what you get with the Kenwood DNX7140. This is one of the best available car head units on the market, in terms of the numerous options is comes equipped with and the unit’s overall durability. The flip-down faceplate is motorized for your convenience. This flashy unit is sure to impress your passengers with its look and ease of use. One drawback is that the unit is not detachable, but it does come with a security code to help discourage theft.

Another option is the Kenwood DDX814 eXcelon stereo. This head unit is a step up from the DDX714. Not only do you get an additional year on your warranty, but you also get a few cool bonus features as well. You get 3 additional volts of preamp voltage, for a total of 5V preamp voltage. The DDX814 also has a 13-Band Parametric EQ offers greater sound control than the DDX714’s 3 Band parametric EQ. The stereo includes all of the DDX714 features, such as built-in Bluetooth, DVD playback, and the 7” LCD screen. Even the most particular audiophile would be satisfied with any of these fantastic stereos.


Kenwood KDC Stereos (MP738U, MP638U)


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

As mentioned in yesterday’s post, the Kenwood Corporation is known for their outstanding products. They remain a leader in car audio today, going on 63 years of industry dominance. Today we discuss two of the top Kenwood stereos.

Kenwood KDC-MP638U and KDC-MP738U are superb car stereos. Both are in-dash CD/MP3 players, which means you can load hundreds of MP3 files on a blank CD and have music playback for hours without switching discs. Both head units are loaded with expandability options, as they are both compatible with Satellite Radio, HD Radio, Bluetooth hands-free talking, and iPod connectivity. Satellite Radio has commercial-free, premium content. HD radio gives you a clearer signal almost anywhere. Bluetooth hands-free devices are now required by law in many states. Besides, it makes your drive safer and more convenient.

Both car stereos have iPod to USB connection capability. The USB input enables you to use the iPod cable that came with your iPod to connect it to the stereo, just as you would connect your iPod to a computer USB input. In fact, you can connect practically any unit or portable storage device to the USB input. You can control playback with your stereo controls, and your MP3 player or iPod charges while the music plays.

You will love the total equalization control you get from the System Q Sound Control. The stereos come equipped with a 3-band parametric equalizer and 6 preset tone curves. Adjust the bass, treble and other sound details based on the music or song you are listening to. When it comes to connecting an amplifier, the 3 sets of preamp outputs will allow you to connect each channel.

The KDC-MP738U is an upgrade over the KDC-MP638U, because it has a few additional features. For just a little more money, you get a model that has everything the 638U has, plus steering wheel control compatibility for your convenience and a Security Code for theft prevention. The steering wheel control accessory is required and sold separately, but it is a very important safety feature because it keeps the driver’s eyes on the road and hands on the wheel when adjusting the stereo controls. The security code is a built-in anti-theft device that requires a security code to be inputted when your head unit is re-installed. If someone were to steal the stereo, the thief would not be able to turn it on without the security code. Besides that, the hope is that these codes will deter theft since thieves may be aware of units that require security codes.


Kenwood KFC-W3012 12” Subwoofer

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Since 1946, the Kenwood brand has been a leader in car audio and electronics. Their success is traced to their excellent product reliability. Throughout six decades they have consistently found ways to improve their designs and technology. This continued progress has enabled Kenwood to retain a top spot in the car audio industry.

Introducing the Kenwood KFC W3012 12” Subwoofer. If you want bass, BOOM, the KFC series subwoofer delivers 400 watts of RMS power. These subwoofers are designed with polypropylene cones to ensure tight bass. The sound definition is amazing on this Kenwood sub. Kenwood doesn’t sacrifice sound clarity for power, as many start-up brands seem to do. The KFC-W3012 subwoofer produces great audio clarity with plenty of power to back it up.

How does Kenwood do it? The answer lies in the KFC-W3012 design. The double-stacked magnet enhances excursion, enhancing peak excursion. The urethane foam surround and linear spider design also allow for increased peak excursion. This is why these subs produce an especially deep bass sound. The extended excursion capability allows this sub to handle low bass frequencies without damaging the cone. Less sophisticated subwoofer designs simply cannot compete with the KFC-W3012.

When it comes time to install the KFC-W3012, the silver gauge spring post terminals make it easy to wire and configure your subwoofer to an amplifier. Make sure you find an amplifier that can provide enough power for this booming subwoofer, especially because it is a single voice coil model that runs at a 4 ohm load. As long as you supply enough power, this subwoofer will thump loud and clear.

To get full performance from this Kenwood sub, you should install the sub in a sealed or ported enclosure. For sealed enclosures, use a box ranging from 0.75 cubic feet to 1.75 cubic feet. For ported enclosures, use a box ranging from 1-2 cubic feet. Using a box is a must if you want your subwoofer to produce optimal performance. You can choose from professionally constructed sub boxes or build your own. Also of note: the Kenwood KFC-W3012 has been designed with a shallow mounting depth for easier installation.


Viper 5901 Remote Start Alarm

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

On average, for every 26 seconds that passes, a car is stolen. Losing a vehicle to theft causes enormous costs, so it is wise to equip your vehicle with a car alarm. Viper brand car alarms are top of the line models designed to prevent vehicle theft.

The latest edition of the Viper 5901 Responder, the LC3, is a 2-way LCD pager remote start alarm with 1-mile range. As a 2-way pager car alarm, as long as you are with 1-mile, the Respond LC3 remote will alert you immediately of any vehicle interference. This is great because you will be able to check on your vehicle from the palm of your hand.

You also have the option of setting the actual car alarm siren to silent mode while setting the remote set to alert you of any vehicle disturbance. Whether or not your alarm is silent, if it is disturbed, when you unlock your doors, the LC3 indicates the exact type of interference, such as: “Shock Sensor.” The silent mode is great if you don’t need a traditional siren noise. For example, if your vehicle is in an area where the alarm might be accidentally triggered and cause a loud noise disturbance. Since you are alerted via your remote, if you know you will have your remote with you, then that should be enough of a preventative measure.

This remote start system is so sophisticated that it even indicates the temperature inside of your vehicle. With the 2-way remote, you can check the temperature and wait to enter your vehicle until it reaches a pleasant temperature. The Responder LC3 will even give an audible tone or vibration signal as a periodic reminder that your vehicle is running.

This third edition model features a larger screen and a rechargeable battery with a built-in charging port for extended use. This remote start system also includes one 2-way LC3 remote and a 1-way Supercode SST one mile range remote. The 5901 also features the latest Priority User Interface technology. You can set the three most important icons to appear in the center of the screen, and they will appear three times larger than the other commands.

The Viper 5901 LC3 Responder is a great car alarm because it uses the best available vehicle security technology. This model features superior alarm performance and added measures for simplified installation.