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2009 Jensen VM 13 Series Multimedia Receivers


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Did you know you can add an in-dash touchscreen unit to your car even if your vehicle does not have a double din opening? The new 2009 Jensen 13 series multimedia receivers are single din, in-dash stereos with 7” motorized, flip-out touchscreens. These Jensen models are all-in-one car stereos, as they play DVDs, MP3s, and CDs. The touchscreen makes it easy to navigate through your menu and options. Speaking of “navigate,” the 13 series receivers even carry built-in GPS navigation as an added bonus. Not to mention, you will be able to expand with Bluetooth using any of the new 13 series models. All of the units will allow you to keep your factory steering wheel controls. These models feature a plethora of inputs including USB, SD card, and aux inputs. Depending on the model, you may even be able to add satellite radio. Let’s discuss three of the best models in this outstanding lineup.

The Jensen VM9213 is an in-dash motorized touchscreen car stereo. The bright, full-color LCD screen clearly displays the stereo’s menu options, and the touchscreen controls make it simple to operate. DVD movies will come in bright and clear, and you can play media from your iPod or other digital media player through both the front aux input and the front USB input. At the price, you would be hard pressed to find a unit that can offer the same amount of options. You can expand with Bluetooth by adding on the Jensen BTM10 Bluetooth module. You will love how easy it is to make and receive calls by dialing on the touchscreen and communicating through your car speakers. Navigation is made easy with the touchscreen, just type in the address or pick from a saved location. You just need to add the Jensen NAV102 and you will have GPS navigation integrated in your vehicle. This motorized flip-out screen will bring life to your vehicle and the touchscreen controls make it so much easier to use than a standard stereo.If you think the VM9213 is impressive, imagine a stereo with all of the features listed in the previous paragraph, plus built-in HD radio, an iPod ready interface and satellite radio controls. The Jensen VM9313 delivers all of the above. This unit includes an iPod interface cable for iPod controls, charging and playback. The built-in HD radio gives you CD quality radio stations and exclusive programming. Finally, it also includes satellite radio controls, so all you need is a XM subscription and the Audiovox CNP2000UC+CNPJEN1 Jensen satellite antenna and tuner package.

To take it one step further, check out the Jensen VM9413 in-dash receiver. This unit has all the features, from built-in HD radio to iPod controls, navigation, satellite radio, and Bluetooth compatibility. The great thing about this unit is its fully functional 7-band equalizer with preset tone curves. This equalizer has two times as many bands as the previous models, giving you maximum control of your tunes.

If you are looking for something similar to these models but in a double din version, the Jensen VM9423 is a double din 6.5” touchscreen receiver with a built-in HD radio tuner and iPod cable. It is also compatible with expandability options such as navigation, Bluetooth, and satellite radio. Just make sure your car is suited for a double din stereo.

No matter what model you choose, you are sure to come away satisfied with any of these multifaceted car stereos.


SHURiKEN High Performance Car Batteries


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

SHURiKEN batteries are designed to supply power for modern car audio systems. These high performance batteries are designed with the innovative Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology. AGM technology consists of fiberglass plates tightly packed between the battery’s lead plates. This design prevents vibration and enables the batteries to be mounted in variable positions without spilling. What separates SHURiKEN rechargeable batteries from the completion? The special advanced heat and vibration resistant materials used in its construction make these batteries perfect for high performance systems.

SHURiKEN batteries can provide power to the biggest and “baddest” of car audio systems. Their internal Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) is extremely low, which enables the juice to flow freely and easily. SHURiKEN engineered their batteries to withstand the demands of high end car audio systems. In terms of durability, you can expect these batteries to last anywhere from 2 to 4.5 years.

SHURiKEN batteries are available in various sizes, ranging from the entry 20 amp hour rating to as large as a 120 amp hour rating. The SHURiKEN SK-BT120 is an incredibly powerful battery rated with a 120 amp hour rating and 2600 cranking amps. This 79 pound battery is recommended for use with car stereo systems of up to 2400 watts. Coming in at about 40 pounds, the SHURiKEN SK-BT60 battery is rated at 60 amp hours and 1500 crank amps. This battery is recommended for car stereo systems of up to 1400 watts. Finally, weighing in at 25 pounds, the SHURiKEN SK-BT35 car battery is rated at 35 amp hours and 950 cranking amps. This battery is recommended for use with systems of up to 800 watts.

SHURiKEN is a Japanese word that refers to a hidden ninja star/sword. With these batteries tucked away in your trunk, you will sneak up on other car audio competitors! These batteries are a step ahead, as SHURiKEN batteries feature a unique spill free design with closely packed pure lead plates and AGM technology.


Numark DJ Equipment

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

A DJ is only as good as his equipment. Numark DJ equipment helps you step your game up as a DJ. Numark professional DJ systems enhance your signature sound, adding definition to the beats, breaks and scratches in your music. Numark designed DJ products that give the disc jockey full control during battles, clubs, weddings and other performances. This DJ gear is cutting edge and will allow you, the DJ professional, to dominate the scene.

As iPods have grown in popularity, many DJs are looking for iPod compatible mixers. Look no further. The Numark iDJ2 mixer turns you into an iPod DJ. This innovative mixer has a built-in iPod docking station, making it easy to mix two songs from a single iPod. There is room for expansion also, as you can hook up additional iPods or other mass storage devices through the rear USB inputs. It is easy to mix as the dual scratch pads can be scratched as if they were the actual discs. As far as compatibility, the iDJ2 iPod mixing console has a microphone input as well as a pair of RCA inputs and outputs for easy connectivity.

If you still want to use CDs for mixing and scratching, the Numark CDX is a motorized CD turntable with real vinyl. The CDX can be used to scratch MP3 CDs besides regular CDs. The music responds to scratching of the 12” vinyl surface. The authentic feel and look of this digital turntable makes it seem like you are scratching vinyl records. The motor is extremely powerful and will keep your beats pumping on cue with the music.
If you really want to take over the DJ scene, the Numark BATTLE PAK V.4 is a professional DJ package with two turntables, a microphone mixer and headphones. The direct-drive turntables allow you to manipulate the music with your fingertips, and the mixer gives you full control over the sound output. You will enjoy the headphones as the padded ear cups and padded headband provide a comfortable fit as you scratch. If you need an extra set of DJ headphones, the Numark PHX feature an isolated closed-ear design, perfect for blocking outside sound in loud venues.

Take your DJ career to the next level with the latest DJ gear from Numark. In DJ speak, you wiggity won’t regret it.


Dual Marine Head Units & Stereos

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The calm and silence of nature is relaxing while at sea, but it is nice to have the option of listening to your favorite music and radio programs when boating. Face it, there are times when you find yourself out at sea wishing you could catch the broadcast of a game or a talk show. Adding a marine head unit to your boat allows you to do both. With a marine stereo installed into your boat, you can listen to your favorite tunes and broadcasts throughout all of your excursions. The Dual brand offers some of the most affordable, yet high-quality, marine head units.

Dual marine head units are practical for boats, motorcycles, and other outdoor applications because they can endure outdoor elements such as rain and sunlight. Dual marine stereos are specifically designed to maintain strong performance despite facing outdoor conditions. These models are water resistant, which means they will guard against moisture and water splashes. The clear-coated circuit boards prevent moisture from corroding the internal wiring. Dual head unit use special faceplates that are UV-resistant to protect the LCD display from sunlight.

Dual marine stereos include an AM/FM tuner so you can tune into all of your favorite radio shows and sports broadcasts. Besides radio, you can play all of your favorite CD, MP3, and WMA songs through these stereos. Like car stereos, Dual marine head units include standard controls for volume and track selection, as well as built-in equalizers.

The Dual MXCP50 is an in-dash marine receiver combo package featuring a pair of 6-1/2” marine speakers. Besides a beautiful blue, white and green marine head unit, you get a pair of dynamic dual cone 6.5” marine speakers that are sure to please your on board crew. These speakers have 40 watts of RMS per pair while the head unit puts out 18 watts of RMS by 4 channels. As with marine head units, marine speakers are built with special water and corrosion resistant properties to ensure long lasting playback.

If you want a marine stereo with a rear aux input for portable media player compatibility, the Dual MXCP7030 is a great choice. You can use the Dual iPlug for connecting an auxiliary source. This package also includes a set of 6-1/2” 2-way marine speakers rated at 40 watts of RMS power. Your passengers will love the detailed and crisp sound produced by this awesome marine head unit and speakers combo.

A trip on your boat is already a fantastic way to spend your leisure time, but imagine the added pleasure of listening to your favorite tunes while sailing the seas. What are you waiting for? Order a Dual system today!


VocoPro DJ and Karaoke Equipment


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Regardless of talent, almost everyone loves to sing. That’s why karaoke bars exist and it is one of the reasons why American Idol is so popular. Now you can create your own professional quality karaoke studio with VocoPro karaoke machines. You can use VocoPro DJ and karaoke equipment to host karaoke parties or to record your own jams. This karaoke line includes DJ amplifiers, loudspeakers, professional PA systems, all-in-one karaoke systems, wireless microphones and more. With VocoPro products, you can create an awesome and private karaoke setup. A home karaoke system will encourage even shy loved ones to take a shot at singing a song (depending on their ability, or lack thereof, this may not necessarily be a good thing).

Are you looking to build a karaoke setup but find yourself unsure of where to start? The VocoPro GIG-MASTER is a great cornerstone to build around. This digital sound system features a 180 watt speaker with a built-in CD, DVD, and MP3 player. There are inputs for guitar and keyboard expandability, making it easy to set up for musical collaborations. The easy to use 7 band equalizer allows you to tune your sound to perfection. The GIG-MASTER is built on wheels and has a luggage handle, making it the perfect piece for traveling musicians. Better yet, now you can get a wireless microphone system and a MP3 recorder along with the GIG-MASTER in a package deal called the GIG-MASTERPRO. The VHF-3005 wireless microphone system comes with two wireless, handheld mics with individual volume controls. The RECODE-1 MP3 recorder has 512 MB of internal memory and is expandable with SD memory cards for additional recording space. All of these goodies come together in a sweet package deal for the ultimate karaoke setup.

UHF-5805If you want to add additional microphones to your existing setup, the VocoPro UHF-5805 is a rechargeable, 4-channel wireless microphone system. Four handheld mics operate on independent channels for more vocal options with less frequency interference. Plus, you no longer have to worry about tangling wires with the wireless technology. Wireless mics bring out the best performances since the performers are unleashed and free to rock out on stage. To take your karaoke setup to the next level, you could add a VocoPro AVC-800 automatic sound enhancer. This will improve the quality and control over every song. The automatic volume and tone control will ensure a clear and detailed vocal performance every time.