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SMART Car fortwo Under Dash 8″ Sub Box


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

The aptly named SMART-CAR-SUB-BOX is the perfect subwoofer enclosure for any fortwo Smart Car owners looking to maximize their sound system’s bass without using too much cab space. Adding a vehicle specific subwoofer enclosure to your car ensures that your aftermarket car audio system will match your vehicle’s cab dimensions. This fortwo SMART car subwoofer box is custom built for SMART cars. This sub box allows you to fit a 8” sub without sacrificing any trunk space. In fact, these boxes are designed to fit perfectly under the SMART car’s dash. The fact that this box does not take up any cargo space or leg room makes it a must-have considering the diminutive dimensions of a SMART car.

Given that this subwoofer box is exclusively designed for SMART cars, the manufacturer designed it to match the SMART car’s interior colors. At first sight friends may even ask you if the box came factory standard given the fact that this box does not compromise the vehicle’s factory appearance. With this box, you can maintain the car’s factory look as this box seamlessly integrates with the standard interior design of a SMART car. The carpet is finished with a black paint gloss that gives it an aesthetically appealing finish that also enhances its durability.

This custom SMART car box is designed for 8” subwoofers. Two of the best subwoofers for this box are the Kicker Solo-Classic 8” subs (09S8C4 dual 4 ohms or 09S8C2 dual 2 ohms) and the JL Audio 8” W3v3 series subs (8W3v3, 8W3v3, or 8W3v3 8 ohms). After you choose your subwoofer, you are ready to mount the loaded box into your SMART car. The box is packaged with the necessary mounting hardware to make it very simple to install.

Once you install your box and sub, you will have great sound in your SMART car without clashing with the vehicle’s interior design and dimensions. Besides, using this sub box setup will help set apart your SMART car’s sound system from the rest of the crowd.


Samsung LED 1080p HDTVs

Samsung Televisions

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Samsung LED TVs are high-end, 1.2”, ultra-thin screens. These LED screens feature an extra sharp image display with a full range of effervescent colors. Flat panel TVs are now more affordable than ever before, which is one of the reasons why they are the en vogue addition to home entertainment systems. Furthermore, a flat screen LED television allows you to optimize your floor space. You can use a Samsung television mount to install your TV in the wall or on the ceiling, among many other options. You will be able to tilt your TV screen to find the perfect angle. Adding a Samsung LED TV monitor will enhance the space in your room and augment the aesthetic value of your home.
Featuring brighter screens with richer picture details, Samsung series 8 LED TVs will allow you to enjoy your favorite television programming like never before. The top of the line Samsung UN55B8000 55” widescreen LED flat panel 1080p HDTV television uses 240 Hz anti-blur technology to ensure a clear and accurate picture. It also uses digital noise reduction technology to reduce static and unwanted ghost imagery from appearing on the screen. This LED TV even has two built-in USB inputs for connecting a digital camera, thumb drive, MP3 player, or any other USB compatible digital media player. You can also use the home network center to connect the television to compatible cell phones via a wireless internet connection. You can view call info, text messages, and other phone info right on your 55” LED monitor!

Unlike many flat panel screens, these ultra-slim models are also eco-friendly as these TVs use a special technology to reduce power consumption. The ultra-thin 46” Samsung UN46B8000 widescreen LED flat panel HD television features many of the same features as the UN55B8000. It obviously has a slight smaller screen (by 9” in total), but other than that you get all of the same great features at a lower price. Like all Samsung LED TVs, the UN46B8000 uses LED backlight technology to provide the sharpest colors and imagery.

Finally, you won’t find a better deal on the market than the ultra-thin Samsung UN40B7000 40” widescreen LED flat screen TV. This TV monitor uses 120 Hz anti-blur technology for a sharpened image display. You will enjoy the smooth picture emitted from this 1.2” thick flatscreen. Like the aforementioned screens, it has a pair of USB inputs for connecting additional media players. It is compatible with the internet so you can use the monitor to display certain phones as well. You will enjoy a dazzling display for watching all of your favorite TV shows, movies and digital programming.

Samsung LED TVs will maximize your TV and home entertainment viewing pleasure. These LED TVs can be placed up on the walls and out of the way to save space (WMN1000B). Samsung flatpanel LED TVs will look great in living rooms, bedrooms and just about any room with a floor, ceiling and four walls.


Kicker Audio Overview

kicker car audio

By Seth Wilde – Host of Sonic Electronix TV

Here at, we strive to offer the best customer service possible.  Part of customer service is having the knowledge to answer questions that customers have about products.  In order to accomplish this, training sessions are held on a regular basis to augment the knowledge of the staff.  Recently, representatives from Kicker Car Audio came to our building to provide training on all of the Kicker products out there!

They began their training with a brief history of Kicker, explaining that it was started in 1980 when the founder Steve Irby developed the first full-range speaker box made specifically for the car.  In 1986, Kicker released both the Competition woofer, known as the original small box woofer, and the Freeair woofer, which was designed specifically for free air applications.  By 1992, Kicker introduced the first Kicker Solo Baric subwoofer.  One year later they released their first fully regulated power supplies and amplifiers.  Kicker continued devising innovative products and in 2000 the world’s first Kicker Solo-Baric L7 square subwoofer was released.  As they developed more and more products, the Kicker technology advanced more and more. Such technology includes the unpiloted, stitched surrounds, extended pole pieces, T and L cut top plates, Inverted Structural Dome (I.S.D.), perimeter venting, and the S.P.A.I.R re-cone kit.

Before talking about their full line of subwoofers, they explained the principle of having a square subwoofer.  Like many ingenious innovations, the principle behind the design is pretty simple.  Square subwoofers provide the most cone area for the size of the speaker box baffle.  On average, a square subwoofer has about 25% more cone area than a round subwoofer of the same size.  More cone area means that the subwoofer is able to move more air and thus it will produce more bass.

After talking about some of the incredible technology that goes into making a Kicker sub, the Kicker representative began to talk in detail about each of their products.  It was an unbelievably informative training session.  They were able to answer every single question despite the fact that our representatives asked some pretty detailed questions!  We learned about the three major square subwoofers: the Solo X, the L7, and the L5.  These square woofers are created with unique specifications to maximize their performance.  The Solo X is Kicker’s competition and extreme woofer. The Solo X includes a S.P.A.I.R. re-cone kit, which allows you to maintain and repair the cone throughout the lifetime of the sub.  The L7 is the original square subwoofer and Kicker’s best selling square subwoofer.  The L5 is Kicker’s most affordable square subwoofer and provides 70% the performance of the L7, but for a fraction of the price.  Both the L5 and L7 subs are available in preloaded boxes that Kicker manufacturers specifically for these subs.  They are finely tuned to the specs of the enclosed woofer and provide the best sound for that woofer.

Along with the square subs, we also learned about the round woofers.  The Kicker CVX is the best performing round subwoofer and is essentially a round L7. New to the 2009 Kicker line-up is the Solo Classic, which produces the same amount of bass in only half of the space.  Next we discussed the CVT subwoofers. The CVT line features subs in a variety of sizes, which makes it easy to find the proper fit for your install application.  Then we learned about the Comp VR (CVR). The CVR is Kicker’s best performing “value” subwoofer.  When enclosed in a ported box, the Kicker CVR is able to produce some big bass!  Lastly we learned that the Kicker Comp is the industry leading subwoofer and bestseller.  They are highly efficient subs with moderate power and big Kicker bass.  The Kicker woofers use a SoloKon cone that is ultra strong and injection molded to enhance the sound of the woofers.  With a Kicker subwoofer, loud bass is practically guaranteed!

After completing subwoofer training, we began to discuss the full line of Kicker speakers.  At first we discussed the newest QS and RS speakers.  The QS components are Kickers premium speaker system and use Kickers most advanced technology and engineering to create the ultimate sounding speaker.  The crossover on the QS speakers use an asymmetrical design and a Zobel Impedance correction network to spread the response across the entire speakers; bandwidth.  The crossover also integrates an Illuminated protection circuit, as well as Mylar caps and air core inductors. Judging from the demonstration, the QS speakers sound absolutely phenomenal.  We were just getting started though. After learning about the QS speakers, we began to discuss the high-end RS series speakers.  Apparently the RS speakers have been redesigned for 2009 and use a lot of the same technology and engineering as the QS.  The main differences between the two are the materials and the crossover.  The RS features a slightly simplified version of the QS crossover, but it still has all of the necessary features of a high-end speaker.  Finally, we briefly talked about the KS and DS series speakers.  We learned about the polyswitch tweeter protection on the KS speakers and the perfect OEM upgrade for the DS series speakers.

After discussing subs and speakers, we were ready to learn about amplifiers. This was one of the highlights of the training.  We got to see the amplifiers inside and out.  We learned what makes a Kicker amp a Kicker amp.  The quality and precision that goes into each and every amplifier is second to none.  We were most impressed with the thorough quality control involved in the production of ZX amplifiers. Each and every ZX amp is tested before it leaves the factory.  The spec sheet that is included in each amp tells the tested RMS wattage of the amplifier and each one is underrated.  This way, when a customer purchases a ZX amplifier, they are getting more than what they paid for!

After finishing the major categories, we moved to more specialized fields like marine technology. In fact, the Kicker power sports line includes but is not limited to marine series speakers, subs and amps. We learned that Kicker now refers to the marine series as the power sports series because these items are completely designed to withstand harsh conditions in general and not just in the boat.  Power sport models are made to work perfectly on boats, jeeps, ATV’s, patios, in the backyard, and even zambonis!  The Kicker Power Sports amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers are perfect for any application that might require a more durable and protected item.

Next we learned about Kicker’s mobile audio products. The Kicker experts taught us all about the SoundGate iPod and Zune accessories.  The Kicker CORE system is designed to provide playback of your iPod in your car.  All of the cables are included, making it easy to get started. The CORE also provides 5V USB charging.  These systems will allow playback from the iPod itself and can even connect and play video from the iPod!  Next we discussed the SoundGate iO series, a new way to integrate your iPod and other audio source to your car via Bluetooth!  The plug and play system allows for Bluetooth audio, handsfree communication, and music streaming.  It is still in the development stages and has yet to be released, but it will be the ideal solution for adding Bluetooth and navigation voice guidance to vehicles that are not suitable for aftermarket in-dash head units. It would make an excellent addition to classic cars!

The last thing we were trained on was the home and portable line.  This includes Kicker headphones and their iPod shelf systems.  The headphones include high performance ear-buds and an active style “on-the-ear” headphone.  The ear buds produce incredible acoustic sound quality given their slight dimensions. These headphones are perfect for the on-the-go listener.  The active style headphones are made for those that live an active lifestyle and need a headphone that will stay on the head.  Beyond that, we learned about iPod docking shelf systems such as the iK500. Based on the demonstration, this system provides iPod playback through loud and clear speakers that fill the entire room with music.  For those that enjoy a Zune as opposed to the iPod, Kicker makes the ZK500, which is similar in features but designed to dock and play the Zune.

We here at were impressed with the training seminar and we are blown away at the quality of Kicker products.  The Kicker representatives were extremely knowledgeable and knew everything about their products.  Kicker is definitely a high quality company that takes as much care of its products as they do their customers.


Grace Digital Audio Stereos

Grace Digital Audio Stereos

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Grace Digital Audio systems provide you with an endless supply of music! As long as your Grace Digital Audio player is within a Wi-Fi zone, you can play songs from internet radio stations, podcasts, Pandora and the Music Genome Project. On top of that, you can also listen to SIRIUS satellite radio with the purchase of a subscription. Grace Digital Audio provide unparalleled accessibility to the top internet streaming music stations. Now you can enjoy a new music wherever there’s a wireless internet connection: poolside at the hotel, at the coffee house, or any other WiFi zone.

If you are looking for a desktop stereo, the Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR1000 offers all of your favorite online music options as well as both SIRIUS Satellite radio and HD radio. This stereo has one speaker rated at 5 watts, which is plenty of power to provide enough sound for your living room, kitchen, or backyard patio.  The 6 built-in presets allow you to find set it to fit any style of music, and you can also create a personal user setting to match your musical tastes. This stereo also comes standard with a built-in alarm clock, which you can program with 5 different settings and sleep timers.

If you want to plug in your iPod or other music devices, the Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR2000 is a great choice. This stereo has a built-in auxiliary input on the front, making it easy to connect an external audio player such as an iPod or iPhone. You can access internet stations by using the radio’s faceplate buttons or the handy remote control. Unlike the GDI0IR100, this remote control is included with the stereo. Both models can store “favorite” radio stations for future playback, and with the power of the internet, you can access radio stations from all over the world.

Both of the aforementioned models have only one speaker. The Grace Digital Audio GDI-IR3000 has TWO 3” speakers to project all of your favorite wireless internet radio stations. This stereo comes with a remote control for easy sound adjusting. The dual speaker model gives this stereo a more balanced sound output. Like the other two versions, you can use this stereo to listen to online broadcasting of news talk, sports talk, music stations, or any other streaming online audio that you are interested in listening to. With so many stations to choose from, the programming is always fresh. All in all, this stereo is like a Bose system wired to the internet!


Boss CW Amplifiers

Boss CW Amplifiers

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Looking for more bass for your buck? Check out the Boss CW line of car amplifiers. These Chaos Series Boss amps are reliable sources of power for car audio systems. Featuring built-in MOSFET power supplies, these CW amps will not let you down. From top to the bottom, these amps are built to last. CW amps feature a heavy duty heatsink for optimal heat dissipation. They also use a special 2-way circuitry that provides thermal and speaker protection. This special feature helps guard against blown amps and speakers.

The Boss CW150 2-channel car amplifier measures at 200 watts when wired at 2 ohms. This compact amp packs a lot of power for its size, and the bass boost function allows you to select just the right amount of bass. In terms of wiring options, the CW150 is configured with high level inputs, which makes it easy to connect it to stereos without RCA outputs. For stereos with RCA outputs, this amp also features nickel-plated RCA level inputs. which make for an easy and secure connection.

If you are looking for a four-channel car amplifier, the Boss CW350 is a 400 watt amp that features all of the great Chaos series features mentioned above. Its slight size does not affect its ability to produce power, as this amp can sufficiently power up to four speakers simultaneously. It is fully operational at both 4 and 2 channels. That means that you can wire the CW350 to only two speakers if you so choose.

Now let’s discuss the top models in the Chaos line. The Boss CW750 2-channel car amplifier is one of the best amps that Boss has to offer. This amplifier is rated at 440 watts of continuous power, and when bridged at 4 ohms, its max power rating is a whopping 1600 watts! How can it provide so much power? It uses a MOSFET Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) power supply. How does it do it? While an average motor powers on only half of the time, the Pulse Width Modulated power supply rapidly switches the motor on and off so that the amp is virtually always on, which makes for a much larger current. This maximizes the total power generated by this amplifier

The Boss CW950 2-channel amplifier also features a MOSFET Pulse Width Modulated power supply, which is one of the reasons why it can provide 2000 watts when bridged at 4 ohms. Like the CW750, the CW950 also includes a wired remote bass level control, which makes it easy for users to adjust the sound. Of course given all of the power that these amps provide, if you are fond of your ear drums, you won’t even want to push the bass boost all the way to maximum.