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Dual XHD7714 In-Dash Receiver

Dual XHD7714

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Now you can get all of the features you would expect from a high-end brand at a fraction of the price. The Dual XHD7714 head unit is a single DIN receiver that offers built-in HD radio, Bluetooth and iPod controls, features that typically require expensive upgrades on other receivers. You can connect other media sources to the front-panel auxiliary input or the USB Input to listen to your favorite MP3 and WMA files. The powerful on-board DSP Processor decodes the compressed audio while maintaining near-CD sound quality. An internal buffer provides electronic skip protection to eliminate skipping and allows direct track search even while a song is playing.

The built-in HD Radio tuner delivers enhanced sound quality from FM stations that sound almost as good as CD, while the AM stations sound like regular FM stations. Most HD radio stations have text information so you can view the artist and song right on the display of the head unit. An impressive feature on the XHD7714 is that if an iPod is connected, you can “tag” songs you hear on the radio for downloading later. Just sync up your iPod to the computer and you will instantly be prompted to buy the songs from the iTunes store.

With built-in Bluetooth, you won’t need to purchase a separate adapter to make hands-free calls while driving. Just pair your compatible phone with the head unit and you can make and receive calls through the vehicle’s speakers. After the initial setup, Bluetooth automatically connects to your cell phone every time you get in the car.

The Dual XHD7714 is a full-featured car stereo receiver that provides a great alternative to high-priced head units. With built-in HD Radio, Bluetooth, and iPod controls, this receiver sounds like a winner in the in-dash receiver market. These incorporated features are useful in the real world, which is why this stereo represents one of the best buys out there in terms of value and reliability.


Eclipse AVN6620/AVN62D In-Dash Receiver


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The Eclipse AVN6620 is a new, all-in-one car receiver that can do it all. This 7” LCD Double DIN system features a similar design to the AVN5510/AVN52D as it combines easy-to-use buttons with a touchscreen menu. This design makes it easy to control the built-in GPS navigation system and other audio and video sources. Not only can you use the touchscreen to navigate, but you can also use the simple backlit buttons at the bottom of the screen. These buttons provide easy access to the system’s feature menus as well. A menu button that gives drivers one-touch access to a destination entry, media source, and other system settings is also provided. As usual, Eclipse does an excellent job of making the onscreen menus intuitive and easy for drivers to use while driving. The large, bright buttons make it easy to see options at a glance. The main difference between the AVN62D and the AVN52D is that it features two DVD slots instead of one CD and one DVD slot. The two DVD slots allow you to watch a video or listen to music while simultaneously using the GPS navigation system.

The built-in navigation is DVD ROM based. The maps are provided by Navteq and include building outlines for major urban centers in the United States.  The map database has 8.7 million points-of-interest to help you always find what you are looking for. Points-of-interest can be found by street names, addresses, or by using an intersection search. The points-of-interest can be routed by information, detours, stopping points, via a route preview or through freeway assistance. The system has a split-screen design that shows a zoomed-in version of the map on the right-hand side of the display.

As for expandability options, you can add the Bluetooth adapter from Parrot for hands-free conversation that integrates seamlessly into the vehicle. When a call is coming through, the music will mute and then resume playing once the call has finished. Hands-free Bluetooth capability has become very popular in states where talking on your cell phone has become illegal. Not only can you add Bluetooth, but HD and XM or Sirius Satellite Radio can be added to this head unit. Have an iPod? No need to worry, just use the iPod cable to browse and select songs via the touchscreen. When the iPod is connected, the screen will display artists, albums, songs, playlists and genres for easy accessibility to all your favorite music.

The AVN62D is loaded with features including the GPS navigation, digital audio and video playback and advanced acoustic options. This device is for those looking to tech out their car with a single device without a lot of extra modules. This car stereo is different from its competition in terms of the design, controls, iPod interface and audio options.


California Sales Tax Reform


By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

We the people of, in order to create a more perfect shopping experience, hereby pronounce a California sales tax reform! That’s right, we’re offering free shipping on all orders over $10 shipped within California to help offset the California sales tax. Since our headquarters are located in California, the state government requires us to charge sales tax on any order shipped within California. This sales tax is a fixed percentage based on the order value.

To help reduce costs for our Californian customers, we are issuing a CA sales tax reform of sorts: free shipping on all orders shipped over $10 within California! Please note this offer excludes freight orders and televisions larger than 42″ provided that they do not have an existing free shipping offer. Other terms and restrictions may apply. This is an exclusive offer for residents of California. If you are a Californian, you can learn more about this special offer as you browse our website.

Remember, items coming from our warehouse in Valencia, CA will reach you within 1-2 days! So even though this offer is for free ground shipping, it’s almost like getting free next day air or 2nd air shipping from a big box retailer. In this economy, that’s almost unheard of! California customers, make sure that you cash in on this deal soon, as this offer is available for a limited time only.


Motevo OEM Replacement Head Units

Motevo GTV-CRV1

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

In-dash receivers have become increasingly popular throughout the years, but it has become more difficult to find a decent head unit with the exact features that you want for your vehicle. Motevo, a relatively new company, has solved this problem. Motevo has created a head unit that is custom built to match your car’s interior design and dimensions. They have created a full 7” in-dash receiver with DVD, DivX, VCD, CD and MP3 playback made specifically for your vehicle. These OEM replacement units match your factory dash while upgrading your system, and they also include in-dash GPS navigation. Unlike other aftermarket stereos, these replacements receivers will blend in seamlessly to preserve the factory integrated appearance of your dash.

The built-in navigation is special because it uses Navteq mapping, commonly found in higher level brands. The navigation system allows you to view a map in 2D or 3D display of the complete 50 United States. Points-of –interest search options are included to help you find restaurants, gas stations, and names. This information is very useful if you are in an unfamiliar area. To help keep you safe on the road, the Motevo navigation has text-to-speech that will announce street names, driving directions, and any other text the driver wants to hear. Along with built-in GPS, the Motevo OEM replacement units also come with built-in Bluetooth. Why risk driving while talking on your cell phone when you can converse with the person on the other end through your car speakers and Bluetooth microphone?

Tired of having to change CD’s all the time? Just use the front USB and SD card slot to expand your music options. The Motevo OEM replacement receivers also come with 2 video outputs for connecting optional monitors, such as headrest monitors, so you are able to watch a DVD on multiple sources. This is great way to entertain kids (and your passengers in general) on long car rides.

Overall, the Motevo OEM replacement head units are a great option if you want something that is affordable but has all of the features you want in a receiver. With the integrated design, your passengers will never guess that it didn’t come factory standard.


zBoost YX510 PCS-CEL Cell Phone Signal Booster

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

Before the zBoost, I suffered with horrible cell phone reception at my home. After many frustrating years of dropping numerous calls and missing countless others, I finally found a solution. Thanks to the zBoost cell phone signal booster, I can now make and receive cell phone calls in my home, which was once a dreaded dead zone. If you are experiencing poor cell phone reception in your home or office, installing a zBoost cell phone signal booster will immediately increase the number of bars you get inside of your building. This ingenious device really works, and it is backed by a guarantee to improve the cell phone coverage in your building. With the zBoost in place, I saw an immediate impact. I hosted a weekend BBQ the weekend after installing it, and for the first time I heard no complaints about the lack of signal in my home and neighborhood. In fact, many of my guests mentioned how shocked they were at receiving a cell phone signal at my house, which was once a notorious dead zone! The zBoost YX510 is the answer.

The main components of the zBoost YX510 are the signal antenna and the base unit. The signal antenna should be mounted on the roof of the building in order to enhance the signal transmitted from the nearest cell phone towers. This antenna connects to the base unit, which can be mounted anywhere inside of the building. The base unit connects to the signal antenna via a coax cable. I drilled a hole through the ceiling and ran the coax cable through the attic in order to connect the base unit to the roof-mounted signal antenna. The base unit plugs right into the wall outlet and uses a mini antenna to essentially create a cell phone zone within the building. The results are truly amazing: the zBoost turns a dead zone into a hot zone for cell phone reception. I wanted to keep it discreet so I mounted the zBoost inside of my closet, but you can mount it wherever you like. Even though it is hidden, it works beautifully.

Now every spot in my house is a good spot to place or take a call. I no longer have to remain still in order to keep a signal. Nor do I have to go outside in hopes of finding reception. The zBoost YX510 is truly a godsend. My home is now the envy of the neighborhood, as most of my neighbors have also been dealing with poor reception problems. Of course, now that they’ve seen the instant results of my zBoost signal booster, I am sure that they will be installing their own. As for me, I plan to purchase another one for my vacation cabin. The zBoost is simply the perfect solution for improving your signal, whether you are vacationing outside of the city or residing in a neighborhood with faulty reception, the zBoost will make a difference. The zBoost really works, and it is a must-have for anyone living in or around a dead zone! You will finally be able to enjoy the convenience of making and receiving cell phone calls, as well as sending and receiving text messages. You no longer have to live in the dark ages – get zBoost to get connected!