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Sony Marine/Boat CD MP3 Players

CDX-H905IP combo

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

It may not feel like summer any more, but don’t let that discourage you from purchasing the latest head unit for your boat. We currently have 3 Sony packages that are sure to have everything you will need and more while out on your boat. Each package includes a Sony head unit and, as a bonus, a wired remote control. These marine stereos have a boat theme that should blend in great with your boat’s interior, and they are built to last.

First, the Sony CDX-H905IP combo consists of the CDX-H905IP marine receiver and the RM-X11M remote. The CDX-H905IP MP3 player puts a fresh face on marine audio components with a bright display and intuitive controls. It features CD, MP3 and WMA playback and will play all your favorite music while cruisin’ out on the water. Not only do you get amazing sound playback from the CD and MP3 player, there is also a built-in iPod adapter located on the back of the head unit. This allows for a direct connection from your iPod to the receiver. And without the need for any extra cables, you can easily plug your iPod in for hours of music. As for audio features, there is the EQ3 Equalizer with seven preset tone curves and a dynamic soundstage organizer. The Sony CDX-H905IP has the option for Sirius or XM Satellite radio and HD radio playback as well.

CDX-M60Ui combo

Second, the Sony CDX-M60Ui combo includes the CDX-M60Ui marine CD player with MP3 and WMA playback and the RM-X11M remote. While this unit doesn’t have direct iPod connection, the rear USB input allows the connection of an iPod with a standard iPod cable. If you don’t have an iPod, a USB thumb drive preloaded with music will also work with this option. The built-in amplifier will carry the music through any type of weather, while the equalizer works to produce a perfect blend of frequencies. Along with CD, MP3, WMA and iPod playback, you have the option of adding Sirius satellite radio or HD radio to your head unit. All of these “extras” combined make this feature-packed head unit a must-have for both car audio enthusiasts and beginners alike.

Lastly, the Sony CDX-HS70MW combo consists of a basic marine head unit and the RM-X11M remote. The CDX-HS70MW stereo is specially designed to withstand the marine environment. It comes with CD, MP3, and WMA playback capabilities for reliable entertainment while on the water. Unlike the previous two receivers, this one does not come with a built-in iPod cable, but it does have a separate module that needs to be purchased for iPod playback. Don’t let that deter you though; this head unit is a great buy! The built-in amplifier will play your music over any type of noise and can use an external amp for extra power. This receiver also comes with the ability to add on satellite and HD radio, making the possibilities endless.

And, as mentioned, you will receive the Sony RX-X11M Marine remote with each one of these CD player combos (Note: you can also purchase any of the CD players separately). It has a splash-proof design made specifically for Sony marine stereos. With its large, easy to use buttons, you will have no problem controlling the volume, source selection, mode and turning the stereo off.

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to get a wonderful head unit with a bonus wired remote for the fraction of the cost!


Kenwood DNX5140 Navigation Receiver


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The Kenwood DNX5140 is a 6.1” Double DIN DVD and navigation receiver that will bring movies and music to life. The unit features a non-glare screen featuring interactive graphics making menu navigation a breeze. Not only can you use the touchscreen to navigate, there are buttons on the side to provide easy access to the system’s menu as well. This Kenwood unit allows you to adjust the button color to blue, purple, yellow, green, amber and many more. Along with changing the illumination color, you can download still images via a USB drive. Now your head unit can match any style, whatever that may be!

The DNX5140 has built-in Garmin navigation with NAVTEQ mapping software. It features maps of the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico with over 6 million points-of-interest. While traveling to your destination, the system will guide you using voice prompts, arrows and directions along the top of the map. The text-to-speech voice prompts audibly states what is displayed on the screen such as street names, driving directions and other text that the driver needs to hear. Don’t worry if you miss an exit or turn, the navigation system will recalculate the route and provide new instructions on how to get your original destination.

As for expandability features, it has a USB input for high speed connection to your iPod. The USB port allows you to charge and control your iPod files with the Kenwood KCA-IP301V iPod cable. This unit is also compatible with Bluetooth, Satellite and HD radio with the purchase of additional adapters. The Bluetooth enables you to make and answer phone calls from the unit and even listen to audio files stored on a Bluetooth audio player. There are several options when choosing a satellite radio tuner, either XM or Sirius satellite radio. As for HD Radio, you will be able to receive digital AM/FM broadcasts when available.

This Kenwood receiver is not only a great navigation system but with the ability to play DVD’s, DivX, VCD and CD’s, you will never want to leave your car. With all of these amazing features, you can’t go wrong with the Kenwood DNX5140.


Hifonics HFi 12D4 Subwoofer

Hifonics HFi 12D4

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The Hifonics HiFi series subwoofers are ideal for anyone looking for extreme power without the extreme price. Although it is part of their “entry-level” line, the HiFi series integrates many of the technologies found in their high-end woofers.  This subwoofer series was developed by the manufacturer using software that identifies weaknesses prior to it being shipped out. So not only are you getting loud bass, you are getting strength and durability as well.

The Hifonic HFi 12D4 is a 12” HiFi Series dual 4 ohm subwoofer. It is capable of pushing 300 watts of power that is sure to make heads turn.  A sturdy rubber surround prevents the woofer from tearing even from the stress of continuous bass. Spring loaded terminals guarantee a secure connection that will not allow the wires to come loose. This unbelievable subwoofer is designed with enhanced thermal dissipation, greater power handling, and an optimized suspension system for clean bass reproduction with low frequency extension. With all of these amazing features, you can be sure that this subwoofer will last for years to come. Not sure what type of box to buy? For the best possible sound, this HiFi subwoofer will perform best in a small sealed or ported enclosure.

For intense bass on a small budget, the Hifonics HiFi series is the way to go!


Kicker Free Extended Warranty – Special Offer!

Kicker Audio Cables

By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Kicker has always displayed a commitment to providing exceptional care and service, even after selling their products. Their latest promotion reflects their dedication to customer satisfaction, as they have decided to provide an additional one-year extended warranty with the purchase of a Kicker installation kit at the time of a Kicker amplifier purchase. They are so convinced that Kicker wiring kits will enhance both the lifespan and performance of your new amplifier that they are willing to offer an extended warranty with the purchase of a Kicker install kit. Kicker wants you to equip your system with their wiring products so that you can experience the best quality sound and reliability from their world class amplifiers. All you have to do is purchase one of their well-made install kits with a Kicker amplifier, and your gear will be backed by an additional one year warranty guarantee.

Kicker Amplifiers

There are multiple installation power kits that can be used with your new amplifier. They can be paired with any of our 2008 ZX Kicker amplifiers with the correct gauge size.

Since we are Kicker authorized dealers, we are able to offer you this amazing deal. But be sure to act quickly, as this offer will only be available for a limited time. After you purchase the qualifying kit and amplifier, you will need to register them on the Kicker website with your original sales receipt and amp serial number. After you complete the registration process, the Kicker support team will be able to add an additional one year warranty credit to your account. Also, in the rare case that you experience any problems with the products, the Kicker customer support team will be more able to assist you with your specific product info on file.


JVC KD-R200 and KD-R300 Car Stereos


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

Looking for a new in-dash car audio receiver without all those extras? The JVC KD-R200 is perfect for you. It features a simple design that will get the job done in any situation. This particular head unit has a white dot-matrix display with customizable illumination depending on what menu you are in. Although this unit does not have built-in Bluetooth or Satellite radio capabilities, it still allows you to play CD and CD-RW’s along with MP3 and WMA files. And don’t think you will miss out on excellent sound either. The powerful internal MOSFET amplifier keeps your music sounding clean even with the volume turned all the way up. In addition to the amplifier, the KD-R200 has a 3-Band iEQ equalizer to tune your music, a low-pass filter and subwoofer control and a 24-bit digital-to-analog converter.

Wait, you say? You do want a CD Receiver with the works? Well, the JVC KD-R300 is a great way to kick off your new system. It has variable color illumination, which allows you to choose from over 30,000 color variations to match your vehicles interior. Just like the KD-R200, it plays CD’s, CD-R/RW’s, MP3 and WMA files. And you can even perfect your sound system with 3-Band parametric equalizer and loudness control for low-level listening.  There are multiple expandability options that can be added to this in-dash receiver. For example, you can add HD Radio, Bluetooth and even Satellite Radio. All of these expandability features are available with optional adapters.

Both of these JVC head units are great for first time audio enthusiasts looking to broaden their car audio system.