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Kicker CompVR Subwoofers


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

As you may already know, the Kicker brand features exceptional products, especially when it comes to their subwoofer line. They consistently design subwoofers that out-perform the competition. Today we are going to discuss two Kicker subwoofers that have different styles and power ratings, yet both stand out in today’s line of car audio subwoofers.

The Kicker CompVR subwoofer line delivers high-performance sound with superior bass and durability. The Kicker 07CVR124 12” Dual 4 ohm subwoofer is part of the CompVR line. The power handling is simply amazing since it pushes 400 watts RMS. The CompVR’s are made with a polymineral injection molded cone that remains rigid and lowers distortion. This unique cone eliminates flex by using a 360-degree back bracing and aluminized coating.  The top-plate design, dual voice coils and motor structure allow the sub to handle intense power without breaking down.

Looking for something with less power, but still has that great Kicker name.  The Comp Series is perfect for someone who wants just enough quality and bass without breaking the bank. The C104 is a 10” Single 4 ohm subwoofer capable of pushing 150 watts RMS. The vacuum formed polymineral cone and ribbed surround are stitched together for durability and strength. This woofer will provide good solid bass that is going to last you a long time.

As you can see, Kicker subwoofers will work great for any application. They represent the best balance between high-value and high-performance in today’s market.


MTX Audio Terminator TNP212D 12″ Loaded Subwoofer Enclosure


By Chelsey P. – Sonic Electronix Writer

The MTX Audio TNP212D is an amplified bass system sure to make your heart pound. With this package, there is no need to worry about which amp goes with which sub because it has already been done for you. How awesome is that! This package includes 2 Terminator subwoofers that are enclosed in a sealed box and a MTX Audio TN250/1 monoblock amplifier. This enclosure package was created with one thing in mind: to terminate the competition who make cheap loaded subwoofer systems.

The Terminator series subwoofers push 200 watts each for a max of 400 watts per pair. This power handling is more than enough to make your presence known when driving down the street. The rubber surround makes this subwoofer capable of withstanding all of this power. It provides strength and durability while you are bumpin’ through the street. The subwoofer enclosure is a dual 12” sealed box with MDF solid construction allowing the bass to be heard loud and clear.

Last but not least, the monoblock amplifier features a class D design that will push 200 watts at 2 ohms. It has LED Indicators and built-in adaptive cooling fans so your amp doesn’t get to hot. This amplifier is a perfect addition to this subwoofer and enclosure.

MTX built this enclosure to the perfect specifications for the subs and the amp to perform at their best. Leave your fear of a bad system at the door and enjoy hours of clean, loud bass.


SEMA Show 2009 – Day 1, Afternoon Update

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor

In case you missed the previous post, I will be reporting live from the SEMA Show all day today. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the SEMA Show is the premier car specialty products convention in the world. In my previous post from earlier today, I promised that I would tell you all about the Scosche brand’s exhibit. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on the Scosche booth: the first thing you see is their back wall, which is decked out with all of their fine installation accessories. Of course, you can’t miss the two fabulous show cars on display–a 2008 Subaru STI and the crown jewel of their exhibit, a custom-designed Nissan Cube (video footage after the jump).

The Nissan Cube was jaw-dropping. As soon as I glanced at the cargo area behind the backseat, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The cargo area was rigged with two illuminated rotating cubes, each loaded with a 10″ EFX subwoofer. At this point I was already blown away, but that wasn’t all. The Nissan Cube had amplifiers mounted in the floor panels! That’s right, Scosche put an amplifier into the floorspace in front of each seat for a total of four amps mounted in the floorboard! They used plexiglass to seal the amplifier in place so that passengers can look down under their feet and see the amplifiers below. The Nissan Cube had a custom white with an orange paint job with the EFX logo painted on the sides of the vehicle. Scosche loaded the door panels with EFX speakers to complete the EFX theme. Scosche’s Subaru STI was pretty impressive as well. The STI had a nice audio system, including a special plexiglass box in the back, which housed an EFX subwoofer. The see-through box gave this vehicle’s system an extremely clean look and was the highlight of the vehicle.

Video of the 2009 Nissan Cube at SEMA 2009:

I also made my way outdoors and browsed through some of the specialty custom show cars on display. There are literally thousands of cars here, so I have yet to see them all, but just in the last hour or so I have seen countless gems. Two of my favorites include a 2008 Chevy Avalanche designed with a Guitar Hero / Rockband theme and a bright yellow Mustang loaded with top of the line KICKER car audio products.

Be sure to check back as we will continue to provide live blogs, photos and videos from the hottest automotive show in the world, the SEMA Show in Las Vegas!


SEMA Show 2009 – Live from Vegas!

By Gideon V. – Sonic Electronix Editor
Hello loyal readers, I’m checking in from Las Vegas, home of the annual SEMA Show convention, the world’s largest automotive specialty products event. As I type, I am literally surrounded by competition cars loaded with the finest car audio products on the market! Check back today for updates, I will be periodically live-blogging throughout the day today.

All of the industry leading brands such as KICKER, Pioneer, and Alpine are on-site displaying their fantastic show cars loaded with aftermarket audio equipment. KICKER’s black Ford Mustang featured oversized midwoofers custom-mounted in the front door panels. This created a sound equivalent to having subwoofers mounted in the door panels, which as you can imagine, really ratchets the bass up a notch! The KICKER reps also showed us their marine speaker bass tube concept designs, which are essentially KICKER speakers custom-designed for bass tube enclosures. This concept enables you to safely mount KICKER speakers on your boat.

The Scosche booth was pretty amazing as well, I will provide more on that later today. Stay tuned as we will be posting exclusive videos, photos, and tidbits to help give you an in-depth look at this awesome event. SonicElectronix TV host Seth Wilde will also be hosting on-camera interviews with the top car audio manufacturers. More updates to come!