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LG 60PS80 – 60 Inch Full HD 1080p Plasma TV with THX Display

By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

LG 60PS80

A leading innovator in the flat-panel television market, LG has introduced an amazingly thin plasma television. The LG 60PS80 is only 3” in depth allowing it to be mounted closely to the wall for a clean look while screen glass blends smoothly into the surrounding black border, complimenting any room. The 60PS80 is a full HD 1080p television with a 600Hz Sub-Field drive for more realistic sports, action and movies. Once you have seen an image this clear, you will wonder what you did before getting a plasma TV! The 2,000,000:1 mega contrast ratio broadens the color range, delivering deeper black and pure whites. Brighter colors mean an overall better picture for any show you may be watching. Along with having an amazing picture, the sound quality is even better! The 60PS80 has an invisible speaker system that delivers enhanced audio with a wider sound field.

This television is unique in the fact that it has a THX Display. This mean that it includes more than 400 data points ensuring exceptional image quality and signal processing to get better performance in your home theater. THX Certification allows the television to display images and video with improved picture quality, regardless of definition settings. The 60PS80 also offers an Ethernet input connection to NetFlix streaming video, so the set connects directly to the internet to download movies. Do you ever want to view pictures and music on your TV easily? The USB Input allows you to access digital music, photos and even hook up a camcorder.

Many large television sets limit their options when it comes to size and location, but LG has not sacrificed any features when it comes to the 60PS80. The LG 60PS80 is a beautiful, flawless television that will look great in any living room or home theater system.


Upgrade Factory Sound with a 3-Way Component System

As we have discussed in previous blog posts, upgrading car speakers to aftermarket speakers greatly enhance the overall quality of music in a car. Of the popular speakers, there are coaxial speakers and 2-way component systems. Typically the 2-way component systems sound better as they have a larger and more intricate crossover. But is there something that is better than a 2-way component speaker system? If you have been around the car audio industry for a while, then you know that there is. 3-Way component systems feature an even more complex crossover, which separates the source sound into 3 different sections of frequencies. Simply put, the result is a system that can effectively reproduce the musical frequencies with increased accuracy and efficiency.

With that said, the Eclipse SC8365 is a 3-way component system that will enhance the sound of your audio system many times over. It features two woofers, two mid-woofers, two tweeters, and two crossover networks. That means that there will be three speakers on each side of the vehicle. With the audio signal traveling through the crossover, each speaker will only produce a particular set of frequencies that is best for that particular driver. That means that the mid-woofer will produce only the frequencies that the mid-woofer is designed for. This is the same concept for the tweeter and the woofer. Not only does this protect the speakers from receiving frequencies that the woofer is not designed for, but also the sound is clearer and cleaner. If you don’t necessarily have the space in your car doors or dash to install 2 extra speakers, the Eclipse SC8365 comes with a mounting bracket that attaches the mid-woofer and the tweeter together for a convenient way to mount two speakers in a single location. With the Eclipse logo branded on these components, you can be sure that the speakers are of the highest audiophile quality that Eclipse is known for. Advanced crossover networks allow the separation of frequencies to be direct and accurate. They are available in both 5-1/4” systems and 6-1/2” systems. If you are looking to add new speakers in your current car or even getting the components ready for your next vehicle, be sure to check out these incredible 3-way component speaker systems from Eclipse!


New JVC Products for 2010

By Chelsey P – Sonic Electronix Writer

To kick off this exciting New Year, JVC sent a representative to come teach our customer service associates about their new products as well their best-sellers that they are bringing back from 2009. Not only did this give our associates the ability to learn, but it gives them the opportunity to offer the best product for your application. Here a few new items from JVC that will be popular in the year 2010.

New this year is the JVC KW-NT3HDT, an all-in-one 6.1” Double DIN LCD Multimedia receiver. This particular player comes with a detachable face panel and variable color illumination that allows you to choose from over 30,000 colors to match your vehicle. This unit also has multiple other solutions to make life easier which includes built-in navigation, Bluetooth and HD radio. This unit combines so many awesome features that almost unheard of in one in-dash receiver. The navigation on this unit is flash-based with full map coverage of the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and over 6 million points-of-interests. The HD Radio with iTunes Tagging will allow you to tag songs that you have heard on the radio and purchase them later on iTunes. Lastly, the built-in handsfree Bluetooth has phone book transfer, wireless audio streaming and private mode.

Not looking for navigation? No problem. The JVC KW-AVX830 is a full 7” Double DIN Receiver with built-in Bluetooth and detachable face. This receiver allows for personalized display and backgrounds that includes four wallpaper options to match any vehicle application. Playback includes CD, MP3, WMA, DVD and iPod/iPhone control. As with a few other JVC units, the KW-AVX830 has the proximity sensor. This allows for the screen to be completely black and turn on once your hand reaches for it. This is especially helpful at night when you don’t want a bright screen in your vehicle.

If you don’t have enough room for a Double DIN receiver, JVC has multiple options of single DIN receivers. One popular model is the KD-A815, a single DIN CD Receiver that has a full dot LCD Display and separated variable color illumination; this will allow the buttons to be one color and the display to be another. Not only does it have great display features but it has built-in Bluetooth and a front auxiliary and USB input. These inputs are compatible with iPod/iPhone and other MP3 music playback. As for the Bluetooth, you can make handsfree calls and access up to 400 phone book contacts.

These three units are just a few of the new products coming out this year along with new subwoofer, speakers and amplifiers. JVC really taught us a lot about these upcoming items and we are happy to share our knowledge with you!


Technical Pro PM-22

Technical Pro PM-22

It has never been easier to dive right in and create high quality podcasts then with the Technical Pro PM-22. If you have been using a basic headset microphone then it is time to step out of the stone age and really step-up your production quality. The PM-22 Podcast Mixer board has gold-plated inputs for 2 microphones, 2 headphones, an MP3 input and a RCA channel input. Each channel has its own volume, bass and treble controls to fine tune your sound output. As a dual system setup, it’s easy to invite guests onto your podcast with their own microphone and control. The PM-22 connects to your computer via a USB cord for a no fuss installation. The mixer is powered by an AC/DC adapter that plugs into any wall socket; however a 9V battery system gives your podcasts mobility for on-the-go recording sessions.

The pro-grade high sensitivity dynamic XLR microphones pick-up every “um” and exhaled breath note with clarity. These can easily be removed with the included software for professional and seamless audio tracks. For convenience, microphone stands are included to keep your mic at a proficient distance that will pick up your voice clearly while decreasing unwanted background noise. The comfortable HP-20 headphones bring the studio home so you can listen to every nuance of your podcast in detail before uploading it to the web.

Hardware aside, the PM-22 comes with Audacity software to create and edit your audio tracks as well as export them in MP3 format. You do not need to be tech savvy or a sound engineer to unleash your podcast potential. Step-by-step instructions can guide you through the entire podcasting process whether you’re new to the experience or a veteran. If you need to increase the production value of your podcasts and make them more appealing, the Technical Pro PM-22 will increase your sound quality and polish off your handy work. Podcasting has never been easier!


2010 Kicker Amplifiers (IX, ZX, DX)


By Kyle Duffy  – Product Specialist

For the first time in Kicker history they have 5 lines of amplifiers that have been rolled out for 2010. The Warhorse remains unchanged while the ZX series amplifiers have been redone and brought back with slimmer chassis and a decal ready design. The new IX and DX series amplifiers boast extremely energy efficient class D designs and flat grey chassis also ready for decal application. Let’s take a look at a breakdown of KICKER’s main amplifiers for 2010:

IX-Series amplifiers use high-efficiency class D technology to deliver immense power from a super-small footprint. The IX amplifier chassis are the smallest ever developed by KICKER engineers. Three supreme models are available; two mono subwoofer amplifiers and one four-channel amplifier make up the IX line. The environmentally conscious will appreciate the small footprint, low weight to power ratio and stackable design which increases cargo space and decreases fuel consumption. The simplicity of the IX amplifiers attracts more do-it-yourselfers and installers because all connections are located on one end, while the user controls are on the other. For those audiophiles, KICKER included a muting circuit that eliminates any worthless audio residue that might find its way in the lines. To finish everything up, the IX chassis feature a tapered blue illuminated model badge to let everyone know you aren’t playing around.

ZX-Series amplifiers have stood the test of time and continually provide trouble-free amplification and reliability that knows no bounds. The ZX lineup features subwoofer mono, two-channel, four-channel, and a five-channel hybrid amplifier to satisfy anyone’s craving for great sound. The ZX mono subwoofer amplifiers range from 300 to 2500-plus watts so everyone can tame their inner bass head. Multi-channel amplifiers give audiophiles full control of their speakers with variable high and low pass crossovers. Optional endcaps are available for all ZX amplifier models as well as vinyl skins for complete customization. Kickers ZX-Series amplifiers still offer the same trouble free amplification we have grown to love from previous models, just in a newer design.

DX-Series amplifiers are high-performance amplifiers that simply provide reliable power at an affordable price. The monoblock subwoofer DX amplifier is stable at one ohm allowing it to pound any woofer. The subwoofer amplifiers offer a variable high-pass subsonic filter to keep unwanted lower frequencies away from your subs, preventing damage and distortion. A choice of three automatic turn-on modes provides extensive flexibility on all of the DX series amplifiers. The multi-channel amps come with a bass boost centered around 40 Hz should you decide to run subwoofers instead of standard speakers. For ultimate flexibility, reliability and power handling the DX series amplifiers offer allot of features for everyone.

All of our Kicker amplifiers are backed by a 2-year Manufactures warranty. Kicker is so confident in their product that they will provide an additional one-year extension to the warranty with the purchase of a qualifying Kicker amp kit at the time you purchase an amplifier. For trouble free amplification, legendary bass, and audiophile sound quality, KICKER is right every time and every configuration.