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Kicker iK150: Wake Up to your iPod

Kicker iK150

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Make the most out of each morning with the Kicker iK150 alarm clock!  Not only is this docking station one of the finest alarm clocks on the market, but it is also a fantastic shelf system for an iPod or iPhone.  Being certified directly from Apple, this docking station will work perfectly with compatible iPods and iPhones.  Running out of batteries wont ever be a problem either since the iK150 charges docked iPods. It is even available in white and black models.

The Kicker iK150 has many features that separate this alarm clock from the standard alarm clock.  A dock on the top of the unit has an adjustable support that is fully compatible with iPods, iPod Touches, and iPhones.  Once docked, the device will charge and offer audio playback through the two full range speakers on the front.  These speakers are angled outwards slightly to give the music a wide, open feeling, while enhancing the overall acoustic sound stage.  To further improve the quality of the sound, each of the two speakers is separately enclosed to eliminate any phase problems that could interfere with the sound quality.  There is a powerful 20-watt Kicker amplifier inside the alarm clock to power the speakers, making them loud and clear.  Dual front ports help the sound achieve those deep, low bass notes.  For those that need quality sound, the Kicker iK150 will not disappoint.

Waking up has never been easier.  Even for those that are deep sleepers and have a hard time waking up in the morning, this powerful alarm clock is sure to be loud enough for you to hear.  Whether you choose to wake up to the traditional buzzer, an iPod, or the radio, you will have no more problems sleeping through your alarm.  The adjustable volume settings can be soft enough for just you to hear, or loud enough for your entire house to hear.  The iK150 also features dual alarms that allow you to set two alarms to go off in the morning.  These are conveniently, and more commonly, referred to as “his and hers” alarms.  Both you and your partner can share the same alarm clock, while each having your unique wake up time.


Bazooka BT Series Bass Tubes

Bazooka BTA10100

By David D. – Product Specialist

Bazooka has been one of the top manufacturers of Bass Tubes for many years now. Bass Tubes are perfect for people who want to upgrade their audio system with some bass, but don’t want to have a big bulky subwoofer box taking up space. Bazooka Bass Tubes fit in any vehicle from a Mini Cooper to a Full Size Truck and can be mounted virtually anywhere.

Bazooka produces Amplified Bass Tubes which come equipped with a built-in Class D amplifier that includes an adjustable low-pass filter. The amplified bass tubes are available from 100 watts to 250 watts and produce clean, monstrous bass. Bazooka also makes Passive bass tubes available in 4 or 8 ohm impedances. These are non-amplified so you can hook your own amplifier up to them.  Each bass tube (Amplified and Passive) are supplied with a poly subwoofer made specifically for Bazooka bass tube enclosures, plastic woofer grille that is decorative and protective, a light-weight high excursion foam edge roll to maximize bass output, acoustic damping fiber, nickel-plated thumb screw terminals, all of which is enclosed in a ported tube.

Both the amplified and passive bass tubes above are part of the BT Series from Bazooka. While being the most popular, the BT series features a sleek design with a scratch resistant jet-black paint finish and are available in amplified and non-amplified (Passive). Each BT series bass tube is ported to allow adequate transfer of the bass.

I have had the pleasure of owning the Bazooka BTA10100 amplified bass tube. This tube enclosure really surprised me, I was used to most bass tubes sounding cheap with a lot of distortion, but this tube couldn’t be further from that. The BTA10100 is equipped with a 10” dual voice coil subwoofer and is powered by a 100 watt 2-channel class D amplifier. It produced a clean sound and thumped pretty hard for only being 100 watts. This bass tube enclosure features an RCA input, Hi level input, auto turn on, and a built-in crossover that eliminates the high frequencies the woofer cannot play.

If you are looking to add bass with very little space, Bazooka has just what you are looking for!


Large 8.3” Displays from Power Acoustik, Soundstream, and Farenheit

<br /> Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For those that enjoy watching movies inside their car from an in-dash DVD player will be pleased with some of the newest flip-out car receivers on the market.  Select companies have been able to revolutionize the in-car multimedia receiver with the introduction of a larger display than the typical in-dash car stereo.  With bright, vivid color and surround sound outputs, these receivers achieve the perfect balance between value and features.

As one of the leaders behind extra large displays, Power Acoustik has taken a new vision of the in-dash receiver and developed an entirely new mechanism to support the enormous 8.3” LCD display.  Consider the Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB as the perfect example of what this new display style is capable of.  The PTID8310NRB features a large 8.3” Touch screen with incredible detail and bright color.  Instead of the traditional flip-out display that moves a long a linear track, these new screens will emerge from the main receiver and then pivot at one corner to rotate the screen.  The rotation allows a large sized screen to fit inside the receiver.   These extra large screens open an entire new world for DVD and video playback.  The larger screen is easy to see and makes the Graphical User Interface (GUI) simple to navigate.

In addition to the Power Acoustic PTID-8310NRB, there are other units that feature a similar style of display.  The Farenheit TID-831NRB and the Soundstream VIR-8310NRB.  All based on a standard design, these three units feature a huge touch screen that is great for movies, videos, adjusting settings, and the general use of the unit.  Most of these units also come built-in with other features such as built-in Bluetooth or a TV Tuner. With a price that is so affordable, there is no reason to settle for less.  Upgrade your factory system to a receiver with the largest flip-out screen available on the market.


Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Amplifiers

Rockford Fosgate PRIME R500-1

By David D. – Product Specialist

Rockford Fosgate has produced the high quality Prime Series amplifiers for the “novice” car audio enthusiast. The Prime Series amplifiers feature the reliability and power you are used to getting from Rockford Fosgate while fitting into your budget. These amplifiers are available in Monoblock, 2-channel, and 4-channel configurations and are all CEA-2006 complaint, which means that the specifications and power ratings are actually true to performance and not beefed up for selling purposes.

Prime Series Amplifiers Range from 150 watts to 1000 watts and each feature adjustable Punch Bass tone controls. The power and protect visual LED indicators are common amongst all the amps in this series as well. Some other features that each amplifier shares are, the low level signal inputs and outputs, screw terminal barrier strip, extruded aluminum heat sink, convection cooling, and each run off 4 AWG power wire and up to 8AWG speaker wire.

Single-Channel Amplifiers
The Monoblock configurations all feature a Low Pass Filter (40-130Hz @ 12 dB) and have 1 pair of low level signal inputs and outputs. These Monoblock Prime Series Amplifiers are available in 2 Class AB circuitries (R250-1 and R500-1) and 1 Class D circuitry. Each includes a Punch Level Gain Control remote with an adjustable bass control (+12 dB @ 45 Hz). Prime Series Monoblock configurations range from 250 watts to 1000 watts of RMS power.

2-Channel Amplifiers
There is one 2-channel amplifier in Rockford Fosgates Prime Series and it is the R150-2. This is a 150 watt amplifier and can run on 4 ohms, 2 ohms, or can be bridged at 4 ohms. It features a High Pass Filter (80 Hz @ 12 dB) and a Low Pass Filter (50-250 Hz @ 12 dB) as well as a Punch Bass tone control (0-12 dB @ 45 Hz). This 2-channel class AB Prime Series Amplifier has a frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz and is the most affordable amp in this series.

4-Channel Amplifiers
The last Amplifier in the Rockford Fosgate Prime Series is a 4-channel configuration that has an RMS power rating of 300 watts. This amp can produce 50 watts x 4-channels @ 4 ohms, 75 watts x 4-channels @ 2 ohms, or can be bridged at 150 watts x 2-channels @ 4 ohms. The R300-4 is equipped with a High Pass Filter (80 Hz @ 12 dB) and a Low Pass Filter (50-250 Hz @ 12 dB). The punch bass tone control is fully adjustable with the front channels and the rear channels (0/6/12 dB @ 45 Hz). This 4-channel Prime Series amp has Class AB circuit topology and is also supplied with 2 pairs of RCA low level signal inputs.

Rockford Fosgate Prime Series Amplifiers have plenty of options and features to suit your audio needs at a price that won’t empty your wallet. If you’re looking for a high performance entry level amplifier, the Prime Series is for you.


AutoNet Mobile Introduces the Latest CarFi Router

AutoNet Mobile KT-ANMRTR-04

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

The internet is everywhere.  It is in our homes, on our phones, at our local coffee shops, and even in our cars.  Since we live in a world where we rely on the internet and use it everyday, there is no reason why we can not have instant access where ever we go.  Years ago, AutoNet Mobile introduced a portable router that was designed to bring the luxury of the internet into the car.  The original AutoNet KT-ANMRTR-01 was the first of its kind and it revolutionized the mobile industry by allowing the average consumer the option to get high-speed internet access in their car.  With its great original success, AutoNet is back with the release of the their latest mobile router.

The redesigned AutoNet has introduced a new look, as well as some features that the original AutoNet lacked.  The new router features a more convenient and compact antenna that does not get in the way of mounting, storage, and overall general everyday use.  The smaller body does not have two pivoting antenna, but has one single antenna that runs along the side of the router base.  Aside from the design, the most notable change that the AutoNet KT-ANMRTR-04 has is the mounting docking station.  Each router is installed in a docking cradle that mounts separately from the router itself.  This makes installation much easier, as well as allows the option for use in many different vehicles.  Since the router dock and the router itself are separate from each other, multiple docks can be installed into different vehicles.  All it requires is the ASY-DOCKNM-01 to be installed in the other vehicles. This allows the AutoNet Wi-Fi router to be moved from one car to the next easily and with out hassle.  This feature is perfect for businesses that have many company vehicles and go on frequent business trips.  While it is great for businesses, the AutoNet KT-ANMRTR-04 is also perfect for family road trips and personal use.  With these mobile routers, you will never be with out internet access again!