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HDMI Speed Rated Cables

Monster HDMI Cables

By David D. – Product Specialist

Before I started working here at Sonic Electronix, I knew very little about HDMI Cables, I had no idea there was different variations of speed and performance. Now that I have been here for a while, I have learned why HDMI cables are made in different speeds and what they are most commonly used for. With today’s technology of high performance components constantly evolving, the cables that connect to these devices must evolve as well. Monster Cable has recognized this and manufactures some of the best HDMI Cables in the business. Below I will discuss the different types of speed ratings.

Standard Speed
A standard speed HDMI cable is an entry-level high-definition connection cable that performs at 4.95 Gbps and supports 720p and 1080p. It provides maximum performance from up-converting DVD players and standard high definition digital TVs.  Standard speed supports 8-bit color, which enables the display of up to 16 million colors and is featured in most first generation HDTVs. With standard speed HDMI cables, you can achieve an excellent high definition picture and great sound quality for a price that doesn’t break the bank.

High Speed
A High Speed HDMI cable gives you a higher definition picture than standard speed. It performs at 10.2 Gbps and supports ultra-high definition 1080p video. High speed allows you to attain excellent performance from new generations of HDTVs, DVD player, and cable/satellite receivers. It supports 10-bit color that displays up to 16 million colors and provides faster speed for smooth motion video. The most common components used with high speed HDMI are Blu-Ray Players, HD DVD players and even gaming consoles such as PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

Ultra High Speed
Ultra high-speed HDMI cables are for home theater enthusiasts who want the best in HD whether it would be gaming or for a 1080p HDTV. It supports 1080p+ ultra-high definition video and performs at 13.8 Gbps. Ultra high speed also provides the support of 12-bit color (also known as Deep Color). This provides the smoothest gradation of colors and allows the display of billions of colors. It supports Dolby True HD and DTS-HD lossless surround sound, found mostly on Blu-Ray and HD DVD players. Ultra high speed is ideal for AV sources and HDTVs with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and is ready for 3D displays.

Ultimate High Speed
Ultimate high speed HDMI cables perform at 15.8 Gbps and are the best in high definition home theater. Monster has been a step ahead in the home theater game for a long time, now they have produced a HDMI cable that will work now and in the future. Ultimate high speed is the highest speed HDMI cable that Monster manufactures. It is ideal for HDTVs with 120/240 Hz refresh rates and is ready for 3D Displays. It supports 16-bit color that provides the display of billions of colors. Dolby True Hd and DTS-HD lossless surround sound is also supported by the ultimate high speed HDMI cable. Ultimate high speed provides the sharpest, most enhanced picture you can possibly have.

Whether you’re looking for an entry level cable, or a cable that has surpassed HDTV technology, Monster Cable has an HDMI cable to suit your needs.


Car Overhead Monitors

Rosen T8 All-in-One Entertainment System (AS3232)

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Technology has come a long way since the original flip-down overhead monitors was initially introduced.  Deciding whether you want a built-in DVD player or just an overhead monitor makes all the difference to an audio/video system. Featuring fixed or swiveling displays with a wide variety of features and add-ons, choosing an overhead monitor has never become more personal. Having an attractive set-up is ideal when adding to a vehicle because we usually want it to look like it came stock from the factory and unmodified which makes choosing a color and size most important. Sleek in design and out of the way, adding an overhead monitor would bring your family and friends just the right amount of enjoyment that any road trip needs.

Patron Pro Audio PAF16IR by Absolute
Overhead Monitors
Being standard doesn’t always mean fewer features. A standard overhead monitor does the job right with entertainment without the luxury of having a built-in DVD player. Perhaps you already have a DVD head unit and all you need is a monitor to display the action. The Patron Pro Audio PAF16IR would be a perfect example of an overhead monitor that could bring you an excellent entertainment system for your family, while not burning a hole in your wallet. Overhead monitors without a built-in DVD player can still provide you with many great features. Occasionally, these monitors will come with a digital TV tuner allowing your kids to watch some television on the road! Whether you are using your head unit to put on a movie, hooking up an external player or even playing your Xbox, these monitors have a compact, durable style that really gives a bang for your buck!

Overhead Monitors w/ DVD Players
Hook up the headphones and drive in peace! Keeping your kids entertained and quiet on the way to school, on a road trip, or even just driving around town can be important. With a stylish design and functionality, everything becomes a little simpler when deciding to go with a built-in DVD monitor. The Rosen T8 AS3232 for example, shows the potential a DVD overhead monitor can have. Providing you with controlled dome lighting, FM transmitters, shallow system install, and a DVD player, this overhead monitor brings the theater right to you.


Scosche FDF15004 Loaded Enclosure for Ford F-150

Scosche FDF15004 and Visonik V217SX

By David D. – Product Specialist

Now-a-Days, no matter what make or model vehicle you have, there is a good chance that a subwoofer box is made specifically for your car. There are various different configurations that these Vehicle Specific Subwoofer Enclosures are available in.   The many combinations include unloaded, loaded, and amplified enclosures. An unloaded subwoofer enclosure is just the box itself, a loaded subwoofer enclosure is already equipped with the woofer inside, and an amplified enclosure is loaded with the subwoofer as well as a built-in amplifier. This gives you plenty of options when building your system.  You can purchase just the box, load it with your own choice of subwoofer, then power it with your preference of amplifier, or go about it the complete opposite way and get a fully loaded, amplified enclosure that is ready for installation right out of the box. The choice is yours.

A great amplified vehicle specific enclosure we carry here at Sonic Electronix is the Scosche FDF15004. This enclosure is made for a 2004-2008 Ford F-150 double cab truck and is built to fit conveniently under the rear bench seat. It is preinstalled with a 10” EFX subwoofer that puts out a max of 750 watts. This 10” subwoofer is equipped with an Injection Molded Metalized Polypropylene Cone, Rubber Surround, PVC Rubber Magnet Boot, and Rear Vented 2” Voice Coil. As an exclusive combo package, Sonic Electronix has compiled a package that includes the Visonik V217SX Amplifier.  The amplifier is part of the Hi-Intense Series and is a 2-Channel Class AB amplifier that can be ran at 4 ohms (200W x 2 channels), 2 ohms (300W x 2 channels), or can be bridged at 4 ohms (400W x 1 channel). Its max power output is 800 watts, so it has plenty of power to push the 10” subwoofer to its fullest potential. Visonik’s V217SX amplifier is supplied with heavy-duty aluminum alloy heatsink, gold-plated screw terminals, variable high and low pass filters, and is powered by a full MOSFET power supply and circuitry. The All-in-One Combination Package of the Scorches enclosure, 10” EFX subwoofer, and the Visonik amplifier provide ground-shaking bass and is a perfect match for F-150 owners looking to enhance their vehicles audio system.


Denon AVR-591 Features HDMI 1.4 and 3-D Support

Denon AVR-591

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Home theater systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes across the country.  It is a place where we can go to watch television, movies, and play an Xbox on a large screen and surround sound.  Our home theaters must be the nicest and we demand only the best.  If you look forward to the newest home theater equipment each year, then you are not alone.  This year has proven to be a big year for home audio/video so far, and it will only get better as the year goes on.  The most popular advancements in the home are the introduction of HDMI 1.4 and 3-D ready components.  Luckily, one of the most trusted names in Home Theater Receivers has released a line of receivers fully compatible with these two technological advancements.

Denon has been a long time leader for home audio/video and continually strives to be ahead of the competition.  A product branded Denon will always produce top-notch results with a reasonable price tag.  The most recent example of this is the Denon AVR-591.  It is an affordable receiver that has plenty of features to satisfy any home audiophile.   It features full support for 5.1 channels of audio with an overabundance of audio processing and decoding options.  In keeping with the Denon tradition the AVR591 features the Audyssey MutliEQ acoustic measurement technology that will enable the system to automatically tune itself to the room that it is installed in for the best audio replication possible.  The process is quick, simple, and results in the best audio quality that anyone could ask for.  New to this year’s receiver is the introduction of HDMI 1.4a and 3-D ready processing.  The advanced HDMI 1.4a ports still enable all the incredible benefits of the previous HDMI cable, however it can now support 3D data transfer, Ethernet over HDMI, 4k x 2k support, an audio return channel, as well as other features.  3D Programming is the future of television and movies.  Simply connect the AVR-591 to a 3D Television with the appropriate cable, and you will be able to experience 3D in your own home theater.  A home A/V receiver like the Denon AVR-591 will fully support the future of this new technology.


Infinity Reference Subwoofers – Buy One Get One Free

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

What could possibly be better than one Infinity subwoofer?  How about two Infinity Reference subwoofers for the price of one!  Right now for a limited time, Sonic Electronix is offering an incredible buy one, get one free offer for Infinity Reference subwoofers.  For those that are looking to upgrade their car audio system, now is the perfect time to invest in some quality subwoofers that are going to produce deep bass for years to come.  Sonic Electronix firmly believes in passing the savings on to those that shop Sonic for all their car audio needs, and deals like this are the perfect way to do just that.  Instead of selling these incredible subwoofers at high, marked up prices, Sonic is slashing prices to ensure a high-end system for an affordable price.

The buy one, get one free deal applies to the 8”, 10” and 12” models along the Reference line.  The smaller Infinity 860W is a perfect way to save a lot of space, while increasing the overall bass response.  If the 8” sub is too small for your particular taste, then check out the Infinity 1060W and the 1062W subwoofers.  Like the rest of the Reference series subwoofers, these 10-inch subwoofers features high-gloss polypropylene woofer cone and a large-roll rubber surround.  The classy look of the high-gloss cone matches perfectly the interior of just about any vehicle and is a solid choose in adding a subwoofer to you vehicle.  For the most Reference bass in your car, consider the large 12-inch subwoofers.  The Infinity 1260W and the 1262W are ideal for those seeking that deep, low bass response to perfectly complement your music.  No matter what style of music you prefer, no matter how loud you listen to music, and no matter what kind of car you have, the Infinity Reference subwoofer is just what your car needs.