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Install Monster Cable in your Car

Monster Cable Performance Car

By David Doyle – Product Specialist

There are many important components when it comes to installing a car audio/video system. Most people only think about headunits, speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers when purchasing a system, never putting much thought into the wiring that connects all of those expensive components together. Wiring is usually the one thing a lot of people look past. This is a big mistake. To get the best possible sound quality out of your stereo system, you need to use good wires and cables.

Before I started working here at Sonic Electronix, I had no idea the difference good speaker cable could make in my cars sound system. I was never really that satisfied with my system, I had high performance equipment in there too. So I asked one of my co-workers if he knew what I could do to enhance the clarity of my system, he informed me that he had the same problem before he added Monster Cable to his vehicle. When I heard his system, I was blown away by the clarity. His system was probably half the cost of mine but sounded noticeably better. That same day, I purchased some Monster 400 series Speaker Cable, got it installed, and it honestly sounds like a got a brand new system. I could not be happier.

Monster Cable has been known for manufacturing the best home theater wires and cables we have today. One thing you may not have known about Monster is that they also put the same great qualities into their car audio/video cables that has made their home theater cables famous all over the world.

When it comes to achieving superior audio in your car, speaker cable can mean the difference between weak, muddled sound and tracks that turns heads. Most Monster Performance Car Cables are equipped with 2-way time correct windings, which is a patented winding process of separate high and low frequency wire networks that greatly improve sound clarity. Monster Cable uses a large copper conductor surface area to achieve the maximum power transfer, a patented Magnetic Flux Tube to minimize distortion, microfiber dielectric minimizes signal loss, and the DuraFlex HexMesh Protective Jacket provides easy installation and maximum durability. I can assure you that these awesome features will not be found in that cheap speaker cable most of us use.

If you want your system to sound like it was meant to, get rid of those cheap wires and get yourself some Monster Speaker Cable. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.


4th of July Sale Starts Now!

4th of July Sale Starts Now

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Its that time of year again.  The time to set off some fireworks, light up the barbeque, celebrate our freedom, and install a car stereo!  Sonic Electronix is having their annual 4th of July sale and it is going on right now!

This once a year sale from Sonic Electronix has got all your bases covered for all your electronics needs.  For the car, these deals include in-dash stereos, car amplifiers, car speakers, and car subwoofers.  Electronics in the home include televisions, surround sound speakers, blu-ray players, and more!  Planning to upgrade your boats audio?  Now is the time!  Save on marine stereos, amplifiers, speakers, and tower speakers.

Some of the greatest deals that Sonic is offering include the Kenwood DNX5160.  It is an in-dash GPS navigation system with DVD playback and a 6.1” screen.  With navigation by Garmin, advanced audio controls, dual zone capability, and the ability for the addition of just about any expandable module, the double Din DNX 5160 is an excellent aftermarket receiver for just about any vehicle.  Sonic Electronix is also offering an incredible deal on the Mitsubishi LT-55154 LCD/LED TV.  The television itself has a large 55” display and a fast refresh rate of 120 Hz for a lifelike image.  With purchase of the television, Sonic is including a free wall mount, power strip, HDMI cable, screen clean, as well as a Polk Audio PSWi225 home theater subwoofer.  All of this included for free with the purchase of the television.  Prices are also getting slashed for marine produces, such as the Clarion CMV1 and the Kicker KM6500.2.  The CMV1 is one of the few marine headunits that features a DVD player.  For those that are looking for a new set of tower speakers, the Kicker KM6500.2 is an excellent choice that will play your music loud and clear!

View the Sonic Electronix 4th of July sale now!


Monster Cable Visits Sonic Electronix to Train Staff!

Monster Cable Authorized Dealer

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

If you were to ask me the difference between average customer service and excellent customer service, you would receive an answer that includes education.  Knowledge is one of the most important things that a good customer service representative has and something that definitely makes the separation between them and the average customer service rep.  But how does a rep learn about the products?  Are they left to Google the items or read what the manufacturer website says?  While both of these ways can help educate the rep, they are not the best way to learn.  Official training by the manufacturer is the best way to learn about a product and that’s exactly what happened here at Sonic Electronix this past weekend when Monster Cable came to visit.

Monster Cable is the largest manufacturer of cables and they have literally created the cable industry.  With so much to learn about the types of cables, wires, headphones, and other products, there was no other way to get educated then by Monster Cable themselves.  As an official Monster Seller, Sonic Electronix has the opportunity to have head Monster trainers teach them about the products, give hands on experience with the products, show the Monster difference, answer any and all questions that their technical staff asked, and even let them compare the sound quality of headphones.  Monster cable visits Sonic Electronix several times a year to have training sessions to make sure that the customer service representatives are knowledgeable about the latest monster products.  This past weekend we learned about Monster Cable in the car, audio cables, video cables, power cables, car audio capacitors, products made for iPods, as well as the entire headphones lines.  The headphone line included all the Beats by Dre headphones, the Lady Gaga Heartbeats, the Diddybeats, the turbines, Solo HD, and even the brand new Beats by Dre Spin DJ style headphones that are yet to be released.  Look forward to new blog posts that will contain what was shared with the Sonic Electronix staff as Monster Cable officially trained them.


German Maestro Professional Headphones

German Maestro GMP 450 Pro

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Over the past several years, headphones have become increasingly popular.  The white little earbuds are not able to produce the high quality sound that many of today’s consumers want.  Because of this, they are turning to higher-end headphones that will give them the sound they want to hear.  Typically, the three things that people looks for in a pair of new headphones are sound quality, comfort, and style. When a pair of headphones has these three attributes, they become a popular and sought after item.   Although they have been around for many years, German Maestro is a brand that is fairly new to the United States and they offer all of the aforementioned headphone qualities.

With hundreds of years of audiophile engineering under their belt, the German Maestro brand is setting the stage for many of the loudspeaker and headphone manufacturers in today’s industry.  They are still manufactured and handcrafted in their renowned Obrigheim factory in Germany.   Each headphone and speaker is made with the utmost care and precision because the employees of German Maestro are audiophiles.  Sound is what German Maestro is all about and passion is what drives them.  Their line of professional headphones are ideal for use as a DJ, in the studio, or any other situation where only the finest and highest quality of audio is accepted.  The precise audio tuning helps spreads across the full range of frequencies resulting in deep bass, accurate mids, and clear highs.  Headphones such as the German Maestro GMP 450 Pro are specifically designed for studio use, as well as music production.  Other headphones like the GMP 8.35 D Monitor are designed for more industrial long-term use.  For those that what to take the German Maestro sound with them, the GMP 160 offers an excellent portable and lightweight solution.  A quality pair of headphones can be a heavy investment, but with a company like German Maestro, you can be sure that you are getting quality handcrafted audio engineering that the Germans are famous for.


Sonic Electronix Video Contest – Win up to $1000

Sonic Electronix 2010 Video Contest

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Looking for a way to fund your next car audio system?  Enter the 2010 Summer Video contest for a chance to win $1000 towards your next purchase with Sonic Electronix!  Entering the contest is simple.  All you have to do is create a 1-4 minute video that is a product review, an installation video, or a Sonic Electronix testimonial.  It is really that easy.  Once the video is made, it can be hosted on a video hosting website such as YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, or others.  Once uploaded, the video can be embedded in a post inside the 2010 video contest forums.  Each person can enter up to twice for a total of two entrees in to the contest.  You’re only a 1-4 minute video away from winning $1000!  And to make it even better, we will feature the grand prizewinner on Sonic Electronix!

If you are wondering what you can talk about in your video, here are some ideas:

Product Review

If you bought a product recently from Sonic Electronix, then you can now give a video review on the product.  Tell us what you like about it.  What’s your favorite feature on it?  What is that one feature that you wish it had?  Is it easy to use?

Product Installation

Show off your installation and let everyone see what you have in your car.  A product installation video shows where you installed your components and describes how you did it.

Sonic Electronix Testimonial

Have you had a great experience with Sonic Electronix’s customer service?  Does your car have a Sonic sticker on it? Show and tell the world exactly why you love Sonic Electronix.

For more details on the 2010 video contest, visit the official rules section in the 2010 Video Contest Rules thread in the contest forums of Sonic Electronix.  There will be a total of four winners selected once the contest ends on August 1, 2010.  You are just a 1-4 minute video away from winning $1000 towards your next audio system!