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5 Reasons to Go Blu-Ray

LG BD 570 Blu-ray Disc Player

By Kyle Duffy – Product Specialist

Most people have heard the name Blu-Ray and commonly misspell it Blue-Ray or Blueray. No worries though, that is not the most important aspect of Blu-Ray technology. What is Blu-ray? Blu-ray disc format offers more than five times the storage capacity of DVDs and can hold up to 25GB on a single-layer disc or 50GB on a dual-layer disc. This means you get unprecedented high definition audio and video from a single disc provided you have an HDTV and Blu-ray disc player. So, why should you upgrade to Blu-ray from your massive DVD collection? Here are a few good reasons:

1. Prices for Blu-Ray discs, Blu-ray players and HDTVs will drop
If you go into your local movie store and browse the selection you will find DVDs and Blu-ray discs. In most cases the Blu-ray discs are more expensive but sometimes you will find their high-quality goodness for the same price as DVDs. This also applies to Blu-ray players. Their price will continue to drop as Blu-ray technology improves and it becomes cheaper to produce the units. This is how business works after all. And finally HDTVs are becoming larger and their prices are becoming smaller. No worries, your old DVDs will still work on your new Blu-ray player.

2. Digital downloads can’t compete with Blu-Ray discs
Netflix is everywhere slowly taking over your electronic devices. You can find Netflix support on your Xbox or PS3 and even some DVD/Blu-ray players and HDTVs. Netflix allows you to download a movie on demand and watch it instantly. Despite the convenience of Netflix you won’t see it trump Blu-ray any time soon. Downloading 25GB for one single Blu-ray movie would take most people days of waiting or you could go out and rent or buy the movie and watch it a half hour later. Blu-ray simply looks too pretty, which is a result of its huge storage capacity, which current internet technology cannot handle very well.

3. Blu-ray isn’t going anywhere anytime soon
Lets face it; no one has the money to upgrade to something more advanced. Blu-ray technology is great and will be for the next 4-6 years. It ties well into the advancements in HDTV technology so the two are advancing hand in hand. While such things as holographic storage or crystal chips are really awesome, they have maturing and price dropping to do.

4. Blu-ray plays 1080p high definition video
This reason is a no brainer. Blu-ray gives you that delicious looking picture on your HDTV that you thought only movie theaters could produce. Stunning HD picture allows you to see details you never thought you could see from your HDTV such as sweat dripping off basketball players or that freshly cut dew smothered grass. HD is kind of like opening your eyes for the first time.

5. More features crammed onto one disc
Your DVD might have special commentary or behind the scenes footage, but let’s face it, it’s time to grow up. BD-Live allows you to utilize your internet connection to download addition content for your BD-Live compatible Blu-ray movie. For example, some movies allow you to record your own commentary track for the movie while others allow you to download snippets about the movie or facts relating to it while you watch. It will only become more interactive as time goes by. Let’s see your DVD do that! HA!

So there you have it. If you have been shy or fearful about taking the plunge into Blu-ray infested waters, don’t worry, you will come out with a purified high definition view of the world around you. And best of all, your DVD collection is not obsolete so there is no need to throw it out which means no hard feelings. Blu-ray, it’s like getting new prescription glasses.


FLI Audio Now At Sonic Electronix

FLI Audio FLI Trap FT12-F2

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Is it possible to have great sounding audio in your car for an affordable price? If you choose FLI Audio the answer is yes.  FLI Audio is a new line to Sonic Electronix and has been showing great results since it’s initial introduction into the United States.  Traditionally a UK company, FLI Audio has brought their great looking and excellent sounding components overseas.  They offer a full line of car speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and more!

Just by looking at a pair of FLI car speakers, you will see that there is something unique about them.  The speakers integrate a lightweight injection-molded polypropylene (IMPP) with FLI-EYE technology to create a rigid cone that looks as great as it sounds.  They offer wide range of speaker sizes is available to fit any vehicle and any application.  To expand their product line further, they offer component and coaxial speakers to accommodate the needs of everyone.  No set of speakers is complete without an efficient amplifier to power the speakers.  The FLI amplifiers are available in any configuration that your installation could need.  From the powerful monoblock amplifier for your subwoofer to the 4-channel amp that can effectively power all four of your car speakers, you can always find an amp for what you need.  Each amplifier produces real power and is the perfect way to complete your audio system.

The most notable product from FLI audio is the FLI Trap loaded enclosures.  Available in a loaded 10”, 12”, or a larger 15”, the FLI Traps are an easy way to add bass to your car.   The enclosures themselves are durable and covered in a thick carpet.  The standard FLI Trap is covered in a gray carpet, however they do make a pink version for the ladies.  For those looking to try a new line of car speaker, amplifiers, or subwoofers, FLI is an affordable choice with excellent sound quality.


Kicker Comp Subwoofer – Buy One Get One FREE!

Kicker Comp C124 (10C124) - Buy One, Get One FREE!

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Summer time is here and so is the annual Kicker Buy One Get One Free for Kicker Comp subwoofers!  Each and every year, Sonic Electronix lowers the price even more then their already low prices on Kicker products.  Now America’s most popular and very affordable subwoofer is even more affordable.  If you buy one Kicker Comp subwoofer, you will get one for free!  It doesn’t matter what size or impedance you need because all the subwoofers apply for this limited time offer.  Nothing quite says summer like a nice new pair of Comp subwoofers.

After 20 years of intensive Kicker subwoofer research and development, Kicker has made a lot of improvements on their subwoofers.  The more they develop this technology, the easier they are able to integrate it into all of their subwoofers.  The Comp subwoofers are made with the same idea and procedure as Kickers higher end subwoofers.  With 20 years of subwoofer technology backing its name, the Kicker Comp continually proves that it is one of the best subwoofers for the price.  The classic black cone with the yellow stitching that has made the Comp recognizable in cars across the country.  The new 2010 cone design shares the same cone shape and same SoloKon material as Kickers upper level subs like the CVR, CVX, and Solo-Classic.  The double stitching around the outside of the cone improves the durability of the woofer.  The deep bumped back plate and extended pole piece help the motor structure move in a fluid motion without hitting the bottom of the sub.  Along the spider, Kicker winds the tinsel leads in a spiral pattern to improve the durability of these connections.  The large roll, ribbed, stitched surrounds improve the excursion and linearity of the subwoofers motor structure.  All of this technology combines to create a subwoofer that is durable, affordable, and sounds great.  To make it even better, you can now get two for the price of one!  Hurry because this offer won’t last forever.


MTX Audio TC600.4 Car Amplifier

MTX Audio TC6004

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Amplifiers are the difference in an average car audio system and an excellent car audio system.  With the installation of a car amplifier, the overall audio system inside the vehicle will sound cleaner and will play louder.  Of course, matching the amplifier to the speakers plays an important role in achieving the best sound possible.  A well-built amplifier can accurately improve the sound quality of your audio system and enable you to hear your music like never before.  Since it’s founding in 1979, MTX Audio has been manufacturing high quality amplifiers.  Each one is made with the sole purpose of playing loud and with excellent sound quality.

The MTX Audio Thunder series of car amplifiers has proved itself time and time again as a respectable amplifier that is able to give your system the power that it needs.  All are CEA-2006 compliant and will exceed the advertised ratings on the box, resulting in higher power and better sound.  The MTX TC6004 is a 4-channel car amplifier that is effectively rated at 75 watts over 4 channels at 4 ohms.  Lower the impedance down to 2 ohms and this amp will handle 150 watts through 4 channels.  With power ratings like that, high-end speakers can be connected to the amp for crisp, clean sound.  For systems that do not have an aftermarket headunit, this amplifier has 4 channels of speaker level inputs that will allow you to connect your factory stereo directly to the amplifier.  The full range tuning with the crossovers and filters allow both subwoofers and speakers to be connected to the amp and still retain all the advanced features.  An efficient heat sink will ensure that the system runs cool and doesn’t overheat.  With the amplifier being such an important part of the car’s audio system, there is no reason not to choose an MTX amplifier.


Marine Audio Installation Tips

Kenwood Marine KMR-700U

By David D. – Product Specialist

Now a days it’s rare to be on the lake or river and see a boat without some sort of sound system in it.  Some of them sound good, and some don’t. In this article I will provide you with some useful tips on how to install a good quality sound system in your boat.

A head-unit is usually the first thing you purchase when putting together a sound system. There are head-units manufactured specifically for marine use such as the Kenwood KMR-700U. When you mount your marine stereo, the recommended mounting angle is 20° and should never be mounted over 30°. If you do choose to mount the deck at an angle over 30°, the CD player will still function but you risk losing the shock protection, this could permanently damage your newly acquired headunit.

When it comes to the Marine Speakers, there are a couple different ways of mounting them. You can get flush mount speakers, box speakers, or a set of tower speakers. Flush mount speakers require you to cut a hole in your boat to mount them. This method takes up the least amount of space and keeps the speakers out of the way from any activity going on in the boat. With box speakers, there is no need to cut a hole anywhere in your boat, they come equipped in a boxed enclosure and are already set up for peak performance. The downside of box speakers is that they do not mount flush and they can take up space. Tower speakers are great for wakeboarding boats, these speakers mount on the top of your tower and can be aimed or positioned however you please. When dealing with any kind of Marine speaker, you want to aim them where your ears are going to most likely be. In a vehicle this is not that important because the sound has surfaces to bounce off of.  In a boat, there is a lot of airspace the sound can get lost in. When wiring your speakers, you want to try to stay away from normal speaker wire; it has copper that can easily corrode due to moisture. An ideal marine speaker wire should have some plastic coating on the wire that extends from end to end. You can also wrap all your wires with electrical tape for extra caution.

To power your marine audio system, you will need a marine specific amplifier like the Kicker ZXM350.4. When installing an amplifier in your boat, it is recommended to use 1 amplified channel per speaker, however you can use more than one speaker on one amp channel. If you plan on doing that, you have to be careful because if this isn’t set up properly because you could damage your amplifier. Please read the owner’s manual of your amplifier to make sure you’re not exceeding the power ratings. The amplifier is the so-called “brains of the operation”, so when choosing one make sure that this isn’t the component you try to save money on.

I hope some of these tips helped you and I look forward to hearing you out on the lake.