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RE Audio now at Sonic Electronix

<br /> RE Audio by US Amps

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

For those that have been around the car audio scene for a while, you will recognize the names US Amps and RE Audio.  Sonic Electronix is now proud to be an authorized internet dealer for RE Audio.  Ask anyone who has used a product with the RE Audio logo and they will tell you of the excellent build quality and breath-taking performance.  As one of the few internet dealers that are fully authorized to sell the products, Sonic Electronix is able to provide these exceptional products at the Sonic prices that we have all grown to love.

But what if you have never heard of RE Audio before?  Now is the opportunity to learn a little bit about a high-end audio company.  RE Audio offers products that are well built and always perform the way they are supposed to.  They specialize in the creation of car amplifiers, car subwoofers, speakers, as well as sound signal processors.  Of all the products that they manufacture, they are most famous for their high performance car subwoofers.  Some of their more entry level subwoofers, such as the REX series and the SRX series provide an excellent opportunity for someone that is just entering into the world of aftermarket car audio to get a quality subwoofer with deep bass.  Some of the higher end RE Audio subwoofers include the SXX series and the enormous XXX series.  Each subwoofer from RE Audio is designed and engineered with precision to ensure that the best possible bass is reproduced.

The RE Audio amplifiers are another important part of the company.  Working hand-in-hand with U.S. Amps, RE Audio offers some of the most efficient and powerful amplifiers for the money.  The XT V2 series of amplifier has Class DE circuitry and available in a boneblack, 2-channel, and 4-channel configuration.  The VLX series also uses Class DE technology for an efficient full range amplifier that is stable to 1 ohm.  Overall, RE Audio is a company that is ready to upgrade your car audio system to premier audio.


Got2bWireless Hands-free Bluetooth

<br /> Got2bWireless G2-2200

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Getting quality Bluetooth integration can be a challenge, especially when the integration is using the factory car stereo.  There have been many companies that have tried to make a one-stop solution for adding Bluetooth seamlessly into the vehicle.  However, many of these companies were unable to capture all the features and convenient options that the consumer market requires.  All of this proved true until Got2bWireless released their recent hands-free Bluetooth harness.

The universal Bluetooth hands-free harness from Got2bWireless is the perfect harness for those that want to add this convenient feature.  There are two universal models, as well as the GTS-501 made for Toyota and Lexus vehicles. It has all the great feature of the standard integration piece, and much more.  Some of the other features include accurate voice controls, social media integration, and vocal text messaging.  Included with all the Got2bWireless Bluetooth harnesses is a sensitive microphone that is great for talking to friends, as well as voice commands.  All the controls of your cell phone can be controlled by voice, as well as many other features that the phone has to offer.  Quick commands allow the user to go into menus and navigate through the different commands.  By naturally speaking into the microphone, the Got2bWireless interface truly becomes a hands-free solution.

One of the most impressive features of the Got2bWireless Bluetooth system is the ability it has to connect to social networks.  If you have a Facebook or twitter account, then you will have the ability to update your Facebook status and make tweets from your car as you are driving.  And the best part is you don’t have to touch your phone at all.  Simply talk and command the Got2bWireless interface to make the update.  Using the text commands, you are also able to send emails and text messages.  The world is at your fingertips.  However, with Got2bWireless you don’t even have to use them.


Big Sony Xplod Sound from the XS-L126P5 Subwoofer

Sony XS-L126P5

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

If there is one thing that people look for the most when shopping for new mobile electronics, it is the name.  Is the brand a reliable one?  What reputation does the brand have?  This is one department that Sony does not need to worry about.  The long time electronics giant has developed a reputation for quality, long lasting products.  From portable to household electronics, Sony has always been a trustworthy manufacturer.  Just ask anyone that has owned a Sony product.  No matter how long ago they bought it, chances are they still have it and it is in working condition.  If you visit a mobile electronics show, you will see plenty of Sony products outfitted in the cars because of the reputation of the company.

One of the newer Xplod series subwoofers include the Sony XS-L126P5.  This affordable subwoofer continues with the Sony legacy by offering a great sounding, reliable product.  The 5-sided cone that has made Sony famous is comprised of a MRC (Mica Reinforced Cellular) diaphragm with glass-fiber composite for excellent sound reproduction.  Because of the 5-sided rubber surround is not a perfect circle, Sony placed stress relief points on the surround to ensure strong, smooth movement of the cone.  The subwoofer handles 380 watts continuously, but is strong enough to handle up to 1300 watts!  Once the sub is installed into a sealed enclosure as Sony recommends, this car subwoofer is ready for some serious bass.  Another great feature with the Sony XS-L126P5 is the great looks.  The woven cone material and the shiny rubber surround look fantastic in any enclosure.  With the reputation that Sony has, it is easy to put our trust in there products and this subwoofer is no exception.


Rock Your Boat with the Bazooka Ski-Trac System

Bazooka Ski Trac

By Samantha R. – Product Specialist

Introduced as “SAS” in 1983 and being selected as “one of the most innovative consumer electronic products,” Bazooka has been known for their unique, space saving “tube” style speakers and subwoofers that cease to amaze! Selling in over 47 countries to this day, Bazooka is expected to continue to grow dramatically even within foreign countries.

While being one of the biggest authorized dealers in the United States, Bazooka has introduced an incredible new design that will literally take your ears on a ride. Featuring 360 degrees of sound tracking, stainless steel tower mount and track bar, the newly introduced Ski-Trac from Bazooka has officially taken off. Close up shop and pack up the boat! With this design of riding entertainment you can be wakeboarding, tubing, skiing, or riding an airchair while the Ski-Trac provides the entire boat and you with all-around audio entertainment. The Bazooka Ski-Trac system mounts to your wakeboard tower and fully delivers audio and tracks wherever you go. Catch a wake, it follows. 360 the boat, it follows. Whatever you do, no matter what angle you choose, this system automatically intensifies your riding experience keeping all speakers on you. While keeping some entertainment on the boat, the track bar rotates and completely spins around to follow the rider in the water. Equipped with nylon bushings for a smooth ride and an oversized rope guide, this unit has been waiting to be discovered.

Save some money and purchase the full Bazooka MT-ST-K6CHB bundle which includes the Compression Horn Tubbies MT6502CHB. Sold separately, the next addition would be a marine certified camera and some bright lights to make your ride that much more extreme. Allowing you to record your sweet tricks and insane bailouts, this could be a considerable advancement to anyone’s boat. In some states, night water skiing is very popular such as the Louisiana Night Jam. Join the trend and strap on some tower lights to your Ski-Trac unit and you’ll be set for an exciting cruise after-dark. Now you may be thinking, “Well what about wires?” Bazooka is thinking ahead and has incorporated a wire swivel for all electrical and low voltage connections. This incredible feature eliminates tangles and avoids wires getting caught and damaged so you can still enjoy your ride without worrying about the amount of tension.

No matter how far our technology has gone to this day, who would have thought our music could literally follow our every move.


Volkswagen car audio installation – Kicker subs and Amp + JVC stereo

Written By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Installing a car audio system in smaller cars can sometimes be a challenge.  For those that have a Volkswagen Bug, you know that there is not a ton of room to add large subwoofer boxes or a double DIN car stereo.  Even with the space limitations, there is still the ability to upgrade your audio system.  Recently the head Sonic Electronix Installer put a system in a Volkswagen Bug.  Lucky for us, we had a cameraman there to film the installation.  In this video, watch as Brendan installs a pair of Kicker COMP subwoofers, a Kicker 10ZX300.1 amplifier, and a JVC KDR-610 car stereo in the VW bug.  Once installed, the audio system sounded much better than the original system that came in the vehicle.

The installation consisted of removing the factory monsoon radio and replacing it with the JVC head unit.  The video shows how Brendan went about doing this.  After the wires are run and the new stereo is installed, he moves to the rear of the car to work on the amplifier.  He attaches a Kicker 10zx3001 car amplifier to the back of the rear seats.  With the amp mounted, it is time to work on the subwoofers.  He takes the two Kickers dual 4-ohm Comp subs and wires them to an impedance of 2 ohms.  The lower impedance allows the subwoofers to get more power from the amplifier.  With the radio, amplifier, and subwoofers all installed, this Volkswagen installation is complete!