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Kenwood Authorized Dealers

Kenwood and Kenwook eXcelon Authorized Dealers

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Since the company’s founding, Kenwood has been a leader in many of the electronics industries.  Anyone who has purchased one of their car stereos, amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers, car portals, or other mobile electronic has come to realize why Kenwood is among the best.  Purchasing from an authorized Kenwood dealer is just as important as the unit itself.  Authorized Kenwood dealers receive up-to-date information about all the products.  They can be trusted to have accurate information and all the latest product manuals.  Full manufacturer warranties are available only through authorized dealers.  Kenwood makes sure that they take care of their authorized dealers.  Sonic Electronix is proud to be one of those authorized internet dealers that proudly offers the full line of Kenwood electronics.

For those that are not familiar with the line of Kenwood products, they offer an extensive collection of mobile electronics that are designed for use in the car.  Most famous for their advanced and sophisticated in-dash car stereos and GPS Navigation units, Kenwood is a leader in the car multimedia unit industry.  Partnered with Garmin, they are able to provide the most accurate and up-to-date maps and guidance routes.  The displays are also bright, clear, and detailed.  Only the finest can be expected from a company with the legacy that Kenwood has.  Recently, Kenwood has release a new line of digital Class-D amplifiers that feature an incredibly small chassis. This XR Reference series include the impressive Kenwood eXcelon XR-5S 5-channel amplifier that will power the entire car audio system.  For those that need to have it all, be sure to check out the Kenwood eXcelon DNX9960 if you haven’t already.  The GPS navigation unit features Garmin navigation, voice control, built-in Bluetooth, and much more.  With Kenwood, you will always be able to find the features you want and need in a car audio system.  Just remember to look for the Authorized Kenwood Dealer logo and you can be confident in your purchase.


Vibe Black Death QB69

Vibe Audio BlackDeath QB69 (BDQB69)

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

Pushing the envelope and finding those revolutionary designs is what makes VIBE Audio the premier British car audio manufacturer.  By offering new and innovative designs for their consumer and competition levels of products, they are able to offer their customers plenty of options that will meet their specific needs.  Whether the goal of the car is sound quality (SQ) or competition (SPL or Sound Pressure Level), VIBE makes a quality product that is perfect for that application.

On of the more revolutionary components that VIBE has released is the Black Death QB69 speakers.  The Black Death line is dedicated specifically to competition level of car audio and produces some of the loudest and toughest speakers, subwoofers, and amplifiers.  The Vibe QB69 speakers are a unique pair of rectangle 6” x 9” speakers designed for both SQ and SPL.  Some of the features that set this speaker apart from other 6” x 9” speakers include the high output, speaker materials, and the speaker design.  Each Black Death QB69 is rated at 200 watts RMS and 600 watts peak.  Any speaker that is capable of handling 200 watts all day, everyday is well built and durable.  Plus, a higher-powered amplifier is needed to power these speakers.  This isn’t your average 6” x 9”.   The materials of the speaker include a durable polypropylene cone, an aluminum midrange, and a titanium tweeter that can pivot for enhanced audio control.  The patented cone shape results in 20% more surface area, which result in more air movement and better bass response.  Inside, the motor structure emulates that of a subwoofer, which allows the greater excursion and power handling.  Although VIBE audio might not be as well know in the United States yet, it won’t be long before the premier British manufacturer takes over the US as well!

Check out the video below for more specific details about this speaker.


Car Amplifier/Speaker and Amplifier/Subwoofer Combo at Sonic Electronix

Combo: (2) RE Audio SEX12D4 and (1) RE Audio XT-2000DEV3

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

The stock audio system in your car just isn’t good enough.  No matter how much you paid for it or how many speakers there are, a quality aftermarket audio system will always sound better.  Of course, this is dependent on the equipment being properly installed, as well as the compatibility of the aftermarket electronics.  The latter can be on of the most difficult parts in getting quality aftermarket sound.  Finding compatible components that work well together is a point that cannot be stressed enough.  Not having matching parts can lead to poor sound quality, interference, damaged equipment, and many other potential problems.  Without being a professional, how do we find out what components work with each other?  That answer is simple; let the professionals do all the hard work for you!  Sonic Electronix offers a large selection of pre-assembled combos, such as amplifier and speaker combos and amplifier and subwoofer combos.

The car audio experts at Sonic Electronix create combination packages by matching car audio components based on their compatibility.  The result is a perfectly matched system that will sound great and last a long time.  This makes choosing a system easier and faster because all the hard research is done for you.  Plus, the prices are even better when you buy the combos instead of the individual items.  For example, the RE Audio SEX Subwoofer and XT Amplifier combo package offers two subwoofers that when wired together at 1 ohm will perfectly match the output of the included amplifier.  How to wire the subwoofers together is even outlining in the description on the product page.  They also offer combos for 4-channel amplifiers and speakers.  Consider the Bazooka BA460 amplifier and Infinity Kappa Speaker combo.  This deal includes front and rear speakers that sound incredible, as well as an amplifier that will give the speakers the power that they need.  Next time you go shopping for some new car audio components, check out the combo sections over at Sonic Electronix and save some money while getting a perfectly matched system.


JayBird SB2 Wireless Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

JayBird Wireless Sportsband Bluetooth Headphones

By Kyle D. – Product Specialist

Kiss those wires goodbye! The Jaybird Sportsband 2 wireless Bluetooth headphones allow you to bring your music with you without those pesky cords getting in the way. Jay Bird SB2 headphones take cues from the 80s and mixes it with modern day sleek to produce a classy design. The most notable feature is the design, which comes in 9 color variations that will be sure to find a niche in any lifestyle or occasion.  The sportsband offers high fidelity bass response for a great listening experience while the mids and highs remain warm and crisp. One issue that Bluetooth has had with audio streaming is the sound quality, it simply does not compare to MP3s and CDs. The SB2 introduces the option of CD quality sound with  apt-X on board. This technology cleans up the signal and adds bass and treble to streaming music for more depth and that crisp CD quality. Apt-x quality music will play from any apt-x enabled device or you can purchase apt-x enabling Bluetooth adapters from JayBird.

You can listen to music, make phone calls and Skype with these Bluetooth headphones. On the side of one of the ear cups the SB2 has track controls, volume controls, play/pause and call controls so you don’t even need your MP3 player or cell phone near you to change your music. In fact, the SB2 has a wireless range of 33 feet! You could practically leave your MP3 player or phone in the locker and go work out. The concealed high sensitivity microphone will pick up your voice through even the most bustling of gyms for the cleanest calls. JayBird is well established as a workout headphone and thus offers a lifetime warranty against sweat, so don’t be afraid to sweat it up a bit. Multiple colors, audio and call controls and 33ft range…working out will never be the same.


RE Audio Trains the Sonic Electronix Sales Staff

RE Audio SRX10 D4 Car Subwoofer

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

The main difference between the average online store and Sonic Electronix is the product trainings that the sales staff receives.  While most online stores simply offer a product to a customer, Sonic Electronix does so much more.  In addition to offering the product at low prices, they also offer excellent customer service by knowing about the products and how to install them.  Those that call or email Sonic Electronix will have all their questions answered with professional assistance.  The reason that this service is available is two-fold.  First, the Sonic sales team has a passion and love for car electronics.  Second, they are trained directly from the manufacturers about the products and receive the product knowledge directly from those that make the products.  The happened recently as RE Audio and US Amps came to visit.

RE Audio and US Amps has a long history in the automotive world.  They are the proud manufacturer of car amplifiers (working with the legendary US Amps), car subwoofers, and car speakers. The company began in a small garage in Florida and has grown to be an international competition audio name.  When other manufacturers started getting products made overseas, RE Audio and US Amps stayed true to their founding and kept the work in the United States.  Still today, the majority of all the parts are made, assembled, engineered in the United States.   Sonic was fortunate enough to have the head engineer at RE Audio teach them in great detail about the amps and subwoofers.  It is not often that companies will send the individual that still creates amps and subwoofers by hand to conduct trainings.  The result is Sonic product specialists being able to have each and every one of their questions answered.  After learning more about each and every one of the products that RE Audio carries, the sales team had the privilege of hearing the speakers, subs, and amps in action.  Each was impressed as they watched the 300-watt RMS RE Audio SRX subwoofer receive 1000 watts of power!  Each of the subwoofers truly live up to the RE Audio motto: Built for Brutality!