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Mackie SRM450V2 Professional DJ Loudspeaker

Mackie SRM450V2 2-Way Powered SR Loudspeaker

By David D. – Product Specialist

Power & Performance
Every DJ needs a good speaker to really get the party or club bouncing. The Mackie SRM450V2 12” 2-way powered loudspeaker can defiantly make that happen. The built in Class D amplifier provides this speaker with a low frequency power rating of 300 watts and a high frequency rating of 100 watts, plenty of power to make your mixes and sets sound amazing. The integrated 12” neodymium woofer provides a punchy, tight response, and an ample amount of bass for those techno or house beats. However, this Mackie Loudspeaker is not all about the bass; it’s also equipped with a 1-3/4” titanium tweeter that produces incredible highs and clarity.  For studio quality sound, this loudspeaker also includes electronic time correction, phase alignment, EQ, and a built-in phase accurate 24dB Linkwitz-Riley electronic crossover.

Superior Protection
In my experience with DJ loudspeakers, I know that they are often pushed to the limits and can sometimes be damaged, no need to worry about that with this speaker. The 5-way protection circuitry (Over excursion, thermal, low line voltage, driver protection, low frequency roll-off) will provide ultimate protection giving the Mackie SRM450V2 and long life span. To supply the speaker with less distortion at peak levels, Mackie has included a built-in limiter. Signal, peak, power-on, and thermal display LED’s provide easy operation and lets you know what the speaker is doing at all times.

Convenience Features
The strong and lightweight polypropylene cabinet design of this Mackie Loudspeaker is able to handle wear and tear when moving from venue to venue. Equipped with 3 handles (one top, one on each side), you can conveniently carry and move the speaker with ease. It’s also flyable, pole mountable, and floor wedge-able so you can easily use it in any situation that you may need too. With all this adaptability, it’s the most versatile portable active loudspeaker around.


Rockford Fosgate PP15MM: Put Punch in your Ears

Rockford Fosgate PP15MM In-Ear Monitor Headphones

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

Headphones are all the rage these days.  There are so many different brands and styles; it can sometimes be hard to choose a good pair.  However, One thing is for certain.  The little white earbuds that come in the iPod box are simply not good enough.  For the true music lover, a higher quality set of headphones or earbuds is necessary to fully enjoy the music.  Rockford Fosgate has been making quality audio products for over 30 years.  They have established a legacy of high-end, high fidelity loudspeakers that stand out from the rest of the competition.  Since they entered the headphone industry, they have generated a lot of buzz with their Punch Plugs series of earbuds.

The Rockford Fosgate earbuds have been receiving rave reviews all over the Internet and in shops across the United States. The buzz and reviews are a result of many different reasons.  One reason is simply the fact they are Rockford’s first step into the headphone industry.  Another reason is the quality of the product.  Consider the Rockford Fosgate PP15MM in-ear monitor headphones.  Featuring a 15mm in-ear driver, these earbuds are able to play loud.  While competitor earbuds only have a 8mm or 10mm driver, the 15mm results in enhanced sound quality and deeper bass.  The bass response in these headphones is incredible.  The lows hit hard and are unlike any other headphone available.  While some of the Monster Beats in-ear speakers like the Monster Beats Tour earbuds come close, the PP15MM earbuds produce deeper and louder bass response.  They also feature an impressive 105dB sensitivity rating and a max output rating of 115dB!  Very few earbuds can play that loud and still sound great.  The tangle free cable and protective case is great for those that travel a lot or go to the gym frequently. The Rockford Fosgate PP15MMI are also available and include a in-line microphone for use with iPhones, Blackberries, and other smartphones. Rockford is truly making a statement with their entry piece in the headphone industry!


Free Air Subwoofers

Free Air Car Subwoofers

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

Sometimes deep bass doesn’t require a large, accurately tuned enclosure.  Although the majority of car subwoofers in the 12-Volt industry are designed to be mounted in boxes to achieve optimal sound quality, there are select types of subwoofers that are exempt from this rule.  They are called Free Air subwoofers.  While the sound quality is typically not as responsive and deep as a well tuned subwoofer enclosure, the bass response can still be accurate, crisp, and clean.

These Free Air subwoofers are traditionally designed to be mounted behind the rear seats of a car, on the rear deck of the trunk.  While the subwoofer itself is not installed in enclosure, the trunk itself acts as the box.  This is the main premise behind the free air subwoofers.  The space behind the woofer acts as the box.  If the woofers are installed in a door panel, then the door becomes the enclosure. This can make the installation easier because a custom box does not need to be built.  However, this also means that the sound of the subwoofer can change as items are placed in these areas.  For example, if a free air subwoofer is mounted on a rear deck of a car, the sound quality will change as soon as a large suitcase is placed in the trunk.  Once the suitcase is removed, the sound will change again and adjust to a larger airspace.

The Kicker Comp subwoofers, like the Kicker 10C124 are a great example of a free air subwoofer.  No need for a specific box, just put the subwoofer where you want and hear the bass.  Kicker designed these subwoofers with the intent to have them installed in either an enclosure or without a box.  With the right amplifier, the Comp subwoofers are a perfect way to upgrade the factory subwoofer on the rear deck of your car!


Troubleshooting Car Amplifiers

Basic Car Amplifier Troubleshooting Guide

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

It can be really discouraging to install a car amplifier only to have it not work.  For those that have been there and done that, you will know what I’m talking about.  This includes pulling apart your car, running the wires, building an amp rack, and fully installing the amplifier.  After all this work, you go to listen to your new audio system and nothing plays.  After checking the connections to make sure they are all proper, where do you go from there? Every once in a while, the cause of this problem is the amplifier itself.  For a variety of reasons, it is deciding not to work or function properly.  There can be many reasons why your amp is not functioning properly and in this blog we will discuss a couple of those reasons.

Amplifier Does Not Turn On

When the amplifier does not turn on when the vehicle is turned on, the first place to look is the connections.  Make sure that the power, ground, and remote turn-on cables are properly connected.  Another common problem is the fuses. Not having a fuse inserted in the power cable from the car battery can be the cause of the amp not receiving power. Once all connections have been verified, if the amplifier is still not turning on it could be defective.

Amplifier Does Not Have Any Audio Output

When the amplifier is turning on but still has no output, the common problem is at the source.  This means that there could be a bad channel in the stereo or a bad RCA connection.  Test this by using an extra pair of RCA interconnect cables and connecting them to a different source and see if there is output. Sometimes the lack of output is because of the speakers.  Try connecting the amplifier to an external speaker that is not installed in the car.  If there is audio from the external speaker and not the car’s speakers, we can determine that the problem is with the car speakers.

There are many more reasons why an amplifier is failing to work or function properly.  Some of these reasons include: the amp going into protection mode, clipping problems, distortion, background noise, crackling, overheating, and more.  For a full guide on troubleshooting amplifiers, visit Sonic Electronix’s Knowledge Base article, Car Amplifier Troubeshooting.  There is a wealth of information there, as well as throughout the entire Knowledge Base section of the website.


Deep Bass From the RE Audio SEX Subwoofers

RE Audio SEX12D4 Car Subwoofer

By Seth Wilde. – Product Specialist

There are many ways to get better bass in your car.  From increasing the size of your amplifier to improving your electrical system, there are almost countless ways to enhance the overall sound inside your car.  Replacing the factory stereo and speakers are a great place to start.  The best way to get better sound quality and bass in a car is to match a quality amplifier with a well-engineered subwoofer.  There are many different amplifiers out there that are well built, however a truly well built subwoofer is hard to come by.  RE Audio is a company that has defined many of today’s standards when it comes to car subwoofers.  Leading the competition audio circuit for many years, they learned and implemented many different engineering techniques that help them build some of the finest moderately priced car subwoofers.

The RE Audio SEX12D4 is a great example of a well-built subwoofer that sounds phenomenal.  After looking at one of these subwoofers and having the chance to hear one properly installed, it is easy to say that they are among best sounding subwoofers available today. By melding high quality materials with superior engineering, RE Audio is able to manufacturer a subwoofer that sounds great and will last a long time. The dual composite 2-piece cone and the Rubatek foam surround are the first things that are noticed on the woofer. The Rubatek surround is the closest foam composite to rubber that has been created. It supports high excursion and is extremely durable.  There is a 3” voice coil and a FEA optimized motor structure that work together to create a smoother and deeper bass response. At the base of this RE Audio subwoofer, there is a triple stacked magnet structure that helps to increase the power handling of the subwoofer. Once this subwoofer is powered by the correct amplifier, it is going to sound loud and clear.  If your goal is to have a SPL audio system, then the SEX car subwoofer is an excellent choice for you.  If your aim is for a system founded in sound quality, then the RE Audio SEX sub is still the perfect choice for you.