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Numark Total Control

Alesis SR18 Drum Machine

By David D. – Product Specialist

When Numark created the Total Control USB MIDI Portable Controller, they had you, the traveling DJ in mind. This controller is constructed of mostly plastic besides some screws and ports on the back, this makes the controller very lightweight and convenient to lug around from venue to venue. Don’t let the plastic construction fool you; being that it is from Numark, you can be assured it is built durable like all their other products.

The layout of this controller is very simple and familiar to most DJs. It is equipped with 2 sets of controllers on each side for each channel, while the middle section of controls is used to combine sound. The 2 jog wheels operate very smooth and have a solid feel to them with no wobble at all. Similar to a DJ mixer, the faders are standard size, two to control the volume for each deck, two controlling tempo/speed for each deck, and a crossfader that determines the volume of each deck being played. The Cue button allows you to preview the audio on one deck, while the other continues to play. Tempo can be adjusted manually by pressing the sync button or by using the slider. The bass, mid, and treble controls can be turned to control or pressed to be killed. Making it even easier to use, the buttons will illuminate when in use, indicating status in software for less time looking at the computer.

The Total Control comes with Native Instruments Traktor LE Software. This software provides you with 4 optional layouts, beatgrid editing, saving with locked sync, manual looping, selectable loop length and much more. Traktor LE gives you the choice of effects per deck including filter, delay, reverb and flanger. It’s compatible with Mac and PC, and works with nearly any audio format. It connects to your computer with a class compliant USB device and requires no software driver to work.

Easy to use and works right out of the box, the Numark Total Control makes DJing from a computer a little easier.


24 Hour Call Center at Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix 24 Hour Call Center

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

Sonic Electronix is excited to announce that this Holiday Season, the call center is currently going to be open and taking calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Now we’ll be available to assist with any order, question, or just help you out with your audio system no matter the time of day!

Online shopping or “E-tailing” is all about convenience. recognized the need for additional convenience for online shoppers and expanded the call center to be fully prepared to take all of your calls!

This can be helpful in a lot of different situations.  For those of you with conflicting schedules who can’t call in during standard business hours, the call center will now have a much more flexible schedule so now all customer service related inquires can be dealt with as soon as they arise.  Questions regarding products, orders, shipments, can all be answered any time of the day, any day of the week.

Another great reason for the call centers flexible hours is to ensure that our Call Center hold times are not near as long; minimizing the time it takes for a representative to get on the phone and assist you.  This is great for anyone!  From the High School student who can’t find the time to get any assistance, to the weekend installer who would like some assistance over the weekend.  Previously, the call center was open from 7 AM – 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, Monday-Friday and occasionally on Saturday as well.

So pick up the phone, and give Sonic Electronix a call at 1-877-289-7664.  The 24 hour call center has been launched and is in full effect, so even if the night is long and you’re alone and need a friend to talk to, we’re here to help you out.  Who knows?  You might just end up buying that new stereo you’ve been checking out.


Alesis SR18 Drum Machine

Alesis SR18 Drum Machine

By David D. – Product Specialist

Alesis has been a very popular name in the drum machine market since their introduction of the SR16 in the early 90’s. The SR18 is the next generation of drum machine produced by Alesis and is equipped with electronic drums, cutting-edge drumsets, one shot hits, and modern percussion sounds. Being that is the next generation model from Alesis, the traditional square look that most equipment shares has been replaced with rounded side edges that give it that contemporary look.

The top panel is outfitted with a large blue backlit screen that provides you with an easy to read view at your settings including tempo, patch and other important information. During any editing process, the screen will also give you visual feedback to make the process even easier. The large top panel scroll wheel allows you to instantly perform quick edits of parameters and browse through parameters. The scroll wheel is also supplied with a convenient finger indent that provides it with simple and comfortable operation. Record and Tempo indicators are also equipped on the top part of the SR18.

The control panel is located below the screen and scroll wheel and contains all the necessary commands to make the functionality of the Alesis SR-18 perform. From setting up to record, setting tempo, choosing effects, playing your creations, and much more, this is where most of the work will take place. The mute button on the control panel allows you to mute the drums, bass, percussion, and individual pads. Other cool commands include save/copy, pattern/song, erase, drum set, and many more.

The bottom panel consists of 12 large pressure sensitive pads. These pads work as triggers for percussion and drum sounds; you can use these sounds for recording your own rhythm patterns and creations. Each percussion pad is labeled with easy to read white font and numbered 1-12, making it even easier to create some awesome sounds.

The back panel of the Alesis SR18 Drum Machine is supplied with all the necessary connections you will ever need. There are 4 outputs which consist of AUX L/R, Main Right, Main Left, and Phones. There is also one MIDI output, one MIDI input, two footswitches, power connection for 12 volt, on/off switch, and a fully adjustable volume knob. One more cool feature is the instrument input, just plug your instrument in and its signal is added to the output.

This drum machine has over 500 drum and percussion sounds along with 50 bass sounds. This should be plenty to have your musical imagination flowing for a long time.


Gearing up for SEMA 2010

2010 SEMA Show with Sonic Electronix

By Seth Wilde – Product Specialist

It is already that time of the year to pack our bags and drive to Las Vegas for the 2010 SEMA show. Every year, industry professionals from around the world meet in Las Vegas, Nevada to show off the latest in aftermarket automotive equipment.  The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) hosts the event each year in the Las Vegas Convention Center and becomes the destination for hundreds of thousands of people.  Each person that is walking around the convention center from November 2 to November 5 shares a common love, that is, the love for cars. Whether they are an audio guy, a performance guy, a paint guy, a hot rod guy, a Chevy guy, or a Ford guy, they will all be coming together to experience this once a year event.

The Sonic Electronix Press Team will be there in Vegas again this year to bring new coverage to their facebook fans, twitter followers, forum members, and more! Remember to check back on these social media channels (specifically the SEMA 2010 forum) to get up-to-date information, pictures, and videos from the 2010 SEMA show. Sonic Electronix is looking forward to meeting with manufacturers such as Kicker (Stillwater Designs), Metra Electronics, Scosche Industries, Myron and Davis, Kinetik, Rosen Entertainment, Escort, Beltronics, Laser Interceptor, Kleinn Air Horns, Absolute USA, Dual Electronic, Monster and more! But the show isn’t all about the manufacturers. The majority of the SEMA show takes place outside of the booths where the show cars are. Car clubs, private owners, custom shops, performance shops, and others design cars specifically to showcase for the SEMA show.  From racing and performance to mobile electronics and technology, the cars at SEMA have it all. Any mention of SEMA wouldn’t be complete without the girls! The hottest models and the most beautiful women flock to SEMA to complete the show. Get ready for 2010 SEMA coverage next week on


Disney’s TRON Legacy is Monster Cable’s New Legacy

Monster TRON T1 Headphones by Disney

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

The cult classic has made its way into 2010, and the Tron craze is now a premonition that’s undeniable.  “Tron: Legacy” is scheduled to be released on December 17th, 2010, and due to the deep movies roots in modern technology, it is sure to generate a buzz for plenty of Tron themed electronics.

The movie’s release is going to be paired with an early release of the “Tron: Evolution” video game, scheduled for release December 7th 2010. Integrating high definition graphics along with fast-paced action, this game is sure to thrill any die-hard game fanatic to the casual gamer.  Integrating the “Light Cycle” from Tron, you’ll have the ability to have fast paced speed events along the cyber world known as “The Grid.”  Not only will you ride these high speed “Light Cycles” you’ll also have a first-person based combat system and navigating “The Grid” will feel more personal and realistic.  The developers also made a large part of the game its online game play and leveling system.

Monster Cable has recently established themselves as a staple in the market for high quality headphones. Recently, they had launched their “Sound Really Matters” campaign to remind everyone how “Life is too short for bad headphones.” Realizing the need for high resolution sound to compliment the high definition graphics of the “Tron: Evolution” video game, Monster stepped up to the plate and is releasing headphones specifically designed to enjoy the Gaming and Cinematic experience of the new, “Tron: Legacy” and “Tron: Evolution.”

The design takes Tron and brings its sci-fi look to reality with Tron lighting effects, and large over-the-ear drivers to allow for surround sound and noise isolation. A separately sold surround sound headphone amplifier will allow you fully harness all of the features of the Tron T1 Headphones. This will convert your normal 2 channel audio into a full 7.1 Channel surround sound experience – serious gamers recognize the necessity for full surround sound. To enjoy the new “Tron: Evolution” to its fullest potential, this amplifier is highly recommended.  It’s compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, and even PC.  Other headphone options they’re planning to release are an alternative T1 white-colored headphone that is themed for Daft Punk, also Tron T3 Ear Buds.

Monster has also worked alongside with Sony to release a Monster Tron Powerstation which is designed specifically for the PS3 slim model.  This provides surge protection for your PS3, and gives you Stage 1 Monster Clean power to allow for noise-reduction.  4 USB ports makes your PS3 one large charging hub, and gives you total of 5 USB ports for your PS3 slim!

Finally, the iconic “Identity Disc” has been incorporated from the Tron movies into the new Monster Cable iPod ID Disc Dock.  This unique iPod dock shows off Tron lighting effects, and even has an iPod/iPhone alarm clock app available that will showcase Tron themes while utilizing Alarm Clock functionalities.

Tron is sure to impact these Holidays.  Such an iconic remake must be coupled with quality products. Monster Cable has truly taken this responsibility and manufactured products with precision to match with the movie’s release. The beautiful lighting effects, and the rich audio is sure to make you feel prepared to tackle “The Grid” through both the game, and by watching the movie this December.  Keep an eye on for all of these products to be released, and stay tuned on our blogs for product updates. We’ll be sure to release more information regarding these amazing Tron themed products released by Monster Cable.