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Liquidation Station Items At Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix Liquidation Station

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

When browsing through available products at Sonic Electronix it’s a common thought to believe that you’re looking at the lowest prices.  In some cases, the savings are even better in other sections of the website.  If you’re looking to stretch your dollar to its fullest, check the Liquidation Station!  Here, you can find an entire selection of close out goods which are refurbished or open box.  The best part about this section is the products are always changing, so you can find whatever specific product it is you’re looking for at an exceptional price.

So what exactly does Refurbished and Open Box mean?  Well, when a product is found defective by a manufacturer they will remanufacture the item by reusing its parts, testing it for defect, and certifying the item as Remanufactured, or Factory Refurbished.  Since buying brand new electronics also has its risks of defect rates, this process may decrease the rate of defect depending on the reputability of the company that remanufactured the goods.  The product refurbished status basically states that the manufacturer has recognized defect at one time, and now has deemed this item as a working product.

When a product is returned to Sonic Electronix within 30 days for whatever reason, if the product is tested in as non-defective and still in good condition the item will be restocked as an Open Box good.  If there are any cosmetic defects or missing items from the process this will be factored into the price and also described on the products listing.

The Liquidation Station at Sonic Electronix is definitely a great way to start saving for the Holidays coming up.  When searching for great electronics and the best possible deals the Liquidation Station has you covered.  Check out the selection of current refurbished or open box goods available and start saving today!


Daily Deals at Sonic Electronix

Deal of the Day at Sonic Electronix

By Seth W. – Product Specialist

Sonic Electronix is known through out the world for many reasons. Low prices, excellent customer service, an knowledgeable staff, a user-friendly webpage, detailed information, and the list goes on and on. However, Sonic Electronix has now introduced another reason for us to choose them as our primary car audio electronics store. How can they improve on their already incredible site and services? The answer is simple. They are now offering Daily Deal Sales on popular products.

Every day, Sonic Electronix is updating their site with an online daily deal. This means that you can get the best deals on car speakers, subwoofers, stereos, car alarms, remote starters, cables, line drivers, amplifiers, headphones, equalizers, cameras, sonic exclusive combos, and more! Just about anything you can think of will eventually be offered as a daily deal.  Like many of the other daily deal sites, the Sonic Electronix deal of the day will feature a new item everyday.  To make this easier, simple bookmark the Sonic Electronix Daily Deal page and check back everyday to see the new deal. Some of the one day deals that have been offered include the Kenwood KFC-1693PS, a pair of 6.5” coaxial speakers. These speakers are traditionally sold for $79.99, which is a moderate price for a pair of speakers like this.  However, Sonic Electronix deal of the day knocked this pair of speakers down to the low price of $29.99! For one of their weekend deals, they offered the Python 4103p remote start system for only $49.99. This is a price never before seen on a system with so many features.

To get the best deals while they last, check back to Sonic Electronix everyday to see what their daily deal is. With such a wide variety of car audio products, you never know what is going to come up next!


Monster Cable On-Ear Beats By Dre Headphones

Monster Cable Beats By Dr. Dre Solo

By Kyle D. – Product Specialist

Everyone’s idea of music perfection is different and directly related to each individual’s biology, age and their favorite style of music. The earbuds that come with your MP3 player are very basic and do absolutely no justice to your music collection, no offense. Its time you step back and take a long hard look at your life decisions and let this realization dawn on you; if you listen to music for hours each day, 5 days a week, for a year or more with normal earbuds you are wasting your hearing. As we get older we lose that ability to hear high quality music, so now is the time to listen to music how it was intended, as though right from the recording studio with Monster Beats headphones.

Dr. Dre Monster Studio Beats started this High Definition audio revolution in the first place. Once you try these headphones on and hit the power button, any doubt having purchased the headphones will wash away. The Studio Beats by Dr. Dre headphones feature active noise canceling technology with a built-in internal amplifier that allows for the reproduction of rich, clean bass. You may find yourself smiling as you listen to music like you never have before. This smile is known as the “Beats Grin” and has infected thousands nationwide.

Traveling can cause huge amounts of stress just by thinking about it, let alone actually traveling. The idea behind the madness is to travel light and compact so leave the Studio beats at home and swap out for the Solo beats.  The Dr. Dre Solo Beats headphones were the #1 travel seller in 2009 and for good reason. These headphones ditch the batteries and make use of your MP3 player’s power output to keep that dynamic bass and detailed clarity you’re so familiar with in the Studio beats. Plush, on-ear cushions make these headphones comfortable enough to last the entire 12 hour plane ride and keep the jet engine noise out. Even if you won’t be doing any traveling, these headphones are light enough to take with you to the gym, to a friend’s house, or even grocery shopping.

Last but certainly not least the Monster Beats Pro headphones have the professional in mind and over the ear. These headphones were designed to withstand the rigors of professional use and come with rock-solid durability to show it. The hinges of these headphones have been constructed out of metal, unlike the plastic in other pro headphones. Ambient noise-isolation technology allows you to hear your mixes even in the noisiest club or party environments. To really show off its professionalism the Beats Pro headphones have swivel earcups so you can hear the music being played around you and still monitor your upcoming mix. When you swivel an earcup, the signal switches to mono just in case you have a 2-channel mix you won’t miss out.

When Monster Cable , Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine set out to develop a new type of headphone with the ability to reproduce the full  sound spectrum we don’t think they knew just how successful they would be. The Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones allow the average music listener to experience their music the way it was meant to be heard by the artists. Why waste your years on earth listening to average sound when your ears are dying for so much more?


Types of Car Amplifiers

Audiovox CMOS2 Rear View Back-Up Camera

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

When searching for a car audio amplifier, it may seem intimidating when trying to narrow down which type would be correct for your application.  Out of our selections, we categorize amplifiers by the amount of channels and occasionally by their circuitry class.  You can choose from Amplifiers that are Monoblock, 2-Channel, 3-Channel,  4-Channel, 5-Channel, and even 6-Channel.  Now it’s apparent that some of these amplifiers have more channels than others, but what does this mean?

A 2-Channel Amplifier, like the Kenwood KAC-7205, is primarily used for outputting audio towards two door speakers, or to two subwoofers.  However, you can even bridge the two channels together for higher output towards one channel, like a subwoofer that requires more power.

4-Channel amplifiers like the MTX Audio TC6004 are more popular to be used primarily for amplifying four door speakers.  4-Channel Amplifiers are one of the most popular amplifier choices, purely because most cars have 4 locations for door speakers.

A Monoblock amplifier is also an extremely popular amplifier to chose.  These are single channel amplifiers which usually have more dedicated power built in.  Most of the time, Monoblocks are used to drive a subwoofer, or multiple subwoofers wired together.

So far, what we’ve learned is that if you want to amplify both of your door speakers and your subwoofer you are going to need multiple amplifiers.  The most common combination is a 4-Channel and a Monoblock setup.  This may be common, but you want to save more space.  You want to have less components to manage.  Enter the 5-Channel amplifier.  A 5-Channel Amplifier is basically two amps built into one, a great example is the Kicker ZX700.5.  It’s a 4-channel amplifier which will output a moderate amount of wattage to four door speakers.  But then, it has a little surprise found in its fifth channel.  The fifth channel has dedicated power to output made for higher powered applications, like a subwoofer.  One thing with 5-Channel amplifiers is that they have been designed to do the work of two amplifiers, so they may not have as much overall dedicated power as the previously mentioned 4-Channel and Monoblock combination.  A 3-Channel amplifier, like the Kicker ZX550.3 operates very similar to a 5-Channel, but it will be basically a 2-Channel amplifier and a Monoblock combined.

Finally, the 6-Channel Amplifier. This type of beast wasn’t designed like a 5-Channel with the large fifth channel.  The 6-Channel amplifier usually follows the 4-Channel amplifiers design, but is made for a few more speakers.  These are perfect for adding an extra few custom speakers, or perfecting that audiophile setup.   JL Audio’s XD600/6 is a great example of a hi-fi audio amplifier that pushes dedicated power to 6 separate channels!


Numark MixDeck Universal DJ System

Numark MixDeck Universal DJ System

By David D. – Product Specialist

If you’re a DJ looking for a complete system that mixes various kinds of music sources, look no further, the Numark MixDeck DJ System is what you need. This versatile universal DJ system is compatible and allows you to mix and perform with CDs, MP3, iPod, USB flash drives, your computer, and other analog players. Numark has kept the traditional layout most DJs are used to with the two-deck and mixer design, making it easy to jump right in and get down to business. To keep this valuable DJ system protected during transportation from venue to venue, Numark has created a hard case designed specifically for MixDeck DJ System.

Numarks MixDeck is equipped with two large, touch sensitive platter and controls that illuminate when cueing and scratching your music. The two slot loading drives, located at the bottom of the system, operate smooth and fast and work with both CDs and MP3 CDs. Don’t worry about having to lug your computer around to gigs anymore, the MixDeck allows USB flash drive connection to each deck providing you with access to thousands of your MP3’s. These built-in decks do more than just play CD’s and MP3’s; they also work as software controllers, just connect the system to your Mac or PC using a USB cable. This allows you to control the music you have stored on your computer using the included Traktor Numark Edition software. Each one of these advanced decks also allows you to put your own touch on your performances with the integrated beat-synced DSP effects. These effects include chop, echo, filter, flanger, pan, and phaser options.

The MixDeck DJ system also features a built-in universal iPod dock; this allows you to play songs from your iPod and lets you record your set into the iPod as well. Once the iPod is docked, you won’t have to touch it to control it thanks to the iPod fader, menu controls, and click knob integrated onto the MixDeck.

The MixDeck Universal DJ system includes a built-in mixer with each channel featuring EQ/rotary kills, replaceable crossfader, and complete controls for iPod. Some other cool features are the two large, backlit displays for BPM, CD/MP3 text tags, and folder navigation, 1/4″ microphone input with own gain and independent 15dB Bass and treble equalizers, tap tempo button for manual BPM entry, seamless looping, easily accessible hot cues and a studio-quality computer interface.

This Universal all-in-one MixDeck DJ system give you the freedom and flexibility to mix, remix, and record music using almost any popular music media while putting your own flavor on it.