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Improve your awareness with a Backup Camera

Audiovox CMOS2 Rear View Back-Up Camera

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

The parallel parking nightmare.  The strip mall’s chaotic parking lots. Those dreary mornings backing out of your driveway.  These are places and situations familiar in our minds and are common places you find yourself frustrated, trying to get a clear line of sight to safely move your vehicle.

Improving your line of sight to better get a picture of what’s going on behind your vehicle can improve your overall driving awareness.  We’ve all been there, wedging yourself into a spot that’s not quite large enough for your vehicle.  Backing up into, what you hope is a clear space.  Backing into a street, constantly turning your head in all directions to check for pedestrians, and cars from the main road.  Rear View Backup Cameras have been designed with aiding you in achieving the best possible visual awareness even in the most frustrating, chaotic, nightmarish situations.

Backup Cameras, like this Audiovox CMOS2, can provide you a clear picture of what’s going on behind your vehicle.  Their picture will display on most in-dash monitors, or if you’re not interested in a radio replacement you can use a separate monitor like a Boyo Vision VTM 3000 to display the backup picture on.  When you set your car in reverse, the cameras image will turn on providing you with a clear image of the area behind you.

Low-Light situations can be especially difficult to backup in, which is why each backup camera has its own Lux rating, or built in night vision.  A camera with a Lux rating will basically “brighten up” the picture for you.  When it transmits to your monitor, the picture will be enhanced with a brighter image for easier viewing.  Or, there’s cameras with built in night vision which will display a green, night vision style of picture.  Backup Cameras were thought to only appear on higher end model vehicles, but this is definitely not the case.  Protecting yourself while backing up is a good idea for anyone, and it’s now easier than ever to do.


Remote Car Starters Get Your Car Ready For Winter

AutoPage C3-RS730 LCD (C3-RS730) Remote Start Vehicle Security System

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

Winter is coming along soon and the temperatures are beginning to drop.  When waking up on a dreary Monday morning, there’s always the lurking fear of getting into a cold, uncomfortable vehicle.  Jumpstart your mornings with the addition of a remote car starter !  These systems remotely start your vehicle before you get in, and will allow your air conditioning the time it needs to reach a comfortable temperature to get your day started!

Remote start systems are hardwired to your vehicles ignition, a task that’s recommended for professional installers.  The Python 413 (P/N 4103P) is a great example of a basic remote start system. After installation you’ll have a remote in which you can just press a button and your vehicle will start.  Whenever you’re ready to get going, just unlock and get into your vehicle, insert your key into the ignition as normal and you’re set.

I know what you’re asking at this point. “Why would I want to have my vehicle’s engine running when I’m not around, wouldn’t anyone be able to get in and drive off?” That’s been taken care of by a few cleverly implemented features into a remote start systems design.  First, in most systems when you active the automatic start features, the system will simultaneously lock your vehicles. This is the first step designed to change anyone’s mind that sees a running vehicle with unlocked doors.  At that point, if someone enters your vehicle without first inserting the key into the ignition, the system is designed to turn off your vehicles engine the moment a foot is pressed on the brake.

Remote start systems, such as the AutoPage C3-RS730 can offer plenty of other optional features to help secure your vehicle, and make remote starting an easier experience.  Some higher end features found on some remote start systems are temperature based remote starting.  If your area is super cold and you need to take precautions against freezing your engine, a remote starter can automatically start your vehicle whenever a certain temperature is reached.  The same can go with when it gets too hot, and you need to cool down your vehicle.

Another convenient remote start option is the ability to start your vehicle at a programmed time every day.  If you’re heading to work at a specified time every day, you can have your vehicle start a few minutes beforehand so everything is ready by the time you’re ready to go, without the need to press any buttons.  This convenient feature will not only help with getting your vehicle to your desired, cozy temperature, but your vehicle will thank you for the extra few minutes of start time.  This allows all of the running fluids to reach desired temperature to properly circulate; this is especially true for colder environments.  If you have components in your car, like navigation systems that take some time to start, this is also useful to help get them started and get you going quicker.

In a lot of newer vehicles, a chip is built into the key, called an Immobilizer.  This prevents your vehicle from starting without sensing the chip, so no one can start your car with a tool like a screwdriver.  In order to properly use a remote start system if your vehicle has this feature, an immobilizer bypass is required.  This bypass kit will allow your remote start system to bypass your immobilizer temporarily to start your car, and still maintains the integrity of the immobilizer’s primary function.  Ready for your mornings to be less stressful, and more cozy? A remote start system is perfect for you!


Power Acoustik 8.3” In-Dash Receivers

Power Acoustik PTID-8300NR Car Stereo DVD Receiver

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

In-dash flip out monitors are becoming a more popular option. In vehicles where a double din sizes radio’s can’t fit without cutting, they’re a great fit!  Power Acoustik has revolutionized the screen size, and implanted a new rotary flip out mechanism that allows them to fit an 8.3” monitor, in a single din chassis.  This allows for a screen size that is 38% larger than traditional in-dash flip out receivers!

Power Acoustik started by integrating a brand new user-interface that showcases clean, large icons that bare resemblance to those found on an iPhone.  The menu will transition cleanly with a built in graphics system to make the menu’s change seamlessly and simple to navigate.

With multiple models all offering different features, the first model is the Power Acoustik PTID-8300NR.   Boasting with its large 8.3” display, this in-dash receiver proves that it can be considered anything but entry level.  Some features this unit has to offer are its input sources, such as USB, and Auxiliary inputs. Finally, it also offers expandability options of add-on Navigation with their NAVIBOX-1, and also iPod connectivity with the IC-2.

Hands-free cellular phone usage is a feature that’s becoming almost required.  A lot of states now by law only permit cell-phone conversations if they’re being carried out over a Bluetooth device. Power Acoustik has included a model with built-in Bluetooth as well – the Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRB.  This unit gives you additional features of being able to carry about phone conversations through the radio.

If multimedia was your main goal with this new large in-dash receiver, the Power Acoustik PTID-8300NRT will have you covered.  A built-in TV Tuner will allow for one of the most integrated multimedia experiences currently available on the market!  And finally, for those of you searching for the one that just has it all – the Power Acoustik PTID-8310NRBT has everything built-in.  For this price you’ll get the built-in Bluetooth, the built-in TV Tuner and all of the great playback options like the USB and Auxiliary inputs. The PTID-8300NRBT has similar expandability options and you can add on Navigation and iPod connectivity with their required accessories.


Sonic Electronix Facebook Halloween Contest

PreSonus FireStudio Mobile (FS Mobile) Firewire Professional Recording System

By Ricky C. – Product Specialist

If you’re not a fan of our Facebook page yet, you may not have heard about our Sonic Electronix Halloween Contest.  This year we’re looking for all of you to dress up in the most creative ways and send us a picture!  We’ll need you to have the Sonic Electronix logo somewhere in the picture, which you can download here.

Don’t have a Halloween costume? It’s okay! Just take a Halloween themed picture with the SonicElectronix logo integrated in some type of creative way. The most important factors here are creativity, and that all of our contestants have fun!

Wondering how to enter? Just go to our Facebook page at and click the “Like Us” button. You must be a Facebook fan to enter this contest.  After adding our page, just upload one picture on or before 11/05/2010 to our official SonicElectronix Facebook page wall.  A submitted entry must have the contestant tagged in the photo.   For more details, check out our Facebook Contest Tab.

The Grand Prize for this Contest is a pair of Beats By Dr. Dre Studio Edition Headphones, a $349.99 value.  These amazing headphones are amplified by 2 AAA batteries in one of the earcups, providing the high powered bass response and cleanly staged mid and high frequencies.  The Beats By Dr. Dre headphones are categorized by some as Audiophile headphones, meant for only those who are serious about listening to good music.  For more information regarding these amazing studio headphones, check out our blog!

There’s plenty of unique ways you can join into our contest. Get in touch with your inner-most creativity and think up the best Facebook Fan picture imaginable!  A winning photo will consist of the contestant in their Halloween costume holding, standing near, or interacting with the Sonic Electronix Logo. The rest is up to you!


Alesis M1 Active 520 & 620 Studio Speakers

Alesis M1 ACTIVE 520 Studio Monitor Speakers

By David D. – Product Specialist

Alesis is well known in the Pro Audio industry for making professional studio quality products and the M1 Active 520 & 620 Studio Speakers will help keep that reputation. Both theses speakers are equipped with a durable 1” thick front baffle, this helps eliminate speaker vibration and increase sound quality. A matte black textured finish provides these speakers with an attractive appearance, while the cabinet’s rounded front edges improve the look and reduce diffraction. Adding to the stunning looks are the computer style power switches with blue illuminated LED indicators located on the top of the cabinet. The M1 520 & 620 speakers also share high precision drivers which offer minimal distortion while providing a smooth frequency response. The integrated rear port provides deep bass and increases the SPL. Both these studio speakers also offer acoustical waveguide for enhanced imaging, EQ switches to control high, mid and low frequencies, magnetically shielded encasement for close placement to video monitors, low frequency density switch for space adjustment of the monitors, and XLR and 1/4″ TRS input connectors with volume control.

M1 Active 520

The Alesis M1 Active 520 Studio Speakers are constructed with a 75 watt bi-ampable design. The 5” low frequency woofer is 50 watts and provides a clean and crisp bass and midrange. For the highs, the 520 is equipped with a ¾” silk dome tweeter, the tweeter has 25 watts of power and produces very clean and detailed highs. Weighing in at 6.5 pounds each, the speaker is very lightweight and compact making placement easy and convenient. The M1 520 features a gain control knob, acoustic space switch, Hi boost switch, Mid boost switch, low 3dB roll off switch, and a AC voltage selector switch. This speaker is a great choice for smaller studios where desktop monitors are required.

M1 Active 620

Alesis M1 Active 620 Speaker has a 95 watt amplifier built-in and features a bi-ampable design as well. This speaker has a 6-1/2” polypropylene woofer with rubber surrounds that puts out 65 watts of power for high outputs of pounding bass. To match that bass output with highs, Alesis has integrated a 1” silk dome tweeter with 30 watts of power for very accurate and powerful highs. The 620 weighs 10.5 pounds each and work great in medium sized studios. This speaker features a top-mounted power switch/clip indicator, low frequency density switch, high frequency EQ control, mid frequency EQ control, and a low frequency EQ control to adjust the sound setting at your preference.