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Top 3 Subwoofers of 2010

RE Audio SEX12D4

When a new year begins, it’s only natural that it also insinuates another year’s end. 2010 brought us some amazing products, and as it comes close to its end, it’s only right to give respect to the best subwoofers of 2010. This doesn’t necessarily mean the largest subwoofers manufactured in Car Audio this year, but more or less notable technologies, breakthroughs, or any other awesome features implemented into newly released subwoofers.

Since power handling usually gets the first mention, we’ll start by mentioning the Rockford Fosgate T2D412. This subwoofer replaced the T212D4, which used to have a chrome cone and basket. It has been redesigned to maintain a sleek charcoal black color throughout, and has received an upgraded power handling of 1200 watts RMS power. Redesigned for 2010 the market was stunned upon seeing these beautiful new woofers.
For a mid-ranged subwoofer, the Alpine Type-R SWR-1243D was redesigned in 2010. This new design not only affected its cone design and looks, but also has technical benefits. The new Alpine Type R is shallower than the previous model by almost a full inch! This allows it to not only sound better in smaller enclosures, but fit in a wider variety of vehicles. Think just because this subwoofer is more compact this year that it can’t handle as much power? Think again. The new Type-R has also been rated to have an additional 100 watts of power handling over its predecessor. The new Type R has been a top seller from the moment it was released for mainstream distribution and to this day is a favorite for car audio enthusiasts all around the world.

The breakthroughs the previously mentioned subwoofers have undertaken are exciting, but not near as exciting as when RE Audio introduced their revamped version of the SE Subwoofer. The RE Audio SEX12D4 model introduced in 2010 is among the favorites for car audio beginners are veterans alike. It’s affordability combined with its unique power handling make it one of a kind in its class. Coupled with 600 watts of power handling, this subwoofer is sure to make an impacting impression in your car.

Honorable mentions this year are also the Kicker CompVX. This redesigned cone was stunning and was one of the best woofers around redesigned. The Precision Power PPI PC.12 is another subwoofer that has been among the best valued subwoofers of 2010. It’s unique design and paper cone allowed for exceptional SPL and deep bass notes.


Black Friday is coming a Day Early!

Early Black Friday Deals at Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix is breaking boundaries and doing things never before done. Have you ever heard of a Black Thursday deal? Nope. That’s because they are traditionally called Thanksgiving deals. However, this year Sonic is covering both of their bases. To start things off, they are going to have their call center open on Thanksgiving. If that’s not enough, they are releasing their Black Friday deals a day early!

Having the call center open on Thanksgiving provides a great opportunity that we can be grateful and thankful for. While the majority of businesses are closed and people home enjoying time with their immediate family, Sonic Electronix sales reps will be with their work family. Not only does that consist of the fellow co-workers, but also those loyal customers that choose Sonic as their number one stop for their mobile electronics. So after that large turkey dinner when you head outside to install your new car stereo, Sonic will be on call and ready. Or maybe you need to place that last minute order while the oil for the turkey fryer is heating up, Sonic techs will be on the phones to help you make your order fast. Because on thanksgiving, less time on the phone means more time with the family.

Why stop there? Sonic Electronix is known for being a price leader and offering their customers the best deals possible. So why not release the Black Friday deals a day early and call them Black Thursday deals? That is exactly what Sonic is doing this year. However, there is one catch. These offers will be available by phone only. That means you are going to have to call in to place the order and find out the prices on these items.  So take a day off this Thanksgiving, call Sonic Electronix, and start your holiday shopping a day early.


Things to Look For When Buying a New Subwoofer

Kicker Comp Enclosure

Anyone is familiar with how music sounds in their own cars.  We’re used to it, and quite frankly it’s usually not good enough to meet any of our standards.  We want volume; we want to feel our music.  Luckily, we’re not alone in this feeling.  After hearing a fully tuned audio system, hearing your factory speakers just may not be strong enough to satisfy a craving that we’re all too familiar with.  That craving in question, is the yearning for bass.

So you’ve taken a spot in your vehicle and reserved it for your future subwoofer box and amplifier.  Now it’s time for you to decide on which specific products are going to go into your car.  This can be a mind-boggling decision, as there are so many options for awesome bass solutions in any car!

The first decision to make is how much bass are you looking for?  Are you the type who wants to compliment their audio system with a punchy style bass, or a booming bass that can shake the walls of your entire block?  Audio systems that can provide a punchy style bass are usually more affordable and require a smaller amplifier, which is why these are considered more of an “entry-level” system.  A great way to pursue this style of bass is with a loaded subwoofer enclosure like the Kicker DC122.

Let’s say you were more interested in the block shaking bass that can rattle picture frames off of the wall.  These types of systems can usually require larger amounts of amplification, which can draw a lot of energy from your car audio systems, so be prepared to equip your vehicle with an extra Power Cell or two, and maybe even a beefed up alternator.  High-powered subwoofer systems are loud, and can have you truly feeling your bass and music the way you may be looking for.  Subwoofers that can handle 1000 watts of continuous power are usually considered to be manufactured with Sound Pressure Level (SPL) in mind.  Take your time choosing the subwoofer that will be outputting bass in your vehicle, as each woofer is geared towards its own audience.


Vibe Audio Lite Air Shallow Mount Car Speakers

VIBE Audio Lite Air Shallow Mount Car Speakers

If you have ever pulled apart your car’s door panels only to find that the new speakers you bought are too deep to fit, you know how frustrating it can be.  As cars are becoming more spacious and sophisticated inside the cabin, more limitations are being placed on the options for available aftermarket car audio speakers. Luxury cars, such as BMW require speakers with a very slim mounting depth.  In the past shallow mount speakers were somewhat hard to find, however they are becoming more and more available as speaker technology increases.

Those that have hard experience with shallow mount speakers will find that the Vibe Audio Lite Air 6 speakers are a dream come true.  First-rate build quality; shallow depth, and impeccable sound quality all come together with this component speaker system. Machined alloy torsion basket provides a solid installation fit, as well as increasing basket strength and thermal power handling. The 1-7/8” mounting depth is amount the shallowest in its class and allows for a variety of installation opportunities.  There are not many vehicles that will require a shallower mounting depth that what the Lite Air 6 has to offer.

One of the most notable things about this pair of speakers is the sound quality.  With a sound similar to the Vibe Black Air 6 speakers, the Lite Air boasts a mounting depth of almost an inch shallower.  The neodymium magnet helps to make this possible.  The silk dome tweeter is crisp and detailed, without harsh or ear-piercing highs.   After listening to the speakers, it is common to mistake them for speakers two to three times their price.  With so many options for shallow mount speakers, it would be sad if one were to overlook the fine acoustics of the Vibe Audio Lite Air 6 car speakers.


Sonic Electronix’s Best Deals of 2010

Kewood and Alpine Bass Package

The end of the year is an ideal time for electronic products.  This year is difficult to reminisce on without thinking of all of the great products that were released – and subsequently all of the fantastic deals.

A lot of great deals were brought up in 2010, but a constant favorite has been the Eclipse CD1200G.  This radio was manufactured with the idea to have an aftermarket radio with all of the great features, but none of the distracting looks.  This double-din aftermarket receiver looks very similar to what you would find in any stock vehicle, but with a few extra features.  Not only does it have iPod connectivity to expand your music selection, but also contains a bit of extra wattage to make your even your speakers sound better!

Adding bass to your vehicle can sometimes be a daunting task.  Compatibility is tough to consider and matching up different items with their counterparts can be difficult.  Another amazing deal from 2010 was the Sonic Electronix Exclusive Bass Packages.  Bass Packages are a great way to make sure everything you’re getting works together, sounds great, and can significantly reduce the price you pay for each of the components separately.  These bass packages even include wiring to connect everything up in your car, so you can get some bass in your vehicle without any difficulties of mismatching products.

Sometimes speakers can be the best replacement for a vehicle to provide exceptional sound quality and are important for setting up the sound stage in your vehicle.  Kenwood’s Performance Series of speakers are perfect for improving the audio quality in any vehicle!  With a urethane foam surround to for improved midrange and warmth, there’s no chance you’ll experience listening fatigue while under their spell.  The Kenwood Performance speakers are a great upgrade, and also a great gift for the Holidays.