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Reclaiming Your Rightful Bass with the SoundStream BX-12

Soundstream Bass Reconstructor

Tuning a sound system is a thing of beauty. Each band of equalization is set precisely so that frequencies coalesce into a fragrance of certainty. Soon after, filters are adjusted so that only perfect audio signals are permitted to the systems speakers. From there they summon all of their energy and move woofer cones and tweeters so that we can hear music, pure and undistorted. It sounds as though as wave of pure refreshing sound is crashing over your senses upon the world. In a flash it’s all over leaving many a question unanswered. There is one thing you know for certain, that warmth inside can only come from sheer excitement and strained disbelief. In a scurry you rush to find your favorite recording on your MP3 player and press “Play”. What you’re met with is another type of revelation, both unexpected and unwelcome. Your favorite recording sounds distorted and noisy. The bass frequencies sounded lost among the track and the woofers no longer responded as well. What caused this travesty? When the light fades and you come back to your senses its clear – you’ve been introduced to a low quality audio recording played through high quality speakers.

A low quality audio recording can victimize us all. In the age of digital media each track in your music library can’t all have that dreamy high quality bitrate and sometimes we’re forced to settle for less. Unfortunately we end up paying for that decision when it’s time to play your favorite track on a car audio system but your subwoofers are not as responsive.

No need to go out and replace your entire music collection, the Soundstream BX-12 will have your bass back in a hurry! This device uses higher range harmonics to reconstruct bass and allow your system to have that kicking bass that you’re after! All you need to do is tune up your system and hear the difference for yourself! These bass reconstruction devices can also restore bass lost in iPods, compressed music formats, and even satellite radio! Help reclaim the bass that you rightfully deserve with a Soundstream BX-12!


New 2011 Hours at Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix Store hours for 2011

As enjoyable as the holidays are each year, they must always come to an end. Sonic Electronix hopes that each and every one of you had a great holiday season. With the beginning of a new year there are many new things to look forward to. New lines of cars, new products to put in those cars, new resolutions, and much more are just a few examples of the things to look forward to. With so many new changes, Sonic Electronix is gearing up for the New Year by introducing some new store hours for 2011!

Starting January 1, 2011 Sonic Electronix will introduce some new store hours for the post-holiday season. The call center will be changing from 24 hours a day / 7 days a week to 5:00 am PST – 12:00 am PST / 7-days a week. Now you will be able to call to get that great Sonic customer service from 5:00 in the morning to midnight (PST). While this is a slight cutback in time from the extended holiday hours for 2010, this new hours for 2011 will allow the loyal Sonic customers to call at their convenience.

As an example of these new hours, those on the east coast will no longer need to wait until later in the morning to call Sonic Electronix in their Valencia, California office. For those that are on the west coast, these hours will allow them to call in for support throughout the majority of the day. And as an extra bonus, those that are in Alaska and Hawaii will now be able to call later in the evening and still be able to talk to a Sonic Representative. Local will-call pickup times will continue to be the same 9:00 am – 5:00 pm PST. Get more from Sonic this next year by calling at your convenience.


2010 End of the Year Sale at Sonic Electronix

2010 End of the Year Sale at Sonic Electronix

Can you believe that the year 2010 is almost over? Time has really flown by this past year and we have seen a lot of great new things in the world of car audio. Sonic Electronix has also seen many new improvements. From increasing their product lines to increasing the number of shipping warehouses, Sonic has seen a lot of growth this past year. Much of that growth is directly related to the amount of customer support and loyalty that they have developed over the years. This December they are looking for more and more ways to give back and offer even better deals to their loyal customers. Recently they have increased their call center to a 24-hour call center in order to accommodate the amount of calls each day. They have had Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday sales, and Holiday sales. However, that is not all. Sonic Electronix is saving the best for last with an End of 2010 sale.

Head on over to the 2010 End of the Year Sale at Sonic Electronix to find the best deals of this entire year! You will find blowout prices on that car stereo you have always wanted. Enhance the audio in your car with a new pair of speakers or a new subwoofer. One of the great subwoofer deals is the 12” RE Audio REX12. This dual 4-ohm model easily handles 175 watts of RMS power for clean and efficient bass. No subwoofer is complete (or working) without a companion amplifier. The end of year sales offers many car amplifiers in a variety of configurations and wattage ratings. Knocking about half the price off, the Rockford Fosgate PRIME R250-1 is a 250-watt RMS monoblock amplifier that is reliable and will provide powerful bass from a reputable manufacturer. Beyond the car audio staples, Sonic is also offering extraordinary deals on car alarms, capacitors, amplifier installation kits, HID headlights, overhead monitors, and many other 12-volt items. The deal only lasts until January 3, 2011, so hurry on over to Sonic Electronix before this deal passes you up!


Take Your Favorite TV Shows on the Road with the KVH TracVision A7

RE Audio Kove KV15.1

Integrating your favorite live television channels out on the open road has been a popular idea for many years. Throughout the years there have been many attempts at allowing people to watch their favorite live television shows, sports, news, and other broadcasted media right from the comfort of their vehicles. T.V. tuners were a solution that left us wanting more. Their design picked up FTA (Free To Air) signals, comparable to AM/FM radio signals for your television, often inconsistent and unreliable. Now, KVH’s TracVision A7 allows you to truly integrate a live satellite television experience – directly in your vehicle.

The TracVision uses DirectTV to broadcast its satellite television. Accommodating this service into your vehicle can be done two different ways. If you’re a current customer of DirectTV for your home satellite television you can simply add it onto your current monthly fees for an affordable rate. If you don’t have a DirectTV service at home, you can use a service designed specifically for the TracVision A7 as well.

There are multiple parts to this KVH TracVision A7. First is the receiver box. This receiver box is similar to the cable boxes you have in your home. Next you’ll need the dish. This satellite dish contours with the shape of your vehicle and can be painted to match the vehicle it’s mounted on. This military-grade satellite has been machine crafted with precision to ensure its long lasting durability. Finally, the remote will allow you to have full control over all of DirectTV’s available networking right in your vehicle. Keep in mind this package doesn’t include an LCD Monitor to watch television on, however you can hook it up to virtually any aftermarket monitor system that has an audio/video input. With the KVH TracVision A7 you’ll have the best tailgate party, or the quietest road trips you can imagine.


Start 2011 with a pair of new Pioneer A-Series Car Speakers

Pioneer TS-A1304C A-Series Car Audio Speakers

The New Year is just about here and you know what that means. Not only is it time to set those New Years resolutions again, but also car audio manufacturers from around the world are getting their new line ready for release! That means that you can start planning out your new audio system for 2011. Each year new technologies are unveiled at the CES show that set the stage for the newest and most popular items. Pioneer electronics is a leader in the mobile electronics industry and has been since the company was established in 1938. This upcoming year looks promising for Pioneer, especially with the pre-2011 release of their new A-Series speakers.

For many years now, Pioneer Car Speakers have been a standard for quality audio. That is because they offer the perfect balance between performance and affordability. The new models of this consumer friendly series offer several great improvements, but most prominent is the enhanced power handling. For example, lets consider the new Pioneer TS-A1674R 6-1/2” car speakers. They have a RMS power handling of 35 watts and a peak of 300 watts. Compare these numbers to last years model with 35 watts RMS and a peak of 220 watts. Notice the increase of the peak power handling? That means that the speakers are more capable of handling higher amounts of wattage from an aftermarket amplifier. These speakers become a perfect solution for factory replacements or for use with an aftermarket amplifier.

Great things come from Pioneer Electronics each and every year. While the A-Series speakers were released before 2011, they are offering a new sleek design and that legendary Pioneer sound that we all have grown to love. Treat your car right this year with a pair of Pioneer speakers.