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RE Audio Enters the Overhead Monitor Game

RE Audio Kove KV15.1

RE Audio has been popular in the car audio industry with their high impact subwoofers, and cleanly organized no-nonsense amplifiers. Recently, Kove Audio joined forces with RE Audio and designed a product line of overhead monitors. These monitors follow in RE Audio’s path with affordable pricing and quality craftsmanship. These Holiday Seasons make your road trips more stress-free with the addition of an Overhead LCD Monitor. These awesome distractions will have your road trips filled with audible entertainment and will minimize distractions from the road so you can have safer, more enjoyable travels all across the country.

First on the production line is the RE Audio Kove KV14.1 Overhead LCD Monitor. This 14.1” Monitor is perfect for a wide-range of different vehicles. The large LCD screen allows for easy enjoyable views of the picture along with the 1024 x 768 screen resolution. This resolution allows for a large amount of pixels to display on the monitor, which can help combat against strained eyes. The overhead monitor has a built in 2-step FM transmitter and IR transmitter to help transmit audio either via headphones or an FM radio source. The rotating swivel screen will allow you to adjust the monitors viewing angle even after it has been installed into your vehicle. Finally, integrated overhead dome lights help replicate the factory experience and retain previous lighting in your vehicle to help seamlessly integrate this overhead monitor.

We know that holiday seasons can be stressful! Distracting your family from open road boredom is not only helpful to them, but can help you drive more focused and less distracted from in-vehicle distractions. This year when the bickering starts you’ll know exactly what to do. Just flip down the screen on the RE Audio Kove KV14.1 and allow the 14.1” of LCD screen do its thing. We all know that on a family road trip a quiet, relaxed car is a happy car.


Monster Beats Pro Headphones are a must for DJs

Monster Cable Beats Pro By Dr. Dre Headphones

Having the right tools for the job is always one of the most important aspects of any job. If you have ever tried to install some new car speakers without the appropriate tools, the job seems almost impossible to complete. On the reverse end of that, when the installer has the appropriate tools the job becomes quick and easy. The correct tools will always make the task at hand easier and get done faster. Just like tools, the correct equipment can ensure that the work gets done properly and to the expectations. For DJs, this equipment comes in the form of mixers, turntables, loudspeakers, and headphones.

Headphones are one of the most over looked (and underestimated) pieces of equipment for a DJ. The headphones are the first stop as the music leaves the turntable. Before the crowd hears it, the DJ listens closely to the music to ensure it is exactly what he wants. That’s were the Monster Beats Pro by Dr. Dre headphones come into play. These headphones quickly become the DJs best friend. They have large oversized ear cushions that are not only comfortable, but also washable. That means that after several shows and getting sweaty behind the turntable you can still keep the headphones clean, sanitary, and looking new. The swivel ear cup serves a few different purposes. The swivel allows for the DJ to keep a secure headphone fit, while being able to hear what is going on around him. However, the swivel also has a secondary function. When one cup is removed from the ear, the other ear cup that remains on the ear switches to a mono speaker. That means that both the right and left channels of audio are going to one ear cup. Since the DJ only has the one ear listening to the music, this means that they will not miss any part of the music and can continue to mix accurately.

Overall the construction of the Monster Cable Beats Pro is very solid and durable. They will easily be able to take anything that the professional DJ has in store for it. While the standard headphone is black, Monster is offering two colors: Black and White Monster Beat Pro. Don’t miss out any longer. If you are a professional and headphones are important to you, these are not a pair you want to pass up.


Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas

Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas

Time is running out and there is only a matter of days until Christmas. While some are excited about the final countdown, others are beginning to get a little stressed. Trying to make sure all the gifts are purchased, wrapped, packaged, sent, and delivered by Christmas Eve can be an overwhelming task for those that have waited until the last minute. It is easy to shop online for gifts, but how can you really know that the items are going to make it there for Christmas. There is nothing more disappointing than ordering some Christmas gifts and to have them not arrive by the Holiday. This holiday season, shop (and ship) with confidence by shopping at Sonic Electronix.

How can Sonic Electronix be your solution for stress free online shopping? That answer is easy. This holiday season Sonic Electronix is offering guaranteed delivery by Christmas for select items. While there are a lot of stores that will offer a similar offer, there is a prominent difference that truly sets Sonic apart from the rest. That difference is the price. These items include free shipping. There are no additional shipping fees. Unlike other companies that will price hike or charge a lot more for the overall shipping cost, Sonic will make it simple and not add any more shipping cost. Free Shipping and Guaranteed delivery by Christmas, Can it get any better?

This Guaranteed Delivery by Christmas promotion requires that the orders must be placed by 1:00 PM on Wednesday December 22, 2010. That will give the Sonic employees just enough time to process and ship the order to meet these holiday deadlines. Head on over to Sonic Electronix and check out the long list of items that include guaranteed Christmas delivery with no additional charge. Happy holidays from Sonic Electronix!


Cool Stage Lighting From Chauvet

Chauvet Stage Effect Lighting

Since the 80’s, Chauvet has been a major innovator, developer, and leading manufacturer in the stage lighting entertainment business. Their motto has always been “Value, Innovation, Performance” and they stay true to that when producing their products. Chauvet’s past growth has been based upon their professional yokes, scanners, wash lights and controllers. Now, as the company looks to grow even larger, they have been pursuing the new technologies and markets in LED, Laser, and architectural illumination. This is where my focus will take place and below I will show you some of their cool new innovations.

Eclipse Laser Effect

The Eclipse Laser Effect Stage Lighting Fixture combines LED and laser in one effect while adding a red and green laser star field to a deep blue aura effect. This in turn produces a soothing night sky atmosphere effect. This laser fixture features separate control of the laser effect and the LED, for the laser you can control rotation, direction, and speed with separate red and green strobe rates or full on. For the LED, you can control rotation, direction, speed, and the electronic dimmer. The equipped high power, 5 watt LED complies with FDA / CDRH standards and features a 120 degree beam coverage angle. This stage effect light can turn any crazy club into a very comforting environment.

Scorpion GBC Laser Effect

Chauvet’s Scorpion GBC is a 10-Channel Aerial Effect Laser system that features green and blue lasers that mix together to create the color Cyan. This laser effect is equipped with 32 built-in pattern selections that allow you rotate, roll, morph, and zoom, each having their very own adjustable parameters. The built-in automatic programs and sound activated programs provide an array of amazing laser shows with a 47-degree coverage angle. The Scorpion GBC also features Fat Beam Technology; this produces 10-14mm beams that comply with IEC Safety Standards. This laser system will definitely enhance the club experience.


Pioneer CD/MP3/Multi-Media Players

Pioneer Multi Media Players

Pioneer is known for making popular, top selling car audio products that can last a lifetime. Did you also know they produce high quality DJ equipment? Being that this DJ gear is produced by Pioneer, you can be assured that is manufactured with the same great quality and care as their extremely popular head units, speakers, subwoofers and amplifiers. In this blog I will get you a little more familiar with two of their more popular models of CD/Multi-Media Players.

CDJ-200 MP3 Player

The CDJ-200 MP3 Player is lowest model in pioneers CDJ series, but don’t let that fool you, this player is still loaded with options that you will love. The CDJ200 is an ideal choice for the “new school” MP3 DJ that is on the novice level of DJing. It is equipped with a 3.9” diameter jog dial that features pitch bend, frame search, and super-fast search. The integrated 3.9” high precision slider provides simple tempo adjustment and can be set to three variable ranges; +/- 6%, +/- 10%, +/- 16%, to provide easier operation. This player also features a CUE button with multiple CUE settings, playing address that provides a bar graph to show the track playback progress, CD text that displays text on supported discs, and much more.

CDJ-850 Multi-Media Player

This Pioneer CDJ850 DJ CD/MP3 player supports playback of MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF audio files from CDs and USB memory devices. Its equipped with a club standard layout and features an integrated 8.11” jog dial for continuous free and easy control. This player also includes rekordbox DJ Music Management Software, this software makes it simple for you to effortlessly organize your entire music library to your own custom specifications, create cues and loops settings, create and edits playlists, and saves the history of music files played. The CDJ-850 features a user friendly interface that is designed for quick and fluid music selection. Another cool feature that caught my eye is the tag list function; this allows you to easily register tracks during play or preview to add to your playlist queue. This player is made for the more advanced DJ or the “semi-pro” type DJ.

Based on your DJ experience, you can’t go wrong with either of these Pioneer Multi-Media Players. From beginner, to full blown professional, Pioneer has the right product for you.