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Kenwood Introduces 2011 eXcelon CD Receivers

Kenwood eXcelon Receivers

A car audio system can compromise of many different components. What good is a system with a ton of different components if you have no way to control all of them? That’s the main function of your CD receiver, also sometimes known as a source unit. Kenwood decided to start 2011 with what they’re mainly known for – a great lineup of in-dash stereo receivers that help you control each source that you’re personal listening preference. Since Kenwood has started using Pandora Internet Radio Link with their in-dash receiver technology, you can expect to see this feature on a few of their 2011 eXcelon CD receivers.

The flagship model in the Kenwood eXcelon CD receiver lineup is the KDC-X995, which is the new version of the KDC-X994. There are three key technologies built into this unit all for the first time. You’ll find a pleasing blend of HD Radio, Bluetooth, and Pandora internet radio link all built into the KDC-X995, which is designed to truly fit the audio enthusiast lifestyle. The upgraded audio and data service features of HD Radio take full advantage of the audio performance and large display of the Kenwood receiver. Pandora internet radio can now be controlled and viewed via the front panel of the KDC-X995, adding to driver safety and convenience. Through wireless connection via Bluetooth, full names and numbers from a cell phone’s address book can be seen on the five-line variable color LCD display, which has easier visibility and faster scrolling of multiple names and numbers as well as music files. Selectable text sizing allows the option to choose larger text or a higher quantity of text depending on user preference. Finally, to fine tune your music, the KDC-X895 has three 4.0 volt preamp outputs with low-pass and high-pass filtering on board.

Also in the lineup are eight other receivers which feature different playback options to maximize flexibility among users. The 2011 Kenwood eXcelon CD Receivers are all designed to provide great playback in any installation.


Numark TTXUSB Direct-Drive USB Turntable

Numark TTXUSB Direct-Drive USB Turntable

Numark is very popular amongst the modern day DJs, their products simplify a DJs job and make it really easy to keep up with technology these days. Even if you’re not a modern DJ and have some old school vinyl records, they have products that will suit your needs like the TTXUSB professional direct-drive turntable.

This Numark professional turntable system was created with the traditional turntablist in mind but also has all the features that will satisfy the non-turtablist DJ. The TTXUSB is equipped with both a straight arm and s-shaped tonearm, the straight arm is most well known for being better for scratching while the more traditional S-Shaped tonearm is better for mixing. The body of the TTXUSB is a made up of 4-parts, a cosmetic cover, plastic body, a synthetic anti resonant inner core, and a silicon rubber base. The top panel features an attractive, hard to miss neon blue circular display that shows all the information you will need to know when operating such as the pitch adjust, platter speed, beats per minute (BPM), RPM, motor speed, solid block that indicate platter rotation, and the start and brake setting when you’re adjusting them. Not discriminating against righties or lefties, Numark has equipped the TTXUSB with 2-large start/stop buttons in each corner, making scratching more convenient no matter what your strong hand might be. Numark has made the pitch slider and speed controls much more user friendly, now you can easily unscrew the controls and swap them around, this is a great feature for the battling DJs, now the pitch will not be obstructed by the tone arm anymore.

For ultra quick conversion of vinyl to digital media, this turntable system features a USB connection . This could also not be done without the included EZ Converter DJ software. With just a few mouse click, vinyl to digital conversion takes just minutes, now all your old school vinyl records are now a part of you iTunes music library.

When you combine the affordable price with the amount of features found on the TTXUSB Direct Drive USB Turntable, you have yourself a deal that is very hard to pass up.


JVC Introduces HX Line of Coaxial Speakers for Slim Applications

Kenwood XR Amps

Installation of Coaxial speakers can go one of two ways. Sometimes you’ll find that the hardest part of the installation is getting the door panels off and back on, and then it’s as simple as wiring up and bolting in a speaker. Then there are those other times. In these unfortunate circumstances you’ll find yourself fashioning different brackets and spacers to make a speaker fit into a space too small for it. Or you may just end up modifying the pre-existing factory brackets just to “make it work.” JVC Mobile knows the hardships for car audio speaker installations, and introduced a new coaxial speaker like to help alleviate any issues with speaker installations.

The newly introduced HX Series of speakers feature twin roll edge woofers that create less interference for the woofer projection, and provide increased amplitude. This makes for increased sound pressure, and less playback distortion. The speakers also have tweeter/midrange drivers that have been designed to be slimmer within the speaker structure. This configuration helps free-up space and creates a more suitable mounting option behind factory panel locations. More common speaker sizes, like the 6-1/2” model also features universal mounting-hole patterns for easier upgrading of OEM-type speakers.

The HX series of car speakers will come in different configurations with 2-way, 3-way and 4-way, and 5-way setups. Some speakers will come with shallow slim mounting designs for a more versatile installation. Simplicity with car audio is key, and having a flexible speaker like the HX series will make for a less cluttered installation job. If you ever find yourself questioning the space you have left in your doors for a new aftermarket speaker upgrade, you may want to take the guess-work out of the equation and just think of the JVC Mobile HX series of coaxial speakers.


Maxxsonics Authorized Products at Sonic Electronix

Knowing that you are buying from an authorized source is a comforting feeling, but it can be more than just an emotional comfort. When buying a car audio product from an legitimate and authorized source you can be sure that you are going to get the best service, warranty, and product. Manufacturers today strive to make sure that the consumer is getting the best product possible and that their brand is being properly represented. Along with several other reasons, these are some of the driving forces behind a manufacturer authorized dealer. One of the more recent companies to become an authorized dealer campaign is Maxxsonics.

Maxxsonics is the parent company of some of the biggest names in car audio. These brands include Autotek, Crunch, Hifonics, and MB Quart. As Maxxsonics has grown to be a bigger company with many more products, they wanted to make sure that their customers know about the source that the products are coming from. Sonic Electronix is one of the few authorized Internet dealers for this brand and they are proud of it. When you purchase a new Maxxsonics product from Sonic Electronix, you can trust that they will have the best prices, warranty, service, and knowledge about those products.

In case you are unfamiliar with some of the Maxxsonics products, be aware that they manufacturer quality car audio products. Hifonics is one of the more popular brands that focus on the creation of powerful car amplifiers that are available in just about any configuration that you might need for your application. MB Quart also makes quality amplifiers, but they also have some excellent speakers for entry-level, high-end, and systems all in between. Crunch and Autotek are brands that have a lower price tag, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that quality is sacrificed. These two brands have large followings by those that recognize them as the best bang for the buck. Next time you are putting together a system, head on over to Sonic Electronix and check out some of these Maxxsonics products. Keep in mind that they are an authorized dealer and will be able to offer exceptional service, products, knowledge, and more!


JVC Introduces 2011 DRVN Series of Amplifiers, Speakers and Subwoofers

Kenwood XR Amps

Starting out in car audio is a time of experience. It’s hard to mix in an experience of proper power and components your first time around to get the best possible sound. JVC decided to make it easier for to obtain proper power along with quality audio components all at an affordable price point. The 2011 audio equipment released from JVC is the DRVN (pronounced driven) series of amplifier, speakers and subwoofers with a streamlined aesthetic and a more aggressive sound.

Featuring matched components that are engineered to work with one another, JVC has improved the performance of the amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers in the DRVN Series to offer more refined sound, providing a better solution for the entry/mid level customer. Taking the headache out of finding different matchups and putting together different systems is the goal of the DRVN series, which is designed to take the guess-work out of car audio, and make picking out a system easy and simple. Putting together a system that sounds great isn’t as difficult as once thought before.

The DRVN Amplifiers are designed to have a small footprint, and feature a MOSFET power supply, enhanced low-frequency sound performance, specifically tuned to CS-GD1200 subwoofers. The amplifiers also have increased dynamic power and are all bridgeable.

The DRVN series of speakers will include 10 coaxial models, as well as a new component set that all feature carbon mica woofers for high SPL, and feature a hybrid cloth/rubber surround. Also showcased is a wide-range PEI midrage/tweeter.

Finally in the DRVN lineup is the DRVN Subwoofers. These include two designs which have been engineered to work in enclosures as small as .75 cubic feet. One model features a dual voice coil with a butyl rubber surround for max power. The dual voice coil features a 62.6 strontium magnet, and has a power handling rating of 1400 watts peak/400 watts RMS.