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Numark NuVJ Video Mixing Console

Numark NuVJ Video Mixing Console

Numark is known for producing top notch DJ equipment that usually focuses more on the audio side of DJing. But if you’re a DJ who needs or likes to use video in your mixes and performances, then Numark has made the perfect product for you with the NuVJ intuitive video mixing console and performance controller.

The Numark NuVJ is a versatile DJ style video mixer that allows DJs to integrate images and video clips basically the same way you would mix music. This video mixer will add effects to images and video, mix them through the built-in crossfader, and allow you to create your own spectacular video shows. The great thing about this controller is that it is compatible with most of your existing gear. Also, the Arkaos v1.50 DJ software that is included will work with most computers and laptops, providing simple integration when using this product.

NuVJ has a layout that most DJs will be familiar with; there are two decks with each side featuring its own jog wheel with a scratch button, 6 parameter knobs, 9 trigger buttons, crossfader, and a speed vertical fader. The 3 function buttons that are located next to the parameter knobs will light up blue when in use. The top of this controller is equipped with a backlit blue dot matrix LCD display which makes it easy to see what you are actually doing. The front of the NuVJ features a fader mode A-B-C selector switch for the fader start, an auto fade speed knob that will adjust the crossfaders mixing speed, and a fader On/Off button.

Some other cool features include automated play for stand–alone operation, synchronization to audio-in or internal BPM generator, library of small movies, pictures, and graphic sets. The NuVJ connects to the USB port of Windows and Mac based computers and is an ideal performance tool for nightclubs, mobile DJs, stage performances, and other venues you might use it for.


Kenwood’s New Flagship Navigation System Released at CES 2011

Kenwood CES 2011

New technologies and features introduced to the car audio industry can make for an exciting time of the year. Kenwood was at CES 2011 showing off all of their new 2011 In-Dash Receivers and other car audio equipment. Among some of the exciting equipment showcased was their new flagship navigation in-dash stereo, the Kenwood DNX9980HD. This new navigation stereo system will replace its previous model, the Kenwood DNX9960.

New to this flagship unit are features that are both convenient and safety oriented. This is the first Kenwood multimedia model to incorporate HD Radio as a built-in feature. Advanced 3-D navigation technology by Garmin is also included. Kenwood’s new unit integrates as many features for convenience as possible. The safety oriented features start with a built-in Lane Assist with Junction View to reduce highway interchange confusion and to improve driving safety so you’ll never be stuck wondering which lane you need to be in. Traffic services are built-in directly to the source unit featured by NAVTEQ Live Traffic service that is free for the life of the product. Kenwood’s voice control system will also operate the A/V system, allowing the user to change between multiple sources, access entries in a cellular phonebook, make phone calls, seek out music and video files and access station presets. Twin iPod control allows for the connection and operation of two iPod, iPod Touch, or iPhone devices.

Maximizing fuel efficiency is a must in these economic times where gas prices seem to only go up. To assist with maximizing your fuel efficiency while driving, the DNX9980HD offers the Garmin-developed ecoRoute feature that measures the impact of your driving habits on the environment and suggest routes that will provide the most efficient fuel consumption. Even more ground breaking though is the optional ecoRoute HD feature. This exciting new feature will allow the user to actually view vehicle diagnostics such as fuel consumption, engine temperature, and exhaust emissions. This is accomplished by connecting the ecoRoute HD to a factory ODB11 interface module. Not only will it provide you with these up-to-date features, but since it’s interfaced through the ODB11 plug you’ll also be able to get status updates regarding your vehicles condition. If you are to have a “Check Engine” light come on, your radio will be able to diagnose the exact issue and show up cleanly on the display. Staying notified has never been so simple with the Kenwood DNX9980HD.


MTX Audio Thunder 8000 Series Subwoofers

MTX Audio Thunder 8000 Subwoofer CES 2011

Big bass is what MTX Audio is all about! If you have had a chance to hear the powerful bass that comes from any of their showcars, you will know what I am talking about. Each woofer with the MTX logo on it can be trusted to have some strong bass and will last a long time. In the past several years, MTX has continued their evolution of quality woofers. In 2011, this legacy continues with a few new lines of subwoofers.

One of the most anticipated woofers for the 2011 MTX lineup is the MTX Audio Thunder 8000 subwoofer. They will be releasing this woofer in 10”, 12”, 15” versions and each of those sizes will be available in a dual 2 or a dual 4 configuration. This variety will continue to give the installer plenty of options for matching amplifiers and subwoofers. The larger 15” subwoofers feature a 130 oz magnet, while the smaller 12” and 10” will feature a 93 oz magnet. The cone of the subwoofer is different from the entire MTX line of subwoofers and brings a nice sense of class to the line. A silver woven glass fiber cone spans catches the eye and emphasizes sophistication while the sub delivers top-notch bass.

MTX Audio had this subwoofer at the 2011 CES show loaded in a Bass Slammer enclosure (read more about this at our MTX Thunder 8000 Subwoofer Thread). When powered on, this subwoofer comes to life and breathes deep, hard-hitting bass. The bass is loud and powerful, but also retains a strong sense of clarity and detail. It proved to be an excellent combination of sound quality and SPL. We can expect to see some great installation this upcoming year with these new subwoofers from MTX. Whether you are looking to bring your dB rating to the next level or just looking for a great sounding woofer, you have to check out these new MTX Audio Thunder 8000 subwoofers.


Kenwood Showcases New Digital Media Receivers at 2011 CES

Kenwood CES 2011

In-Dash Mechless Stereo Receivers are established in the car audio industry as a great media solution for those that have completely said good-bye to their bulky CD and DVD collections by digitally storing them into computer files. The average user of these digital media receivers may have also embraced discovering new music using Pandora Internet Radio. Kenwoods new Digital Media Receivers not only feature their established mechless design, but also showcase Pandora Internet Radio directly onto their single din design.

The new flagship model is the KIV-BT901. This newer model replaces the previous KIV-BT900. Like its previous model, the KIV-BT901 elevates the idea of exclusively playing back digital media to new heights. It still has all of the features like the 3” full-color, multi-lingual TFT display, three 4 volt preamplifier outputs with built-in digital sound processing, and the built-in Bluetooth technology by the industry leader Parrot. New for the 2011 model is the addition of Pandora Internet Radio control when used with an iPhone. All functions such as seek, search and “thumbs up/down” functions are displayed on the face of the KIV-BT901. Also added to the new KIV-901BT is the ability to add a Rearview Backup Camera for additional safety and convenience. Another new convenient feature is the addition of an on-board 512MB flash memory module which will rip external content through the USB input. This will support a wide range of audio files including MP3, WMA, AAC, and WAV.

The other new for 2011 unit is the KIV-701, which is the new model of the KIV-700. This will feature all of the performance and functionality as the KIV-BT901 with the exception of built-in Bluetooth connectivity. If you go with this unit and decide you’d like Bluetooth in the future, you can always use the KCA-BT0300 hideaway Bluetooth module for a simple upgrade. All of these models will feature Kenwood’s amazing USB technology which can support USB hubs for maximizing your audio sources.


Metra Electronics App for Smartphone’s & iPhone

Metra Electronics Online

Finding the information that you need to install a car stereo just got easier… a lot easier. Metra Electronics, a leader in the mobile 12-volt electronics industry, has released a new application for iPhones and Android based smartphones. The application is intended to make the installers life easier but allowing him or her complete access to the entire Metra database of vehicle information and compatible products. In the past, a Metra print application guide or a computer would be needed to look up the vehicle information. While this was the best way to get accurate information about a car, it wasn’t always the most convenient. Inevitably, the Metra guide would get lost, the Internet would go slow, there wouldn’t be a computer near-by, etc. It seemed like there was always something keeping us from finding out specific vehicle information. Metra has always supplied this information, but sometimes it wasn’t convenient to access. Metra is an installer company. They strive to be the installer’s choice and provide the most convenient products that retain premier quality. Now Metra has expanded that convenience on to the Smartphone. By downloading the Metra application, you will have the Metra site available in your pocket. Find the harness, car stereo dash kits, antennas, etc that any car needs. As updates are released in the future, you will be able to easily have access to the speaker sizes and locations of just about any vehicle in production. The app aims to be a complete vehicle fit guide that you carry with you wherever you go. While the large application guide might not always be the most convenient thing to carry around, Smartphone’s are much easier to carry in your pocket. So next time someone asks you what they need to install a car stereo in their car, you don’t have to guess anymore. Just whip out your Smartphone, open the Metra app, and find all the information that you need.