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Save up to 40% on RE Audio Car Audio Equipment

Save 40% on RE Audio Car Audio

Building a car audio system is all about getting the biggest bang for your buck. Nobody likes to overspend and waste his or her money on overpriced gear. That is one reason why you see the prices you do at Sonic Electronix. Sonic believes that the customer should never have to pay inflated prices, but that everyone deserves a deal. The most recent promotion over at Sonic is the Save up to 40% on RE Audio equipment. This incredible deal is putting better sound in your car and keeping more money in your pocket!

For those that haven’t ever heard of RE Audio before, they will quickly come to respect the brand as a leader in the car audio industry. One of the biggest factors that separate RE Audio from the majority of the other companies out there is their love for car audio. Car audio enthusiasts that have a deep passion for quality sound started the company and continue to run it to this day. They are most noted for their high performance subwoofers, such as the RE Audio XXX12 and the SEX12d4. While these two series of subwoofers are the most recognized and popular, they offer many more options to match any amount of amplifier power.

RE Audio also offers many other car audio products including amplifiers, speakers, sound processors, and subwoofer enclosures. Over the years, RE Audio continues to expand their product line by adding more items. With the recent addition of the DTS series of amplifier such as the RE Audio DTS-1000.1, RE Audio now offers three different levels of amplifiers that will match any subwoofer. For those that are looking for a killer deal on some of the best products in the industry, head on over to Sonic Electronix and check out their sale on RE Audio!


New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

New 2011 Line of Audiobahn Amplifiers

Since 1997, when Audiobahn was first introduced to the mobile entertainment industry, they have been known for producing cutting edge car audio products. Not only does Audiobahn produce products with quality of sound and performance in mind, but they also focus on the appearance of their products. All of Audiobahn’s car audio products are designed with eye catching chrome-plated accents that add style to any sound system. This holds true for their new line of 2011 Amplifiers, not only do the amps look awesome, but they were built with precision and quality. Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers features 3 different series with numerous wattage and channel configurations.

Class D Series

Audiobahn’s Class D Series are single channel (monoblock) amplifiers that feature 2 different models. The A18001DJ is the bigger one of the two and has a power rating of 2500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 1300 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 700 watts wired at 4 ohm. Its little brother, the A12001DJ features a power rating of 1500 watts when wired at 1 ohm, 800 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 450 watts wired at 4 ohm. These two monoblock amps share features which include dual cooling fans with chrome flame fan grilles, double-sided glass epoxy circuit board, cobalt blue illumination, nickel-plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, large display volt meter, and many more. Check out our Audiobahn Monoblock Amplifier product page to see these amps for yourself.

High Current Series

The High Current Series Audiobahn amplifiers are powered by a class AB PWM MOSFET power supply. There are three different models which include two 2-channel amps that operate in a single channel configuration, and one monoblock version. The A2300HCJ will put out 2400 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 1000 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The A2200HCJ puts out 2000 watts when wired at 1 ohm in the single channel configuration, or 850 watts wired at 1 ohm in the 2-channel configuration. The single channel version has a power rating of 2200 watts wired at 1 ohm, 1100 watts wired at 2 ohm, and 600 watts wired at 4 ohm. The High Current Series amps also feature a remote mount bass boost control with clipping indicator, chrome plated flame design accents, dual cooling fans, nickel plated block terminals, 4-way protection circuitry, digital meter output response, cobalt blue illumination, and numerous other cool features. Not only do they look great, they are ideal for competition.

Intake Series

the Audiobahn Intake Series Amplifiers are produced in 5-channel, 4-channel, 2-channel, and monoblock configurations. The intake series amps are powered by a PWM MOSFET power supply and features an on-board cobalt blue digital volt meter which allows a quick assessment of your vehicle’s charging voltage to the amplifier. These amplifiers also come with a remote mount digital volt meter and a remote mount bass boos control. The intake series car amplifiers share features which include an air intake fan with chrome plated flame grilles, 3-way protection circuitry, high gloss chrome plated finish, RCA & high level inputs, cobalt blue illumination, and bass boost on/off option. One more cool feature that caught my eye are the nickel plated block terminals. These terminals provide a more efficient power transfer and are encased in black ABS plastic to prevent short circuits and wire entanglement.

Audiobahn’s new 2011 line of car amplifiers will definitely enhance the appearance and performance of any sound system, and SonicElectronix has them all.


Sonic Electronix Now Carries Renegade Car Audio Equipment

New product line ups are introduced constantly in the car audio industry. Different lines of amplifiers, stereos, speakers, capacitors, batteries, subwoofer enclosures, and other electronics are constantly being researched and looked into for new diversity among products. Rock solid products introduced at entry level costs are in extremely high demand among car audio customers and enthusiasts, and in order to meet this demand more manufacturers are importing car audio equipment. Renegade is new car audio company which brings new amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers as well as power capacitors and amplifier installation kits. Their subwoofers are also found in both loaded and unloaded configurations, so you can even purchase subwoofers loaded into a prefabbed enclosure.

Renegade is a German based company where research and development takes place for their products. They’ve been involved with the car audio industry for 10 years and have established themselves as a #1 selling amplifier line-up in Germany. Near indestructible amps and rock-solid performance with high quality control makes these amplifiers so popular. Within the amplifiers line-up it will perform exceptionally up against the competition. This company’s products are being imported by Rockford Fosgate to be carried among the United States car audio industry.

Starting with their amplifiers, the Renegade REN850S is an 850W peak power monoblock amplifier. With a 2 Ohm RMS rating of 450 watts it will efficiently run one or two subwoofers. The Renegade RX62 are 6-1/2” speakers with 100 watts RMS of power handling per speakers so they can put out some impactful mid and high frequencies. Renegade’s GTW1200 is a 120” Single 4 Ohm subwoofer with a power handling rating of 300 watts of RMS power. This subwoofer has a 2” voice coil diameter and black composite foam woofer surround for durable long lasting bass. A vented basket cooling system allows the subwoofer to stay cool even while under extremely power-filled conditions.


American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier

American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier

So you’re a DJ, and you already have a set of turntables, a mixer, a booming speaker system, and a pair of headphones, however, there is one thing you might be missing. To get those speakers sounding like they are supposed to, you should invest in a Professional DJ Amplifier like American Audio’s VX2500. This amp will be the finishing touch to your DJ equipment and enhance the overall power and sound quality of your speakers.

The American Audio VX2500 is a 19” 2U fan cooled VX series professional DJ amplifier that can be wired in 8 ohm, 4 ohm, or 2 ohm impedance’s and can also be bridged at 8 or 4 ohm. The highest power output unbridged (at 2 ohm) is 1400 watts while the highest power output bridged (at 4 ohm) puts out a whopping 2800 watts. This amplifier features a built-in dynamic sound processing circuitry which improves dynamic range & quality of sound, making your mixes and sets sound that much better. The front panel of the VX2500 is equipped with an LCD display that shows temperature, working mode, and protection mode. You don’t have to worry too much about this amp overheating or short circuiting thanks to the integrated Comprehensive Protection System. This protection system includes DC output protection, overload protection, high temp protection, short circuit protection, current Inrush protection, soft start-up protection, auto shut down, and a 2-speed cooling fan to ensure a long lasting lifespan.

American Audio has thrown convenience into the mix for this amplifier. The rackmount steel chassis have built-on front panel handles for easy installation into a rack mount road case like the American Audio ETLC 8×4. This road case has a sturdy plywood construction and holds 19” rack mount equipment with 8 spaces on the top and 4 spaces on the bottom. If you want to step up your game a little bit and invest in a professional style rack case, the American Audio TLC Pro 8×4 will also hold the VX2500. This case is made of lightweight durable plastic and features 8 spaces on top and 14 spaces on the bottom, perfect to hold most of your DJ gear.

Complete your DJ system off with the American Audio VX2500 Professional DJ Amplifier. It has audiophile features for an affordable price, so enhance your systems sound quality and get yours today.


RE Audio SXX 12 vs. Kicker 12” Solo-Baric L7 Car Subwoofers

Comparing popular subwoofers is tough to do in a lot of situations. A lot of car subwoofers have their own benefits and technologies that can make them “better” but it’s very tough to say at the end of the day which sub is better. One of the most popular questions that the product specialists at Sonic Electronix are asked is “Which subwoofer is better?” This can be a tough question to answer. At the end of the day, the better subwoofer is actually the one that suits the needs for the application you want to put it into.

Today we’re going to look at two of the industry’s most popular subwoofers, and try to showcase their benefits and their technologies that make them unique. The subwoofers we’ll be looking at are the 12” Kicker Solo-Baric L7 11S12L72 and the RE Audio 12” SXX12D2. Each of these subwoofers have their own benefits which could make them the better subwoofer for different applications, and they’re both favorites here at Sonic Electronix.

Some of the key features found on the Kicker Solo-Baric L7 11S12L72 are obvious at first sight. This subwoofer is square in comparison to traditional round subwoofers. This helps by adding additional cone area on the subwoofer. Cone area directly translates into more overall bass output from a 12” subwoofer. Since the subwoofer will push more air it will create more sound. Other key technologies of the Kicker L7 are its UniPlate pole-piece which helps cool the woofers dual 2” high temperature voice coils. This helps the Kicker L7 handle high amounts of power, with RMS power ratings of 750 watts!

The RE Audio SXX12D2 is a typical round subwoofer, however its features are anything but typical. This subwoofer will require a bit of a larger amplifier to reach its full capabilities. Its 3” 8-layer voice coil can handle 1000 watts of RMS power, so it can handle some extreme power. It also has triple stacked magnets to help drive the woofer, which can lead to impressive response. Each subwoofer has benefits, and for different applications can be considered the best.