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Save 20% on Select Infinity & JBL Car Audio Products

Save 20% on Select Infinity & JBL Car Audio Products

You have all heard of Infinity and JBL. They are two of the most respected brands in the audio industry. With high-end products ranging from home audio to professional audio and even to car audio, these two Harman brands have developed a wide range of products for both consumer and industrial use. Many of those reading this bog will be familiar with these two brands inside the car. No matter where you go or whom you talk to, a car with JBL or Infinity equipment is respected because of the excellent sound quality. Now at Sonic Electronix and for a limited time only we are giving 20% Off Infinity and JBL Items.

Some of the popular Infinity products that are included in this sale are the Reference amplifiers and the Kappa subwoofers. The two class D Reference amplifiers offered are excellent companions to many of the subwoofers out there. The true power ratings make it easy to match a subwoofer and get the best sound possible. The Kappa series subwoofers have been a wide success for Infinity with their fantastic looks, top-notch sound quality, and their ease of installation. Each features the SSI (Selectable Smart Impedance) that allows the subwoofer to change the impedance at the terminals with a flip of a switch.

JBL also is offering a great selection of sale items. The Power and Grand Touring speakers have had their prices reduced for a limited time. These speakers use space-age materials and advanced engineering to produce a sound that is comparable to the nicest of speakers, yet for a fraction of the cost. Powering these speakers is fast and easy with the JBL 4-channel and 5-channel amplifiers that are also included in the sale. Remember, this sale is only for a limited time. Head on over to the JBL and Infinity Sale at Sonic Electronix and save today!


iPod Dockable Deck from Dual Allows for Easy iPod/iPhone Integration

When iPods were first released, who could’ve foreseen the overall success and impact they would have on the entire electronics industry? Not only do these music-storing MP3 players allow for simple playback, but they have also introduced a familiar interface that allows us to easily adapt to the players features. Let’s face it, you don’t have to own an iPod to know how to work one. The success of the iPhone further added to the Apple MP3 player craze. Car Stereo’s had to take part and support iPods directly to give users the best possible experience. Car stereos with USB ports began to take on the ability for direct iPod control.

Now it’s 2011 and we’re all aware of what an iPod or iPhone is. Car stereo’s have introduced newer and newer technology to integrate iPod connectivity and iPhone applications through their speakers and display. Dual introduced a new iPod and iPhone source unit that allows for not only a great playback experience, but also a great way to store the iPod or iPhone. The Dual XML8150 In-Dash car stereo features a fold-out integrated dock that allows for integration of the iPod or iPhone and also allows you to dock the iPod or iPhone onto the stereo itself. This can be especially convenient when using the iPhones built-in map system so you can basically use your iPhone as a navigation system. The display will work as normal, and you’ll also be able to have voice commands played through your car speakers as well.

This stereo also has Built-in Bluetooth to further integrate the iPhone connectivity. You can pair the phone and stereo with each other and allow all phone calls to ring through your car stereo. With the Dual XML8150, it’s now an option to simply dock your iPod or iPhone and completely forget about it. If a call Is coming through, you can be assured that the Dual XML8150 will take care of routing that call through your speakers.


Kicker U – Kicker’s Brand New iPhone Application

Smartphone technology has taken off within the past two years, and many companies are jumping on-board to release applications to help familiarize users with their services. Kicker has long been associated with manufacturing quality products and doing their best to ensure that their users know how to use the equipment properly. In order to take a larger step towards educating customers about car audio setups, they have released a new smartphone application available on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The application highlights different diagrams and Kicker specific products and allows you to have a knowledgebase of Kicker products directly onto your iPhone or iPod touch. Their wiring wizard allows you to view how different car audio setups should be wired. First you’re presented with different options such as how many subwoofers you’ll be using and what is your desired impedance. It’s a great way to check compatibility between subwoofers and amplifiers.

Using smartphones for research has become much more popular than ever with new smartphone browsing capabilities. Now you can use Kicker’s iPhone application to look up specifications of different Kicker subwoofers. Updated for the 2011 year the Kicker iPhone application even highlights the newly released L3. Not only does it provide detailed information such as mounting depth and power handling, but you’ll also be able to look up the Thiele and Small Perimeters to truly research subwoofers specifications.

Finally, you’ll have an option to build a custom box for different Kicker subwoofers, and even put together a Kicker recommended box for their subwoofers to get optimal bass response. This can help with putting a vehicle specific enclosure into your vehicle and still have it built to Kicker’s specifications for the best bass response. You have the option to input your dimensions and tuning frequency to calculate how to build the box to perfect specifications. The application even advises whether the specifications will match Kickers recommended specifications or not.


GRE PSR-310 Handheld Analog Trunking Scanner

GRE PSR-310 Handheld Analog Trunking Scanner

Here at Sonic Electronix, we are always looking for reliable manufacturers that produce high quality products. We do this to ensure we have any and everything our customers are looking for or may need. GRE (General Research of Electronics INC) is one of those manufacturers we now carry and we are also an authorized internet dealer of their incredible products. GRE is a Japan based manufacturer that was established in 1961 with their headquarters located in Tokyo. In 1977, GRE made its way over to America and created GRE America INC with its headquarters located in sunny California. They specialize in radio and telecommunication products including radio scanners, antennas, GPS devices, and satellite equipment. My focus today will be on one of their high quality radio scanners.

The GRE PSR-310 is a multi system handheld analog trunking scanner with upgradable CPU firmware. This handheld scanner is simple to operate but powerful enough to satisfy the most refined expert. Its powerful and flexible scan list functionality allows you to arrange, group, and scan object according to your preference with no limit to the number of scan lists. This PSR310 lets you store over 1800 conventional channels, trunking talkgroups, search configurations and spectrum sweeper objects in any combination. It is also equipped with an exclusive programmable multi-color alert LED that will illuminate or flash when certain objects are active, programmable audible alarms that can be configured to sound when certain objects are active, full dot matrix bitmap LCD display, white LED backlight for LCD display and much more. This scanner also will keep you protected and warned about any type of weather hazards with the integrated SAME & All Hazards Weather Alerting. This alert system will provide severe weather and other hazard alerts in the specified areas, also, it allows you to check your local NOAA weather frequency.

This versatile handheld trunking scanner allows the user to start out with small, easy to manage configurations, and expand at anytime one you master this device. The combination of the price and features make this radio scanner a great buy.


Make Your Ride Presidential with the Sonic Electronix President’s Day Sale

Sonic Electronix Presidents Day Sale

President’s day is coming soon and you know what that means! It means a day off from work, spending time with the family, and installing some car audio equipment that was purchased from the Sonic Electronix! For those that have been saving up to get that extra gear in your car, now is the perfect time to buy. With such a wide variety of products, you will be sure to find the right items for your car. For 2011, Sonic Electronix is going to help you make your ride presidential.

Outfit your car this holiday with a complete Rockford Fosgate subwoofer system. Two of the Sonic deals this year are the Rockford Fosgate P2 Subwoofers and a R250-1 car amplifier. Both are matched and rated at 250 watts RMS, which means they are the perfect compliment for each other. Many years of Rockford technology has gone into the creation of both these products and the result is quality bass. The Rockford Fosgate R250-1 is an excellent choice for an amplifier and is CEA-2006 certified for accurate power ratings.

Another great way to upgrade your audio system is to add a secondary battery. The SHURiKEN SK-BT35 is a perfect solution for most audio systems and at this sale price, this deal cant be beat! Adding an additional battery to your system will reduce the stress of your stock electrical system resulting in more power for the car audio components. Shuriken is a brand that has been proven to be a reliable and quality battery with constant performance.

Head on over to the Sonic Electronix President’s Day Sale and save some money on your next system.