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2011 JVC KW-AVX840 El Kameleon Integrates MotionX iPhone GPS Navigation

Car Audio and Video is an industry with options that are practically limitless! GPS Navigation was introduced and made more practical to vehicles within the past 10 years, and this technology has been improved upon and redesigned into recent years. GPS Navigation is a growing trend found in most vehicles today, even found on dash mounted touch-screen devices as well. JVC Mobile’s KW-AVX840 Double Din DVD Multimedia Receiver is the found in JVC’s 2011 product line up, and features an iPhone application mode which allows a navigation interface to show up directly on the 7” touchscreen. This iPhone application, MotionX GPS Drive, costs 0.99 cents in the iPhone application store, plus an additional $19.99 per year to add voice guidance and traffic updates. This is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a “Navigation Ready” receiver which requires a module which in most cases can cost over $200.

Since the JVC KW-AVX840 will be displaying the navigation application through a special “iPhone Application Mode” which allows audio and video from iPhone applications to display onto the KW-AVX840 and play through your speakers. This means that there is a slight limitation as far as Navigation Control. You’ll need to put all navigation commands through the iPhone itself, but the interface will display onto the radio. This limitation is anticipated since the navigation application is found on the iPhone directly and not designed specifically for the KW-AVX840. The application has been optimized to display properly along with the KW-AVX840, however so there is still practically integration between the two.

Not only does JVC Mobile’s KW-AVX840 have this convenient add-on for Navigation, but it also features convenient Built-In Bluetooth technology, Radio Data System (RDS), and El Kameleon proximity sensors. The El Kameleon technology allows for convenient night driving by keeping the KW-AVX840 concealed when activity hasn’t taken place with the receiver for a specific amount of time. The JVC KW-AVX840 is also Dual Zone capable which allows for different entertainment options when outputting audio to rear monitors. Don’t have rear monitors? That’s fine! The dual zone feature can also be used to output different radio to the back of your vehicle so everyone can hear their favorite tunes or radio stations on trips.


Professionals Use JBL Pro Audio and So Can You!

We are so proud to announce that SonicElectronix is now an official licensed dealer of the complete line of JBL pro audio products. JBL has been an industry staple in live sound reinforcement since the 1970’s and we are very excited to feature such professional quality audio equipment at an affordable price.

The Cave Singers live at The AutryRecently I had the pleasure of seeing The Cave Singers Live at the Autry in Griffith Park. The venue is interestingly an art museum with a main stage in the grand foyer.  There is an encompassing second level that gives the set a theatre in the round feel. All the flooring and most flat surfaces in room are tile so as you can imagine this is not the most optimal acoustic environment. The sound was great thanks to the ability of the JBL VRX 900 series line array speakers and subs to focus a full rich and big sounding mix on the intimate audience with out scattering a diffusive messy echo around the room. This was accomplished with only four JBL line arrays and two subs. Demonstrating that JBL’s versatile equipment is capable of providing professional sound reinforcement for large arena rock shows or the most interment of settings.

You don’t have to be a major recording artist on tour to have a real professional sound system.JBL’s EON series is one of the most affordable yet powerful lines of PA speakers perfectly suited for churches, nightclubs, or any public address situation.  The self powered JBL EON515xt main speakers in combination with the JBL EON518S Bass-Reflex designed subwoofer is the perfect one two combo for a show on the go.  These units are internally powered by Crown class D amplifiers and sport a light weight rugged design reducing set up and tear down time to mere minutes.  Perfect for bands DJs and events on location. Yet another testament to JBL’s ability to innovate rather than imitate.


High Quality Amplifier Installation Kits

High Quality Amplifier Installation Kits

When most people decide to put a sound system in their vehicles, an amp kit is the last accessory on their mind with subwoofers, headunits, speakers, and amplifiers being the most popular purchases. Good quality Amplifier Installation kits can boost your vehicles audio systems performance immensely. These Amplifier wiring kits come in a wide range of configurations based on the type of system you have and how much power it puts out. The quality of these amp kits is very important when installing a system, it makes no sense to empty your pockets on an expensive sound system if the wires that are bringing you the power are cheap and not true to gauge.

There are two different types of amp kits, complete kits and power kits. A complete kit is just that, complete, it comes equipped with all the necessary hook-ups and accessories you need to power a complete car audio system including power & ground wire, RCA cables, spade terminals, butt connectors, speaker wire and more. Most power amp kits do not include speaker cable or RCA interconnects, these are mostly used if you are just installing or replacing an amplifier rather than a full sound system.

A high quality complete amplifier installation kit we carry at Sonic is the Kicker 09ZCK4. This kit is a true 4-gauge 2-channel amp kit that will work with systems up to 1000 watts RMS. With kicker amp kits, you can be assured that the wires and cables are always true to gauge, unlike some of those cheaper kits that boost their rating just for selling purposes. This kits cables feature twisted pair technology which eliminates unwanted noise and provides a crystal clear sound. Kicker has also equipped this kits cables with a hyper-flex design, this makes installation more convenient when running those cables through the vehicle. This kit also includes kickers 09ZI25 Z-Series RCA audio interconnect cables for incredible sound quality, 20 ft of 4 AWG power wire, 3 ft of 4 AWG ground wire, 20 ft of 18 AWG remote lead wire, 40 ft of 16 AWG speaker cable, AFS fuse holder with AFS 100 Amp fuse, two 4 AWG spade terminals, five 18 AWG spade terminals, and more.

Renegade is another manufacturer that produces good quality kits such as the Renegade REN20KIT. Renegade rates this 4-gauge (20mm) power amplifier installation kits cables in millimeters rather than the standard gauge system. Renegade does this so they do not make a false representation of their product like so many other manufactures do with their plastic insulated cables. The 20mm cable that is featured in this kit is comparable to the standard 4-gauge rating we are all familiar with. The Renegade REN20KIT includes 16 ft of 20mm power cable, 2-1/2 ft of 20mm ground cable, 16 ft of double shielded RCA interconnects, 16 ft of 0.5mm remote turn-on wire, one AGU fuse holder with a 60 amp glass fuse, and gold-plated jacks to resist corrosion and enhance sound quality.

Always be sure that the cables are true to gauge, RCA interconnects are high quality, and you purchase the right kit for your installation. So when purchasing a sound system, save some extra money for a good quality amplifier wiring kit and get the most out your vehicles sound system.


March Sonic Electronix Madness Sale!

Sonic Electronix Sonic Madness Sale

Sonic Electronix has gone crazy this march and they have started dropping prices on all your favorite electronic items! In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day and the huge college basketball tournament, Sonic has decided to he you put together a new system for your car and save some money at the save time. Plus, this sale is great for everyone. No matter if you are looking for an entry-level audio system or a top-of-the-line audio system, Sonic Electronix has got exactly what you need. Head on over to the Sonic Madness Sale for the best deals in car audio and more!

Great Deals on Car Subwoofers

Whether you are looking for a new subwoofer or not, you have got to check out these deals. Low prices on some of the industry’s finest car subwoofers. Check out the Rockford Fosgate Punch P2D410 or the 8” Kicker Solo-Baric L5. Since Kicker has stopped production on these great sounding subwoofers, now is the best chance to get them before they are gone! Step up into competition sound with the 12” Rockford Fosgate T2D2 subwoofer. This enormous subwoofer is a legend in the car audio world.

Get a Sound Processor for Better Sound

If you are serious about your sound system, consider a sound processor to fine tune your sound. The RE Audio VLS-1 is a single channel processor that is designed to enhance the low frequencies of your subwoofer. For an OEM and full range system, check out the Cache COE8. This is a line output converter that is used to integrate an entire aftermarket audio system with an OEM stereo.

Looking for some Pro Audio and DJ Equipment?

Sonic Electronix is selling so much more than car audio equipment now. If you haven’t browsed the Sonic site recently, you are missing out on some great deals across the entire electronic industry. For this March sale Sonic is offering great prices on the Gemini CDJ-210 CD Player, the Chauvet 4BAR LED lights, and more. Don’t lose any more time. Head on over to Sonic Electronix to get the best deals this March.


Beltronics GX65 merges GPS Technology with Radar Detectors

BEL Beltronics GX65 Radar Laser Detector

As the radar and laser detector industry is becoming more popular, many new items are being released with a wide variety of product features. Popular manufacturers of these detectors include companies like Cobra, Escort, Beltronics, Valentine, and Whistler. Every year these companies put more convenience features in their products to give them the edge over their competitors. The recent release of the Beltronics GX65 brought the radar detector to an entire new level with the integrated GPS receiver.

Aside from the rock-solid radar detector features, the most notable about the Beltronics GX65 is the safety camera database. Being a web ready device, the GX65 can be connected to the Internet to have an online safety camera database loaded onto the unit. While driving, the GPS receiver inside the GX65 will inform the driver if they are approaching a speed camera, red light camera, of potential speed trap. Drivers can also set their own speed trap locations and hot spots with the Mark Location feature. New variable speed sensitivity enables real-time protection that uses the vehicles current speed to determine it an alert needs to go off.

These are just a few of the ways that Beltronics is looking to make a radar detector that meets the needs of everyone. By integrating advanced and complex technologies into a radar detector that is surprisingly simple to operation, Beltronics widens the target market of potential customers. The GX65 still retains all the solid features that make Beltronics Radar Detectors one of the leaders in their industry. It provides extended long-range warning for X, K, Ka, Ku, and Pop radars. One of the finishing touches that really define the style of Beltronics is the carrying and protective case that is included. Tough and durable, this radar detector is defining the future of the industry.