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Alesis DM10 Pro Kit: Feel the Real!

Alesis 10

The Drum PadsAlesis 10

The Alesis DM10 Pro Kit is the first electronic drum set to combine the natural feel of real drum heads and real alloy cymbals with Alesis’ innovative Real Head drum pads and  Surge cymbal pads.  The real head drum pads have genuine tension adjustable Mylar heads that can be adjusted with a standard drum key. The DM10 Pro and the DM10 Studio kits include the new massive 10” dual zone snare and floor tom pads.

The Cymbal Pads

Alesis Surge Cymbal
These electronic cymbals feel like acoustic cymbals because they are real alloy cymbals made like real acoustic cymbals. Each Surge cymbal multi-zone featuring a choke ability that brings a dynamic realism to the overall sound of the kit.

The Module

DM10 Drum Module

The brains of the operation for both the DM10 Pro Kit and the DM10 Studio Kit is the DM10 drum module. This powerful drum module features 12 trigger inputs and is equipped with a mixer so you can level you kit out on the fly or mix in an iPod or CD on an aux track to practice with. The DM10 drum module supports 64 voices of polyphony and is loaded with 1,047 uncompressed samples, 100 preset drum kits, and 75 preset sequencer patters as well as 25 user patterns which all can be overwritten. The DM10 drum module is the first electronic drum set module that offers unlimited expandability with the option to load addition sample packs via USB from top of the line sample libraries such as Ocean Way Drums, fxpansion, Inaudio, Sonic Reality, and Blue Jay Studios. In addition to the USB capabilities the DM10 module is equipped with a MIDI I/O interface so the module can be controlled with an external sequencer or be used as a MIDI percussion interface for other samplers and programs such as EZ Drummer and BFD.

The DM10 Pro Kit is perfect for percussionists who like get in many hours of practice but may lack the space to have a large acoustic drum in a bedroom.   For your neighbors sake the DM10 Pro Kit can be monitored simply through headphones, a particularly handy feature for someone just starting out. Recording with the DM10 is easy and fun with the mixed line level outputs or for perfect drums every time the MIDI output can be used to record drums that can be edited to the last detail.


Powerful JL Audio, MTX Audio, and Rockford Fosgate Subwoofers

In the car audio industry power means everything. While most of the general public are pretty happy with 300-600 watts RMS, to some enthusiast that is just not enough. Lucky for them, car audio companies make subwoofers that will satisfy their taste for outrageous power. We will be looking at 3 subwoofers that would be considered competition level subwoofers. These subwoofers require a true passion for sound, bass and quality. It ‘s easy for car audio companies to make a subwoofer that can really bump, but what sets higher end companies apart, are the technologies and careful consideration that is used. Power is nothing without quality, these 3 companies have managed to create subwoofers that stand above the rest because not only are they powerful but the sound quality doesn’t diminish over time. There are many choices to make when selecting powerful car subwoofers by going with any of the mentioned here, you can’t go wrong.

JL Audio 12W7

JL Audio 12W7AE-3
JL Audio’s 12W7AE-3 Anniversary Edition 12” Subwoofer is one of the most sought out subwoofers in the car audio industry. Rated at 1000 watts of continuous RMS power, this car subwoofer really packs some power. Unique to its design are ultra-long voice coils that serve to help with heat dissipation and extreme linear excursion. By dissipating the heat more efficiently from the voice coils, the subwoofer will sound better and last longer. W-Cone technology improves cone rigidity by addressing its structure rather than its material by using two lightweight mineral-filled polypropylene skins that are bonded together at the perimeter and center of the assembly. The lower skin’s cross section is shaped like a “W” which provides unsurpassed rigidity when bonded to the dished upper skin. This creates an effect much like the trusses of a bridge for overall rigidity. The 12W7AE-3 offers unsurpassed bass but more importantly it has been created and designed for longevity, with its six patents this subwoofer is among the top of its class.

Rockford Fosgate T2D412

Rockford Fosgate T2D412
Rockford Fosgate’s T2D412 12” Power Series subwoofer is rated at 1200 watts of continuous RMS power that will simply blow you away. Rockford Fosgate is known for power and this subwoofer does not disappoint. Its anodized aluminum voice coil former allows for heat dissipation from the voice coil more efficiently during high sound pressure level conditions. This minimizes subwoofer failure and improves sound and performance quality. To improve rigidity a parabolic triangular cone is used, which reduces piston flex and cone distortion. This also improves the overall strength of the cone during high power handling conditions. The use of stitched tinsel leads on the spider spread stress over a greater area and thus improving reliability and performance by minimizing fatigue and possible shorting. The 1200 watts of RMS makes this a truly powerful subwoofer, with this much power you will be heard before you are seen.

MTX Audio T9512-44

MTX Audio T9512-44
MTX Audio’s T9512-44 12” Thunder Series subwoofer is rated at 1000 watts of continuous RMS power that will leave you stunned. Unlike other subwoofers, this subwoofer offers 4” of peak to peak excursion, giving you bass like nothing else. Its spider plateau venting cooling system, cools at the voice coils for extreme heat dissipation which create longevity and increase performance in the subwoofer. The use of 428° F high temperature flat wound aluminum ribbon wire allows for the subwoofer to handle high thermal power without causing distortion and allows for the subwoofer to play louder for a longer period of time. For rigidity the cone is Injection Molded Carbon filled Polypropylene with aluminum deposition which increases stiffness and weight ratio. With up to 1” of Xmax the volume displacement in this subwoofer will be louder than you can ever imagine.


AutoSound 2000 Test Discs

AutoSound 2000 Test Discs

People spend lots of money on their car and home audio systems, lets face it, high quality amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers are far from cheap. Just because you fork out the big bucks on quality audio equipment, doesn’t necessarily mean it will perform up to your expectations. Headunits, Home Receivers and Amplifiers have plenty of sound options you can adjust to fine tune your system, however, it is a lot easier said than done. AutoSound 2000 has made the “art” of tuning your sound system to perfection much easier with their line of system optimization & tuning test discs.

Here at Sonic Electronix, we carry 5 different versions of the AutoSound Test Discs. The first one of the bunch is the AutoSound 2000 CD-101. The CD-101 is a low frequency test CD with 99 tracks specifically for performing electronic & acoustic tests. This disc helps perform measurements on subwoofers and enclosures, evaluates low level resolution of CD players and headunits, and will definitely help you fine tune your bass to perfection.

Disc #2 is the AutoSound 2000 CD-102, this test CD is specifically designed for the set-up and evaluation of sound system imaging and placement. This disc is equipped with 32 tracks, the first 6 tracks switch between stereo & mono presentations of the same sound to gauge the focus of your stereo image. Tracks 7-23 provides pink noise in numerous frequency ranges such as bass, midbass, midrange and highs. The rest of the tracks on CD-102 are test tones that test your systems performance limits.

The AutoSound 2000 CD-103 is the 3rd test disc in the collection. The CD-103 “my disc” audiophile reference series test disc is made for critical evaluation of audio components. If you decide to buy just one of these discs, this is the one for you, hence the name “my disc”. Tracks 1-6 contain an assortment of classical and jazz music that really shines on a high quality system. When listening to these first 6 tracks, you should listen for certain things that might point out problems with your system. The remaining tracks on the disc help you pinpoint the problems by checking for phase problems.

Test disc #4 is the ultimate amplifier level setting disc and determines the audible level of distortion in an audio system. The AutoSound 2000 CD-104 uses specialized tracks to set up your system for maximum sound and maximum system hiss. It features 35 tracks that will indicate specific amount of gain overlap (clipping), average distortion, and the relative loudness present in your system. Tracks 2-6 demonstrate the subjective increase in loudness, tracks 7-12 are used for setting the max level of electronic components, tracks 13-18 are used to obtain 5 dB of gain overlap, tracks 19-24 are used to obtain 10 dB of gain overlap, tracks 25-30 are used to obtain 15 dB of gain overlap and Tracks 31-35 are the same as tracks 2-6 but have been adjusted to compensate for the loudness increase in the previous tracks.

Lastly, disc #5 “your disc” was created to demonstrate different characteristics and specifications of an audio system. CD-105 was produced for the audio retailer as a sales training and technical tutorial and features 53 tracks. This disc is not necessarily helpful for tuning your system but it does provide you with ear-catching demonstrations of road noise, frequency ranges, tonal balance, system noise, and distortion.

There is a science when it comes to tuning your audio equipment to perfection and it is nearly impossible to accomplish that by ear. So do yourself a favor, get these test discs and make your system perform the way it was made too.


2011 Tax Refund Deals

Tax Refund Deals

Get more from your tax return this year and treat yourself right with some new audio equipment! This tax season you can get more out of your tax return by heading over to the Sonic Electronix Tax Savings Promotion. They are offering a huge selection of electronics at limited time, discounted prices. From the car to the boat and from the house to the stage, you will find everything you need to enhance your audio/video equipment.

Improve your Car’s Audio

Those that have been shopping at Sonic Electronix for a long time know that Sonic has a passion for car audio. The experts live and breathe car audio. Ever since they became a company, they have been offering the best deals on equipment to enhance the audio in your car. From car subwoofers and amplifiers to speakers and head units, the tax return sale has just what you are looking for!

Improve your Boat’s Audio

Summer is just around the corner and that means now is the time to start getting the boat ready for the lake. This sale features a nice selection of marine speakers, subwoofers, headunits, and more. Get the best deals now and you will thank yourself later when you’re on the lake.

Improve your Studio’s Audio

New to the product catalog at Sonic Electronix is pro audio and music production equipment. Whether you have a small home studio or a full size professional studio, you will be sure to find some great deals on some new gear. Check out the selection of microphones, studio monitors, mixers, lighting, and more. You will be impressed with the excellent selection of professional equipment.

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Podcasting: The Equipment

Podcasting is the process of making a series of audio or video files available for download or to be streamed over the web.    Podcasting is a relatively new media outlet yet a viable outlet for anyone looking to have a voice in today’s popular culture.   Here we will outline the gear you need to produce a basic podcast.

The Microphones:

Samson Meteor MIC
Like any audio production it all starts with the microphone. A popular choice for many podcasters, because of the simplicity and ease of use, is a USB microphone.   We have many USB microphones designed for podcasting and similar spoken word applications such as the popular Samson C01U or the Samson METEOR MIC.    USB microphones are convenient for podcasting as they have the necessary analog to digital converter components built in so no other interface is necessary.   Conventional microphones can certainly be used for podcast but will require an audio interface for the digital conversion such as the Zoom R16 or the Presonus FireStudio Mobile.


Alesis Multi Mix 8 USB FX
Something very important to consider when selecting your equipment for your podcast is how many people your podcast will feature.   This is important because not only will each person on the podcast need their own microphone, but when dealing with multiple microphones and other audio signals, you will need a mixer to route and mix all of your audio signals down to a usable 2-track stereo mix.   There are many mixers on the market today and selecting the right one may seem a bit overwhelming.  It is important to keep in mind your mixer selection is based off of the number of channels you’ll need for each microphone in your production.    It is also recommended to select a mixer that also functions as an interface for recording your podcast such as the Alesis Multi Mix 8 USB FX which offers four mic preamps and sums a two track mix down to a digital interface via USB directly to your computer.


You and the talent you feature will also need headphones and a headphone mix commonly referred to as “Foldback” in the broadcasting world.  This is accomplished by using a headphone amplifier with multiple outputs like the Presonus HP60 which will supply headphone mixes for up to six people with individual volume control.PreSonus HP60


Zoom H4n
The most common way of recording podcasts is with a laptop computer and a stable recording software program.  There are many freeware recording programs available of for both Mac and PC.  There are some cases where a portable recorder is used remotely to produce a podcast.  The Nerdist Podcast features comedian Chris Hardwick who sometimes remotely records his podcast while on the road using a Zoom H4n then uploads via USB at a later time.