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Exclusive Discounts on the Sonic Electronix Forums

Sonic Electronix is always looking for ways to pass some extra savings on to their customers. Another way to save money at Sonic Electronix is to join their online community and take advantage of member only discounts. Below are some of the many benefits to joining this online forum.

Exclusive Member Only Discounts

One of the biggest perks of joining the Sonic Electronix Forum is the members-only coupons and discounts. Periodically, extra savings are passed on to the forum members to thank them for their participation in the online community. These discounts include a specific percent off of particular items, such as a recent 20% off of RE Audio XTX car amplifiers. Once you become a member, a new forum will appear at the top of the main forum page for Members-Only Coupons and Discounts.

Expert Knowledge

If you have a question, we have a forum member that can help! The Sonic forum community is a very helpful and very experienced community. Many industry veterans and professional installers frequently visit the forums to share their knowledge. If you are in need of some expert advice, join the forums and get your questions answered!

Car Audio Tutorials and Installation Help

If you are getting ready to start your next car audio project, check out the forum for Car Audio Tutorials and Installation Guides. The threads in this forum are designed to teach you the best method to install particular components, tune your system, and a variety of other related installation tips. If you have experience and would like to post tutorials to help others, feel free to share your insight.

Help Others

If you are an expert (or just have a little experience) on any of the subjects in the forums, we encourage you to provide your insight to the questions that people have. There is no feeling quite like helping someone out and teaching them how to do something. The forums provide an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge with the world!


The Pioneer CDJ2000 Vs. The Pioneer CDJ900

Visually these two units are virtually the same as they have the same footprint, transport controls, and layout of the features and buttons.  The first difference that you may notice in a side to side comparison is the beautiful organic LED illuminated screen of the CDJ2000 with adjustable brightness and animation  as well as the illuminated rings around the play pause buttons just the lights off of this media player is a show in itself.  The CDJ900 LCD screen is no slouch by any means as it displays more information that any previous CDJ model.

There is a slight difference in the illumination of the jog wheels.  The CDJ900’s Jog wheels have a really nice feel but the CDJ2000 has a tension adjustment for supper slick touch and feel or you can really put the brakes on for some precision scratching.

The CDJ2000 features a hot loops section where your selected loops can be stored and recalled at the push of a button. Loop and cue points can even be saved to an SD card.  This is opposed to the CDJ900’s auto beat loop section which will cue up any of 8 looping modes using the four auto loop keys in conjunction with shift key.

Something that the CDJ900 features that the CDJ2000 does not is the slip feature.   This powerful little button allows you to manipulate the jog wheel to cue and scratch but will return to the beat and song point as if you had not engaged the jog wheel instantly as you let go.  A particularly wonderful feature for DJs who play more mature themed songs at youth oriented functions such as school dances.

The CDJ2000 features and adjustable break speed as well as release speed so you can manipulate start and stop impulse times. The CDJ900 only has fixed corresponding vinyl speed adjustment, meaning that if you stop slow, you start slow and vice versa.

The features of the CDJ2000 may overshadow the lower priced CDJ900 although that’s not to say that the CDJ900 is not an incredible machine.  If the CDJ2000 is a fighter jet then the CDJ900 is the world’s greatest stunt plane.


Memorial Day Sale at Sonic Electronix

Memorial Day Sale at Sonic Electronix

Monday May 31, 2011 is Memorial Day in the United States. This annual holiday officially honors U.S soldiers that have died in military service. Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season, holidays, vacations, and the end of school. Both of these are perfect reasons to take a day off of work, invite the family over, have a barbeque, and take advantage of the many Memorial Day sales! Head over to the Sonic Electronix Memorial Day Sale and take up to 40% off your favorite car audio items.

Car Audio Deals

Make the most out of the holiday by spending some time to enhance the audio system in your car. Consider the RE Audio XTX & Kicker KS Speaker Combo to bring your car’s audio to life. The XTX amplifier is a new amp from RE Audio that puts high power in a smaller chassis. The Kicker KS speakers are a long time favorite for those upgrading their car speakers. This particular combo from Sonic Electronix includes a pack of Cache CDM sound dampening and an amplifier installation kit.

Marine Sale Items

Memorial Day is the perfect day to get your boat ready for the summer by upgrading it’s audio system. Put the Rockford Fosgate RFX9700CD in your boat and you will be on your way to better audio. This marine receiver is the perfect why to add iPod support, SD card capability, and a USB input to your boat. Made specifically for the marine environment, this receiver is coated and certified for marine use.

Pro Audio and DJ Equipment

For those recording artists and DJs out there, the Sonic Electronix Memorial Day sale is the perfect time to stock up on some new gear. Try out the Akai Pro APC20 for a taste of what the professionals use. Acting as a link between the human and the computer, this controller enables complete control of the Ableton Live software. The simple plug and play device is ideal for the beginner and the professional.


Good, Better, Best with Klipsch Personal Audio In-Ear Headphones

Portable personal audio has become a fast growing industry in the last 10 years with the improvement of portable media players. Due to this fast growing industry many companies have jumped into the In-Ear Headphone game, which has given consumers options upon options on In-Ear headphone selection. Klipsch brings to the table what other companies lack, and that is experience in audio. With over 60 years of experience in home audio, cinematic audio and other forms of audio, Klipsch has manufactured both entry level and high-end products with tremendous quality and sound reproduction. Building from their Image S3 all the way to their Image X10i, which is considered the crème de la crème in Klipsch personal audio, Klipsch has taken personal portable audio to a new standard that only a few can meet.

Klipsch Image S3

Image S3-Rebel Red

Image S3 in-ear headphones are entry level headphones that are perfect for anyone that is not looking to spend a lot of money but to upgrade and enhance the listening experience not usually found in stock headphones. The oval ear tips offer a more natural and secure fit into the ear canal. This creates comfort and a better seal which keeps music from leaking out and ambient noise from leaking in. The secure fit makes them perfect for when in motion or on the go. The use of a single moving coil driver produces a more realistic sounding experience that is often missed from stock merchandise. Image S3 in-ear headphones deliver comfort with a built-in strain relief, making them wearable for long listening sessions. These in-ear headphones provide enhanced bass with less distortion and muddiness, while also providing a more dynamic detail across a wider range frequency. Image S3 in-ear headphones come in a variety of colors, not only giving an improved all around sound but also a sense of individualism and fashion.

Klipsch Image S4i

Image S4i-Black

Image S4i in-ear headphones offer improved qualities that are found in the Image S3 with the addition of and advanced 3-button microphone and remote system. Image S4i headphones use a dual magnet micro speaker structure to enhance the sound production coming from your listening device. The angled-nozzle design provides a proper in-ear alignment for superior noise cancellation and comfort during long periods of use. Image S4i headphones are the first third party to offer a full control of Apple devices like, iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod with music and video content. The microphone is placed at the yoke for a more natural feel when controlling a device. The microphone features echo cancellation for clean undistorted call making and call receiving. The remote allows for full volume control and track selection. Image S4i in-hear headphones provide realistic acoustic sound and deep rich bass, the microphone and remote feature make them more versatile and the perfect headphones for those looking for audio and video control at the touch of a button.

Klipsch Image S4i

Image X10i

Image X10i in-ear headphones are for the serious music enthusiast. Image X10i headphones feature the same advanced 3-button microphone and remote system for full music and video content control. Unlike other models the X10i’s feature anodized copper ear pieces that provide a high premium sound reproduction. The tuned bass-reflex system gives you rich, deep and accurate bass that is usually lost when using stock headphone or even lower end after market headphones. The X10i bring out every single aspect that is meant to be heard in your music. From clear mids to clean and crisps highs and enhanced vocals so that you can hear the artist clear as day. These high resolution headphones are meant for high quality compressed formatted music with a high bit rate for a professional and extremely high quality music listening experience. X10i’s are equipped with gel ear tips, a 50” vinyl cable, an exclusive oval ear tip design making these headphones great for any music enthusiast looking to get the absolute best out of their music listening experience.


Sound Dampening Packages at Sonic Electronix!

RE Audio XXX with Sound Dampening

Car audio has a lot of important variables that can greatly affect the final outcome of the installation. Sound Dampening Material can not only help with making the system sound much fuller and dynamic, but it can also help eliminate some of the annoying rattling from doors. Another benefit to Sound Dampening Material is that it can greatly improve the isolation from road noise that your vehicle attracts as you barrel down the highway. Cache Sound Dampening Material Packages at Sonic Electronix are extremely effective ways to get some Sound Dampening Material along with a speaker or subwoofer purchase.

The Renegade RX62 with Sound Dampening Speaker Package is a package designed for great quality sound at an affordable price. Including the Renegade RX62 Coaxial speakers, and the Cache CSM Sound Dead Shield Sound Dampening Material, the package is designed to eliminate road noise as well as quiet vibrations and increase sound pressure levels by door speakers. Two 10” by 10” pieces of the Dead Shield Sound Dampening Material are included in this package and are easily installed along with the speakers.

Another quality Sound Dampening package is the RE Audio XXX6.5C w/ Sound Dampening Package. This set of XXX 6-1/2” Component Series Speakers is designed for pure performance and quality and can handle a whopping 150 watts of RMS power! Along with a heavier speaker, a heavier sound dampening material is provided as well. The Cache CDM is Four 12” by 36” pieces of Dead Shield Sound Dampening Material. This extra bulk truly helps along with reducing road noise and increasing overall SPL. When installed in doors, trunks as well as on the roof liner and floor of a vehicle, Sound Dampening and help eliminate road noise, making for a luxury experience when driving in whatever your vehicle may be.