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Unlock Your Factory Navigation System

Unlock Your Factory Navigation System

Some vehicles that are equipped with Factory Navigation Systems will not let you operate some of the features while the vehicle is in motion. This is due to vehicle manufacturer’s locking them out for safety purposes. If this is the case in your vehicle, you are not getting the most out your Nav system. Manufacturer’s like PAC and Lock Pick have created Override Kits and Unlock Interfaces that allow you to bypass these locks and get all the cool features your system was meant to have while in motion. However, these are NOT made for the driver to operate and MUST only be used by the passenger. Not only is it dangerous for the driver to operate these features, but it is illegal as well.

Lock Pick GMX550

Lock Pick is one of the manufacturer’s that we carry here at Sonic Electronix that has made unlocking Navigation System very simple. Their override kits have a plug-n-play design that makes it easy to install and also very easy to remove if you have a leased vehicle. These Lock Pick Kits are available for select vehicles like Chrysler, GM, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, and many more. The Lock Pick GMX550 is one of their top of the line override kits for 2007-Up select GM vehicles. The GMX550 enables the override of video, navigation, satellite radio, Bluetooth, and more. It allows video playback from Apple iPhone, iPod, and iPad devices, allow your steering wheel controls to play/pause and skip songs on Pandora radio, provides complete control of factory or after market rear view camera while the vehicle is in motion, plays DVDs while the vehicle is in motion and much more. Lock Picks GMX550 also gives you full control of all the features and options of your navigation while driving like entering addresses and searching for POI’s. It is also USB upgradeable to keep it current with Lockpick advances and vehicle changes.


PAC is another manufacturer we carry with Navigation Unlock Interfaces. We have the PAC NU Series available for select vehicles like Cadillac, GM, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury. The PAC NU-CTS2 is specifically made for 2008-2010 Cadillac CTS & CTS-V vehicles. The NUCTS2 will override such features like Bluetooth, Navigation functions, and OnStar dialing all while the car is in motion. Once again, I cannot stress upon how important it is for these features to be used by ONLY the passenger, keep yourself and others around safe please. These PAC Override Kits are also plug-n-play and require no wire cutting or hard wiring.

Stop missing out on all the cool features and options your Factory Navigation System is equipped with. Just remember to always be safe and keep both eyes on the road at all times.


Crossfire Car Audio Now Available at Sonic Electronix

Crossfire Car Audio at Sonic Electronix

Sonic Electronix is dedicated to bringing the consumer what they want. From type of products to the price of the products, they want to make sure that the customer is pleased with their order. This mission drives Sonic to find out what their customers want and get it to them as fast as possible. When Sonic Electronix found out that Crossfire was a desired brand by their loyal customers, they went out and started carrying their products. What is even better is that Sonic is now the only authorized online dealer for Crossfire Car Audio!

Crossfire is a name that is uncommon to most mainstream car audio fans, but is widely recognized by the true car audio enthusiast. Since the early 1990’s, Crossfire has been offering some of the most trustworthy car audio components available in the industry. Traditionally they have been exclusive to car audio shops and brick-and-mortar shops, but Sonic Electronix is breaking into new territory by bringing this exclusive line to the online world.

Crossfire offers a great selection of car audio necessities, including speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Behind every solid car audio system is a powerful and efficient amplifier. Crossfire amplifiers are some of the most reliable amplifiers in the industry and are build rock-solid. The Crossfire BMF500M is a 500-watt RMS monoblock amplifier that puts out constant, clean power. These amps are rated at a 12.5V, which provides a more realistic power rating than majority of competitor amplifiers, which are rated at 14.4 volts. A perfect match for this amplifier is the Crossfire BMF1228 dual 4-ohm subwoofer. Matched perfectly at 500 watts, this pair will compliment your speakers with deep, accurate bass. The BMF subwoofers feature a Flexible Impedance Technology (FIT) that makes wiring these subwoofers simple. To learn more about Crossfire Car Audio, head on over to the only authorized online dealer:


Ortofon Cartriges: Styli with Style

OM S120

Sonic Beauty at an Arm’s Length

On the end of your turntable’s tone arm there are typically three parts that make up the assembly that converts the grooves on your vinyl record into audio.   This process is called transduction and works just like the transduction process of a microphone or loudspeaker.  These components are the headshell, the cartridge, and the stylus.   The cartridge and stylus are the most important components of your turntable as they are directly responsible for the tonality and any coloration in the reproduction of audio from your record.

Put the Needle on the RecordOrtofon Pro S Stylus

The stylus or needle is diamond tipped and found in one of two designs; spherical, which is primarily used by DJs for scratching as the physical properties allow for better tracking force, or elliptical which is the preferred choice for audiophiles looking for higher fidelity and a true to life frequency response.

The stylus comes in contact with the grooves of the record and is caused to vibrate both back and forth as well as up and down forming the left and right side of a stereo signal.  This vibration is transmitted via the cantilever to the cartridge.

The cartridge is where the kinetic energy of the stylus’ motion is converted into electrical energy in the form of an audio signal.  This is done by an electromagnetic induction process very similar to that of a dynamic microphone.   In fact both processes are referred to as a moving coil electromagnetic induction.   So you can look at the cartridge as a little microphone and just like the vast array of microphones for various audio applications Ortofon has a wide selection of cartridges and styli for every possible turntable application.

Keep On the Right Track

Ortofon specifically designs cartridges for turntable applications from scratching to digital transfer even for use specifically with Serato time coded vinyl like the Ortofon Concorde DIGITRACK and Ortofon-Serato Concorde S-120 which uses asymmetric suspension technology allowing superior tracking force and seamless response, key for controlling Serato Scratch Live while preserving the integrity of your time coded vinyl with a low wear design.

Ortofon has revolutionized the DJ cartridge industry with their all-encompassing Concord assembly which combines the stylus, cartridge, and headshell into one assembly, although the majority of Ortofon’s DJ cartridge line is Ortofon Pro S Stylusalso available in an OM model, which is designed to be used with a traditional headshell such as the Ortofon OM Q.BERT.  Co-developed by one of the most legendary DJs of all time, this cartridge combines unmatched tracking ability and low vinyl wear with a high output level tuned with an elevated midrange that pulls the scratch front and center in a mix.

Outside of the DJ community there is a resurgence in popularity of vinyl records as both a novelty and a hi-fi alternative to the compressed digital media. This has prompted a need for both a high fidelity cartridge that is suited for digital transfer and recording such as the Ortofon CC ARKIV.

Ortofon cartridges set the standards to which all other cartridge manufactures are compared and is proud to carry the complete line of the finest DJ cartridges in the world.


Crossfire’s BMF Series Makes its Way to SonicElectronix

Amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers are the staple of the car audio industry of today. From hundreds of manufactures and styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming at times. Crossfire started with the concept of being able to provide high-performing and high-quality products. These products had to be reliable day in and day out, but at the same time affordable so that every car enthusiast could be reach. From this concept has grown a well established company whose products are sold in various parts of the world. The best example of Crossfire’s idea in action is their BMF Series products. BMF series products offer high-quality and high performance at a price that makes it affordable to anyone looking to get into the car audio game.

Crossfire BMF Amplifiers

Crossfire BMF500M

Ranging from 2-Channel to Monoblock, BMF series amplifiers are available for any car audio application. One of the most disguising features for BMF amplifiers is the fact that they are rated off a 12.5V battery as oppose to the factory standard of 14.5V. This small but important feature means that BMF amplifiers are going to give you accurate and dependable power ratings each and every single time. A 5-way protection circuitry protects both the amplifier and any other devices that are connected to the amplifier from any shorts or overheating. The soft start feature protects the devices being amplified from any electrical spike that could potentially cause a blow out in the devices. BMF amplifiers feature Military Spec. Audiophile Grade Components. The use of these high-end components ensures interoperability of all the components within the amplifiers, giving you reliability in performance and efficiency. BMF amplifiers also feature variable low pass and high pass electronic crossovers that will allow for complete control of frequencies to better tune your car audio system. Along with high efficiency MOSFET power supplies, oversized capacitors banks, wire free PC board layouts, and simultaneous mono/stereo operation capabilities, BMF Crossfire Amplifiers are able to compete with high-end standards at an affordable price.

Crossfire BMF Subwoofers

Crossfire BMF1228

BMF series subwoofers are offered in 10”, 12”, and 15” models. Ranging from 400 to 600 watts RMS of continuous power and offered in either Dual 2 or Dual 4 ohm versions. The “FIT” dual voice coil impedance selector allows instant series or parallel voice coil configuration. This creates a much more effective way of programming the impedance of a subwoofer when dealing with either a dual 2 or dual 4 ohm version, thus making wiring and installation extremely easy. A stitched rubber surround and dual stacked magnet motor structure give the BMF subwoofers a high-end feel and look. They also feature compression input terminals that make installation, secure and easy. These subwoofers are great in either sealed or ported enclosures making them perfect for any application. A single BMF subwoofer is perfect for anyone looking to add some rich, deep and clean bass into their car. BMF Crossfire Subwoofers will give the performance usually found in more expensive subwoofers at a fraction of the cost.


Dice Silverline Duo Integration Solution

Dice Silverline Duo Integration Solution

Now-a-Days it seems like everyone has all of their favorite music stored on their iPods/iPhones or listens to satellite radio. Have you ever wanted to bring your iTunes collection to your car but don’t want to spend all that money on a new head unit? Don’t worry, Dice Electronics has the perfect solution for you.

The Dice Silverline Duo Series is a vehicle specific integration kit which allows you to connect your iPod, iPhone, Internet Radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio to your vehicles factory stereo system. Dice Silverline Duo has an easy to operate interface combined with great sound quality. The interface also provides integrated control from the radio, steering wheel, the connected device or from an optional remote. If your vehicle already has factory Sirius Satellite Radio, this integration kit will retain it, however if it does not, it easily allows you to add an aftermarket Sirius Radio Tuner using the SC-C1 Sirius Connect Tuner. When your iPod or iPhone is connected, the Duo will provide a charge for the device so you are ready to go at all times. The updatable firmware on the Duo ensures that this is the only integration kit you will ever need, it connects to your PC through USB so you can update whenever a newer version is available.

One of the coolest features of the Duo is the Livio Car Internet Radio. You can download the free app from the iTunes store that allows you to listen to hundreds of internet-based radio programming options streamed through the 3G/Edge or Wi-Fi connection. Livio also has an upgraded application for $4.99 that will provide you with 45,000 AM/FM and internet-only radio streams from around the world. Dice Integration Kits are the only device that allows you to control the Livio Car Internet Radio Application from your vehicles radio. For Livio to work in your ride, you must have an active wireless data connection to stream music. Data connections including “3G” or “4G” through wireless carriers, or a third party wireless Internet access point connected to your mobile device thru WiFi will work. For more information on Livio Internet Radio, please go to

Who would’ve thought you could integrate all your favorite devices while retaining your factory system!