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Top 3 Marine Amplifier Deals Found At Sonic Electronix

JBL Marine MA6004

For the coming months that are heating up, it’s always good to outfit your nautical vessel with something that can help bring out the best sound quality and volume possible out on the ocean. Picking out a marine certified amplifier is a great idea in this season to maximize your boats audio quality. Built to be protected against the elements, marine amplifiers are designed with coated circuit boards to prevent water from damaging the amplifiers circuitry. Also, the fuses are designed to not produce a spark in the case that they end up popping; this is to protect the user of the electronics. The marinized enclosure is also designed with UV and salt water resistant pant which silk screen and heat sink the enclosure. The amplifiers are also protected against corrosion that can come from being in marine environment. Here are some of the top three marine certified amplifiers are at Sonic Electronix.

The MB Quart NAU 460 is a 4-channel marine amplifier to power multiple speakers, or optionally two subwoofers. This particular amplifier has a power rating of 60 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 4 ohms, 90 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 2 ohms, and you can also bridge the channels together to produce 180 watts of RMS power to 2-channels at 4 ohms.

Next up is the Sony XM-604M 4-Channel Marine amplifier. This amplifier also outputs 60 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 4 ohms. The Sony XM-604M outputs 70 watts of RMS power to 4-channels at 2 ohms. Built-in high pass and low pass filters allow you to tune this amplifier perfectly with the music that you are listening to along with it.

Finally is the JBL Marine MA6004 4-channel Marine Amplifier. This amplifier is also capable of pushing 60 watts of RMS power at 2 ohms and pushes 80 watts of RMS power to 4 channels at 2 ohms. It has a bridgeable design allowing it to be bridged to output 160 watts of RMS power to 2-channels at 4 ohms.


4th of July Sale at Sonic Electronix

4th of July Sale at Sonic Electronix

The forth of July is an anticipated holiday each and every year. It is a time to celebrate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in the United States by lighting up the barbecue, watching fireworks light up the night sky, and take advantage of all the great sales. Make sure to visit the Sonic Electronix 4th of July Sale to get some of the greatest deals on car audio, marine audio, and professional audio equipment.

Car Audio Deals

Get better sound in your car for a lower price when you take advantage of this 4th of July deals. Consider picking up a new car amplifier, such as the powerful RE Audio XTX5000.1. With 2500W of RMS power, this car amp is perfect for high-powered bass systems. For those looking to upgrade subwoofers, RE Audio SXX12D4 is a perfect choice for adding some high-end bass to your ride.

Marine Audio Deals

With summer time here, it is time to get that boat ready for the water. The Bazooka MT6502CHW is a great pair of compression horn tubbies that will play music loud and clear for wake boarders. If you need some extra power in your boat, check out the 4-channel MB Quart NAU460 amplifier and the monoblock Alpine PDX-1.600M amplifier.

Pro Audio Deals

Getting better sound in the studio is made easy with a nice pair of studio monitors. Consider the Alesis M1 Active 520 USB Speakers. Simply plug this nearfield monitors in and you are on your way to professional sound. For those that have a home studio, pick up some extra Audio Technica PRO 31 microphones and never have to worry about not having enough microphones again.

No matter what audio devices you are looking for, Sonic Electronix has you covered and this 4th of July sale is your ticket to the best audio deals out there.


Image Dynamics’ 3 Standards of Quality and Power Subwoofers

Image Dynamics is all about setting the bar high and have been doing so for 18 years. Not only do they produce some high quality products but they do so in a way that ascends them to the top amongst some of the car audio industry’s top companies in the world. This notion holds true for their 3 different lines of car subwoofers. From their entry level but powerful ID series, to their high-end, high power output IDMAX series. Each series offers unique features that set them apart from other subwoofers within their respective categories. Each series provides quality, precision and power, only getting better and stronger as you work your way up the line. These Image Dynamics Subwoofers are sure to satisfy any need for any car audio enthusiast.

IDMAX Series

Image Dynamics IDMAX12D4

The IDMAX Series subwoofers provide a high power handling of 1000 watts RMS at both the 10 “and 12” versions, in either a Dual 2 ohm or 4 ohm voice coil. The IDMAX is able to reproduce the smallest details at the lowest frequencies and deliver optimum performance every single time. These subwoofers feature a RaDiaToR system that helps eliminate common failures, such as heat and mechanical failures, during high performance. This is done by removing heat from the voice coil in large amounts and locking the cone and voice coil together, while reinforcing the cone. This series of subwoofers are able to handle larger power handlings due to the large motor structure and flexible tinsel leads that prevent mechanical fatigue and electrical arcing. The pressed paper composite woofer cone allows the subwoofer to be devoid of noise and resonance while withstanding high SPL levels. The IDMAX series subwoofers are design to work in either a sealed or ported enclosure that is sure to satisfy any personal preference. The IDMAX is truly the top of line when it comes to Image Dynamics subwoofers. It produces a staggering amount of bass with ease, precision, efficiency and grace. So if you want people to not only hear your car audio system but also feel your car audio system, then the IDMAX series subwoofers are the ones for you.

IDQ V.3 Series

Image Dynamics IDQ12D4 V.3

The IDQ V.3 series provides articulate accuracy at any volume level. The IDQ V.3 series subwoofers are available in 10” and 12” size, in a Dual 2 ohm or Dual 4 ohm version. With a rating at 500 watts RMS with the 10” subwoofers, and a RMS rating of 750 with the 12” subwoofers, these subwoofers are for those looking to really add some significant bass to their music experience. These subwoofers perform their best with less space making them ideal for smaller subwoofer enclosures. They provide a detailed and proper tonal accuracy that surpasses most other subwoofers in the same category. The IDVQ V.3 subwoofers feature a removable core assembly that not only sets them apart for other subwoofers but also allows for the custom color matching of the basket to your installation or vehicle. The removable core assembly also allows for quick and easy service to the assembly when needed or a complete replacement without any major fuss or extraneous work. The IDQ V.3 subwoofers are equipped with a poly mica woofer cone for rigidity and rubber roll profile surround for optimal excursion. The subwoofers are also equipped with a proprietary design that interlocks the cone spider and voice coil together as an assembly, increasing the performance and quality output of the subwoofers. The IDQ V.3 series subwoofers are perfect for those looking to take their bass to the next level.

ID Series

Image Dynamics ID12D4

The ID12D4 is the 12″ subwoofer in the Image Dynamics ID series of subwoofers, that are also available in 8”, 10’, and 15” sizes, giving you bass in any size desired. The RMS power range of 350 watts to 700 watts, depending on the size selected, is perfect for those looking for just a little bump in their music, or for those looking to really stir things up. Image Dynamics has taken durability, rigidity and optimal performance in mind by supplying the ID series subwoofers with a mica polypropylene cone woofer and an optimized motor structure and suspension that improves the linear excursion of the subwoofer. The improvement of linear excursion allows for more controllable bass at higher volume levels. The Dual 2 ohm and 4 ohm versions allow for various wiring options to better suit your needs or amplifier if you already own one. Image Dynamics’ ID series subwoofers truly are the perfect subwoofer for anyone remotely interested in improving their car audio system without having to pay an arm and a leg. These subwoofers provide a proper balance of sound and high level outputs, and a performance that rivals any other subwoofer in the same category.


Pioneer AppRadio: Innovative Car Receiver for iPhone & iPod

Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01

Every so often in car audio new ideas are developed that are so excited, it’s impossible to hold off until the next year’s release and we’re gifted mid-year with some awesome new technology. This is one of those years, with Pioneer developing an extremely unique idea of the AppRadio. The new Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01 might confuse some with its antics. No need to fret, although it looks like a standard mechless Digital Media Car Stereo with a CD player, it actually is fine tuned a little more than first meets the eye. The Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01 is the first aftermarket head unit designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This In-Dash Multimedia receiver was designed specifically to integrate iPhone and iPod Touch applications directly onto the receiver. This means that with specific compatible Apps on your iPhone or iPod Touch you can now control them directly with this innovative receiver.

Ever wondered why every touchscreen couldn’t be as simple as an iPhone? The Pioneer SPH-DA01’s built in Advanced App Support allows the user to load up a Compatible App such as Google Maps and have the screen appear on the head unit’s 6.1” Capacitive touchscreen. This allows the user to use similar features as on an iPhone as they can on Google Maps. The Capacitive touchscreen allows the aftermarket source unit to be capable of commands that were once only available on an iPhone. Now the receiver can recognize multiple touch points simultaneously, allowing for the iPhone pinch feature, and support of other Compatible Apps.

The features don’t stop at the iPhone integration; the stereo has built-in Bluetooth to connect with your iPhone as well as an AM/FM Radio. Standard Pioneer amplification is built into the radio to allow for greater sound quality and volume when installing this radio without any aftermarket amplifiers. Password security is also featured to keep your AppRadio safe. The currently compatible App’s with the Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01 as of its release are: iPhone Contacts, iPhone Calender, iPhone Photos, Google Maps, Pandora Internet Radio, Rdio, MotionX GPS Drive, and INRIX Traffic. The Pioneer AppRadio SPH-DA01 also is firmware updateable for future applications and updates, and the developers will be working on support for future apps constantly. With such breakthroughs mid-way through 2011, the question you’ll find yourself asking is – Isn’t technology exciting?


Precision Interface Electronics Integration Products

Clarion NZ500 (NZ-500) DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

For the past 20 years, Precision Interface Electronics Inc, also known as P.I.E. has been manufacturing high quality state of the art car audio installation and integration accessories. P.I.E.’s top of the line interfaces allow the integration of iPods, DVD players, MP3 players, Satellite Radio, Gaming systems, AUX inputs, and much more to your OEM or aftermarket systems. Here at Sonic, we have just beefed up our selection of PIE total integration products so you, our customers have the option of incorporating some of the most popular add-on accessories to your vehicle.

Integrating an iPod into your vehicle has become very popular in the past few years, CD’s are becoming a thing of the past and mostly everyone stores their music on MP3 devices. P.I.E. iPod interfaces allow you to add an iPod connection to your vehicles OEM factory or aftermarket system very easily. These interfaces allow you to listen, charge, and control your iPod through the CD changer or satellite radio controls of your headunit. They come in vehicle specific options and are made for most of the popular vehicles out today. Aftermarket headunits are not a problem when it comes to these interfaces, PIE has also produced interface adapter cables that are compatible with some of the most well known stereo manufacturers like Kenwood, Pioneer, Eclipse, and Alpine.

One of PIE’s coolest products is the X3 Switchable Triple Auxiliary Input Selector. This converter system allows you to add up to 3 auxiliary input sources and have them directly connected between the factory CD changer, factory satellite radio tuner, or most factory audio systems. It gives you the option of connecting a combination of 3 audio sources like an MP3 player, XM radio, DVD player, iPod, or any other device with auxiliary audio inputs at the same time to your factory radio. The X3 is equipped with a single push button switch to select between the three auxiliary sources you decided to connect. For this product to function correctly the factory radio must have a slave unit to use and it must be used with one the X3 vehicle specific wiring harnesses.

Browse Sonic Electronix wide selection of Precision Interface Electronics products and integrate some of your favorite add-on accessories today.