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DLS Visits Sonic Electronix

DLS Car Audio at Sonic Electronix

To stay up to date and well educated about the products that they carry, Sonic Electronix hosts trainings from the manufacturers. Recently, the Swedish company DLS came to visit Sonic and teach them about their speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, as well as their X-Program line.

High-Performance Speakers

DLS Performance Speakers at Sonic ElectronixDLS makes speakers for those that are serious about their sound. Whether you are looking at their entry-level, mid, or high-end speakers, you can be confident that you are getting a professionally built speaker. Sonic learned that the same engineers that are designing the Audiophile Gothia 6.3 component system are also designing the entry-level Performance K6 speakers. The majority of the engineering and development goes into the crossovers. In fact, DLS offers some of the most audiophile car crossovers that the industry has to offer. No matter what the budget, DLS car speakers ensures the best sound quality possible.

No Listening Fatigue

DLS Tweeters at Sonic ElectronixThe DLS team develops speakers that do not result in listener fatigue. Unlike some speakers that can play loud and make ears bleed, DLS speakers can be played loud all day long without causing the listener pain in the ears. The result is louder music that the listener can enjoy for longer periods of time. Part of this is the use of silk dome tweeters. From entry to audiophile, every DLS speaker is comprised of a silk dome tweeter.

X-Program: A Sonic Exclusive

DLS Speakers at Sonic Electronix Sonic Electronix is proud to be the exclusive North American dealer for DLS X-Program. This line of car audio products offers the same DLS quality and engineering, but with a more exclusive look. As an example, the DLS X-Program X-SD62 is a 2-way component system with a low price. However, once the system is hooked up to the appropriate amplifier, these speakers come to life and rival systems two or three times its price. Other speakers, such as the DLS X-Program X-SA62, feature massive crossovers and more luxurious materials that produce sound so clear and detailed, you could only dream of how nice it sounds.

Visit the DLS Store at Sonic Electronix for the entire line of this internationally recognized and IASCA and EMMA winning company.


Listening Safety for Your Headphones

Josh Cans

How Humans Hear

Sound waves travel through the air radially in much the same way as ripples in a pond. There are small waves and large waves that vibrate very fast. The frequencies of these vibrations are what we interpret as pitch being high or low in direct correlations with high and low frequencies. Ear Anatomy
Sound waves come in contact with our ears first by being gathered, reflected, and delayed by the Pinna (1). This is how we are able to localize sound and determine the direction a sound is coming from. For example; by differentiating the delay time of sound traveling around the Pinna as opposed to directly into it we can determine that a sound is behind us. The sound waves then travel into the auditory canal or ear canal until they ultimately impact the Timpanic Membrane or the Eardrum (2). Directly connected to the other side of the Eardrum are the tiniest bones found in the human body. The Mallious, Incus, and Stapes which are latin for hammer, anvil and sturrip because of their shape. These tiny bones physically transmit the kinetic energy absorbed by the eardrum from the sound waves to the Cochlea (3) The Cochlea is a snail shell shaped organ that is filled with endolymphatic fluid as well as stereocillia (pictured left). In addition to serving as the apparatus that accounts for our balance this fluid is pressurized and vibrates with sound waves where the tiny hairlike stereocillia are stimulated and convert these sound into electrical impulses that travel down the Auditory Nerve (4) to our brains where they are interpreted sound.


One of the most common and most avoidable problems in our auditory system is Tinnitus. Tinnitus is simply a ringing or noise in the ears as a result of a many number of problems, most common of which is shock or damage to the stereocillia in the cochlea due to prolonged exposure to high SPL levels.  Tinnitus can be a temporary condition or terminal as a result in permanent hearing damage.

How to avoid hearing damage and loss

Headphones can be dangerous if listened to at excessively loud volumes for extended periods of time. Most people would assume this to be the case. What isn’t taken into account is the psycho acoustic effect of masking. Masking is when the perception of a sound is affected by the presence of another sound. For example someone may be inclined to turn up the volume of their headphones to compete with background noise such as traffic. This can be a slippery slope of dangerous hearing levels and it is important to be aware of the potential damage you may be doing. You may think “There’s no way my earbuds can produce 120db of SPL!” but taking relative distance into account and the fact that your earbuds are only centimeters from your timpanic membrane, earbuds are more than capable of cause pain and permanent hearing damage. In fact the French government doesn’t allow for personal media players to exceed 100dbu in their market. In a recent study the CDC concludes that listeners of personal media players while exercising should reduce levels by half as the blood pulled by the extremedies leaves the inner ear more susceptible to higher spl levels. The Acoustical Society of America recommends no greater than 85dBA for prolonged listening and no longer than two hours of exposure to 91dBA per day, which for an iPod is about 80% max volume with stock earbuds. Certainly some advice you should listen to if you would like to continue listening to anything else.


Aerial7’s On-Ear Headphones Offer Quality, and Self-Expression

Aerial7 have brought culture, fashion, and art into their four lines of DJ style headphones. They are providing high quality sound reproduction while at the same time being on the forefront of ever changing trends, innovation and self expression. In a market of literally billions of products the four series of headphones below encompass an essence of individualism while paring it with advances in technology and features that are not usually found in DJ Style headphones. Ranging from superior high-end headphones like the ROYALE series, to a more affordable series that still delivers superb sound reproduction like the PHOENIX series. With this wide spectrum, Aerial7 on-ear headphones have everyone covered.



Without any question the best on-ear headphones by Aerial7. Available in Absolute and Bourbon, these high-end professional DJ style headphones are designed for the true music enthusiast. ROYALE series headphones are equipped with 50mm speaker drivers that deliver the highest possible sound reproduction and quality by providing an enhanced full sound spectrum. Royale series headphones come equipped with a 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter so that you can go from casual applications to more professional applications without any hassles. The built-in microphone that allows for hands free use with mobile devices really sets these headphones apart from other professional headphones. With precise headband adjustment and a full grain patent leather headband you will receive supreme and premium comfort during all listening sessions. With a classy and luxurious look and feel accompanied with professional sound reproduction Aerial7’s ROYALE series headphones are perfect for those looking for unmatched professional headphones.

TANK Series


These professional headphones feature single-sided monitoring with a spring swivel ear cup design, making them perfect for any looking for a quality DJ style headphone. A straight thin cable with a built-in microphone allows you to have hands free conversations with mobile devices and even Skype. The 57mm speaker drivers deliver high quality sound reproduction that is to be expected in high-end professional headphones at a fraction of the cost. TANK series headphones not only provide superior sound quality but with multiple color options, they allow you to truly express your personal style that will make you stand out above the rest. Aerial7 has taken comfort into mind and given the TANK series headphones ultra-thick cushions and a soft pliable headband for guaranteed comfort during long listening sessions. The soft touch and rubberized finish of the ear cups provides sturdiness and longevity of the headphones. TANK series on-ear headphones will bring out those lows and display those mids and highs without breaking the bank.



Aerial7 kicks it old school and retro with the CHOPPER2 series and do it in a way that showcases the essence of retro while still introducing the improvements in technology and advances in personal audio. Apart from the 44mm speaker drivers for excellent sound production and built in microphone for hands frees talking, the CHOPPER2 provide an aesthetics that you will not find on any other retro style headphones. The 3.5mm to 6.3mm adapter makes these headphones versatile and perfect in more than one application. 7 different color selections will allow you to step out the standard and into the stylish. Equipped with a soft pliable headband and plus ear cups for comfort during extended listening. With satisfying and excellent sound reproduction and a true and honorable retro style design, CHOPPER2 headphones are a great repertoire for any music lover and enthusiast.



Not everyone wants oversize headphones that are usually associated with DJ style headphones, but they still want a product that can produce the same sound quality as its counterpart. Enter Aerial7’s PHOENIX series on-ear headphones. Featuring a swivel ear cup designed for single sided monitoring and beat matching, but in a mid-size frame design that sets them apart from your traditional DJ style headphones. Even with a compact design, the PHOENIX series headphones are still able to deliver high quality sound reproduction with the use of 44mm speaker drivers. These headphones feature a slim profile microphone for use with hands free devices, and a Skype adaptor that will allow VoIP on your PC. The use of proprietary materials and finishes along with a reinforced frame, plush ear cushions and adjustable headband make the PHOENIX series headphones durable, reliable and comfortable. With multiple color options and an affordable price, these headphones are a great way to improve your listening experience.


Marine Accessories Available at Sonic

Marine Accessories Available at Sonic

Summer is finally here which is great news for all the boating enthusiast out there. It’s time to pull the boat out of the garage or storage, clean it up, make sure everything is still intact and start hitting the lakes. Before you get too far though, you may want to check out all the cool Marine accessories that Sonic Electronix has available to you to enhance your boating season. Most of you boaters today already have quality sound system in your boats, but here are a couple of cool accessories you might enjoy.

Clarion is well known for making high quality marine headunits, so if you have one equipped in your boat the Clarion MW1 Wired Marine Remote Control can definitely make operating your system much easier. This remote has a watertight seal and plugs directly into the rear of your receiver. The white 2-line blacklit LCD display is clear and visible during the brightest days. This marine remote is constructed with a black face and stainless steel bezel and will meet the demands of the marine environment. It also features rubber buttons on the face of the remote that give you complete control over your Clarion headunit. The Clarion MW1 is compatible with the CMV1, CMD6, and the M309 Marine headunits.

No matter where you look on the lake, you will see wake boarders and water skiers all over the place and there is a good chance you are pulling one behind your own boat. Lakes can get really crowded in the summer and it is always safe to have good communication with the person you are pulling, most times, yelling just doesn’t get the job done. Bazooka has a solution to that problem with their Marine Mobile Microphone PA Mixer. The MPA1000B allows you to easily talk with skiers, wakeboarders, or other boats with the click of a button. Its 4-channel music input allows you to also play music from the mixer and features independent music & voice controls. The voice over functionality will mute the music when you are ready to speak through the microphone. This versatile PA mixer is available in two colors, black & white.

Get your hands on some awesome marine accessories this summer at Sonic Electronix.


Sonic Electronix goes Go-Kart Racing at MB2 Raceway

Car Amp and sub combos at Sonic Electronix

This past weekend Sonic Electronix visited MB2 Raceway in Sylmar, CA for a day of go-kart racing! Members of each department formed two teams: Operations vs. Support. These two teams took it to the track for a couple of fun and competitive races. Racers first competed in a qualifying round of 14 laps around the indoor custom-built track. The track simulated a road course with S-curves, chicanes, and hairpin turns. As the racers neared the end of the qualifying round, they felt the pressure and began taking more aggressive passing opportunities. At the conclusion of the qualifying round, team Support took the lead and send 4 of their 6 racers on to the final round.

The final race began with a rolling start with the racers in formation and lined up according to how they qualified. After the single lap around the track in formation, they put the pedal to the metal and began the real racing. The competition was cutthroat and the racers were on the track to win. After some intense and nerve-racking laps, the race concluded and the racers tried to wait patiently for the results.

Overall, Sonic Electronix had a fun and enjoyable day at MB2 Raceway. Everyone that came participated in two races, each with 14 laps. Even though the Support team had the fastest lap times, everyone that was there received a medal. The racers with the top 3 times were awarded trophies and the pride of knowing they were the fastest of the day. Whether the racer was in it to win or just along for the ride, they had fun and walked away smiling.

MB2 Raceway go-kart winners at Sonic Electronix

1st place
Name: The Craig Bennett
Title: Art Director
Racing Team: Support
Average Lap Time: 26.889

2nd Place
Name: Seth Wilde
Title: Product Content Manager
Racing Team: Support
Average Lap Time: 26.890

3rd Place
Name: Mike Carrasco
Title: Inventory Controller
Racing Team: Operations
Average Lap Time: 27.772