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Scytek Galaxy Mobile

Let’s face it, the wave of Smartphone’s has crashed down on us and more and more waves keep coming as the technology within these phones improves. Don’t be surprised when our cell phones do everything and interface with everything. Programming your coffee machine via your Smartphone never felt lazier. This brings us to ScyTek Electronics, a manufacturer of automotive security and protection products, primarily car alarm and remote start systems. In the not so distant past, ScyTek Electronics released their Galaxy Mobile service which lets you use your iPhone or Smartphone to control your vehicles security system. You can arm and lock, disarm and unlock, trunk release, remote engine start and remote engine stop like most car alarm systems these days, but there is so much more you can now do with this system.

Vehicle Location via GPS:Galaxy Mobile is a vehicle tracking system. Unlimited real-time GPS tracking with user-friendly internet software allows you to see where your vehicle is at all times. Best use of this is for theft monitoring, teen driver monitoring or even business vehicle tracking.

2-Way Communication:
With your Smartphone as the control center for your vehicle, you will receive alerts to your phone whenever something isn’t right. These notification alerts can not only be sent to your cell phone, but your email as well. SMS Alert allows all alerts to be sent as an easy to read text message to multiple phones or email addresses. As for vehicle functions, you will receive confirmation that your vehicle completed the requested command, such as locking of the doors or ignition of the engine, once completed.

Geo-Fence/Time-Fence/Speed Fence: Do you need to limit the location that you’re Galaxy Mobile equipped vehicle can go? You can setup a parameter, known as a “Geo-Fence” for your vehicle to traverse that uses the real time GPS tracking to monitor vehicle location and send warnings if it passes out of set boundaries. This is useful for keeping tabs on teen drivers and fleet vehicles. In addition to Geo-Fencing, the Time-Fence will send alerts if the vehicle is moving after a set curfew. Finally, the Speed-Fence can be setup to send alerts if the vehicle is exceeding the set speed limit of the fence.

Multiple Vehicle Management:
Manage fleets of vehicles with this system in one convenient web page. The main tracking page provides tracking and control of all vehicles with the Galaxy Mobile device installed. All vehicles can be viewed on the map at one time along with their direction of travel and speed.

The primary features of the Scytek Galaxy Mobile were listed here but it has additional features that make it more than just a security system. Some insurance companies might even offer discounted insurance rates for the addition of this technology on your vehicle. Make sure to verify with your insurance agency first. Need complete control of your vehicle from anywhere in the world? Need to monitor your vehicles location and receive text message alerts for speeding, moving out of a specific boundary, or activating past a set time? The Galaxy Mobile service has you covered, from anywhere and everywhere.


Marketing Yourself as a Mobile DJ

Ok so you have your turntables or decks, your mixer, a thumpin’ system and all the lights and equipment to put on an amazing show, now what?    You need the gigs and this is how to get them.

Branding: Whats in a Name? Would a Sub called by any other name not be as thumpin’?

Just like any other business offering a product or service you need to brand yourself as a professional mobile DJ.   The first thing you need is a name.   Something catchy that reflects the image you want convey to the world that also evokes professionalism and style.  DJ Scribbles, Dr. Q, or even Hawk-Eye Spirithorse sounds more like a pro DJ than “That guy named Ted.”  So gives some thought as to what your mobile DJ business should be known as, as well as what you as a DJ should be called.

Design a logo

With a growing DJ market it is important to stand out amounsgst your compeditors.   To take advantage of the marketing tools out there your going to need a logo.  American DJ Gobo Projector LED Logos are as easy to come by as designing one yourself, although if you feel your artistic talents lie elsewhere and your artists friends cant be bought off with a twelve pack it may be worth the investment to have your logo designed by a professional artist. Graphic artists may vary in prices but it is an investment that pays off if you really want to get yourself out there.  There are a number of creative ways to gain exposure even during your show by using your logo.  A DJ gobo projector like the American DJ GOBO Projector LED can project your logo on a backdrop or stage.

Make it Pretty, Get noticed

You need to have something to show your potential clientele.  Pictures, videos, and samples of you spinning need to be in a convenient place for clients to lay eyes and ears on.    For this a Website is crucial.  A website gives you the ability to stage your entire marketing campaign over the web while legitimizing your business.  There are a many number of ways to go about setting up your web page but keep in mind that an investment in the time to develop your page or the money invested to hire a professional web designer will ultimately pay off.

Social Media, Get Connected

Get connected and stay connected with social networking.  As you can imagine the DJs with 900,000 people following them are twitter aren’t having problems getting gigs.  Aside from being established global entertainers it doesn’t hurt to have a mobile fan base with ready and able access to every gig you have.   Obviously most of us aren’t there yet, but the a DJ with web presence on Facebook and Twitter has significantly more exposure than a DJ who doesn’t.

Know the People That Should Know You!

It is important to be in contact with the people who hire DJs.   Building relationships with event planners, show promoters, wedding planners, any event professional who hires DJs, and all their cousins sisters and brothers.  Networking is the key to living and dying by the gig.


Once you have an established website, facebook page, twitter presence, youtube channel, and even a myspace page seamlessly linking you to the rest of the world it is important not to forget good ol’ fashioned grass roots marketing.  Press packs and business cards with your logo and letterhead are still very important for potential clients you meet in person.  Its hard to maintain an er of professionism with your number and email written on a post it note so be sure and have a stack of cards with your logo.  It is also important to flyer your shows and keep your status posted on the web of all your upcoming events.   A newsletter should be made available from your webpage for blasts on upcoming shows.

DJ’s are continuously hired on word of mouth based on your performance so the most important aspect of keeping the gigs coming is to hone your craft.  In order to set up the web presence stated above you need an incredible amount of content to show the world.  To amass this you should be participating in events, battles, or anywhere you can showcase your talent as well as practice your skills.


Realm’s D1100.1 Class D Amplifier Brings Quality and Simplicity

Realm D1100.1

With consumer demands for options and affordability the car audio industry has seen a lot of subpar companies come forth with products that look great but lack performance and quality. In 2007 Realm sought out to fix this problem by introducing products that produced a flawless unsurpassed quality of sound across the entire range of a car audio system. Realm products are focused towards the discriminating consumer who wants to be able to get the best possible sound reproduction without compromising any major features. A big factor in good sound reproduction is clean and constant power. Realm car amplifiers are able to output clean, constant, and efficient power. These amplifiers exemplify the quality and performance that Realm has base their entire foundation upon, so you better believe that the product they produce will perform outstandingly. Realm amplifiers have a simple yet elegant look but under the hood its nothing but high-quality components giving you the best performance and amplifier can give no matter how hard or how long you decide to run your system.

The D1100.1 is one of two Class D Monoblock Realm amplifiers. With an RMS power rating of 300W @ 4 ohms, 550W @ 2 ohms and 1100W @ 1 ohm, this amplifier is able to give multiple power outputs to meet a variety of installations and applications, from entry-level to more professional power needs. The amplifier is also CEA-2006 compliant meaning that it has met standardized testing to ensure that the power output ratings do not drop or are overrated, giving you every wattage stated at its respective ohm rating. The amplifier features a multi-color LED protection that notifies you of a problem with one of three LED lights. This takes the guessing work out of the equation allowing one to address the problem much quicker and more accurately. This simple yet innovative technology can save you trips to an installer for bench testing or even stop you from making the mistake of throwing away your amplifier because it won’t power on. Realm wanted to make sure that their monoblock amplifiers were accessible to all and for that very reason equipped their D1100.1 with both low-level RCA inputs and high-level speaker inputs. This means that the amplifier can be installed into any vehicle, no matter if they have a factory system or after-market system. This is especially important if you have a vehicle with a nice factory system or a dash that would be a hassle and bundle to replace. No Realm Class D Monoblock amplifier would be complete without user amplifier options and the D1100.1 does not disappoint. The included remote level control allows the user to control the amount of bass needed for every song without having to leave the comfort of their seat. This will make the listening experience more enjoyable and a much more efficient way to transition from one sound to another. The variable low-pass filter allows for a more defined sound system in which the user can filter out any high frequencies, giving that deep and rich bass that most people seek, while the illuminated dial controls make it easy to see and operate even in the darkest of conditions. With other features like internal transistor heat sinks for extreme heat dissipation and discrete plug style terminals for quick and secure connections, Realm’s D1100.1 monoblock amplifer is a solid car amplifier that is reliable, efficient, affordable, and able to perform with quality that is expected from high-end amplifiers.


Top Digital Media Receivers of 2011

Digital media is quickly becoming the new industry standard for car audio, and the ability to quickly navigate, organize and play your music and video is a must for any audiophile today. Have you ever been driving down the road and you have to ask your passenger to find your favorite album out of a bulky CD wallet? With today’s innovative receivers, there is no need to keep those cluttering CD’s around any longer. iPod’s, flash drives and SD cards can store hundreds of songs that are conveniently accessible, while the average CD-R will only hold 74 minutes of music. Naturally there are some media receivers that rise above the rest in terms of quality and ease of use, and here we will highlight the top three digital media receivers for 2011 that should be considered when shopping for your new car stereo.

Pioneer MVH-P7300

To start off, we are introducing a head-unit that has the ability to play streaming music from your iPhone, or even tag your favorite songs on the radio to later view and download in your iTunes. The Pioneer MVH-P7300 seamlessly integrates all of your digital media into your vehicle with style and quality. The Advanced Sound Retrieval system restores frequencies that are typically lost with digital music compression. With the optional Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto-EQ microphone that detects and adjusts playback you won’t ever have to adjust your music levels again.

• Advanced Sound Retrieval Technology
• Pioneer CD-MC20 Auto-EQ Microphone

Alpine iDA-X305S

Next on our list is the Alpine iDA-X305S. This receiver is packed full of bells and whistles that will take you days to explore. The optional IMPRINT Audio Processor enhances audio reproduction by improving sound stage and overcoming vehicle acoustics by calculating the optimal playback frequencies for your listening area. The Power IC Off function will power down the built-in amplifier when you are using external amps to eliminate extra induced noises from the high powered speaker outputs. This function also reduces heat production, and lowers power consumption.

• IMPRINT Audio Processor
• Power IC Disabling

Kenwood KIV-BT901

Finally, one of the more impressive digital media receivers of the year 2011 is the Kenwood KIV-BT901. One of the great features of this stereo is the internal 512mb flash drive that is used to store your music or other media. The dual zone functionality allows for simultaneous playback of different media sources in your vehicle so the backseat passengers can enjoy their music or movie while you listen to yours. The Sound Excellence Digital Sound Processor (DSP) offers smooth digital time alignment and the ability to change your iPod’s equalizer settings.

• Internal 512mb Flash Drive
• Dual Zone Source Control
• Sound Excellence DSP

These digital media receivers are all worth every penny, and you won’t go wrong with any of them. For more information on any of these stereos you may follow the links to our product pages. We hope this guide helps you understand the convenience of having a digital media receiver in your vehicle. Happy listening!


The Big 3 Upgrade Combo Kits

Clarion NZ500 (NZ-500) DVD Receiver with Bluetooth

Here at Sonic Electronix, our car audio brainiacs are always coming up with new product combo packages that contain a combination of compatible products from some of the most popular manufacturers today. These Sonic Exclusive packages include subwoofer & amplifier combos, subwoofer & sound dampening combos, speaker & amp combos, headunit & speaker combos, and many more. Our newest addition to these Sonic Exclusive combos is The Big 3 Upgrade Kits.

The Big 3 Upgrade should be the first step you take when adding a aftermarket sound system to your vehicle. These combo kits contain the typical Big 3 item which is 1/0 gauge power/ground wire and a couple other products that will assist you and enhance your Big 3 Upgrade. Upgrading the Big 3 consist of upgrading the alternator wire to the battery, the negative battery cable to vehicle ground, and engine ground to chassis.

Benefits of The Big 3 Upgrade

  • Enhances your vehicles electrical system stability
  • Helps eliminate dimming headlights
  • Allows you to add a second battery or high output capacitor for high powered sound systems
  • Helps stop drops in voltage
  • Improves vehicles system charging
  • Increases compatibility when using high performance alternators and batteries
  • Strengthens power current to everything in your vehicle without additional resistance

Tsunami Big 3 Upgrade Kits

We have two kits available that contain Tsunamis true-to-gauge power/ground cable. These kits consist of two 5’ pieces of GN601 1/0 gauge power/ground cable, one 5’ piece of PR601 1/0 AWG power/ground cable, a set of Tsunami TSBT-PN battery terminals, four X Scorpion ring terminals, and one set of X Scorpion cable cutters/strippers. These Tsunami kits come in your choice of silver & blue cable or red & black cable depending on your preference.

X Scorpion Big 3 Upgrade Kit

This one of a kind Big 3 combo comes with X Scorpions top of the line pure oxygen free flat power/ground cable. The X Scorpion kit contain two 5’ pieces of black FG0.50 1/0 gauge power/ground cable, one 5’ piece of red FP0.50R 1/0 AWG power/ground cable, a set of X-Scorpion platinum battery terminals, six 0/2 gauge ring terminals, and one set of X Scorpion cable cutters/strippers. These heavy duty cable cutters will cut through 0 gauge wire like butter and feature an extra knife for stripping insulation..

Kicker Big 3 Upgrade Kit

The Kicker Big 3 Upgrade Kit comes with everything you need and more to successfully complete a big 3 upgrade. This combo package includes two 5’ pieces of gunmetal gray 09PWG0 1/0 gauge power/ground cable, one 5’ piece of blue 09PWB0 1/0 AWG power/ground cable, a set of Kicker 09BTPN3 battery terminal clamps, one Kicker 09CBP positive competition battery terminal clamp, four 0/2 gauge ring terminals, and one set of X Scorpion cable cutters/strippers.

These Sonic Electronix Exclusive kits are sure to give your vehicles electrical system a boost and allow you to install the high powered sound system you’ve always wanted without a hitch.