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What Makes a Good RCA Interconnect Cable?

RCA Interconnect cables are a very important component of aftermarket audio systems. They are responsible for sending the audio signal from the car receiver to the amplifier. From the amplifier, that signal is then sent to the speakers and becomes audible to our ears. Quality RCA cables will result in better sound quality. In this blog we will discuss characteristics of RCA cables that separate the low-end cables from the high-end. When searching for the best RCA Interconnect Cables, use the following as a guide to find the cable best suited for you.


Kicker RCA Cables w Gold ContactThere are a lot of different materials out there that are used to create an RCA cable. Each of these materials will have different properties and efficiencies when it comes to transferring audio signals. Always look for pure Oxygen Free Copper (OFC). The higher the quality of copper, the cleaner the signal will be.

Also look for contacts made from highly conductive materials. Since the audio signal has to go through two contact points when being transferred from the source unit to the amplifier, it is important that low quality contacts do not degrade the signal. Look for materials like Gold, Rhodium, or Silver. The Kicker X-Series is an excellent example of quality gold contacts.

Twisted Windings

MTX Streetwires RCA Cables Hyper TwistHow the copper cable is wound inside the cable jacket is very important. When a RCA cable uses a twisted winding method, the cable is able to reject outside noise. Many reputable companies will use twisted pair technology, even though it might be hidden behind an outer jacket. Other companies, such as MTX on their Streetwires ZN7 Cables, will use a clear outer jacket that shows off the twisted windings.


Monster RCA Cable 400 CarA solid, tight connection is very important for RCA interconnect cables. When the cable is connected to the receiver or the amplifier, there should be no chance that it could fall off from vibrations. Monster Cable 400 Series Cables use an 8-cut turbine connector and a split center pin to ensure the cable will have a secure fit. Look for connectors with split tips and a multi-cut outer shield.

This is a basic guide to a RCA cable that is best matched for your needs. While all cables are relatively the same (copper wire with connectors soldered on both ends), these construction methods will decrease the amount of outside noise. Higher quality cables will result in better sounding music.


Peak, Program, and Continuous Power Ratings: Get a Handle on Power Handling

QSC RMX1450 pro audio amplifier

Get a Handle on Power Handling

What do we mean by power rating? The short answer is  the amount of power a loudspeaker can handle without blowing, or the amount of power an amplifier can or potentially can produce.  In order to select the proper speakers for your show, event, or venue as well as the proper amplifier to push them, there are a few terms to consider.

Continuous Power Rating

Often referred to as RMS power rating, the continuous power rating is the level of electrical power that can be introduced continuously into an audio system.   The test is administered by supplying a continuous sine wave to an audio component for an extended period of time.

Program Power Rating

Program power ratings are based on tests designed to simulate the dynamic musical responses in a performance setting.  Program power ratings are typically twice the continuous power rating.

Peak Power Rating

Peak power ratings are the highest expected momentary power level a speaker can handle before blowing.  The peak power rating refers to very short instances of power, typically transients under 20ms.  Peak power ratings are typically, but not always, twice the program power rating, and four times the continuous power rating.

Some Other Audio Terms You Should Know


Sensitivity is a measurement of the ability a speaker has to convert supplied power from an amplifier into sound waves.  The test is administered by measuring the relative volume of sound measured in Decibels using one watt of power at one meter.   Speakers with higher sensitivity ratings are much more efficient transducers.


Impedance is a measurement of the resistance the audio signal is experiencing through the audio system by way of the materials it is traveling though.   Measured in Ohms the signals power will behave differently under different impedance loads.   It is very important that you  are sure of the impedance of your speakers and closely match them to the correct power rating of your amplifier.


Free RE Audio XTX Amplifiers at Sonic Electronix

Free RE Audio XTX amp at Sonic

Every once in a while a deal comes along that is too good to pass up. It isn’t so much a question of “why do I need this?” but instead “Why wouldn’t I need this?” Lucky for those loyal fans of Sonic Electronix, a deal like this is going on right now. Head on over to the Free RE Audio XTX Amplifier Sale and get a free amplifier to power your speakers or subwoofer.

Free RE Audio XTX1500.1 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX1500.1 amp. Consider the pair of Crossfire C5 Subs +Free Amp combo. The 10” C5 subwoofers are rated at 300 watts RMS and a perfect match for the amplifier. Once the pair of subs is wired down to a single ohm, these subs will be pounding hard!

Free RE Audio XTX3000.1 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX3000.1 amp. Consider the pair of Image Dynamics IDQ Subs +Free Amp combo. This sound quality combo features the audiophile grade IDQ subwoofers and is the perfect way to install professional bass in any car.

Free RE Audio XTX5000.1 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX5000.1 amp. Consider the pair of MTX Audio Thunder 9500 Subs +Free Amp combo. This is a high SPL package that is designed for those that want big bass and want to run a lot of power. This is the perfect package for ground pounding bass.

Free RE Audio XTX800.4 Amplifier
Choose from Sonic’s selection of combos that include a free XTX800.4 amp. Consider the Realm LS6c Speakers +Free Amp combo. Audiophile sound is the perfect way to complement an aftermarket subwoofer. These high-end Realm speakers will bring a new level of clarity to any car.

Free RE Audio XTX500.5 Amplifier
Get the entire system with 5-channel combo that includes a free XTX500.5 amp. Consider the complete Image Dynamics System +Free Amp combo. This full system includes Image Dynamics speakers and subwoofers. Matched with this RE Audio amp, it becomes the ideal car audio solution.


Making the Earth Shake with DBXi Earthquake Sound Subwoofers

Earthquake Sound DBXi-12D

For those of you out there who are true car audio enthusiast the name Earthquake Sound is about as second nature as your own name. Have you ever wanted a really smart person who knows a lot about math, science and mechanics to be the one building your subwoofer? Well Earthquake’s founder Joseph J. Sahyoun is just that guy. Mr. Sahyoun took his Aerospace Engineering background and decided to build a subwoofer that would not only sound loud but would perform better than it sounded, so for him it really was rocket science. His passion for music, quality and power along with his desire to push the boundaries of technology enabled Earthquake Sound to become the company that it is today, a well respected, admired, and accomplished company within the car audio world. Earthquake Sound have branched out into other forms of audio, like gaming and home audio, and have been striving in these fields since 1997. For over the last few decades they have garnished a number of awards for innovation and performance and have become proud members of organizations such as CEDIA, SEMA, and CEA. Their quality has never diminished over the years and nothing could be truer about their DBXi series car subwoofers.

The DBXi-12D series subwoofer is a superbly manufactured woofer by Earthquake Sound. With the series also available in a 10”, and 15” model, with each respective model having the option of a Single 4 ohm voice coil or a Dual 4 ohm voice coil. With these options the DBXi series will fit any application that you are seeking and will provide multi-wiring configuration to better suit your needs. The DBXi-12D subwoofer was made to last and perform with the utmost precision and clarity. The pressed pulp fiber cone material will allow for a rigid structure that will be able to handle higher power outputs but at the same time be flexible enough to reproduce sound smoothly and efficiently. A high-roll woofer rubber surround will allow the woofer more surface area thus creating a higher excursion, which means a deeper impact bass so that when your system hits those low frequencies you really do feel the music, after all the company is called Earthquake for a reason. Its die-cast aluminum basket structure and turbo propped cooling, increase the life expectancy of the subwoofer by providing a strong and durable housing and a cooling system that will always keep your subwoofer running at safe temperature levels no matter how hard you play them. The DBXi subwoofer features stitched tinsel leads for improved signal transfer giving you accurate and responsive bass, while the magnet structure ensures that the subwoofer run as efficiently as possible for days on end. The DBXi-12D is more than just your meat and potatoes subwoofer, with the ability to handle 500 watts of RMS continuous power this subwoofer will provide more than enough bass and properly welcome you to true car audio.

In the car audio industry, car subwoofers are a dime a dozen but when you bring the vision of aerospace engineering and combine it with the human necessity and longing for high quality sound reproduction the finished product is the DBXi series Earthquake Sound Car Subwoofers. So instead of getting lost in the vast abyss that is car audio, the DBXi stands out and is not easily matched by other subwoofer in its class.


Top 10 Most Popular Cars for Generation Y

Top Cars for Generation Y

The youth of America is growing up and starting to drive and they are learning to drive a little bit differently than the rest of American drivers. While the laws of the road are the same, the vehicles are completely different. Learning to drive with a domestic automobile is practically a thing of the past because America’s youth (and those buying the cars) are beginning to prefer foreign automakers.

According to the automotive site TrueCar, these young drivers are purchasing foreign cars. In fact, the top 10 cars purchased by those in the age range of 18-27 are all foreign. While the Ford Focus was in the top 10 cars list, not a single domestic car manufacturer made the top 10 brands list.

Aftermarket auto parts and electronics manufacturers can use this information to focus on making equipment specifically for the cars below. Those that already own one of these cars can be confident that they will always have a great selection of aftermarket products to install. For more information on what the speaker sizes are for these cars, visit the Sonic Electronix Speakers Fit Guide. Speakers are only the start of a long list of vehicle upgrades that could be made with these cars.

Top 10 Cars for Generation Y

  1. Scion tC ($18,995)
  2. Mitsubishi Lancer ($20,670)
  3. Honda Civic Si ($22,975)
  4. Toyota Yaris Sedan ($13,915)
  5. Ford Focus Coupe ($17,365)
  6. Scion xD ($15,830)
  7. Volkswagen GLI ($25,365)
  8. Subaru Impreza ($19,220)
  9. Kia Forte ($15,690)
  10. Toyota Corolla ($16,660)

Top 10 Brands for Generation Y

  1. Scion (21.2%)
  2. Mitsubishi (20.3%)
  3. Mazda (10.7%)
  4. Nissan (9.8%)
  5. Volkswagen (9.6%)
  6. Kia (9.1%)
  7. Hyundai (8.6%)
  8. Honda (8.0%)
  9. Toyota (7.6%)
  10. Subaru (7.3%)

Who are the Drivers of Generation Y?

The Generation Y drivers are the drivers of the future. They were born in 1982 and after. Sometimes Gen Y will be referred to as the Millennial Generation, Generation Next, Net Generation, or the Echo Boomers. Since these drivers are just starting to drive, they will be on the roads for the next 60, 70, or even 80 years. It is best to get used to driving with Generation Y because they are going to be on the road for a long time.

* Top 10 Cars shown with vehicle MSRP
** Top 10 Brands shown with percentage of buyers in Gen Y