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Cerwin-Vega Car Subwoofers Make Their Way to Sonic Electronix

Not just any company is honored with an Academy Award for Special Technical Achievement but Cerwin-Vega was given that honor which is only one of the many reasons why they are one of the best Loudspeaker Company in the world. For over 50 years now Cerwin-Vega has been making strides in audio technologies and have received numerous awards and praise in pro, home, and mobile audio. The dedication to sound, quality and value is easily seen in Cerwin-Vega car subwoofers, from their entry level H.E.D series subwoofers to their higher-end, higher bass output Stroker series subwoofers. By setting the standards high on production and performance these subwoofers will meet any desired application and installation.

Cerwin-Vega HED124


The HED124 is Cerwin-Vega’s 12” entry level subwoofer. With a peak power rating of 300 watts and RMS rating of 150 watts, this subwoofer is perfect for those looking to improve their car audio system with non-overwhelming or overbearing bass. The woofer features a composite polypropylene material that gives the woofer a perfect weight to strength ratio and increases durability. Just because it’s an “entry” level woofer does not mean that is not a quality woofer. The woofer’s radial contact convex domes geometrical design reduces cone flex and decreases distortion, while the linear rolled spider provides control and dynamic sound at any level of music. The HED124 uses other technologies such as cross-flow window venting, and a forged alloy yoke that really set it apart from other “entry” level subwoofers in its class.

Cerwin-Vega VMAX124


The VMAX124 is Cerwin-Vega’s 12” subwoofer that carries a bit more of a punch. This woofer has a peak power handling of 1000 watts and an RMS rating of 500 watts. This woofer uses similar technologies found in other Cerwin-Vega subwoofers such as window framed venting for direct voice coil cooling and increased power handling and also a radial contact convex domes geometrical design which reduces cone flex and decreases distortion. The woofer offers a wide rubber surround for increased surface area and increased excursion handling at higher volume levels. The O2 Cast technology increases basket strength while lowering basket resonance giving you amazing performance and quality along with durability and a sound structure. With dual 2.5” voice coils and dual linear spiders for assembly cone control, the VMAX124 is the subwoofer that sets the “newbie” apart from that “true” car audio enthusiast.

Cerwin-Vega STKR124


Cerwin-Vega’s 12” STKR124 subwoofer is not for the faint at heart. With a peak power handling of 2400 watts and RMS rating of 1200 watts, this subwoofer has some serious bass output that is more common to competition subwoofers. Its mica reinforced polypropylene skeleton woofer cone and rubber surround increase the woofer’s performance, durability and quality. Cerwin-Vega wanted to make sure you get the most out of this woofer and for this reason incorporated a fixed sub-sonic filter at 18dB for increased low-frequency reproduction that will give you that really low hard-hitting bass. This woofer uses some of the same technologies from other Cerwin-Vega woofers such as radial contact convex domes, O2 Cast technology, and window framed venting that only increases the quality of the woofer. With such high power outputs the STKR124 has a heavy gauge die-cast aluminum frame able to handle the high-excursion levels and U-Term speaker terminals for a solid connection no matter how loud the woofer gets. The woofer also offers a field serviceable cone assembly allowing for a quick replacement of the cone if the woofer blows while competing, allowing you to continue competing in a matter of seconds. The STKR124 is Cerwin-Vega’s subwoofer that will really allow you to feel your music.


What Are DVD Region Codes?

Every DVD you put in your player has a region code associated with it. Whether it is a region 1 disc or region free, it is something to consider when purchasing a DVD player or disc. Today, almost all devices that have the ability to play a movie will have a region number including PC’s, standalone DVD players, car stereos, video game consoles and Blu-ray players.

What Is The Purpose?

You are probably wondering what a region code is, and more importantly what purpose they have. DVD region codes restrict playback of movies that come from geographical locations outside of your residing place. For example, you cannot typically play a DVD on a United States DVD player if that disc is distributed in Australia. The purpose of these restrictive codes is so the Digital-Rights Management can control aspects of a movie release such as content, price, and the release date. There are 6 official region codes that separate every country geographically into their associated market.

Why Are They Important?

DVD region codes are important because without them, distribution agencies would have a very tough time controlling the market. If there were no codes, one could simply call their friend in a different country and have them send a DVD to them in the mail before the release date of their own region. With regions in place, consumers have no choice but to pay the set price for their movie at the time of release. Manufacturer’s can demand a higher price for their product depending on the allowances of the market at that time. This results in more profit for the movie industry that produced it.

DVD Region Breakdown:

  • Region 1 – The U.S., U.S. territories and Canada
  • Region 2 – Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Egypt, South Africa, Greenland
  • Region 3 – Taiwan, Korea, the Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong
  • Region 4 – Mexico, South America, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Caribbean
  • Region 5 – Russia (okay, former Russia), Eastern Europe, India, most of Africa, North Korea, Mongolia
  • Region 6 – China

How This Affects You?

When shopping for a new DVD player or car multimedia player, it may be wise to choose one that has a worldwide region associated with it. Region ALL and region 0 players will either have all region flags set, or they will mask the region of the disc before attempting to play it. Some players will even allow you to manually set the corresponding region of the disc before attempting to play it. Be sure to do your research before you purchase any video related product to be sure it is compatible with the types of discs you are looking to play. If you are purchasing a product from outside of your own country, this is especially important. Region ALL and region 0 DVD players are the way to go in today’s industry if you are at all worried about compatibility.


Upgrade the Audio in your 2010 Toyota Yaris

Upgrade the Audio 2010 Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris ranks in at number 4 of the most popular cars for those born after 1982. With Toyota reliability, an affordable price tag, and a roomy interior, it is easy to see why this car is among the best selling vehicles for Generation Y. One of the best things about the Toyota Yaris is the excellent gas mileage. In this blog, we discuss some of the more popular audio upgrades that can be installed in the 2010 Toyota Yaris.

Upgrade the Stereo

The 2010 Toyota Yaris factory radio can be replaced with a Single DIN car stereo. To replace your factory stereo with an aftermarket one, use one of the following dash kits and wiring harnesses.

Manufacturer Dash Kit Standard Wiring Harness
Metra Electronics Metra 99-8216 Metra 70-1761
Scosche Scosche TA2077B Scosche TA02B

Both of the dash kit listed above will allow for the installation of a single DIN stereo with a pocket. With freedom to choose any single DIN, Yaris owners are free to choose any of these Single DIN Car Stereos.

Upgrade your Speakers

While those stock Yaris speakers might sound okay, installing some aftermarket speakers will make your Toyota Yaris sound great! The following speaker information from the Metra Online Vehicle Fitment Guide can be used to find the right pair of speakers for your Yaris.

Location Size Depth
Front Speakers 6-1/2″ 4″
Rear Speakers 6″ x 9″ 5″

Speakers and subwoofers that fit the Toyota Yaris:

Note: The Metra VFG was used to determine the vehicle speaker sizes in this blog. Due to different trims on cars, I highly recommend calling a Sonic Electronix rep to confirm that the speakers sizes and DIN sizes are compatible with your trim. This guide was also designed for Yaris’ without the Power Package.


Alessis iO Dock

Alesis iO Dock

Alessis has hit the nail on the head with a great new product designed to turn your iPad into a portable recording studio. This is a revolutionary new device for interfacing your musical instruments and microphones with the ultra-handy and portable iPad. Now anywhere you can take an iPad, which is virtually everywhere, you can have a full on production studio that fits conveniently in a backpack.

Alesis iO Dock

The Alessis iO Dock features two XLR ¼” combo inputs for microphones and instruments. The mic pres feature phantom power for condenser microphones and a high Z instrument level switch for use with guitars and basses. There are two main outputs perfect for a nice set of active near field monitors or take a line level out of your iPad into another device. There is also an RCA video output for external video monitors and projectors. There is a headphone output with a level control as well as a footswitch jack on the back which is particularly handy for triggering a recording while you have both hands on a guitar or keyboard.

iO Dock Side
There are a set of 5 din MIDI ins and outs on the side of this unit as well as a USB MIDI port for multiple MIDI interfacing options. With the addition of a MIDI controller and an app like Garage Band the possibilities are limitless for sequencing a plethora of samples.

iO Dock Side
The Alessis iO Dock is the perfect device for the on the go music producer. The device is just as lightweight as the iPad itself so anywhere the iPad can go so can the iO Dock. This is the perfect solution for producing a podcast or recording an interview for ENG applications. The iO Dock Is great for songwriters looking for a really high quality solution for constructing demos while on the road.


Sonic Electronix’s Recommendations For Car Subwoofers

Here at Sonic Electronix we are a diverse group of individuals with a decent range of age, who all have a love, be it small or big, for car audio. In the Descriptions Department we all come from different walks of life and listen to different types of music. Some of us prefer SPL while others prefer SQ. In this industry you either know what you want or someone gives their advice or opinion on a certain brand or model and you end up going with that. Below are some of our favorite car subwoofers within the Descriptions Department here at Sonic Electronix.

RE Audio SEX12D4


Seth, “the boss”, has an eye for RE Audio’s SEX12D4 12” SE-X series subwoofer. This woofer is able to handle 600 watts of RMS and is perfect for either a sealed or ported enclosure, giving you either some serious bass output or a more accurate and responsive bass. The woofer has a dual composite 2-piece cone and rubatek foam surround for rigidity and optimum performance. Seth has a wide taste in music so the SEX12D4 suits his needs for elongated bass when needed or short precise bass when listening to some alternative rock music. This really is the all around subwoofer for its ability to perform on both ends of the spectrum.

Alpine SWR-1243D


David, “ the veteran”, is not much for car audio but even he gets goose bumps and inner child comes out when he hears the Alpine SWR-1243D 12” Type-R series subwoofer. David’s playlist will showcase many genres of music but you can’t miss the fact that he loves rap and music that really has a beat. Nothing could be better than the Type-R for this genre of music, with an RMS handling of 600 watts; this subwoofer is known for being power hungry which means a ridiculous amount of bass. With an Xmax of 20mm this woofer will sound booming in a ported enclosure but will also perform beautifully in a sealed enclosure. The many technologies and high-end materials used on the SWR-1243D subwoofer make it one of the top subwoofers in its class.

Kicker Solo-Baric 11S10L74


Harry, “the new guy”, is your staple Generation Y kid and all he wants is bass. For him Kicker’s 11S10L74 10” L7 series subwoofer is the way to go. With a square design woofer this subwoofer is able to output 18% more bass that will make it sound more like a 12” subwoofer than a 10”. Even with his desire for bass Harry still likes quality and Kicker is very well known in the car audio world for making products that last and perform for long periods of time without diminishing in quality. Improvements to the woofer cone and structure of this woofer, allow for better heat dissipation and more surface area for harder hitting longer lasting bass. As always Kicker has made installation a piece of cake by using spring loaded terminals for secure and quick installs. Harry might be the young buck in group but he definitely knows what a good subwoofer should sound like.

Boston Acoustics G312-44


For me it’s all about quality, quick and responsive bass. For this reason one of my favorite subwoofer is the Boston Acoustics G312-44 G3 series subwoofer. Unlike some of my co-workers I am not really into hard shaking bass thus the generous 375 watts of RMS power handling, and my music genre, indie rock, really doesn’t require deep bass. What it does require is crisp, precise, and accurate bass which is exactly what I get from the G312-44. The woofer is equipped with RadialVent® technology for enhanced heat dissipation and increased power handling. This allows me to play my sub longer without having to worry about it clipping. The Soft Par System (SPS™) technology allows for cone assembly removal making it easy to replace any parts that wear out from use or even change my voice coils to simplify installation when adding more subs.