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7 Essential Car Audio Installation Accessories

Butt Connectors
These little guys should be your best friend. These are the most rock solid way to terminate a wire into another. Simply insert your two wires into either end of the connector, and crimp each end really tight. These connections are the most popularly used in stereo installs due to their reliability and durability.

Distribution Blocks
When you need to rout some power cable down the chassis of your car, use a distribution block to spit off your connections. If you are installing multiple amplifiers, run a main power wire to the location they are mounted, and use a distribution block to properly downsize and split your main power cable.

Heat Shrink
One of the most important things to do when making wire connections is ensuring they will not come loose. You do not want your connections making contact with any other wire or bare metal on the vehicle, unless you want a fireworks show in your car. Heat shrink is very important when using ring terminals on large power cable, and also when running wires through and around your engine bay.

Sound Dampening
You don’t need to go crazy. Sometimes, all it takes is the use of a little sound dampening material on your license plates and behind each speaker to drastically reduce vibrations that naturally occur during your thumpin’ music. Use as much or as little as needed, but never overlook this material. If you find that your car has more rattle than a lance-headed rattlesnake, then it’s time to go shopping.

It is important to not strain any portion of your electrical system. Relays can be used to create a switched 12v positive power source that is hard wired directly to the battery. In fact, you can run almost all of your accessories off a relay. If you have multiple accessories that are triggered on by your car stereo’s remote turn-on wire, it will only be a matter of time before your components start malfunctioning due to too much current draw on your head-unit.

Fuses & Fuse Holders
Be sure you fuse every power wire for every accessory that is added into your vehicle. Nothing would be worse than having one of your electronics short circuit, and cause a fire within your vehicle. There are many different types of fuse holders for every gauge wire.

Split Loom Tubing
For bundles of multiple wires, use split loom tubing to make a “group” of wire that is easily manageable, and easier to look at. Split loom tubing helps with organization of wires, and with the use of zip ties it will protect the insulation on your wires from things like heat, corrosion and sharp corners or screws.


Halloween Party Pack!

Are you expecting herds of candy hungry kiddies, or plan on throwing a midnight monster bash this Halloween? Or maybe you would like to freakout your neighbors all year-long? The Halloween Party Pack is perfect for spooking up your porch or party. The Halloween Party Pack includes three key lighting effects that will instantly liven up the living dead and keep Dracula dancing.

The American DJ Fog Array
is two 400 watt fog machines built into one unit. The Fog Array shells out 3000 cubic feet of fog per minute in two different direction which is plenty for any house party or small venue, it also sports a 500ml fog juice tank so plenty of fog effect can be achieved without having to constantly refill the unit. The Fog Array only takes minutes to warm up so you can have a dazzling fog effect quicker than it takes to put out more dip. The Fog Array also comes with a wired remote control so the fog machine can remain hidden to ensure the maximum spooky effect.

The American DJ 48″ Blacklight
fixture is a 40 watt florescent light that will bring a fun spooky feel to the party. Blacklights react to phosphorescent paint or chalk so you can ge the kids involved with the decorations. Virtually any costume with in line of site of this serious blacklight will take on a new life.

The Mr. Dj st100 ministrobe is a variable speed strobe light that is the perfect accent to flash behind the fog for a lightning in the clouds effect. The strobe is lightweight and easily mounted all sorts of surfaces. The variable speed can be set to flash up to 12 times a second and the included bulb has a 10 million flash live. In combination with the blacklights eerie glow, this package is the perfect Halloween party pack.


Battle of the Subwoofers: Kicker CVR vs MTX Audio Thunder 8000

In this, our last week of the Battle of the Subwoofers Series, we will look at the MTX Audio Thunder 8000 series subwoofer, and the Kicker CVR series subwoofer. These subs are extremely similar in performance and power output but even with their similarities they will offer different specifications and technologies that will make one suit you better than the other.

Kicker 10CVR104


With an RMS power rating of 400 watts, the Kicker 10CVR104 is able to offer just the right amount of power with just one woofer. Kicker didn’t make any major changes to their subwoofer nor did they have to. They kept the same technologies that have made the CVR series subwoofer a must have, while improving the aesthetics to give it a more modern look and better integration into the Kicker woofer family, and also a redesigned basket structure for added sturdiness and linear movement control. The CVR still features an injection molded SoloKon cone and ribbed Santoprene surround for added stiffness and better excursion capabilities thus increasing the quality of performance and bass reproduction. The CVR is your everyday woofer; it will perform great in either a sealed enclosure for tighter bass or ported enclosure for elongated low-frequency responses. It is also available in an 8”, 10”, 12”, and 15” size with either a Dual 2 ohm or 4 ohm voice coil, giving you a wide range of options.

MTX Audio T810-44


The MTX Audio T810-44 Thunder 8000 series subwoofer is the 10” version of MTX’s newest addition to their already amazing line of subwoofers. With an RMS rating of 400 watts the new Thunder 8000 subwoofer will not disappoint. This woofer offers two major technologies that really set it apart from any other woofer in its class. The first is a Spider Plateau Venting technology (SPV), which cools the voice coil directly for added thermal protection and capabilities which lead to improved performance and power handling. The second is an Asymmetrical Linear Driver System (ALDS) that allows higher output with less distortion by creating constant linear movement that increases performance and sound quality. The new glass fiber cone woofer not only gives a nice appealing and classy look but it also provides an unmatched stiffness-to-weight ratio, which increases sensitivity and performance. This subwoofer series also offers multiple sizes with a Dual 2 ohm or 4 ohm option for variety and easy solution for any application.


Save 10% on ALL Car Subwoofers

It’s the sale that we have all been waiting for. Now for a limited time you can save 10% on all car subwoofers. For all of those with a subwoofer on their wish list, now is the time to act! It is simple to take advantage of this sale. Just do the following:

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That’s it! Once you submit the coupon code, you will see the price on the subwoofer drop by 10%. The sale does not apply to combos packages, open boxes, or refurbished items. The best part about the sale is that the choice is up to you. You get to pick the subwoofer that you want. If you are a big fan of Kicker, then pick up a Kicker sub. If you like the new Cerwin-Vega subs, then order some VMAX, Stroker, VEGA, or HED subwoofers. Been a long time fan of Image Dynamics? Now is your chance to save big on a new IDMAX woofer. The possibilities are endless.
With so many choices to choose from, it is sometimes hard to choose. Tell us what sub you would choose in the comment section below.


Cadence CEQ-773 Car Audio Equalizer

Cadence CEQ-773

When your vehicles equalizer settings simply aren’t good enough and you find yourself wanting more control over the music you listen to, an external equalizer will give you all the control you could ever ask for. The Cadence CEQ-773 is the perfect addition to any vehicle with an aftermarket stereo system. This rock solid EQ gives you the ability to boost up or cut back on areas of your music that could use some adjustment.

Stay In Control of Your Music

If you are the type of person that is constantly poking at your stereo, scrolling through tedious menus and adjusting your head-units volume and equalizer settings, then this unit will bring a whole new world of comfort to your finger tips. This 7 band equalizer gives you individual volume control over both your music, and your subwoofers. You do anything from toning down your mid-bass levels, to boosting the vocals on your higher end of the spectrum.

The Specs of A Champion

The Cadence CEQ has a very simple operation design. It accepts 1 set of RCA inputs, than splits them off into 3 separate outputs for connecting to multiple amplifiers. Conveniently, there is a 3.55mm auxiliary jack on the front face of this unit, which allows you to plug in your portable accessories such as iPods, satellite radios or other devices. One of the great features is the ability to output a 7 volt signal through each set of RCA outputs. The high-strength signal will allow you to slightly turn your gains down on your amplifiers so they can work more efficiently with greater head-room for power.

Keep Your Eyes On The Road

Since all controls on the CEQ-773 are physical rotary knobs, it is very easy to make all of your adjustments right from your driver’s seat without having to touch a single menu on your head-unit. Once you get a feel for the layout of the controls and the way each control will function, your hands will naturally start making adjustments without you even thinking twice about it. With this professional looking equalizer, you will have the ability to make each song sound as good as it can be to your ears.