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Exploring Remote Control Helicopters

When it comes to remote control cars and helicopters, World Tech Toys has a selection of RC vehicles that are superior to most and can be purchased at a fraction of the cost. One of the biggest problems with remote control helicopters is the issue of stability. Often times you will get your chopper in the air, but then expend a great deal of effort trying not to crash it. Our selection of RC helicopters from WTT all have a built-in gyroscope that serves to stabilize and control your helicopter while it’s in the air so you can focus on flying, and not crashing.

Popular Features of Remote Control Vehicles

When shopping for your RC Helicopter, be sure to look into the amount of channels that are supported. To put things simply, the more channels the better. If you are flying a 2-channel helicopter, you will have control over the main rotor blade speed for up and down movement, as well as the speed of the rear rotor for directional left and right control. The main problem with a 2-channel copter is that it will not fly forward and backward. However, our selection of 3-channel and more remote control helicopters will give you complete control over all movements and positions. And of course, the built-in gyroscope will do the job of stabilization while air born.

Have Fun without Hurting Yourself

Now you won’t need to worry about handing the controls over to your kid, because these miniature vehicles are made from durable and lightweight metal and plastic materials. This means you can land a little harder without worrying about snapping off a propeller or crushing the fuselage. Never worry about your helicopter spiraling out of control and crashing into yourself, because there are key features that have been implemented into the design to prevent such a thing from happening. When shopping around for a toy for yourself or for a loved one, have no fear because this user-friendly toy will last the test of time and will surely deliver enjoyment to both the pilot as well as onlookers.


Enjoy Panoramic Video on Your iPhone 4/4S With The Kogeto Dot

Panoramic Video – The Wave of the Future!

Panoramic Photographs – A Good Start

One of the more exciting innovations in smartphone cameras over the last few years has been the ability to take panoramic photographs. Panoramic images show a wide field of view, usually similar to that which might be captured by the human eye. With the majority of panoramic technology, you must first take several shots with slightly overlapping fields of view, and rely on the phone to “stitch” the segments together to produce a final cohesive image. As a result, it can be very difficult to capture dynamic action as it’s occurring, and video is out of the question. Panoramic photography has exploded in popularity in recent years in large part due to a popular desire to capture a more complete memory.

Why We Like It

  • Sleek Design Attaches Directly to iPhone 4/4S
  • Adds 360° Video Capabilities!
  • Catadioptric Lens to Prevent Loss of Color Fidelity
  • Ability to Upload Directly to Facebook From Looker App

Cross Your T’s, Dot Your i(Phone)

With the advent of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., more and more people are able to capture and share moments of their life instantly with friends and family. This is the philosophy behind Dot by Kogeto Inc., a unique product that allows any iPhone 4/4S user to truly “Share the world around you” by recording immersive 360° video directly to your iPhone. The Dot is a cell-phone accessory that snaps directly onto your iPhone; simply download the free “Looker” application, and start recording! The specially-designed catadioptric lens works in conjunction with the iPhone 4/4S camera to prevent color distortion or a lack of color fidelity. The Dot adds a new dimension to your videos, allowing viewers to share your experiences like never before. The Dot is the perfect holiday gift for snowboarders trying to capture that perfect run, concert-goers who want to remember both the show on stage and the wild crowd behind them, or even the iPhone enthusiast on your list who always needs to have the next big thing.


What Amplifier Do I Need For My Rockford Fosgate P3 Subwoofer?

Rockford Fosgate P3 Subwoofer (P3D4) Banner

Rockford Fosgate P3 Series Subwoofers provide a good amount of bass and when powered properly sound amazing. This week in our series of What Amplifier Do I Need? we will take a look at some of the amplifiers offered here at Sonic Electronix that are perfectly suited for the Punch Stage 3 subwoofers. P3 subwoofers are great woofers that offer amazingly clear, crisp, and precise sound reproduction and use some of the most recent technologies to really set themselves apart from the car audio pack.

Rockford Fosgate PRIME R1000-1D

PRIME R1000-1D

It is all about efficiency with the Rockford Fosgate PRIME R100-1D monoblock amplifier. This amplifier is able to output 500W RMS @ 4 ohms and 1000W RMS @ 2 ohms. With this much power you could easily run a single P3D2-10, P3D2-12 or even a P3D2-15 to a final impedance of 4 ohm. Or if you want more power you can easily power up a pair of any of those subwoofers to a final impedance of 2 ohms. The amplifier features an included wired bass level remote as well as a heavy-duty aluminum alloy heat sink for heat dissipation.

RE Audio DTS-1000.1


RE Audio’s slogan is “Release the Beast” and with this DTS-1000.1 monoblock amplifier you will be able to do just that. This amp is perfect when looking to power up a single P3D2-10, P3D2-12 or P3D2-15 to a final impedance of 1 ohm. If you want to run the amplifier a little less hot you can also use this amp to power up a single P3D4-10, P3D4-12 or P3D4-15 to a final impedance of 2 ohms. This amplifier really does open up so many wiring options and features a 0 to +12dB variable bass boost as well as low-pass and subsonic filters for specific sound reproduction. A classy looking subwoofer deserves a sleek amplifier like the RE Audio DTS-1000.1.



Another good amplifier to power up a single Rockford Fosgate P3 Dual 4 ohm subwoofer would be the MTX Audio RT500D Road Thunder series monoblock amplifier. Any P3 Dual 4 ohm subwoofer will wire down to 2 ohms final impedance and this amplifier will provide 500W RMS @ 2 ohms which will be enough to properly power out a P3 subwoofer. The amplifier features an Adaptive Class D topology that will create a cleaner, crisper sound while eliminating interference generally found in Class D amplifiers. The amplifier also features a Smart Engage circuitry that will make installation easy and simple into any car audio system.


Black Friday Deals 2011 at Sonic Electronix

The phrase “Black Friday,” can potentially evoke powerful headaches in many people. Memories of staying up all night, waiting in long lines in the cold, not to mention the madhouses that stores become once the doors finally open. Who needs all that nonsense when you can sit comfortably at home and shop online? Here at the Sonic Electronix Black Friday Sale, we’ve got some tremendously great deals on some fantastic products such as the Kenwood DNX6180: a head unit that leaves you wondering what else you could possibly ask for. Go ahead and check out the unit’s page on our site, and then take a look at your current head unit and ask yourself what you’re waiting for!

For those of us shopping for the holidays, the GoGo Jr keychain guitar tuner makes a great stocking stuffer for any guitarist. Especially because of the ultra-deep discount we offer of just under 90%. Heck, I don’t even play guitar and I want one. Or, for those of us who love hardcore bumpin’ in our trunks, be sure to check out our Sonic Exclusive combo bundle that includes a 600W Rockford Fosgate Loaded Enclosure and Amplifier. How’s that for an incredible Black Friday sale?! We’ve got many more great deals available to view through the clickable banner on our site. Anyway, stay safe and happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Club DJ Set Ups Simplified

Classic Battle Set up

These set ups are what may come to the mind of most people when they think of a DJ.    As Beck said “I need two turntables and a microphone.”  Since the introduction of the crossfader DJ’s have been spinning vinyl records to compose dance mixes.   Traditionally found in the roots of early hip-hop performances DJ would play continues loops of dance breaks from popular music genres and blending them together to create totally new mixes. The turntables are often rotaded 90 degrees from the standard turntable in order to consaladate space and help with smoother transitions.

A traditional “battle” set up consists of two turntables usually techniques 1200 series and a 10 inch mixer equipped with a cross fader.    The mixer often incorporated a microphone preamp for an MC to rap over.      DJ turntables are classified by the configuration of their drive motor.   Direct drive turntables have a motor mounted directly under the platter and as a result generate more torque, this is a desired feature for DJs to ensure optimum performance.

The less expensive option for turntables is the belt driven variety where the motor is mounted off to the side and connects to the platter via a rubber belt and pulley system.   Belt driven turntables are considered an entry-level DJ setup and are great for practicing your skills until you invest into a more pro system.

The down side to traditionally spinning vinyl is the impracticality of lugging around crates full of LPs, although despite the inconvenience there is a sect of DJs that swear by the analog craft liken to a photographer who still shoots to film.

In recent years CD players such as the Pioneer CDJ2000 are being used in place of the turn tables but in very similar battle mixer setups but by incorperating the digital source units many more features can be explored.

Controller Based Set ups

Today  Club DJs are more often operating computer based set ups.    The main advantage to this set up is not lugging around your record collection to venues but instead using a Laptop with an external hard drive with virtually every song in audio history a mouse click away.     This gives todays DJ the power to set up an entire show using play lists and preprogrammed cues enabling the performer to seamlessly transition, beat match, and incorporate many other sources into the mix.

The minimum set up consist of a controller,  software, and a computer.    The mixer and turntable functionality are replaced with digital rotary and fader encoders that send MIDI Machine Control (MMC) signals to the software on a computer via USB.

For performance purposes the set up will require an audio interface.   On higher end controllers such as the Numark NS6  the sound card is built into unit itself can be used as a stand alone mixer.

Some of the more entry level controllers may require an external audio interface such as the DJio.    The interface will serve as the computers sound card and all AD and DA conversions of the digital audio will be handled by the interface.    Unfortunately this can lead to some advanced signal routing for the entry level DJ so there is a bit of a learning curve involved with working in the digital realm.


For the real OG DJs out there who still swear by their turn tables but require the easy set up and convenience of a digitally controlled system Serato is the perfect solution.   The system consists of a standard battle pack DJ set up with the addition of a proprietary computer interface as well as two very special vinyl records.

The included records are printed with a timecode very similar to SMPTE time code that has been used in audio production for film and TV for years.    The time coded disks are played like any standard record into the interface,  then the code is interpreted by the software and is used to control the playback of digital music.   All physical manipulation of the turntables and vinyl is synced and reproduced in real-time by the software with virtually zero latency making Serato systems the prefered choice for many of the world’s top DJs.