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Earthquake Sound’s Best Valued Subwoofers

For those of you who aren’t interested in spending a lot of money but would love to get some bass in your car, there is an answer. Sonic Electronix is proud to offer both the DB Series and the TNT Series subwoofers by Earthquake Sound. These subs are similar in price but very different in design, and we are going to highlight some key features of each series.

The TNT Series Subwoofers feature an extremely high cone excursion for maximum movement of air. The high-roll foam surround allows the speaker cone to maintain complete linear movement while moving rapidly, which assists the cone in achieving its excursion. This series is designed for anyone interested in getting an explosive sound at the most affordable price possible. The voice coils on these subs can withstand high temperatures, allowing the magnet motor structure to operate cleaner and more efficiently. Earthquake Sound has stripped the subwoofer down to its basics with the TNT series, allowing more focus on the performance and not the flashiness.

The DB Series Subwoofers are similarly priced to the TNT’s, and they offer a higher quality output that matches perfectly to any high end set of car speakers. You’ll be impressed with the DB subwoofers once you hear them. They produce hard hitting bass with smooth transient peaks. The Pulp Fiber subwoofer cone sounds excellent in lower frequencies, and produces a very smooth and transparent roll-off into higher frequencies. Backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, it’s easy to see that Earthquake stands behind their products. If your sound system is lacking a lower sound stage, the DB series subwoofers will fill that gap.

When it comes down to the decision, you will be happy no matter which of these car subwoofers you decide on. The TNT’s will put some bump in your trunk; while the DB’s will seamlessly fill that lower music range with quality, hard-hitting bass. Earthquake Sound has it all, so look no further.


Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanies Now Available!

Aerial7 Sound Disk Mayrhofen Beanie

Aerial7 is well known for their aesthetically pleasing,  active lifestyle headphones.  They have taken  “active” to an entirely new level with their new line of  Sound Disk Beanies. Available in the Sound Disk and Sound Disk Sport variation,  these beanies allow for a fashion friendly way to listen to your favorite tunes while snowboarding or skiing.   From the streets to the mountains, the Aerial7 Sound Disk Beanie merges technology and fashion.
Aerial7 Bonfire Sound Disk Orange Beanie

The Sound Disk Beanie has a broad range of functionality.  The ultra-stretchy design is both stylish and comfortable.  The 8.5mm sound disk is compact and allows for a rich and full reproduction of sound.  The speakers are adjustable so you can change the placement based on your activity.  iPhone and Android phone users will be happy to know of the built-in microphone for hands free phone calls.

Available Styles:

Aerial7 Sound Disk Gray Perisher Beanie

Aerial7 Sound Disk Sport Blue BeanieWhether you’re hitting the slopes, climbing the Rockies, or taking a morning jog,  the Sound Disk Sport Beanie will be able to keep up.  The wicking fabric is water resistant which causes the water to evaporate at a rapid rate.  You are able to slide the sound disk over your ear for full engagement or  partially off-set them to be able to hear your surroundings.  This Sports variant is available in Black, Blue, Red, and White.


This Holiday Season, Treat Yourself to Superior Earbud Headphones from Klipsch

Klipsch Image S4i (Black)

Ever since Apple revealed the iPod back in 2001, those little white earbuds that conveniently come with Apple’s portable media players have been ubiquitous. Heck, it’s near impossible nowadays to walk down the street without seeing several people wearing them. Now, while those earbuds might satisfy the average, casual listener, people who want more impact from their music have to look elsewhere. Well, if you’re one of those people, look no further.

The Klipsch Treatment

Klipsch Image S4i (Black) Image 13
Since 1946, Klipsch has been making stellar quality audio products and the Image Series earbuds are certainly a grand addition to their catalog. Specifically, these black S4i earbuds have a frequency range of 10-19,000 Hz, going below and beyond the range of human hearing to reproduce infrasonic elements of your favorite music that you might never have known were there without headphones like these. Plus, with Klipsch’s proprietary noise-isolating technology, you can fully immerse yourself in your music like a true fan* should. These beauties also come with 3 sized pairs of washable ear tips (yes, washable. Aural hygiene is important!): Small, Medium and Large. They’re also available in white: Klipsch Image S4i (White), for those of you who may have grown comfortable with the Apple earbud design.

More Than Just Another Set of Headphones

As if all that wasn’t enough, these Klipsch earbuds also include a 3-button microphone and volume remote on the wire (see above image) for full control of your iPhone, iPod touch or regular iPod (be sure to check the compatibility list in the product description). Don’t feel left out, Android users! Klipsch has earbuds for you, too: Klipsch Image S4A (Black). Android users will want to download the free Klipsch Control App to customize the functionality of your calls and music through the single button remote. Despite that slight difference, both of these models have a 360° pickup mic with advanced echo cancellation built-in, so your callers will be able to hear you well in nearly any environment. If you’re concerned about the tenacity of the cable, fret not dear reader(s). The cable is not only durable, but tangle resistant as well. Who needs all the fussing with knots when all you want is to enjoy music?! Certainly not this writer.

Make sure to pick up a set for you and yours soon, ’cause they’re flying out of our warehouse as we speak! (Well, as I write and you read. You get the point.)

* “Fan” is short for “fanatic.”


Limitless Creations – Speaker Systems Simplified

Many of us have trouble shopping for computer speakers. There are too many options, and we don’t know exactly what we’re looking for. Limitless Creations, a new brand here at Sonic Electronix, offers a line of products that will simplify your shopping experience. Whether you’re a gamer, audiophile, student, or simply an internet surfer, there is a speaker system designed for you. The X Factor Series, by Limitless Creations, offers multimedia speaker systems for both laptops and desktop computers.

XCLIP22:Perfect for students and travelers alike, the XLIP22 will clip onto the left and right sides of a laptop monitor, giving you a full stereo sound that’s substantially better than the internal speakers. Plug the USB cable into your computer, and you’re ready to go. These powered speakers sound fantastic and look great on any laptop.

X42G: Used by the many here at Sonic, these speakers sound fantastic. It’s hard to believe such beautiful music can come from something so visually captivating. The wafer-thin, illuminated speaker stands only enhance the overall appeal of this speaker set. It’s hard to not give them a listen every time you see them light up on your desk.

X343G: For all you bass-heads out there, Limitless Creations offers a 2.1 multimedia speaker system with an active 4” subwoofer in a ported cabinet. The compact design provides a full range of sound without taking away from your desk space. For a speaker system that will sound great at a price you can afford, the X343G is the way to go.

X806: To get the most out of your movies and music, we recommend listening on a quality speaker system. Watch your DVD’s and play your video games in surround sound, but without spending hundreds of dollars. This 5.1 multimedia surround speaker system is perfect for your home theatre system, or for an advanced computer speaker system.

Sleek, Smart and Simple

No matter what type of listener you are, Limitless Creations has the solution that is in your budget. Whether it’s for a gift or for yourself, you will be more than satisfied with the quality product you will receive. Look no further then Sonic Electronix for your Limitless Creations gear!


i.Fuzen Premium Cases for iPhone 4/4S Now At Sonic!

Start searching “iPhone” on Google, and you’ll quickly notice that battery life is on the minds of a huge amount of cell phone users. And it’s no wonder – modern smartphones have so many features and capabilities that it’s surprising there’s room for a battery at all, and the battery that is built-in is quickly drained just utilizing the features the phone was designed for! Well, the fine folks at i.Fuzen had enough of singing the Battery Blues, and have developed an exciting new solution for the iPhone 4/4S. The i.Fuzen HP-1 is a stylish cell phone case for the iPhone 4/4S that protects your iPhone while enhancing it’s capabilities with a built-in battery and headphone amplifier.

Double Your Battery Life

Battery Chart
The brilliantly vibrant Retina display is a favorite feature of iPhone 4/4S owners, who have historically had to sacrifice brightness of the screen in favor of longer battery life. With the i.Fuzen HP-1, no longer will you have to limit your iPhone’s potential. The 1650 mAh backup battery built-into this slim case is more than capable of doubling the functional battery life of the iPhone.

Double Your Audio

Headphone Amplifier And Splitter
With all the power available in the onboard battery, it would be a shame if the HP-1 was just a power backup. Luckily, this case features a headphone amplifier designed to dramatically improve the quality and response of any headphones or portable speakers you plug your iPhone into. In addition to providing vacuum tube-quality sound, the proprietary J-FET OP-AMP amplifier is powerful enough to drive two pairs of headphones, which can be conveniently plugged into the dual headphone jacks on the bottom of the case.

The Antithesis of Dull

The HP-1 is available in Black in the “Original” version, and the improved “Sharp” version is available in both Black and White. The Sharp version offers these advantages over the already feature-packed Original model:

  • Unlimited Headphone Amp Usage While Charging
  • Longer Headphone Amp Usage
  • Auto Shut-Off To Extend Battery Reserve