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Make a Statement with Handlebar Speakers for Bikes


Enjoying your music on-the-go is becoming easier and easier today. One tough predicament was allowing users of motorcycles and bicycles to get an easy way to put speakers on their bikes. With the Handlebar and Tower Speakers found at Sonic Electronix, there is now an easy way to put an affordable set of speakers on your bike without having to hack into your wires.


The Pyle PLBKA60BK Waterproof Handlebar Speakers have clear output and can be used wherever you like!

There are a couple of different solutions available on the market that allow for this simple addition to your bike. Pyle’s PLBKA60BK is a great speaker set that can mount to your handlebars with included brackets. This 150W speaker set does not require to be connected to a dedicated power source. How can they handle 150W without a 12v wired connection you ask? Well, Pyle’s new design is geared towards using battery sourced amplification . A rechargeable battery pack allows for minimizing your installation work, and for keeping the speakers separate from the bike. You can even detach the system and put it onto a different ride if you’d like. The speakers have a USB input, and can support MP3 and WMA file types. This allows for your entire digital collection to be easily played back on the speakers. A charger is included to allow you to charge the speakers when they’re not in use.

Similar, more permanent solutions are on the market as well. The Boss MC300 is a great speaker set which is also designed for the handlebars of a motorcycle. Instead of using battery sourced amplification, this system has amplification built-in, but must be connected to a 12v power and ground. These speakers, with their dedicated installation, means that they’re a little less portable than the Pyle alternative, but great for those who want to put this on one application and keep it there.

Keep your music with you wherever you go! These speakers are a great way to keep the tunes rolling no matter where the road takes you.


Hearing the Difference with Able Planet Headphones

Clear Harmony Able Planet
We recently visited Able Planet at CES, and were able to hear the difference when using their headphones. Their Linx Technology was the focus of the event and it was certainly an improvement for higher frequencies when jamming to your headphones.

Now when purchasing Able Planet headphones, some really cool gifts are included. Each of the Able Planet headphone lineup all has an Apple iPod to allow you to keep enjoying your music on a portable device capable of high-fidelity audio playback.

Clear Harmony with iPod TouchThe top of the line Able Planet Clear Harmony 1100B over-ear, noise-canceling headphones are a great option to consider for audiophiles who want to get the best out of their music. The Linx Technology can also help when trying to really juice out the high frequencies in your music. You don’t have to be obsessed with your music quality to appreciate these headphones either – their noise reduction makes them great for travelers. They’re also durable enough to be an option for a DJ and any music lover can really appreciate how these sound. Their gift is an iPod Touch, which is the ultimate portable multimedia device. Now you can take whatever entertainment you want on the go and enjoy the sounds with Able Planet headphones.

Sound Clarity Able PlanetAlso a favorite is the Sound Clarity NC500SC over-ear headphones by Able Planet. These headphones are comparable to the Clear Harmony series, except the drivers aren’t as large so they cannot attain the same output you find on the Clear Harmony. The Sound Clarity, however, is a great series to consider for the same type of listener, just a better budget option. This also includes an iPod Nano as a gift to help you keep your music on the go.

Finally, the True Fidelity NC300B headphones are the perfect option for those looking to try out their first high-grade set of headphones. Also great for those on a budget, these feature the Linx technology found on other high-end Able Planet headphones. They also feature active noise cancellation. You’ll get an iPod Shuffle when you go with these True Fidelity headphones.


Enjoy the New NBA Season With Limitless Creations

This season we’ve dealt with a bit of a hiatus when it comes to basketball.  It’s been tough, sure, but finally the NBA has returned, and is in full swing.  It’s a bit later then we all had hoped for, but back all the same.  Even better, now we’re able to enjoy plenty of games a night due to the pushed back NBA Schedule.  What better way to enjoy all of the nightly basketball you’ll be watching with brand new Limitless Creations Home Audio Solutions.


The Limitless Creations X806 5.1 Surround Sound System is a great sounding, easy solution for watching the game on your computer

These home audio solutions designed by Limitless are a reliable and effective way to get high quality sound without breaking the bank on expensive peripherals. 2.1 systems such as the X643 feature simple plug-and-play setup, and produce impressively deep, rich bass, and clear, well-defined treble. If you watch your favorite teams on your computer with NBA LeaguePass, systems like the X806 can provide a great sounding, immersive basketball experience. The Limitless Creation speakers are some of the best on the market, and you’ll be happy to hear how they reproduce a basket-shaking dunk.

Let’s face it, when it comes to this action-packed NBA Season, TV speakers aren’t going to cut it.  You wouldn’t want to invite all of your friends over for a night of basketball, only to be crowded around the television struggling to enjoy the game.  With Limitless Creation simple Home Audio Solutions, you can find yourself sitting back, enjoying good game of hoops without wondering if you missed out on any action at all.


Hifonics Gladiator Series Amplifiers


                                                           Power For a New Age

Hifonics GLX1400.1D

Hifonics GLX1400.1D

Hifonics has been known to produce some of the most powerful amplifiers in the car audio market.  New to their amplifier line up this year is their Gladiator series mono and four channel amplifiers.  Named after one of the most ruthless warriors in the ancient world, the Gladiator amplifiers have improved efficiency and athletics.  The chrome mesh grill offers optimum protection just as a gladiator would use for combat.  They also have a built-in Diagnostic mode which will detect shorted speaker leads, low impedance, dangerous high temperatures, DC shorts and will shut down the amplifier to help prevent damage.

      Battle Tested Design

Hifonics GLX60.4

Hifonics GLX60.4

One of the new features of these amplifiers is the improved NGSD (Next Generation Super Class D) Technology.  This makes the amplifiers much more efficient and will allow them to run at cooler temperatures.   They also feature built-in variable crossovers, subsonic filter, bass equalization, and a HFR-3 remote control module for the monoblock models which allow for overall level control from the reach of the driver seat.  As always, these amplifiers are CEA compliant and will never over-exaggerate their stated power ratings.  The monoblocks are available in a 1000W, 1400W, 1800W, and 2200W versions.  The 4 Channel is available in a 120W and 200W (per channel) option.

  • Full range line-up includes four monoblock and two 4-channel amplifiers
  • NGSD (Next Generation Super Class D) Technology
  • Chrome mesh finish
  • Built-in Diagnostic Mode

We had an exclusive look at the Gladiator series at CES 2012.  Check it out!


Outfit Your Home With A Surveillance System

SVAT CV502-4CHFor many of us, a house is the most expensive investment we’ll ever make. Protecting your home is something that is very important to people across the world. Due to the expensive cost to get your home outfitted with a high-end security system, and the associated monthly fees, many people opt out of home security systems altogether. Let’s face it; we can’t always be there to watch over our homes. In those times of need it’s great to consider something like the Wireless Security Systems found at Sonic Electronix.

There are plenty of different options out there for home surveillance. Some are designed to monitor multiple locations, and the feeds from all cameras will be recorded to a stand-alone DVR box. This allows you to keep watch over different points, all the while keeping everything recorded. A setup like the Certified DVR KIT4-90 would be a perfect example of a full security system that keeps everything recorded. These cameras also have Motion Detecting features, allowing them to only turn on when motion is detected in the area, saving electricity and DVR space.


The SVAT Electronics PI1000 looks like a standard motion detector, however it also has a camera and DVR system built-in

There are also systems that mask themselves as something else. This SVAT Electronics PI1000 is a covert security system that appears to just be a standard motion detector. Inside, however, you’ll find a wire-free covert DVR system with a built-in color camera, so there’s no bulky additional equipment.

Let’s say you’re the type of person who’s paranoid about your homes security (and who’s to blame you – better safe than sorry, we always say). The SVAT Electronics CV502-4CH-002 is a perfect system that is also Smartphone Compatible. This allows you to not only have four cameras securing four separate zones, you also have DVR recording, and you can also monitor your system from a compatible smartphone. Over a month of footage can be recorded on the system, and you can also be kept prompted by Email alerts whenever motion is detected. Not only can this save you the unpleasant surprise of realizing your stuff is missing, but it can help protect you and your family in the event of a home invasion.