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Kick off your Spring Right with a FREE Pair of Kicker Sport Headphones!

Kicker has teamed up with Sonic Electronix to offer a promotion that will help you gear up for the warmer summer months. If you’re looking to get your car, boat, motorcycle, or any other type of vehicle hooked up with a sound system, now is the time to do it! From May 24th until June 6th Kicker is offering an excellent promotion that allows you guys and gals to receive a free pair of Kicker HP201B active-style sport headphones!

Kicker HP201BIn order to get yourself a free pair of these sweet headphones, place an order at Sonic Electronix that totals over $100 in Kicker merchandise. We will include the sport headphones in your order automatically. Remember, Kicker has a variety of gear that can equip almost anything powered by a battery with an awesome sound system! If you’re looking to grab yourself some legendary Kicker Sound, pick it up between May 24th and June 6th and receive some awesome sport headphones along with your order!




*Kicker sport headphone color may vary depending on availability. If Kicker merchandise is returned, the promotional earbuds must also be returned to receive a full credit/refund (minus applicable fees). If you decide to keep them, the value of the earbuds will be deducted from the return credit.


Exploring Immobilizer Bypasses

Why Bypass?

If your thinking about purchasing a remote start for your vehicle, then you might require an immobilizer bypass.  These devices may be necessary when adding a remote start on mostly 2000 and up vehicles.   If you are unfamiliar with these devices, they are a must for any vehicle with a chipped key.  The way it works is the “Chipped” key is supposed to communicate electronically with your vehicle,  just as the teeth on your key communicate with the tumblers in your ignition.  When you install an aftermarket remote start, there has to be a way for this connection to remain intact.  That’s where the bypass comes in.  It tricks your vehicle into thinking the key is in the ignition allowing the motor to turn over.  Without the bypass, your vehicle will recognize that there is no key in the ignition and will start and immediately die.

idataLink ADS-AL CA

All-In-One Doorlock, Bypass + CANbus Enabled Interface Module for Most Vehicles

Depending on the year, make, and model of your vehicle, you will require different software that is pre-loaded on the bypass.  To make things simple, you always want to try to get a bypass that already has the pre-loaded software for your vehicle.  When you program bypasses, they will require one or two keys to program.  Some will even require you to use one at all times during operation.  If you go with the iData Link ADS-AL CA, then we can actually pre-program your car software into the module at no additional charge.  Convenient right? There are also combo modules.  These give you transponder override as well as some other functions such as door locks, trunk pop, dome light trigger, tach sense, ect.

Having personal experience with these modules, I can safely say that installing a remote start with an immobilizer bypass is not a easy task.  It involves splicing into the main electrical components of your vehicle.  One wrong move and you can cause serious damage to your vehicle such as deploying your airbags (Oh yes, it happens).  Although vehicle specific information is available, professional installation is recommended.  Now if that’s the way you roll, then go out and immobilize your transponder!


Enhance Cellular Signal in your Vehicle with zBoost

Summer is rapidly approaching and that means that it’s time to pack up the family car for some long trips. Making sure your vehicle is prepared for these journeys is a very important step, and cell phones are your gateway to the outside world once the trip begins. It’s possible that during the trip you may encounter many different areas that have low cell service and dead zones, cutting off your only contact. Make sure you’re prepared against these cellular dead zones with the zBoost YX240 zForce Cellular Signal Booster Car Unit.

YX240 Antenna

The small included exterior antenna is designed to be attached to the exterior of your vehicle to receive incoming cellular signals

It’s happened to us all before. You could be happily enjoying conversation when suddenly met with a dead line. It’s a dropped phone call. They’re especially common when traveling through areas where there is plenty of dead zones and low cell signal. The zBoost YX240 zForce Cellular Signal Booster is a perfect remedy for the gaps between connectivity. Adding this unit to your vehicle is a surefire way to protect against excessive call dropping and low cell service. Also, since most phones use GPS these days and it requires cellular service to stay active the zBoost YX240 is perfect for making sure you’re never lost, even in areas of little to no cellular service.

It’s also common to find people using Pandora Internet Radio, or other music streaming services to listen to their music on the road. The only downside to this is when the cellular service is not around, the music won’t play. The zBoost YX240 is the perfect remedy to this, and people who rely on streaming on the road should highly consider this unit.
The zBoost YX240 works by using a high powered antenna to receive cellular signals and a bi-directional amplifier to rebroadcast the signals in a smaller profile area, such as a vehicle. This means that the cellular phone signal in your vehicle is significantly boosted than in other areas surrounding you.

The zBoost YX240 is easy to install and the package includes everything you need. It consists of a bi-directional amplifier unit housed in a sturdy, lightweight cradle. The amplifier connects to your vehicles 12V power source through a supplied Cigarette Lighter Adapter. The unit works with most cell phones and carriers, and improved signal strength for voice and data.


Selecting the Best Headphone Type: Closed-Back, Open-Back, and Semi-Open Back

When searching for a new pair of on-ear or over-ear headphones, one important step to making the best selection is to consider all the headphone types available. A functioning knowledge of headphone type, also known as acoustical principles,  allows buyers to make a selection that best satisfies their expectations as listeners while meeting the demand of a headphone’s intended use. The three main acoustical principles found in modern headphones are closed-back, open-back, and semi-open back designs. Each principle offers users a unique and markedly distinct experience suited for particular environments and applications.


Audio Technica ATH M50s/LE, Excellent Closed Headphones

Perhaps the most ubiquitous acoustical principle, one of the primary advantages of closed-back headphones is minimized sound leakage. Whether in an on-ear or over-ear design, the closed-back headphone prevents music from spilling into your surroundings and keeps ambient noise from penetrating the reproduction. The resulting effect is described as sound isolation and is defined by a reproduction that is minimally colored by ambient noise.

Because they are among the best suited for quality reproduction even in noisy environments, it is of little surprise that sealed headphones are among the most common. Closed-back headphones are particularly well suited for studio engineers and DJs who demand a focused sound despite loud surroundings and are also of great benefit for travelers and office use.

Of course, for all the benefits of being able to listen to high quality audio in raucous environments there are some trade-offs. Most notably, the acoustic character of sealed headphones can have a constricted quality with a compressed sound stage leading to less resonant high and mid frequencies. Nonetheless, the limited space of the chamber does have some advantages particularly for enthusiasts of lower frequencies and robust bass. For such individuals, closed-back headphones may provide the most satisfying experience.


Grado GS1000I, Top of the Line Open Headphones

Open-back headphones are the inverse of closed-back headphones. Unlike sealed headphones, open-back headphones allow sound to flow freely through the drivers allowing more sound to emanate from the headphones. The effect of this acoustical principle is to achieve a broadened sound stage with organic and realistic sound character. While bass frequencies are not particularly accentuated, they tend to be properly balanced with higher frequencies which are allowed to ring and develop over time and space because of the free flow of air through and around the transducers. To many listeners, the freedom and natural development of the sound waves offers the highest quality sound.

While the convincing realism of the open-back sound stage can be impressive, it practically relegates the open-back headphone to the private and silent rooms of a home. Not only might people nearby find the sound leakage of the open-back headphone distracting, open-back headphones also allow ambient noise into the transducer resulting in sound so tainted by noise that it is hardly enjoyable.


beyerdynamic T5p, Exemplary Semi-Open Headphones

Certainly one of the most polemic principles available, semi-open back headphones attempt to reconcile the opposing acoustical principles by blending certain qualities of each. The semi-open headphone offers some sound isolation without fully enclosing the chamber and allowing sound to develop organically. While this certainly creates a more dynamic sound character, semi-open headphones might still leak enough sound to be a nuisance to others and should be considered as open headphones with better isolation.

In other words, semi-open headphones are more than likely to be a better fit for private listening than something one might use in a quiet library or office.

Conclusion: Choosing Yours

Knowing the distinct characteristics of each acoustic principle, it is time to think about what your demands are from your headphones. When choosing, be sure to consider the environments you are most likely to be in while enjoying your headphones.

If you know that you will be in busy and loud environments, DJ-ing the next block party, or monitoring a live performance, no other type of headphone will better serve your purposes than a fully closed, enclosed ear design. On the other hand, if you wan to unwind after a long day at work to the immaculate sound of your headphones in the privacy and quiet of your favorite lazy chair, open-back headphones might be the perfect companions (as I know they are for me!).

Most importantly, the acoustic principle of a pair of headphones is meant to help you get the most out of your music. Be sure to consider the types of music you are most likely to listen to. For instance, if you prefer classical or acoustic performances with balanced and rich sound textures, perhaps a semi-open or open design will be your best fit; whereas if you are into electronic and bass heavy music, a closed principle may better reflect the robust bass frequencies you are seeking.


Get the Best Dampening for your Dollar with NVX Audio Sound Dampening


Sound Dampening is a great investment for any vehicle owner. It helps keep the outside sounds out, and the inside sounds in. If car speakers are surrounded by dampening, this material helps the speakers output more smoothly along your vehicles doors, meaning much stronger and full audio playback. Adding sound dampening to as much of your vehicle as possible is essential to a complete audio system.

When on the market for quality Sound Dampening, it can be tough to know how the stuff will work when it’s actually inside your vehicle. With NVX Sound Dampening you can be sure that you’re getting the thickest product for your dollar. Basically the thicker the sound deadener, the better the results you will see. NVX Sound Dampening Material is designed to be 2.3mm thick, up to 30% thicker than leading competitors. This allows for better rattle protection, and road noise elimination, allowing you to enjoy the solitude of your drive, or increase the overall output from your audio system. If you’re using subwoofers in your vehicle, sound dampening is practically a necessity.


The NVX SDSK2 Sound Dampening Package is perfect for outfitting 2 Speakers with Sound Dampening

There are plenty of different kits of NVX Sound Dampening currently available at Sonic Electronix. Some are designed for adding a subwoofer to your vehicle, others are a perfect solution when installation door speakers.  Some kits are designed to purely to outfit your entire vehicle with dampening, from floor to roof and everything in between.  No matter what upgrades your doing to your vehicle, there’s a package of Sound Dampening that will aid the installation and its final results. Check out the NVX Audio store at Sonic Electronix Today!