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Five iTunes Tips and Tricks for Music Lovers

There are many tips and tricks that can make your experience with iTunes much faster and easier. Chances are, you’ve got a lot of music in your iTunes and you might have some trouble sorting everything out so you can listen to the music you like. If your music library is so out of control that you avoid it and instead listen to AM/FM on your car stereo, it’s time to try some of these tips. These tips will let you get the most out of your music library and force it to behave and play music the way that you want.

iTunes Columns

First, let’s start by getting rid of extra columns you don’t use. Personally, I get rid of columns such as Last Played, Episode Number, Comments, Album Rating, etc. These are useless to me, and I would rather have my columns occupied by more useful things such as the Date Added or the Bit Rate of each song. Play around with column options and you’ll start feeling more and more comfortable with your iTunes in no time.

Custom Equalizer Presets

When I’m sitting at my computer, I have a few different sets of headphones and speakers I like to use. Every set has its own unique sound, which is why I like to keep custom preset equalization settings for every device I play music through. You don’t have to be tech savvy to understand exactly what you’re doing, just pop open the Equalizer by hitting Ctrl + Shift + 2, and start playing around until you wind up with a sound you like. Test your custom equalizer preset with multiple songs before saving it, as you can’t go back and edit it later.

Smart Playlists

A smart playlist, essentially, is a playlist that updates itself with new songs that fall under guidelines you set. For example, when I’m driving around in my car I hate having to search for the next song I want to play, as it distracts me from the road. For this purpose, I created a new smart playlist. The playlist will hold 300 songs, and will update every time I connect my iPhone or iPod with music that has recently been added and has been rated 4 or 5 stars by me. This will result in a collection of my most popular songs that I can listen to while I’m driving.

iTunes Import Settings

Import settings are important for determining the behavior of iTunes when you connect an iPod or iPhone, or when transferring music from your iTunes to your Apple device. If you have an iPhone with limited space, you may opt to convert songs that take up more space into a low bit rate so you don’t fill up your iPod.

If you like to be in control of what music is transferred to your device, you can select the checkbox to manually manage music and videos. What’s cool about these settings is you can use different options for each device you own.

Individual Song Options

If you find that certain albums or even individual songs play louder than others, you can Right Click and select Get Info. Go to the Options tab and you’ll be able to boost or reduce the volume of individual tracks or entire albums. If you’ve found songs with ridiculous minute long introductions, you can adjust the start or stop time for each of them. These song options give you a lot of control over the way music is played back and sorted into your smart playlists, so don’t forget they’re there!

There you have it, five tips and tricks that I hope will enhance your music listening experience through iTunes. Let us know in the comments below what things you’ve done to improve your iTunes. Happy listening!



How to Choose a Guitar for Beginners

In the world of music, there are three main types of guitars, and picking a guitar from one of the three categories is dependent on the style you choose to play. To break it down simply for beginners, it’s important to decide whether you are looking to purchase an acoustic or an electric guitar.

Pyle PGA44 6 String Acoustic Guitar

The Pyle PGA44 6 String Acoustic Guitar is a great inexpensive choice for beginner guitarists

Steel string Acoustic and classical guitars look very identical, but both feel and sound completely different. While both types are technically acoustic guitars, steel string guitar strings are obviously made of steel, and produce a big, bright, brash tone. One the other hand classical strings are nylon and sound mellow. If you want to play acoustic rock, such as Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, etc. you’ll most likely want to look into purchasing a steel string guitar. If you want to play more of a Spanish style or traditional type of music then you’ll want to look into the classical guitar. Steel string guitar necks are narrower and longer than classical guitar necks which means that it’s a little easier to fingerpick on a classical guitar and easier to play common chords on the steel string.

Fender G-5-3TS Stratocaster Powered by Roland COSM Technology

Electric guitars come in types depending on the pickups they have. Pickups are like microphones that literally “pick up” string vibrations when you are playing. Pickups are the bar shapes under the strings in the area where you strum the guitar. Two types are single-coil pickups and humbuckers. Single-coil pickups are the narrow, and tend to have a brighter tone generally considered to be the best-sounding pickups for clean guitar playing. Humbuckers sound great with distortion, so they are the pickups of choice for the hard rocker style. But also keep in mind, when you are purchasing an electric guitar you will also need to purchase an amplifier as well.

Last but certainly not least, you also want to make sure you purchase a guitar that is the right size for you or whoever will be playing it. Guitars that are too big feel awkward when you place your strumming arm over the top of the body. If purchasing a guitar for a younger child there are ½ and ¾ sized guitars available, it may be a good idea to have them test it out before purchasing the guitar just to make sure it feels right for them.


New NVX Accessories Now In Stock!

Accessories are the lifeblood of the car audio system. Building an awesome car audio system without equally awesome accessories is like assembling a Ferrari with zip ties. The latest and greatest accessories from NVX are now available in the NVX Store at Sonic Electronix. The NVX Accessory lineup contains practically anything you would need for a speaker or amplifier installation in your vehicle.

Capacitors are one component in car audio systems that are often overlooked. Don’t make the same mistake! Capacitors can help your amplifier run more efficiently!  You will appreciate the boost in your overall bass response, but your battery and amplifier will also appreciate the added component which helps stabilize the voltage. The NVX XCAP1F 1.0 Farad Capacitor is one of the best capacitors available on the market, and is a true 1 farad capacitor, unlike overrated competitors. This capacitor is available at Sonic Electronix now, and is designed for systems up to 1200 watts.

A power cell like the XHC600 is the perfect addition for car audio systems around 600W RMS

Adding an auxiliary battery to your system is also a way you can clean up voltage peaks and help reduce dimming headlights. The NVX XHC600 is the perfection option for a system running roughly 600W RMS. The XHC600’s absorbed glass mat design with no vents allows you to mount this battery however you want without worries of spilling battery acid or other hazardous toxins. Even in extreme heat and other environments, this battery is built to last. Providing your amplifiers with the extra juice available in this battery will also increase the overall bass output, or SPL, from your car audio system. Keep in mind when installing a battery, a battery isolator is required. Don’t worry though – NVX has your back there as well, offering 3 different solutions for isolators.


A rubber roller is the best way to apply sound dampening, and by far the easiest

NVX Accessories aren’t just limited to batteries and capacitors. They also offer high end hardware such as battery terminals, distribution blocks, fuse holders, sound dampening rollers, power wire, line out converters, RCA cables, speaker wire, and even packaged amplifier kits. Next time you have an installation to tackle, make your life easier with NVX Accessories.


Enjoy Hi-Fi Music Over the Airwaves with the New Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth

Klipsch Image ONE
Life is too short to be tied down to cables. It’s also too short to not being enjoying your favorite albums on the Klipsch Image ONE Series of headsets. Klipsch realized the combination of these two problems in the world were too much to bear and decided to help the general public by designing and adding the Klipsch Image ONE Bluetooth model of headsets to their new lineup.

Klipsch is a top manufacturer in the headphone industry and the Image ONE Bluetooth cuts no corners on both quality and innovation. With a built-in rechargeable battery the Image ONE Bluetooth is capable of 10 hours of continuous call and music time, and is conveniently rechargeable with the included micro USB charging cable.

Just because this headset is capable of playing music wirelessly for extremely long periods of time doesn’t mean it’s not also capable of playing the music back with perfect clarity. The Image ONE Bluetooth headphones are designed with the most capable technology of today to ensure that your musical or conversational experiences are among your favorite.

When it’s all said and done – convenience is what separates a great pair of headphones from your favorite pair of headphones. The newly designed ear cups and adjustable leather headband allow for long-term wearing and superior comfort. They’re also extremely easy to store with a compact, collapsible design. To add to the convenience, a control system and microphone is built into the headset itself allowing you to control your music wherever you are.


iPhone 5 is Almost Here!

The Wait is Almost Over!

iPhone 5

Apple fans rejoice!  It is once again time to wait in excruciatingly long lines for the latest version of the world’s most successful smartphone.  The iPhone 4 was released over a year ago so it was just a matter of time before we got to see the next one. The iPhone 5 is delightfully improved from the previous model in many ways:

  • Has an increased screen size of 4″ & lighter and thinner design
  • Increased WiFi speeds and network connectivity
  • New A6 Chip for increased battery life and CPU Performance up to twice as fast
  • New lightning connector has less pins for increased durability
  • iSight Camera has Panoramic capabilities and enhanced HD video recording
  • 4G LTE wireless technology
  • 3D Navigation with “fly over effect”
lightning Connector

The new and improved Lightning Connector has 8-pins opposed to the traditional 30 pins.

Apple will be releasing an adapter (sold separately) for those of you worried about the new connector not being compatible with previous accessories.  This is good news for the car audio industry as well.  All of these new features will allow aftermarket companies to integrate the new features such as the 3d mapping onto units like a future Pioneer App Radio 3 or equivalent.  Additionally, the 4G LTE technology will allow app integration in OEM and aftermarket headunits to run much more smoothly and at faster speeds. The iPhone 5 presale starts Friday, September 14th and will start shipping on the 21st.  Once the iPhone 5 is released expect us to sell all of the available aftermarket accessories for it such as cases and docks.  We can’t wait to get our hands on it and neither should you!