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eBay Headliner!

eBay is an American multinational internet consumer to consumer corporation that manages, which is an online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide. Sonic Electronix is proud to learn that eBay has recognized CEO and Founder Nathaniel Victor and the rest of the Sonic Electronix team for featuring our company on their homepage and what they mention as our “inspirational story.”

While attending high school his hometown of Bakersfield, California, Nathaniel built Sonic Electronix from the ground up with extreme determination, hard work, and most importantly, passion. Sonic Electronix, Inc. is now headquartered in Santa Clarita, California, just 40 minutes north of Los Angeles. Founded in 2000, Sonic Electronix has always strived to become the premiere online shopping destination for car electronics and other consumer electronics.


Pyle PLTS79BT: Big Features at Affordable Price Point

Pyle Audio is well known for designing car stereos that are loaded with features but won’t break your budget. The PLTS79BT is no exception, as it has many features to make your driving experience that much better. This single din flip-out receiver has a built-in 7” screen that will show things such as song and artist information, AM and FM radio data, and will even play your favorite movies via a DVD disk.

Audio and Video Playback

This unique in-dash supports playback of multiple file types such as DVD, CD, JPEG and MPEG, allowing you to play many different types of common audio and video formats. If power is what you seek, this radio will produce up to 80 watts peak of clean audio signals to each of your car speakers. The playback settings allow you to adjust the treble, bass and fader for a more personal sound that you will enjoy. Two rear RCA outputs can send a video signal to external monitors, while three sets of audio RCA outputs allow for the addition of aftermarket amplifiers.

Expand Your Usability

Built-in Bluetooth allows you to make and receive hands-free phone calls with the included microphone for a safer driving experience. If hands-free calling isn’t enough, purchase an optional rear backup camera to help guide your vehicle into the right parking space every time without hassle. Front panel auxiliary and USB inputs enable you to play most portable music devices through your cars audio system. Optional steering wheel controls enable you to integrate this car stereo into nearly any vehicle.

Feature Rich and Budget Friendly

So, if you’re looking for a nice upgrade to your factory receiver, or if your aftermarket stereo just isn’t cutting it, check out the Pyle PLTS79BT and you won’t regret it. With features that make driving safer and more fun, this is one intuitive receiver that you can’t pass up – especially for the price.


Install Your Car Audio Capacitors

There are many reasons why you may have just bought a capacitor. Maybe your headlights on your car are reducing, or that you simply decide to purchase a capacitor as a cautionary measure. Now comes the important part, how do you exactly install a car audio capacitor? After a little research I found that it actually isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

Before installing a capacitor, you must definitely charge it to avoid blowing fuses. To do so, use a voltmeter with a resistor to charge your audio capacitor. Once the voltmeter shows 12 volts, the power capacitor is done charging. Now you can proceed to wiring the capacitor in correspondence with your car amplifier.

Wiring One Car Capacitor

Wiring One Car Capacitor

Use a 4-8 gauge wire dependent on the size of your capacitor. A car audio capacitor has two terminals, positive and negative. Attach the positive terminal to both the amplifier’s and car battery’s positive terminal, and the negative terminal to the ground. It’s very important to make sure the ground wire is secure to the vehicle’s metal frame.

Deciding where to mount the capacitor solely depends on your car. It should be installed in a safe place away from passengers. Many assume that the capacitor should be fixed as close as possible to the amplifier to lessen the stretch of the wire. This assumption this will improve performance by cutting down the distance it takes the current to travel, and theoretically lessen losses. An alternative outlook suggests installing the capacitor closer to the component suffering from a voltage shortage, such as the headlights. Whatever installation method chosen, the idea is to hook up the capacitor to the amplifier terminals, the battery, or the distribution block.

Wiring Two Car Capacitor

Wiring Two Car Capacitors

When wiring multiple capacitors, you can either wire both ground wires together by running one ground wire to each of the cap’s negative terminals. It is possible to also ground each capacitor individually. Run the power wire through the amplifier’s positive terminal and to the battery’s positive terminal. It’s important to only use the amount of capacitors actually needed, and to keep in mind that having the largest capacitor is not necessary as well. To determine the size and number of capacitors that your sound system needs, calculate your amplifier’s wattage and convert it to farads.


Rock Out Like Gene Simmons

For many years Gene Simmons has shown the world what it truly means to Rock and Roll, and now he has teamed up with Cort to design and distribute his very own legendary Axe and Punisher basses. Each bass guitar is decorated with Gene’s signature on the head stock and features a chrome bridge cover that adds to the overall flair of the bass and protects your hand from sharp saddle screws.

The Cort GS-Axe 2 was specifically designed by Gene Simmons and is also a bass that incorporates what he claims was his “dream bass guitar.” Not only does the guitar look absolutely awesome, it also sounds really good as well. It features bolt-on construction, a mahogany body, Canadian hard maple neck, and rosewood fretboard. The bass also has die cast tuners and includes it’s own custom gig bag for easy transportation.

The Cort GS-Punisher 2 incorporates the same features as the Axe, but with a different body shape and style. The Punisher has a very clean and simple design, to provide complete access to the full neck while playing. The Punisher also includes it’s own custom gig bag for easy transportation.

Make sure to check out all the bass guitars we have available here at Sonic Electronix, and make sure you get yourself the right equipment to start playing like a true rock star.