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What is MIXTRAX?

Get ready to transform your playlists! Pioneer’s innovative MIXTRAX technology turns your music into a non-stop mix a club DJ would be proud of. The advanced software identifies and analyzes a variety of musical attributes, including tempo, beats per minute (BPM) and more to identify the perfect transition point for each song. During playback, tracks seamlessly blend together with a variety of DJ-inspired effects. MIXTRAX is a great way to enjoy all of your music, but works particularly well with upbeat dance/electronic and hip-hop tunes.

Mixtrax Chart

Here you can clearly see how MIXTRAX turns your music into a nonstop party mix!


To start using MIXTRAX, you’ll first want to download the free MIXTRAX software to your computer. From there, the user-friendly program makes it easy to automatically analyze a track’s BPM, bar, beat position, vocal position and mood. The software automatically adds this data to the music file, which can be read by any compatible MIXTRAX product allowing you to enjoy precise, full featured non-stop mixes in your car or on the go.

How Can I Use MIXTRAX?

Pioneer is integrating MIXTRAX into a huge portion of their new product line. From innovative portable boomboxes to industry leading receivers, Pioneer will keep the music bumpin’. Here are some of our favorites:

1) Pioneer A/V Receivers

Pioneer has hit a home run with their latest line of A/V receivers. These units are available with screens ranging from 6.1″ to 7″ and offer a variety of options including Bluetooth, USB and of course iPod support! Pioneer’s DVD receivers are all compatible with MIXTRAX technology.


2) Pioneer STEEZ Boombox

The awesome new STEEZ portable docks/boomboxes from Pioneer are designed for dancers and are sure to keep the party rocking. The built-in controls give you unparalleled control over your music, including:

  • Slow down or speed up tempo
  • Set cue points for dance rehearsals
  • On-the-spot Battle Mode!
  • Boost hi-hat & bass for more pronounced beat

3) iPhone/iPod App

You can enjoy the great features of MIXTRAX right on your iPhone or iPod touch. Simply download the free MIXTRAX app & use the computer software to analyze your music, and you’ll be enjoying non-stop mixes in no time!





Must Have Items For Snow

Well, it’s that time of year again!  Break out the snowboards and skis because winter is back in full force.  In order to make your season of snow a little better, consider picking up one of these great items.  There are a few items that stand out from the rest:

  • JayBird JF3MB 
JayBird JF3MB

JayBird JF3MB

If you like listening to headphones on the slopes, then you might want to consider investing in a pair specially made for the harsh conditions. Jaybird has always had a reputation for making high quality, durable headphones that are jammed packed with the latest technology.   The JF3MB Freedom Bluetooth headphones are no exception.  These suckers will stay in your ears whether you’re doing a back-flip or carving through some fresh powder.  The sound quality is brilliant as well as the 6 hour listening time. Being Bluetooth means you won’t have to worry about the pesky cord constantly being pulled by the unforgiving environment. If you want the most bang for your buck, then these are what you should be looking to get.

  • LG Tone+
LG Tone+ HBS-730

LG Tone+ HBS-730

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can always pick up the LG Tone+.  These have a really unique design seeing that they rest on your neck and have attached in-ear headphones.  This allows all the controls to be conveniently on the neck piece for easy placement of the headphones into your ears.  You can even use voice activated dialing for phone calls so you can let people know how much more fun you’re having than them on the slopes.


  •  Kicker Powersports Series
Kicker 11PXi50.2

Kicker 11PXi50.2

Come on, guys.  You know that snowmobile of yours isn’t any good without a good audio system.  Lucky for you, Kicker has some extremely small amplifiers and speakers with their PS and PX lines.  They are specially made to withstand the harsh winter environment and provide excellent sound quality. Not only can you attach them to snow mobiles, but the likes of Snow plows and ATVs as well.  In Particular, the Kicker PXi50.2 is an amplifier with a controller for your iPod/iPhone.  This allows you to use your iOS device as your headunit making easy to install on the smallest vehicles.


  • Remote Start Systems
AutoPage C3-RS915-LCD

AutoPage C3-RS915

How many times have you started your car in the morning only to wait for a few minutes as the glacier that is your vehicle defrosts? Make it easy on yourself and put a remote start system on your vehicle to have it warm up before you start your cold, winter day. We have a wide variety of systems that will be able to meet the needs of any vehicle.  They can even make your car turn on at timed intervals so your car does not freeze overnight!   Don’t live your winter with the fear of getting into your car in the morning!


All of these items will make your winter jolly and full of cheer. How can you pass that up?