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Presonus Debuts a new line of Intelligent Speakers at the 2013 NAMM Show

Presonus has released an exciting new line of Live Sound Reinforcement Speakers that they are branding under their StudioLive flag.    These speakers all feature “Active Integration”   which is a proprietary networking system that allows all the components of your StudioLive Mixer and Speakers to communicate with each other.


Active Integration is a Wi-Fi based networking system for  communications, wireless networking, and control of the vast amounts of DSP found in a specialized custom chipset built into each speaker, resulting in a system that can easily detect, manipulate, and control each component of the system in the network enabling the room to be tuned and manipulated from one position.

The StudioLive Active Integration system includes more DSP power physically built into each speaker than a standalone rack mount speaker management system.  The included USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter enables wireless networking via a small USB dongle on each speaker.   This gives you an unprecedented amount of control over individual speakers through the network, which can be manipulated from anywhere in the room via a laptop, iPad, or iPhone and iPod touch for monitor controls.

StudioLive Room Control

SL Room Control  is speaker management software that allows you to interface directly with your entire system via a laptop or iOS device.    All you need to do is create a local area network using a wireless router and connect your StudioLive AI speakers with the included USB 2.0 Wi-Fi LAN adapter or onboard Ethercon connection.    You also connect your laptop or iPad  to the same Wi-Fi network and launch SL Room Control and your free to use a plethora of EQ and dynamic presets, RTA and SMAART applications as well as monitor temperature, set delay time and phase for your entire StudioLive AI speaker system.

The Speakers

Designed by David Gunness, formerly of EAW and Electro Voice, the SL series speakers sport a coaxial design.   This means the tweeters are set in the same axis occupying the same space.   In actuality the tweeters fire directly through the dust cap of the midrange drivers with the aid of an external wave guide.  Without getting too technical, the coaxial design of these speakers results in a homogenous wave pattern from the same source throughout the speakers frequency response.  Non coaxial, component based speakers have asymmetrical dispersion patterns that can result in varying phase anomalies dependent on the position of the observer.

StudioLive  18sAI

StudioLive 18sAI offers the benefits of Active Integration, including remote control—including wireless control—over output level, user-adjustable contours, and more and uses 32-bit floating point DSP for the variable crossover, dynamic limiting, and excursion limiting.

 StudioLive 312AI

A compact, powered, full-range, 3-way loudspeaker, StudioLive 312AI relies on a 12-inch ferrite woofer for low frequencies and a custom-designed, 8-inch coaxial speaker with a 1.75-inch titanium compression driver to reproduce the mid and high frequencies. These transducers are driven by a hefty 2,000W RMS of triamplified, Class D power.


StudioLive 315AI

The StudioLive 315AI is perfect for large venues and bands that need full-range speakers with plenty of low end. The StudioLive 315AI provides 3-way coverage, with a 15-inch speaker for low frequencies and a custom-designed, 8-inch coaxial speaker with a 1.75-inch titanium compression driver to reproduce the mid and high frequencies. These transducers are driven by a hefty 2,000W RMS of triamplified, Class D power.


StudioLive 328AI

A 3-way system that features dual 8-inch ferrite woofers and a coaxial 8-inch ferrite midrange speaker and 1.75-inch compression driver, the StudioLive 328AI delivers full-range, high-powered performance, yet is streamlined and compact. These transducers are driven by a hefty 2,000W RMS of quad-amplified, Class D power.


To get the most out of your Presonus AI System you need to use an accurate reference microphone to measure the tonality of the room your tuning your system to.  The PRM1 can handle up to 132 dj SPL and has a linear frequency response 20Hz-20kHz, enabling you to take advantage of the RTA (real-time analyser) units and software like SMAART and Virtual StudioLive.


5 Exciting New Products from CES 2013

RE Audio Bluetooth Car Amplifier

While it’s a fairly simple idea, the new RE Audio Bluetooth car amplifier is easily one of the most exciting new products in the world of car audio. It’s essentially a car amplifier which can be paired to a Bluetooth device, such as a smartphone or tablet as a source. This revolutionary design opens up a whole new realm of installation options including in-dash tablet installs, motorcycle or ATV systems and countless other possibilities!

LG “Dual Play”

LG’s Dual Play technology made quite an impression in the world of home audio/video. This technology allows users to view different video simultaneously on the same screen by utilizing special glasses with different refresh rates. Similar to the technology used for many 3D TVs, the glasses basically shutter on/off upwards of 100 times per second. This technology could very well be the future of multiplayer gaming, as well as NFL Sunday Ticket!

Axxess Auto-Detect Interfaces

These awesome modules will make it easier than ever to retain your OnStar, Bose, rear seat entertainment and other factory features when replacing your radio. Now you can simply plug in the radio interface, and the Auto-Detect technology will scan the system to detect and retain these factory features. This takes the guesswork out of choosing the right interface module for your car, and makes it incredibly easy to integrate steering wheel controls as well!

beyerdynamic Custom Series

As a self-admitted headphone nerd, I’m extremely excited about the new Custom Series from beyerdynamic. These headphones are the ultimate in customization, as you can change not only how they look but also how they sound. The conveniently located sliders feature four levels of adjustment which transform the headphones from a tight, analytic sound characteristic of open-back headphones, to the heavy bass and the characteristic dynamics of a closed-back design. beyerdynamic already offers a variety of stylish covers, earpads, headbands and rings to personalize your pair, and will certainly have many more options in the near future.

Kicker KX Car Amplifiers

While my favorite new product from Kicker may not include the most innovative new technology, the new Kicker KX car amplifiers are nonetheless one of the coolest new car audio products at CES 2013. The KX series is totally redesigned for 2013, including five monoblock models to complement a 4-channel and 2-channel, as well as a 5-channel to power a full system. These amps feature a stylish compact-chassis design which takes advantage of a great circuit board layout to achieve nearly 80% efficiency.

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The Sonic Advantage

Why Shop Sonic?

It’s a question many of our customers ask – at least before their first order! Since day one we have striven to create a shopping experienced centered around customer satisfaction, and today we are proud to offer a unique level of service we call the Sonic Advantage. In the videos below, the Sonic team will tell you about what makes the Sonic Electronix Experience so special, and give you a little bit of insight into how our company operates. From free and fast shipping to our guaranteed low prices, we’re committed to saving you time and money. When you shop with Sonic Electronix, you can buy with confidence, as every order includes our lifetime tech support and unparalleled warranty coverage in case you ever run into an issue with the product. Returns are simple with our hassle-free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we are an award winning trusted seller, garnering praise for our high-standard of customer satisfaction through such third-party acknowledgements as  Bizrate Circle of Excellence, Nextag Trusted Seller, eBay Top Rated seller, Excellent Stella Service Rating, A+ with the Better Business Bureau and many more.

So if you’ve been considering ordering a new car audio system, headphones, or pro audio gear, give us a try!  Hundreds of thousands of happy customers – that’s the Sonic Advantage.


Hifonics New Brutus Amplifier Lineup for 2013

Brutus BRX Amplifiers
Today we visited the Maxxsonics booth at CES in Las Vegas and found out was in store for Hifonics Amplifiers in 2013. This year it looks like they’ve designed an entire amplifier lineup for their Brutus line titled “BRX”. Previously, the Brutus lineup exclusively featured Monoblock amplifiers. However, this year the Brutus BRX lineup will feature both full range and monoblock configurations – and they’re even throwing in a 5-channel for good measure! In fact, this year it looks like the Brutus BRX lineup will feature a total of 9 amplifiers!

Brutus BRX Terminals
The Brutus BRX amplifiers will have some standard features found across the entire series. Molded and angled illuminated terminals for stylish designs and a stress free installation access. Accu-Cross crossovers allow for adjustments and for sound shaping and Ultra-Fi MOSFET power supplies ensure the amplifier can maximize its sound capabilities.

To distinguish between the full-range multi-channel amplifiers and the monoblock amplifiers, two different Class’s of Brutus Amplifiers are available. The multi-channel amplifiers are coined the “Super A/B Class” and the monoblocks are the “NGSD Next Generation Super D-Class.” The Super A/B Class was initially developed for the flagship Mt. Olympus amplifiers and is only featured on the BRX and the Brutus Elite line of amplifiers from Hifonics. The NGSD digital chip design in the monoblocks has been tweaked to provide an extremely efficient, low temperature, high amplification system.


Brand New RE Audio Amplifiers at CES 2013

This year at CES 2013 we had a chance to check out some brand new products over at the RE Audio booth. They have developed a multitude of new amplifiers that will hit the market very soon. We were able to take some pictures of some of their new amp lines including the CTX, DTX and ZTX series car amplifiers. We must admit they have a very impressive look to them! RE Audio means business.