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3 Exciting Head-Unit Features to Look For

When you’re in the market for a new car stereo, there are many different features to consider that could potentially make life on the road a little easier for you. We’re going to look at a few newer features in the car audio world that help smartphone owners access their music and other content with far less effort than ever before.

App Mode

For iPhone users on the go, App Mode adds convenience to your drive. Connect your Apple iPhone or iTouch to the receiver via USB and you’ll find a number of Apps that can be used and controlled on the receivers display or controls. App Mode isn’t compatible with every App out there, but there are a growing number of services that are supported such as Netflix, some navigation Apps and YouTube.

Android Compatibility

Now, we all know the iPhone is probably the most supported smartphone currently in the mobile audio world, but the Android is up and coming in popularity. Similar to the iPhone, many manufacturers now are offering support for Android devices by means of Bluetooth connection, USB connection, or even through hardware interface. If you are an Android owner, look for the Android Ready logo, and be sure to research the exact method in which the device needs to be connected.

Pandora Link

Many music enthusiasts out there are now using the online music service, Pandora. Pandora Internet Radio is a free service that allows you to create playlists of music based on the style of a band or a specific song, allowing you to discover new and similar music to your selection. Pandora Link incorporates this service into your stereo by connecting your Apple iPhone or supported Android device through USB. Pandora Link receivers will display artist and song information as well as allow you to create new stations and ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’ songs.

When you’re out shopping for a new receiver, be sure to keep an eye out for some of these newer features. Tell us in the comments section below about some of your experiences with these features!


Capture Every Moment! – BELVA BCMDVR1 In-Car DVR System

BELVA BCMDVR1Rearview Mirror with Built-In HD Camera/DVR

Here at Sonic Electronix, we’ve come to expect innovative, high-quality products from BELVA, and their latest BCMDVR1 system has certainly lived up to our expectations. This feature-rich in-car DVR system gives the user the ability to capture every moment out on the road, from those once-in-a-lifetime meteor showers to the full occurrence of a car accident. The BCMDVR1 boasts a rich list of unique and useful features, including but definitely not limited to:

  • Auxiliary Input – Record from a rearview backup camera or alternate angle!
  • High-Definition Camera – Records in HD 720p @ 30 fps and captures JPEG stills!
  • Built-in Microphone & Mono Speaker – Record audio & video!
  • 1,2, & 5 Minute Recording Increments -Saves footage in individual files for easy access!
  • G-Force Sensor – Triggers recording when rapid deceleration occurs!

Capture Priceless Moments

While we all hope for an uneventful commute, every now and then something unexpected is bound to happen. With the BELVA BCMDVR1, you can record once-in-a-lifetime events to share with your friends, or to help you become the next YouTube sensation! If you’re a driver at heart, this system is great at capturing high-speed canyon runs and other adventures. Here are some of our favorite dash-cam captures on YouTube:

Protect Yourself From Fraud

Unfortunately there are individuals who are willing to throw themselves in front of a moving car in order to scam you and your insurance company. The BELVA BCMDVR1 is the best way to protect yourself  in the event of an accident you didn’t cause or a phony insurance claim. Even if the other driver has no ill-intention, video evidence is still a great way to settle the “he said/she said” debate with the insurance company.


Top 5 Portable & Bluetooth Speakers

Let’s face it, everyone loves to listen to music.  It’s expressive and makes us want to dance..horribly.  However, there are situations where you might find yourself without a speaker to play your favorite tunes.  At the beach, at work, attending your local fight club, or whatever you’re into, there is almost always an opportunity to create a soundtrack to your life. There are some portable speakers that rise above the rest in terms of quality and unique features.

Aliph Jawbone Jambox

Aliph Jawbone JamboxOne of the first manufacturers to enter the portable headphone scene was Aliph Jawbone.  They released the very popular Jambox which has many positive reviews.  The Jambox is bluetooth making it very easy to connect to your smartphone or Bluetooth compatible devices. The huge user-friendly buttons on the top make it seamless to navigate through your music and pick a song that fits the environment.  Also, the battery lasts up to 10 hours so you can party all night long.  What more could you ask for?

Diamond MSP100
Diamond MSP100BThis little speaker is ideal for laptops, MP3 players, and cellphones.  The very unique shape of the speaker allows the user to place it in locations they otherwise would not be able to such as a cup holder.  The retractable cable makes it a no-brainer in terms of portability and storage. Just plug and play your device through the 3.5mm jack and you’ll be in musical paradise for up to 6 hours of play time!

Monster ClarityHD

Monster ClarityHDProducts by Monster do not usually disappoint.  The ClarityHD is no exception with its Bluetooth compatibility and built-in microphone for answering calls without your phone. You can also use the Noise-canceling Bluetooth speakerphone for Skype and other video chat programs. This unit is specifically meant for optimization with blackberry devices which is pretty rare nowadays.  When it comes to Monster portable speaker, these are one of the best.


HMDX AudioThis little guy is similar to the Diamond MSP100 with some major difference.  This is a Bluetooth speaker with a shape the can contour to that of a cup holder. This is significant because you can place this speaker in your car’s cup holder and use the Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone allowing for a complete Bluetooth solution for your car! This makes it one of the most unique portable speakers we carry.

Pioneer Steez

These things are pretty legit if I do say so myself.  The Pioneer Steez portable music systems are like your own personal DJ. It has Mixtrax technology which enables you to accomplish tasks like tempo control and DJ mix which creates a non-stop mix by genre with transition effects between tracks.  It also has many equalization features so you can truely customize your music.

All of these great options give you no excuse to live without music in all aspects of your life!



Extend Your Maxxsonics Amplifier Warranty with a Maxxlink Amp Kit

Listen up folks! The guys at Maxxsonics have launched a new line, Maxxlink.

Let me ask you this: How would you like to extend the warranty of your Maxxsonics amplifier by an additional six months to a full year? Their new line of amplifier kits, Maxxlink will do just that. When you add a Maxxlink amp kit to your purchase of a qualifying amplifier from Maxxsonics brands such as MBQuart, Hifonics, Autotek and Crunch you can extend the factory warranty up-to an additional year.

V3 Series

Maxxlink has three new product line levels. First is their top-of-the-line V3 Series that is a true gauge, Oxygen-Free Copper amp kit. It’s CEA compliant, and can extend your warranty by an additional year. TheV3 power wire utilizes their HEPTAflex technology. This combines ultra-fine strands of wire that are spun into several smaller groups then bundled together to create a durable power wire. And with the QuADRAtwist RCA cables, you’ll insure your system is getting the power and signal it requires for its best performance.


V2 Series

Second is the V2 Series. This features a full specification copper-clad aluminum power and ground wire that can deliver. When purchased as a complete amp kit they include their DUOtwist RCAs. Combined with a Maxxsonics qualifying amp during your purchase will extend the factory warranty by an additional six months.


V1 Series

Last, but not least is the budget friendly V1 Series of Maxxlinks amp kits. They are also copper-clad aluminum but not as true to spec as their other series. The full kits use their UNItwist RCA technology that has more signal protection than a standard coaxial RCA cable. Unfortunately the V1 Series does not extend any of Maxxsonics amplifiers warranties.


So, remember when you buy a qualifying amplifier from Maxxsonics brands such as MBQuart, Hifonics, Autotek and Crunch you can extend the factory warranty up-to an additional year with Maxxlinks V3 series and six months with the V2 Series. And for the budget conscience shopper, the V1 series is an amazing value. So head over to and get your Maxxsonics amp and Maxxlinks amp kit today.


Akai Pro’s New MPC Series

The Akai Pro Music Production Controller gets a new face, brains and teeth with the introduction of the MPC Renaissance, MPC Studio, and MPC Fly.  Three brand new and exciting  products coming in 2013!

 MPC  Renaissance

The Industry standard MPC layout and workflow is now combined with the power of your PC or Mac with the new MPC Renaissance.   The Renaissance is an unmatched instrument for music production, and is now the new flagship of a new line of fully integrated hardware/software MPC systems.   MPC Renaissance enables you to use the classic hardware controls, with the exclusive MPC Software empowering you with unbelievable, expandable production capabilities on your Mac or PC.

The MPC Software give you the ability to sequence up to 128 tracks as well as a massive 9GB sound library including all of the classic sounds of the MPC3000.  You can use the MPC Software as a standalone program or You can bring the MPC into tracks of your favorite DAW as a VST, RTAS, or AU plugin

In addition to the MPC Software the MPC Renaissance now ships with Avid® Pro Tools® Express, a lite edition of the industry standard professional audio production software.

 MPC  Studio

MPC Studio is a compact streamlined ultra-portable  MPC . The Studio is less than an inch thick enclosed in a beautiful sturdy brushed aluminum chassis.  MPC Studio features MPC pads, the same familiar MPC  workflow, and the exclusive MPC Software used by MPC Renaissance when combined with a laptop gives you a fully portable production center.

MPC  Fly

MPC Fly takes advantage of the power of your iPad, featuring real MPC pads that have made the MPC an industry standard as well as, MPC Note Repeat, and MPC Swing.  The double-hinged design gives you the ability to produce beats anywhere, while acting as a protective iPad.   The MPC Fly works with the iMPC app Retronyms which uses all the functionality of a classic Akai Pro MPC sampler like time correction, and note repeat to create new sequences.