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Cobra Bluetooth Headsets

What? Hello? Can you hear me? Hellooo? Does this conversation sound familiar to you  when you’re using your Bluetooth headset? If so, then you might want to consider an upgrade. So where to start? How do you know the next pair isn’t going to be just as bad as the ones you have already? There’s only one way to know for sure. You’ve gotta pick one of the Cobra headsets with T5 Sonace Noise Cancelling Technology. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? That’s because it is. T5 Sonace Technology has been tested and rated with the highest reviews from truckers and professional drivers. Now those are people who know what noisy is and if they say the Cobra headsets cancel noise, I’d believe them. Wouldn’t you?

Aw, don't be sad... Get yourself a Cobra headset!

So, there’s three of these wonderful headsets to choose from. On the entry level side we have the CBTH1, the most popular out of the three if you want to be trendy. 8 hours of talk time and 250 hours of standby time means this bad boy can last you all day.

And with an adjustable boom mic, nobody is gonna be asking you, “What?” ever again. For a couple bucks more you can upgrade to the CWABTH8. Why you might ask? Because this thing has 20 hours of talk time and 400 hours of standby time! So if you don’t like to sleep much and just want to talk on the phone longer than most humans are awake in a day, or if charging your device everyday is just too much of a hassle then this is headset for you.

And lastly, the powerful and mighty CWABTH1-PLUS. Not only do you get all of the great

Oooo... Ahhh....

features of the CWABTH8, you get all that PLUS some. And the plus is a pretty BIG plus. That plus is called Multi-Point Technology which allows to connect to multiple devices at once. Not a big deal right? On top of that, let’s say you get a phone call on one of your paired devices while you’re on the phone with someone on your other paired device. You can pause the first conversation and answer the second conversation without dropping the first call! Now that’s cool, especially if you’re a busy business person and get lots of phone calls.

These headsets are perfect for anyone who works in a noisy environment, be it an office or on the road in an 18-wheeler. You’ll get talk time that lasts all day and then some with a call quality and noise cancelling that just can’t be beat. Stop acting like the guy from the commercial and asking, “Can you hear me now?” and get yourself a Cobra Bluetooth headset today!


Alarm and Security Vehicle Bypass Modules


Woo! You just got your brand new car alarm security system with remote start installed to protect your sweet sound system that you bought from Sonic Electronix, and to warm up or cool down your car ahead of time. Awesome… All you gotta do is push that remote start button on your remote and your car should come to life and… Nothing! Your car isn’t starting! Why not? You forgot your bypass module dude, that’s why!

What the heck is a bypass module?! Most newer vehicles use a chip in your key that lets your car know that someone with the right key is trying to start the engine. This way, if someone breaks in and tries to hotwire your car, your engine wont start. Well, if you’re trying toOmega Blade start your car remotely your key isn’t going to be in the ignition so your car isn’t going to start!

So how do you get around that? With bypass modules of course! A bypass module can work in several different ways. Some of the older modules require you to leave a spare key inside to program them which can be a little inconvenient. Fortunately the technology has evolved pretty substantially with auto learning modules that are very simple to program. If you want to step up to some of the nicer modules you can check out the Omega OL-MDB-ALL, the idataLink or the Omega Blade. All of these modules require a simple programming which we actually take care of you for free because we’re that cool. Just leave your vehicle information on the order and we’ll take care of it. If you have a compatible Omega alarm system you can save yourself even more time by installing the Blade bypass module. With its easy slot cartridge design, it literally is a plug and play system.

So, the moral of the story is: Don’t forget your bypass module! You’ll end up looking like a fool if you try to show off your new remote start alarm system to your friends if you don’t get your module. We offer a comprehensive guide on our site to help you determine if you need one, or you can always give our friendly and helpful tech support a call if you still aren’t sure and we’ll be glad to help you out. Get your module today!

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History of the Boombox

Ghetto Blaster: The First Portable Speaker System

Lets go back to a simpler time where ghetto blasters were abundant and break-dancing was the way you got the ladies.  A time where lugging around a huge speaker on your back was a thing of the norm and the Beastie Boys were the world’s leaders.  The boombox had a good run and created the catalyst for more recent technologies such as the Walkman and MP3 player.

Boomboxes gained worldwide attention in the 80s with artist such as the Beastie Boys glorifying them

It all started in the late 60s when stereos started to become more compact and portable. By the mid 70s they were a popular choice among urban environments in areas such as New York, L.A, and Washington D.C. As a result, they earned the name ghetto blaster for their use in hip-hop and break dance culture. At first they were equipped with only an AM/FM radio and a few input and outputs for connection of a microphone or turntable. They were the first portable music device and we’re eventually diminished with the emergence of the walkman and eventually the MP3 player.

Recently, the boombox has returned with updated technology. Lasonic is one of the frontrunners in bringing back the ghetto blaster back to life with much success. They got their start with models such as TRC935 and TRC 922 in the 80s and have since released the i931bt which was redesigned in 2011 with Bluetooth streaming. Lasonic is going as far as to create custom colors that will exclusively be sold here at Sonic Electronix. The boombox is making a comback so grab your best dance shoes and get ready to party like its 1985!


The Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475 – The Totally Awesome Laser and Radar Detector

Oh yeah… You’re cruisin’ down the freeway with the top down feeling fly like a G6 when all


of a sudden BAM! No we’re not kickin it up a notch, you’ve got red and blues flashing behind you and a whopper of a ticket awaits. “But wait a minute,” you’re thinking, “I have a radar detector! How could this happen?” Because you didn’t have the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475 THAT’s how. Does your other radar detector have a 360 degree radar, laser/LIDAR AND scrambler? Yeah I didn’t think so. Rocky Mountain Radar isn’t a company to mess around with cheap imitation products, I mean they have the name “Radar” in their name. With their exclusive Smart-Scan technology, your false alerts are lowered and the reaction time is quicker keeping you safer and more protected than ever before. The RMR-C475 can detect ALL radar bands including “Instant-on,” “POP,” and “Photo” so you’ll never be vulnerable.

Now that's pretty...

The RMR-C475 laughs in the face of all radar threats by scrambling their brains out. And don’t worry, it’s completely undetectable by VG-2 and VG-3. The officer’s radar signal will be scrambled by a white nose that is reflected back onto the radar’s own signal! And if you get hit by a laser, or LIDAR, the scrambler basically decreases the range of the reflected laser which won’t allow the signal to reach the officer which means you’re good to go. The coolest part, is that this scrambler conforms to all FCC rules and regulations. Part 15 off the FCC code regulates products that leak or transmit radio frequency energy into the atmosphere. Since the scrambler are not transmitting and work by either reflecting the same signal or by decreasing the reflective range of the radar and laser guns, those regulations do not apply. Boo ya. And guess what, Rocky Mountain offers a 1-year ticket refund policy if you do somehow manage to get get caught so your back is covered no matter what!

Not having the Rocky Mountain Radar RMR-C475. THAT’s how you got caught. Step up to the best protection today!


Note: Sonic Electronix does not endorse speeding or breaking the law in any way. Do yourself and everyone else a favor by driving safely.


The First Ever In Dash BluRay Player – The Audiovox AVDBR1

Think You’re Hi Tech Eh?

So you’re cool, you’re hip, you’re savvy… You’re down with the tech and the lingo and know what’s up so you’ve obviously got the most awesome home entertainment system ever and the Hi Def stuff is in even higher def. You’re the person to go to when it comes to watching movies and games but what happens when you want to watch your Hi Def BluRays when you’re in your car? Uh oh… Feeling a little helpless now are we? Well don’t. We’ve got you covered at Sonic Electronix with the Audiovox AVDBR1In-dash BluRay player. Yes, you read that right. A dash mounted BluRay player. It’s the first of it’s kind and as of right now the only one of its kind on the market and is a 2011 CEA award winning product so you know it’s good.

The Facts 

yeah… you know you want it

Fact: This thing is awesome. You can mount it any which way you want; horizontal, vertical, under a seat, it doesn’t matter. Do whatever you want with it. With a sleek look that just screams “Pay attention to me!” you might want to put it where you can show it off though. It comes with a conveniently located front panel USB port so you can play your digitally stored movies or music and can even be Wi-Fi capable with an additional accessory. It also comes with a remote control so you can handle your media like a boss from the comfort of wherever you might be.

But Why?!?

Because it’s cool! And if you’re up to date on electronics you’ll know that HDMI in dash head units, overhead monitors and headrest monitors are the new hotness. Like the CFD-105 or the CLD-703 from Concept or the Parrot Asteroid Smart and the upcoming DNN series of headunits from Kenwood. The tech is here already but are you adapting quick enough? Ok fine, so you don’t have the newest coolest head unit or video screen. Yet. But it doesn’t take a tech guru to know that a better quality source unit is going to get you a better quality picture even if you’re using a standard RCA connection, which Audiovox conveniently provides you with 16 feet of. And a BluRay player has a much better lens and output than a standard DVD player and a BluRay disk is better than a DVD disk so… You can put the two together. But alright, even that isn’t good enough for you, you’ve gotta have the best right? Well BluRay disks have all their fun features and extras that DVD’s just don’t have.  Or how about connecting your Smartphone to it to play some Netflix or something like that? Betcha didn’t think of that. Not to mention, how jealous are your friends or better yet, your rival neighbors next door, going to be when you tell them you can play BluRays in your car? At that point, who even cares about anything else. that’s just pure bragging rights right there! Put their in car media systems to shame with the ARDBR1!

To Wrap It Up…

The technology is already here. It’s only a matter of time until HDMI outputs on your beloved in dash headunits and other vehicle video products becomes the status quo. There are already early adopters and we’ve already been over all the other reasons that this thing is awesome. So why would you settle for less? Get the best you can get with the Audiovox AVDBR1 from Sonic today!