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Add More Functions to Your ASWC-1!

Keep Your Steering Wheel Controls with the ASWC-1 Adapter!

It’s becoming more and more common these days for cars to come with factory steering wheel controls. The problem is, if you want to upgrade your headunit, chances are you’ll lose those controls unless you purchase an additional adapter because aftermarket headunits are so rarely compatible with steering wheel controls. Luckily, there are steering wheel control adapters available like the Axxess ASWC-1 that allow you to retain your controls.

The Axxess ASWC-1, the best steering wheel control adapter on the market, just got even better. With the latest update to the ASWC-1, you will be able to program your steering wheel controls with dual functions. Currently, each button on your steering wheel with the ASWC-1 will only perform a single action when clicked. This additional feature lets you program the buttons on your steering wheel for a secondary function when you hold the button down for an extended period of time.

Before setting any ‘long press’ action for your steering wheel controls, your ASWC-1 will need to have been successfully detected by and functional with your stereo. You will also need to update your ASWC-1 to its most recent software revision. When a button has been successfully programmed with a long-press action, a quick tap of the button will work as it always has while a longer press (at least a quarter of a second), the new button action will be sent to your stereo. You can program every button on your steering wheel to work with the long-press function except for your volume up and down controls.

Updating Your ASWC-1

Adding the long-press functionality to your steering wheel controls is no more difficult than installing it was.

1Your first step in adding secondary button press functions to your steering wheel controls is to update your ASWC1 to the latest software revision.  To do this you will need to download the WbXXpress Updater program and connect your Axxess interface box to your computer via the Micro-USB connection (the 4-pin serial port is located directly on the circuit board). Your computer will recognize the interface box and prompt you to begin the update.

2Once you’ve updated the software on your ASWC-1 and have the interface wired back up in your system, press and hold down the button you want to add a long-press action to for roughly 10 seconds. The green LED will blink quickly to acknowledge the action while you have the button pressed down. Release the button and the blinking LED light will turn solid.

3Determine the new steering wheel button number in the chart below. Press and release the volume up button the number of time corresponding to the new button. The green LED will blink rapidly when you have the volume up button engaged and then return to solid when the volume up button is released. If you take more than 10 seconds between a volume up button press, the procedure will self abort and you will have to start over.

4To store the long-press button in memory, press the same steering wheel button you held down in step 2. The LED will turn off, indicating completion.

To clear/reset a button to its original use (remove the long-press action), repeat step 2 while pressing the volume down button in place of the volume up button. The LED will go off and the long press mapping will be removed.

Mapping Your New Controls
Button Number
New Button Action
Not Allowed
Not Allowed
Seek Up/Next
Seek Down/Previous
Preset Up
Preset Down
On Hook
Off Hook

Axxess ASWC-1

Universal Steering Wheel Control Interface


Sonic Electronix at Slamology

Over three weeks of coordinating, two days of travel between 3 states and the promise of virtually no sleep did not keep our team at Sonic Electronix from participating in the 11th annual Slamology Automotive and Music Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana over the weekend of June 14th. From what we heard from so many other vendors and attendees, this was a premier event where we could really connect with the core car audio community. It did not disappoint.

The annual 2-day event at Lucas Oil Raceway featured a number of competitions, vendors like XS Power and Mechman Alternators, bands and even a bikini contest. Attendees, vendors and competitors arrived from all over the country, albeit none as far as Los Angeles. Despite the competitive nature of the crowd, it really felt like a tight knit group of enthusiasts. There was a true sense of community. It did not matter if you were a bass head, into SQL or just a spectator everyone there was there to have a great time.

Slamology 2014

While we were there, we captured insanely loud demos leaving in their wake, windows cracked, doors busted and ears damaged. We even piloted a quadcopter drone to get some awesome aerial coverage of the day. Unfortunately that crashed too. When we weren’t busy demoing or rather watching sound waves break things, we were out there talking to people about their love for all things car audio. Being able to hear these stories was priceless.

At our booth, we had the great fortunate to be able to showcase the late Alma Gates’ Bronco, The Beast, the final vehicle she built. “Alma Gates was a mother figure in the bass head community. She was friends with everyone and loved everybody,” said Warnick. “After she passed away last year we were fortunate enough to be able to purchase her Bronco so that we could maintain it and bring it around to shows and events. It’s a great honor.”

Sonic Electronix hopes to make the trip out to Slamology in 2015. We met so many great people at Slamology and their genuine love of car audio was amazing. Hopefully next time our drone doesn’t break.


Save Time with PayPal Express!

At Sonic Electronix, we’re always looking for ways to improve your checkout experience. PayPal Express provides another step towards achieving our goal of providing you, our customers, with hassle free shopping. “PayPal Express is fantastic. It helps us provide a better overall customer experience and makes it easier for our customer to check out on all devices, including desktop, mobile and tablets,” said Director of Product Seth Wilde.

The key advantage of shopping with a PayPal account is simple convenience. All of your credit card and billing information is stored in your PayPal account to eliminate the need for you to remember your card number and fill out your billing address.

Simplify Your Checkout Experience with Paypal Express!

PayPal Express takes this system and simplifies it even further. It requires only for you to log in to your PayPal account to automatically load your billing and card information into the system. PayPal Express also speeds up the ordering process and greatly reduces any order issues by incorporating PayPal directly into the checkout process. PayPal Standard on the other hand, takes you completely away from the checkout page to enter your PayPal information and doesn’t return you to a confirmation page.

Perhaps the biggest advantage to PayPal Express comes from mobile orders. Placing an order on your cell phone can be a pain, typing in card numbers and addresses on a screen that is too small and a keyboard usable only by toddlers. While PayPal Express doesn’t completely eliminate text fields to fill out, it does reduce them dramatically. The average website requires over 30 individual text fields to be filled out to place an order; with PayPal Express you only need to type in your username and password saving you from frustration, carpel tunnel and most importantly, time.

As a result of the inefficiencies of PayPal Standard, nearly 1 in 10 orders were left uncompleted for desktop users and on the mobile side nearly 1 in 5 orders were left uncompleted. With PayPal Express, uncompleted orders have been cut by more than half. “Since we’ve enhanced our PayPal experience, we’ve found that our customers are less confused by the checkout process and more likely to complete their orders,” said Wilde.

Shop with PayPal on Your Next Visit!

So next time you shop at Sonic Electronix, be sure to look for the ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button. Save yourself some time and enjoy your new sound gear sooner!

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How to Use Your SonicBux

SonicBux are an easy way for you to save some money on your Sonic Electronix orders. You can earn SonicBux in a variety of ways, reviewing products you ordered (up to 10 reviews per year earn SonicBux as long as you’re logged into your account), participating in special market research or through other special deals we run! There is no limit to how many SonicBux you can have on your account at one time and they can be redeemed on any order over $100. SonicBux are worth $1 each.

Redeeming your SonicBux is as easy as earning them is.

Step 1: Add to Cart
Once you are finished shopping and have everything in your shopping cart and click the checkout button.

Step 2: Click the Checkout Button
From here, you just need to sign in to your Sonic Electronix account. Since you’ve already bought from us, your shipping information is already in our system.

Step 3: Log Into Your Account
After your shipping information is entered, click to go to the final checkout page.

Step 4: Click the Go to Next Step Button
Once you land on the page where you enter your payment information you can check the box titled ‘SonicBux’ located in the ‘Use Available Credits’ box. You then have the option of entering the amount you wish to use on your order (your total balance is listed as well). Once you enter the amount, the discount will be applied to your order.

Step 5: Use Available Credits
So next time you visit Sonic Electronix, review some of your previous purchases, look for SonicBux deals and save yourself some money on your next order!


CES 2014: The 5 Coolest Things We Saw

It’s a new year, and you all know what that means: cold and snowy weather (for most of you anyways, we out here in California aren’t sure what this whole ‘winter’ thing is), gyms are packed, football season is wrapping up. But January isn’t all bad, it’s also when CES takes place in Las Vegas, and while you may not have been able to make it to the show, we did, and we saw some pretty awesome new products that are coming in the next year that we’re excited to share with you.

Parrot Zik Gold Collection

Looking to make a splash with some new headphones at work or school or impress your friends? Maybe you just want a pair for getting lost in your music when you’re kicking back at home. Whatever you’re looking for in your next set of headphones, the Parrot Zik Gold Collection won’t let you down.
Complete Zik Collection

Yellow Gold Zik
The Gold Collection takes the classic design of the Parrot Zik headphones enriches them with gold accents. Designed by top French product designer Philippe Starck and tuned by music legend Lou Reed in his personal mastering studio (so you know they’re going to sound fantastic), these headphones are the ultimate in both style and listening experience. With active noise cancellation and the ‘Parrot Concert Hall’ effect, listening to your live CDs with the elegant Ziks will make you feel like you’re standing in the front row. When used with the free Parrot Audio Suite smartphone app, you can hear your music just as all of your favorite artists intended.

These Bluetooth headphones come with a microphone for making phone calls and touch panel controls to easily volume adjustments and track changes. So if you’ve been looking for that one pair of headphones that will not only make everyone’s head turn, but also sound freaking amazing, look no further with the Parrot Zik Gold collection.

Pioneer NEX Head Units

Pioneer NEX Headunits

Pioneer unveiled their new lineup of high-end Networked Entertainment eXperience head units. The NEX models are designed specifically for today’s smartphone and tablet driven lifestyle. The NEX series features 4 new navigation units and one new DVD receiver.

NEX represents the next generation of in-vehicle receivers. The NEX receivers feature a new and innovative user interface which uses both embedded features and cloud based services like iStream and Google cloud. These touchscreen double-DIN receivers are fully adjustable, allowing you to tailor the look and listening experience specifically to your vehicle. The ultimate in-car entertainment experience is provided by many features like AppRadio mode, iDatalink Maestro support to retain OEM settings in select vehicle systems, Siri Eyes Free Mode for iPhone 4 and 5 users, Pandora integration and more.
Pioneer NEX 8000
The NEX navigation models utilize AVICSYNC Networked Navigation to work together with your smartphone to ensure you’re never late. It provides live traffic and weather updates, local searches other points of interest. Live traffic updates are provided every two minutes and it comes with a Latest Map Guarantee feature where the latest maps are made available on the receiver within 90 days (no more excuses for being late or getting lost!).

Metra Pocket Case Kits for Smartphones and Tablets

For those of you who maybe got a new smartphone or tablet over the holidays, Metra is bringing out new pocket kits intended for connecting iOS and Samsung devices to your car.


These pocket kits are intended for use with single-DIN head units and are compatible with a variety of Metra dash kits (give us a call to see if it will fit your setup). The kit comes with a pocket which installs in the pocket below your single-DIN head unit and a case with a connection bracket. The pocket connection and bracket lock together to keep your phone or tablet safely in place whenever you hit a bump in the road.


The Metra smartphone and tablet pocket makes using your tablet or smartphone simple and eliminates any costly, unnecessary adapters and cables from cluttering your car.Metra cases are compatible with the iPad mini, iPhone 4, iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy devices (S3, S4, and Note 1 and 2). Each case keeps your phone or tablet charged and has a 3.5mm audio jack input.

Rockford Fosgate Power Series Amplifiers

Shop Rockford Fosgate Products Now!
Rockford Fosgate, one of the industry leaders in high performance car audio systems, proudly showed off their 2014 Power Series amplifier lineup. The ultra-compact Power series amps are perfect for small cars and trucks that have limited space.

2014 Rockford Fosgate Power Series Amplifiers

These powerful amps will be available in both BR monoblock and AD multi-channel configurations to drive your system. Rockford’s time and tested CLEAN level setting technology eliminates any distortion from your music. These amps put an unprecedented level over power and control in your hands to make your music sound better than ever!

Midland Action Cams

Midland Action Cam

For the adrenaline junkies out there, Midland created high-end wearable XTC Action Cams are true 1080p HD cameras to capture every bit of your snowboarding, base jumping, Scuba diving shenanigans.

The water resistant body allows the Action Cam to be used in rain or snow without a waterproof case (the XTC submersible case is tested up to 100 feet!). The slim, compact design is intended for eye-level recording without getting in your way.

Midland Action Cam

The wide angle lens yields up to an impressive 170-degree viewing angle for a real first person perspective. An integrated stereo mic records every bit of excitement and each ‘manly’ (girlish) scream.

So next time you hit the slopes, jump out of an airplane like a crazy person or go dirt biking, you can record every adrenaline soaked second.

We had a blast at CES 2014 and can’t wait to bring you everything we saw there!

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