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Sonic Electronix now Accepts Amazon Payments

Sonic Electronix and Amazon Payments

Sonic Electronix has always been dedicated to providing the best customer service to each of its customers. In fact, it is that passion for customer service that motivated the founder to start Sonic Electronix 15 years ago. Today, we continue to look for new ways to serve the customer on our website, on the phone, and in person at our installation bay. We are happy to announce the latest customer service enhancement on Sonic Electronix: Amazon Payment.

Amazon Payments is a service that allows a customer to purchase from an online store, such as Sonic Electronix, and use their Amazon address book and payment information. It is a secure way to easily pay for your order without having to pull out your credit card or type out your address. All you have to do is log into Amazon when prompted during checkout and Sonic Electronix will do the rest. We will load in your addresses and confirm which credit card you want to use. The service is very secure and makes checkout much easier.

How do I use Amazon Payments?

To use amazon payments on Sonic Electronix, look for the “Pay with Amazon” button on the cart page. Click that button and you will be prompted to enter your Amazon log in information. This allows Sonic Electronix to securely talk with Amazon about your addresses and payment information. Once you enter that information, you will be returned to the checkout process where you can select the address you want to ship the order to. Loving to the next step, you will be able to select the credit card you want to use. Then simply place your order.

We hope that Amazon Payments will make the checkout process faster and easier for our customers, especially those shopping from mobile devices. If you have any questions or concerns about using Amazon Payments, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Is Sonic Electronix Legit?

Is Sonic Electronix Legit?

Over the past several years many people have asked us, “Is Sonic Electronix Legit?” Perhaps it is because we have great prices that sometimes seem too good to be true or maybe you are surprised at how fast our shipping estimates are. There could be a number of different reasons why you might be wondering if we are a legit company. Either way, it is important for you to know we are legit before you make a purchase. Below are just a few things you should know.

We are Real People

Our staff is made up of over a hundred people between two offices. We come from many different backgrounds and many different countries, but our passion for audio brings us together. In fact, here is a picture of the California team at our 2015 holiday party. If you were to give us a call right now, you would likely talk to someone in that picture. We don’t outsource our call center, our shipping, or any part of our business. This is a United States based operation with real people running it.

We Sell Authentic, Real Products

All of the products we sell are authentic, real, and legit products. We obtain our items from direct and authorized sources so our customers don’t have to worry about receiving a product that doesn’t meet their expectations. Unless your are shopping in our Liquidation Station where products are clearly identified as an open box or refurbished, you can be absolutely confident that you are purchasing a brand new, authentic product.

We are Award Winning

Over the 15+ years that we have been in business, we have received many awards from third party organizations. Each of these awards are given to best-in-class businesses that run a successful business and care about their customers. Below are some of the awards:

  • Bizrate Circle of Excellence
  • Reseller Ratings Elite Member
  • Stella Service Elite
  • A+ Accreditied business from the BBB
  • eBay Top Rated Seller

It is also important to note that none of these awards can be purchased, but are given to businesses that meet specific and strict criteria. We are quite honored to have received these awards.

We have Happy Customers

What could be a better indicator of who we are than our customers? We have literally served over 2 million customers over the past 15 years since we started shipping products online. We are so thankful for each of our customers because we know that we wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Occasionally, some of our customers will come back and leave us a testimonial. We post all of these reviews on our Testimonial page. Feel free to spend some time reading what our customers had to say about us.

We Care about Our Customers

Any legit company is going to take care of their customers and we go above and beyond. Our warranty and return policy is one of the best in the industry. We have a call center filled with product experts ready to answer all your questions and help you find the right item for you. We have a Learning Center dedicated to teaching you about the products we sell. We have a YouTube channel that gives you a behind the scene look at our business as we teach you about products, installation techniques, and simply answer your questions. You can reach a real person at our company by email, phone, or even in person if you come to our location in Southern California.

We are Legit

To sum this up, Sonic Electronix is a legit company. We have a long, positive history in the car audio industry. Our US-based company is run by real people that are passionate about their jobs and helping our customers. We have been presented with countless awards over the years because of our outstanding customer service and fast shipping. We offer one of the best return policies in the industry because we care about our customers. We don’t just want their business, we want them to be happy and enjoy their purchase.


MTX Audio TD & TH Amplifiers at CES 2012

MTX Audio showcased two new lines of car amplifiers at the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas. These two new lines of amps provide a simple and clean amplifier solution for those looking to power their speakers or subwoofers.

MTX Audio TD Car Amplifiers

The TD series of amps are specifically designed to have big power output in a smaller chassis. By utilizing the latest in car amp technology, MTX was able to create a compact and efficient amplifier. They feature a black aluminum heatsink that spans across the top and sides of the amp case.

MTX Audio TH Car Amplifiers

The TH series of amplifiers are designed to exceed expectations. These new amps are feature packed and stunning looks. Each of the monoblock amplifiers are stable to a 1 ohm load, while the two channel and four channel are stable to 2 ohms. The monoblock amps also feature a clipping protection LED indicator that will inform the installer that the signal is clipping.
Look for more great technologies and products from MTX Audio this year. They also showcased some of the new MTX Audio Extreme gear (pro audio for the car) and some of the new Thunderforms that are completely manufactured in the United States.


JVC Mobile Multimedia Receivers have gone App Crazy!

When Sonic Electronix visited the JVC Mobile booth at the 2012 CES show, it was easy to see that the main focus was apps. JVC is known for having some of the most innovative and cutting edge technologies in their car receivers, while retaining an affordable price. Once again, they have done it again by introducing the JVC KW-AV70BT. This all in one media receiver is the perfect in-dash multimedia receiver for those that have an iPhone.

Compatible Mobile Applications

The JVC multimedia receivers are compatible with a wide variety of mobile apps for the iPhone. The list as of January 2012 is MotionX-GPS Drive, MOG Internet Radio, WebReader, Cobra iRadar, INRIX Traffic, TuneIn Radio, DriveMate Rec, DriveMate SafetyCam, DriveMate Rec mini, DriveMate OnboardCam, DriveMate Time Trial, and SonicMax Pro. Some of the coolest apps are those that are related to GPS navigation. The MotionX-GPS enables the navigation system from your phone to display on the screen of the headunit. The Cobra iRadar app will display select traffic hazards, such as red light cameras. The DriveMate is a cool new app that uses a separate module to record movies and tracks while the car is in motion. INRIX traffic offers advanced traffic data for smooth navigation.

Other cool apps that are compatible with the KW-AV70BT include the Tunein Radio app and MOG Internet radio. Tunein radio is an internet based radio service that streams music from across the globe to your mobile phone. This conveniently puts the world’s music in your car. MOG internet radio is another music based app that gives the user a deep music library right at their fingertips.

JVC has traditionally been a leader in mobile technology and innovation. We can probably expect to see many other units in 2012 merge mobile phone apps with in-dash receivers.


Kenwood offers Android integration on 2012 In-Dash Receivers

Kenwood Car Stereos with Android Integration

At the 2012 CES show in Las Vegas Nevada, Kenwood released many new in-dash receivers with cutting edge technology. The feature that caused the largest buzz at the show that the Android integration with the in-dash receivers. Almost all of the Kenwood’s new line of CD players and media receivers feature Android compatibility.

Kenwood Music Control App for Android Phones

To get the Android integration started off, the user will need to download and install the Kenwood Music Control app on their smartphone. This app is available in the Android marketplace. This app will enable iPod-like browsing of music files and content playback. Those that use their Android device as their primary music player will be excited to hear about this streamlined compatibility.

Pandora Internet Radio for Android, iPhone, and Blackberry

Many of the new 2012 Kenwood receivers will feature Pandora Internet Radio integration. This will allow Pandora to play through the car speakers and the interface (thumbs up, thumbs down, skip track, etc) to be controlled through the car stereo. This technology has been available in the past for iPhones, but now this same user experience is passed on to those with Android phones and Blackberrys.
Kenwood is looking to have a strong line up of car stereos, multimedia receivers, in-dash GPS units, and digital media receivers for 2012. Stay tuned for more information about the 2012 Kenwood line-up!